Kayn, as the other day knocks at the door of the chantry around noon, dressed down in a hoodie, pants, and a beanie to cover his head. He leans on the doorframe while waiting for someone to come open it, not assuming he has free entry to the place.

«~Daedalus~» While he was awake by this time.. He wasn’t precisely in a position to answer the door the normal way. Instead of the door opening to reveal his form… Dae would come around to the front of the Chantry from somewhere off to the side, on the outside, as he had been training. He regarded Kayn quietly for a moment, before choosing to speak up, “…

Greetings; may I assist you in some way?”

Kayn turns his head towards the unfamiliar voice, giving him a polite sort of smile. “Hi uh, was hopin to head inside?” He pushes off the doorframe with his shoulder, turning fully towards him. “Don’t think we’ve met, I’m Kayn.” If he is close enough, Kayn will offer his hand to shake, otherwise stay where he is standing by the door.

«~Daedalus~» “I do not believe we have met… no…” At this point, he was about within handshake distance, and he moved to grasp that hand to give a single, firm shake, “My name is Daedalus. If I may inquire as to how you found this place?”

“A pleasure to meetcha.” He takes a short step back to look up at the man after shaking hands, shrugging lightly. “I was invited by Miss Elena and Aaron a couple of days ago, came to resolve Katie’s spider problem.. Hopin to check up and make sure they aren’t causing any more issues.”

«~Daedalus~» “I see then. While I know little regarding such a situation, as it were… I can at least open the door for you. I have been busy in other matters of importance, to explain.”

“It’d be appreciated.” He nods and steps aside for him. “I assume you are one of the mages here?”

«~Daedalus~» “Nay, I am not… I am one of the shifters here.” Without further conversation, Dae moves to open the front door to the Chantry, allowing Kayn to step inside first.

~*Ramirez*~ comes up from the basement door and yawns, heading into the kitchen for much needed wake up java.

Kayn steps inside with a nod of thanks, looking back towards Daedalus curiously now as he mentions being a shifter. “Oh what sort? Already met a variety.”

«~Daedalus~» “Nnnot just yet; while we have only met, you have not truly offered more than your name. As it stands, I would at least require a little more than such before I part with that.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ wanders down the stairs and then waves to Daedalus and Kayn. “Hey there.”

Kayn nods again, understanding the caution around the man and walking without hurry towards the common room. “I am garou, born under the crescent moon.” He grins some looking back. “I came here in search of, well.. You. Shifters.” Glancing back and up towards the stairs he waves back to Ethan. “Howdy Ethan.”

«~Daedalus~» “I see then. I am Mokolé myself; though I did not come here of my own volition, so to speak.” He’d glance to Ethan, and offer a slight wave, “Greetings, my friend; did your sleep fare well?”

Kayn settles down into a chair in the commons, looking between the two. “Either of you have Katie’s number by chance?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Yeah, I slept decently. How’s it going, Daedalus and Kayn?”

~*Ramirez*~ walks into the living room and plops down on a chair with his big mug of coffee. “I do. She’ll be about soon, I’m sure.”

“Just dandy, ain’t much goin on for me at the moment.” Kayn responds to Ethan, relaxing in the chair, then giving Ramirez a nod

~*Ramirez*~ “We’re going to be going out and checking out the forest trying to hunt down a vampiric demonic spectre thing.”

«~Daedalus~» “Things are going alright, I was going to be heading out later to get one more I think might be useful for the .. hunt that Ramirez mentioned. I also need to find Cade for that thing.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I’m sure he’ll show up.”

“Vampiric demonic spectre thing?” Kayn cocks his head

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, there’s a curse on this area that basically in New Orleans, vampires cannot be made. One vampire decided to study it to see why and well, it ended up bad.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Now there’s one of the retrieving spirits that serves the demon in a vampiric body, running around and causing some mayhem and we’re going to hunt it down before it does anything too serious.”

“Is that really a curse? What do you mean by retrieving spirit?”

~*Ramirez*~ “There’s like these servants to the demons, kinda like spectres but not exactly. They come and take souls away after the people die. That’s why the ‘curse’ exists. The newly dead from the region get taken by the demon so it can use them for power, we believe. Now some wraiths are also going missing.. but the reason it likely happened so frequently

to vampires is because of the magic being used draws the retrievers.”

~*Ramirez*~ “There’s a bad ass demon out there in the water…under the water. There’s a ghost ship that has these beings on it, pirates ..well they need to be taken out, which we will deal with after this critter is taken care of.”

Kayn just blinks.. not having heard much of ghosts and demons. “Ghost pirates?.. What is this demon capable of and what exactly are demons, or this demon?”

~*Ramirez*~ “We’re not sure what exactly this demon is but it has had connections here and in the Baton Rouge area and each supernatural group in either region has been dealing with it. We’ve been meeting each other and figuring out it’s best to work together to irradicate this demonic influence and its assistants/contributors. That’s how I died.. one of those

ghost pirate demon things. I wasn’t alone either, but I am a Mage, so it just woke me up. The others did not fair so well.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Two of the Sabbat came here to help out in closing a portal that they had in New Orleans. They will be there tonight probably with other Sabbat, and we have some local vampires too going. Just we need to kick off the hunt for this creature in the day time because when they try only at night, they can’t get enough of a bead on it.”

Kayn looks at Ramirez for a long moment. “.. Every explanation only raises further questions. So, for some reason we are working with vampires to defeat this demon before it gains more power from the souls of those dying in New Orleans that has some connection to a group of ghost pirates that are /also/ demons. And you are hunting it tonight? I miss anything?”

He doesn’t even question Ramirez stating the fact that he died

~*Ramirez*~ “That about sums it up. I’m sure we’ll find this thing tonight. It needs to go.”

φCadeφ comes down the stairs, for once fully dressed and looking like he has been awake for more than fifteen minutes. “Oh. Hey Kayn, Ramirez, Daedalus. You guys getting ready for this little hunting expedittion?” His fingers are stained with oil, a testament that he has spent the last hour or so making sure his pistol is clean and in working order, and that the dials

on his wand won’t stick at an inopportune moment.

“I’m not sure all I can do to help with such little knowledge and time to prepare.. I can heal wounds sustained but I am not the best warrior among my own.” He looks up towards Cade, giving the man a nod. “So.. we are hunting this thing in the forest? How likely are we to attract outside attention when shots are being fired?”

~*Ramirez*~ “That’s alright. A healer is a good option to have for any game mission.”

φCadeφ shrugs, “Not much I imagine. We are quite a ways out of town, and our nearest neighbors are the Tremere. Even if someone does here any shooting they’ll probably mistake it for more mundane hunters, or just so good ole boys having fun in the woods. Either way we should be fine.”

~*Ramirez*~ “We’re out here in the country so yeah, not many people really care about what’s going on really.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “If we were caught in some way, I’m sure some of the vampires know how to make someone forget or see something different. We just have to be cautious a bit, but this land and what the Tremere own and then the other party.. it’s private land.”

φCadeφ cocks an eyebrow? “Other party? You mean the creepy dragon druid vampire guy?” Cade shudders at the memory, shaking his head.

“Difference between shootin for fun and a firefight.” He nods to Ramirez. “If no one hears it in the first place shouldn’t be an issue then.. I may need a gun, shotgun. Knowing how close in some of you fight.”

“Don’t suppose they’re just lying around.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “I think a lot of people will be using melee or claws anyway, so I don’t think there will be that much firepower being expended.”

φCadeφ coughs and raises his hand. “Yeah umm…I am not the stabby kind of Mage. I’m more of a shoot it or kill it with fire kind of guy. Umm…in theory at least.” He grins sheepishly, shrugging. “I’ve got a lot more experience with running from fights than actually engaging in them.

“My cubhood wasn’t much centered around fighting with my claws.. though I can if I have to. Shot a lot more in my life than I’ve clawed.”

«~Daedalus~» “From what I recall, the one I’m going to be attempting to get help with may or may not have armaments in that regard. I suppose we’ll see.”

φCadeφ nods to Daedalus. “That would probably be good. I don’t think a nine millimeter and a shotgun are going to be enough. I mean, obviously we have more people and whatnot but still. My little peashooter isn’t going to do much, and the amount of magic I can throw behind it is pretty limited too. It would be nice to have bigger chunks of lead to toss around.” Under

his breath Cade mutters, “It would be nicer to be far away when the shooting starts. Or for there not to be any at all.”

«~Daedalus~» “Speaking armaments, while I am leading this team so to speak, in a way… or at least I think I am… I feel I still need to ask this question; as of this moment, I have no armaments, and while I realize we’ll be way out in the forest, will it even be safe to shift?”

Kayn lets someone else answer that question, new to the area and all

φCadeφ frowns for a moment and taps his chin, thinking. “Do you have something you can shift to that isn’t…ya know…colossal?”

~*Ramirez*~ “You’re kinda leading the day team. When night happens, I’m sure the Tremere and Sabbat will have their leaders doing stuff. In the end, we’re all just going at this with a universal plan of taking it out.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Also, we’re out in the forest. Unless you hear like helicopters and shit, I think we’ll be fine with people shifting. This is the boonies.”

«~Daedalus~» “Very well.” He glances to Cade for a moment, “I have something that is not colossal, but it also is not useful in this regard.”

Kayn looks to Cade, giving a small frown. “I think you saw it the other day, what I shifted to that spooked Katie.”

φCadeφ shrugs and gestures towards Ramirez. “That’s fine, Ramirez is probably right, it isn’t likely to be a big deal. Being out in the sticks is gonna be a big advantage. Shifters can shift, us Mages don’t have sleepers around to bring Paradox on our heads, and the vampires can let loose. Best of all, no innocents to get caught in the crossfire. I’m not much for

fighting, as I have said many, many times, and made very clear in other ways, but if there has to be a fight, it’s good that it will be out here.”

φCadeφ frowns and looks up at the ceiling as he thinks. “You mean that caveman looking thing Kayn? I thought you just got stuck on the way to the wolf monster thing.”

He shakes his head some. “No, that is called glabro, sort of a halfway form between homid and my warform.”

φCadeφ gives Kayn a blank stare for a moment then shrugs. “Right. Filing that away in the ‘shifters are weird’ section of my brain.” He laughs and playfully punches Kayn in the arm. “I’ve been trying to get a list of spells that could be useful during this adventure so I have them all on hand. So far I’ve got ‘Out of Sight and Sound’ to give us a better chance of

sneaking up on it. ‘Curse of the Clumsies’ to make it lose some reflexes and coordination. Umm…’Hurt Me Plenty’ will make any incoming blows hurt more. Any other suggestions?”

Kayn smirks some but then shrugs at Cade as he starts listing spells. “I’d ask another mage, I don’t know how you weave your magic.. Perhaps something to shield our friends? I’m not sure what the demon is capable of.”

φCadeφ frowns, thinking. “Hmm…multiple targets is kinda difficult…I could try to dampen it’s ability to exert force though? Since it should be the only attacker, weakening it would essentially have the same effect as shielding all our allies…”

φCadeφ purses his lips then starts moving his hands in the air. “Hecatrix, lets see if we can develop a version of the Curse of the Clumsies that integrates a field to dampen outgoing forces and amplifies incoming ones. Or at least one or the other. If not then lets get that set up as separate rotes, I would prefer that we can do it all at once but if not it still

helps to get them all out there one way or another.”

~*Ramirez*~ sips some of his coffee and sighs as the caffeine begins to hit his system. Good stuff. “We’ll have to be mindful of the region it is using too, even if it is the only thing out there.”

φCadeφ nods absently, still waving and jabbing his hands in the air. “Yeah, definitely going to keep things as coincidental as I can, and no fire if I can help it. Don’t want to start a forest fire, that would not only be likely to kill us all but it would be just a crappy outcome.”

«~Daedalus~» “If I may inquire, Cade.. I would assume from your description of how things work in such a regard, that a large ‘bubble’ is not possible?”

φCadeφ doesn’t answer at first until Hecatrix sends him a notification that he is being spoken to. “Huh? Oh! Uh…well it isn’t that it is impossible. Theoretically, nothing is impossible. It’s just that the larger an effect is or the more targets the more difficult the casting. Something like that would definitely be beyond myself, but Ramirez might be able to pull

it off. Or possibly a few of us working together perhaps? I don’t know much about cooperative magic for something like this. Usually that kind of thing is reserved for rituals. Why, what were you thinking, Daedalus?”

«~Daedalus~» “Well, if we can stand together or… something similar which I am uncertain of outright naming, I was thinking a bubble could be formed around the group. Of course, such would not work if we were spread out or the like.”

φCadeφ shrugs “That’s definitely beyond me. Ask Ramirez maybe.”

«~Daedalus~» He’d look a moment to Ramirez; since his friend was right there, there didn’t seem to be much of a reason to repeat the question.

Kayn listens quietly to them discuss strategies, none of this much being his area of expertise

~*Ramirez*~ “What kind of bubble are we talking?”

«~Daedalus~» “Well.. Enough to at least contain some amount of us grouped together… And as much as I did not want to truly mention it, if moving in such a formation is too much, I could … act as a sort of transport, I guess.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I don’t know. I’m kind of confused at what the purpose of said ‘bubble’ would be for other than you want it around us.”

«~Daedalus~» “Cade mentioned a shield of sorts, so I was thinking about something in that regard, I guess.”

~*Ramirez*~ “The only way I’d see this being possible would be to make items that could offer protections to people to have on their person. A whole bubble around the group maintained would be a lot of work.”

«~Daedalus~» “I see. Very well then; I apologize for any suggestions in such a light, for I was not familiar with the workload of such a thing, as it were.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Maybe someone else of the mages has a different view. I like to think anything is possible since reality is just what we make of it anyway. I just don’t think I’m personally to that point where I could maintain a bubble like that for a long duration without it costing a lot of quint.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Maybe marking an area.. or having items that can offer shielding of some sort individually but a bubble that would move with us without some source on one of us seems unlikely as something that wouldn’t eat up all the quint.”

“I assume demons are beasts of the wyrm?” Kayn asks Ethan, looking to him.

φCadeφ nods absently as Ramirez speaks. “Yeah. It isn’t outside the realm of possibility but it would be difficult. Time magic might be able to make it work but I haven’t touched any of that. It’s one of the more dangerous Arts.”

“If I had more time to prepare I would have made talens.. Are banes a worry as we hunt it? If it is particularly strong and of the wyrm, it may attract them.”

φCadeφ shakes his head in disappointment and confusion. “This is bad. Basically all my prep work fizzled out for some reason. I need to go check some stuff.” With that he heads back upstairs.

Kayn had spent the night crashed out on the couch rather than driving back to the city the night previous. His gray hoodie pulled up over his head he cuddles a faux pillow, head on the armrest. Neither dawn nor people coming down, nor occasional explosion wake him until he rolls over himself, staring up at the ceiling as he wakes

Anastasia found some dark, windowless space to hunker down in for the night. Sleep eluded her until the first light of day rose over the horizon, ending the loop of horrible, mind bending, soul churning thoughts and recollections she’d had play through her mind’s eye of all her recent adventures. As her consciousness faded into oblivion she was left feeling small, helpless and completely outmatched by the scope of the

conflict she found herself in the middle of. She genuinely had no idea how to do anything in the Shadowlands, against demons, real demons, and fucking DRAGONS!

Anastasia woke with a start and scuttled back into a wall with that last thought echoing in her head, ‘DRAGONS!’ She shook her head, trying to clear it of the cobwebs, doubts and fears that it had marinated in as she ‘slept’. “Fuck it! It’s just true. All of it… time to put your big girl panties on and DEAL bitch,” she admonished herself as she stretched and tried to find the courage to get up and face the


Kayn would have gone about his day, having faced the whole ‘brave new world’ deal years ago as a cub. As the sun sets over the horizon he’s lounging in the commons room still, large laptop on the table he’s leaning towards, clacking away between websearches and sips from a coffee mug sitting on the table. From a pair of fancy looking wireless earphones pounds the muted hum of music, undoubtedly heavy if anyone draws


<Erin Summers> comes down the stairs and makes her way toward the kitchen for a cup of tea, looking over the state of the living area as she passes. Something about her seems otherworldly, and draws the attention of others whether she likes it ot not. She seems like any other healthy young woman and has a certain glow about her, and a clear baby bump as well. {Flaw: Easily Noticed}

φCadeφ comes yawning down the stairs with a laundry basket in his arms. He disappears into the laundry room for a moment, grumbling something about ‘Smaug’ then comes back out into the main room. “Mornight, Kayn.” He yawns, then grins, entertained by his own made up word. “For future reference we have empty rooms. You don’t gotta sleep on the couch.” He plops his laptop

on the recliner. “Weird night.” He heads into the kitchen and spots Erin, suddenly freezing in place. “Oh…Erin…um…”

Anastasia hears voices and follows them to their source, wearing the same leather, corset and chains outfit as last night sans the severe makeup. She smirks as she spies Cade in front of her as he makes his way to the kitchen. She notes the girl whose tin roof rusted and his awkward pause and decides to play. She goes to hug Cade from behind while asking, “oh. Wow, that yours?” As she nods at Erin’s belly.

<Erin Summers> raises an eyebrow as she sips her tea and looks over at Cade. “What. How did things go?”

Kayn pulls an earbud from his ear, the sound of heavy metal issuing forth. “Mornin man.. You just wake up?” Kayn glances up towards Cade, grinning some until his eyes are drawn by the otherwordly Erin. “Ohh,uh. Hey.” He smiles some to her, leaning back from laptop..

<Erin Summers> tilts her head as she studies Anastasia. “This isn’t one of the Kindred I recognize…”, she looks to kayn, then to Cade, then at Anastasia. “I’m Erin, and no, it’s not.”

φCadeφ seems transfixed, barely acknowledging Anastasia for a moment. “Huh? Oh…no yeah not mine. This is Anastasia, she’d being a liasion. Erin…come sit in the living room. I need to tell you something.”

Anastasia flashes Kayn a smile that almost reaches her eyes and gives him a ‘sup nod as a greeting. She draws back as she senses Cade’s energy towards Erin, respectful of the seriousness of it. She nods at Erin when introduced, then heads to the living room too to find a place to sit.

<Erin Summers> raises an eyebrow and constinues to sip her tea. “Out with it. I don’t like the dancing around the subject. Did something happen to the Doctor?”

<Erin Summers> glances toward the basement. “Or Ramirez die again?”

Kayn just throws up a peace sign in greeting , then moves some of his stuff so people can sit down, even for Anastasia as she is technically a guest at the chantry. He pulls his laptop into his lap, leaning into a corner of the couch as he half listens and half focuses on whatever he was working on previous

φCadeφ sighs and rubs his head. “Umm…so…we kinda got sucked deep into the Shadowlands by some sort of elder demon god thing. And uh…well…Cassian mi-i-i-ght still be there.” He holds up his hands as though trying to stop her reaction and speaks rapid fire. “An angel guy is working on finding him and we are also going to see what we can do on this end and I’m

sure he is totally fine and not dead and your baby is definitely going to have a daddy I promise.”

Anastasia offers, in a way she hopes will be helpful, “He is not alone. One of mine is trapped as well, hence our …. new diplomatic ties,” she says looking from Erin to Cade and then back again. Then she goes still and silent as a corpse, not wanting to further intrude on Erin’s reaction to the news.

<Erin Summers> blinks, but seems calm. “Okay, slow down. So… he is in a section of the Shadowlands. I have a little experience with that, so that’s not like end of the world. He’s an experienced vampire.”, she looks over toward Anastasia and nods softly, “Okay, so that explains a little.”

φCadeφ visibly relaxes and sighs. “Oh good. No mummy curses. Ok so yeah, we got sucked into the Shadowlands and we are pretty sure the demon was draining all of us. This angel guy showed up and led us out but he said Cassian and Kitt were too deep for him to get to. Especially with all of us there to feed the demon. So we all decided to go ahead and leave and try to

assist from this side where we have access to our resources.”

Anastasia blinks at the mention of ‘mummy curses’ and looks from Cade to Erin quizzically. Then she winces a little in how he relates the story of the retreat from the Shadowlands, but makes no correction to his words. “That leaves us where we are now… looking for some way to leverage our resources to bring back our companions and end this demon’s existence once and for all,” she says matter of factly, even

though inside her head her mind is screaming about how crazy this all is.

φCadeφ nods at Anastasia’s words. “Yeah, Anastasia here is helping keep communication with the…not Tremeres open.” He turns to Anastasia and grins sheepishly. “I forgot what the sects are called.”

“More information on what demons /are/ would be useful.. All people seem to know is its a demon and bad juju.” Looking up from his laptop. “Why do we expect to fight something and win when knowing little about it?”

<Erin Summers> nods her head softly at that. “I have been doing a lot of research myself, as i can’t exactly get out and fight in my current condition.”

<Erin Summers> looks toward Anastasia, “I am Amenti. In laymans terms… a Mummy. An Immortal.”

“..A what?” Kayn quirks a brow

<Erin Summers> looks over at Kayn. “Amenti. If i go through a wood chipper I just put myself back together after a while and come back again. Probably annoyed and i would rather not see what that feels like, ever… but it is possible.”

φCadeφ looks at Kayn and sighs, nodding his head. “Yeah we don’t know much, and it is hard to find out. There is a very fine line between demonology and infernalism and it is one that very few are willing to flirt with.”

Anastasia smiles at Cade nodding as he explains her presence here. She smirks as he admits he’s not sure what her side is called, but is distracted by the salient points Kayn and Erin make. “I’m with you, Kayn… I need to know more in order to be effective. I mean, I brought a pointed stick to a Demon – God fight… I mean, really???” Erin’s words make her jaw drop a little… more new supernaturals.

“Amenti… sounds very Catholic… like the time after Communion when you drink Tea and eat little sandwiches…” Yep, she falls back on silly jokes in times of high stress

<Erin Summers> chuckles a little. “Egyptian actually. We seek harmony and balance. Right now the scales are tipped toward evil and we seek to right it. I know some minor magic, like the Tremere practice, but the Spell of Life that would bring me back does not protect my unborn child in the same manner so i have to be cautious right now.”

Kayn looks at Erin a long moment. “That’s.. neat, the whole Du’at thing yeah?..so, by Infernalism, you mean servants of the wyrm? What’s the difference between a demon and an infernalist?”

“It seems the thing we met the other night would have answers.”

φCadeφ frowns a bit at Kayn. “Well an infernalist is any creature who serves a demon, usually selling their soul in exchange for power. The demon is the creature being served, much more powerful. An infernalist could be human, vampiric, or even a shifter. Demonology is studying demons without making pacts with them.”

<Erin Summers> nods. “There are demonic wraiths too, Nephwracks.”

Anastasia can’t suppress a shudder at all this demon vs. Infernal isn’t talk. “Infernalists have the weaknesses, mostly, of their race. What are Demonic weaknesses? How are they fought and bested?” She asks, and her eyes blaze brightly as her fearsome, dark soul poses the question most important to her.

φCadeφ looks at Erin with interest then seems a bit taken aback by Anastasia’s fierceness but does his best not to show it. “Not sure. That’s the kind of thing demonology is good for. Unfortunately, because of how easily and often demonology leads to infernalism, many of the texts involving it get destroyed or hidden away. I’m honestly not sure where to start. It’s

not the kind of stuff you can just Google.”

Anastasia frowns and waves a hand expansively. “But we’re here… I’d expect if the information was somewhere you Wizards would know it, have it, or know how to get it, no?” She says, almost petulantly, pouting a little as she bangs a fist on her knee.

“I would have expected you and yours to know it if anyone.” Kayn says to Anastasia, closing his laptop. “What was the sword handed thing we saw last night again? If no one else it seemed knowledgeable on the matter.”

φCadeφ frowns and scratches the side of his face. “Some mages somewhere have it I’m sure. Whether or not we do is another question entirely. I’m gonna start looking through our library. And also search the dark web. You’d be surprised how much good magick information I have found there.”

φCadeφ nods his head in determination and picks his laptop back up. “I’ll be in the library if anyone needs me. Hecatrix, you know the drill. Start searching the usual places and see what we can find.”

Anastasia shakes her head ‘no’ to Kayn. “Why? We don’t hold faith with dark powers like Demons, they’re anathema to our ends and desires. Honestly, I thought they were nothing but scary stories told to keep new fangs in line,” she admits sheepishly. She rises when Cade goes to head to the library and says, “is it ok if I join you? I need to learn so much…” He goes without answering and she looks at the

others to see if as a guest she can access the library or no.

{Zo} comes down the stairs and blinks as he looks toward the living room. “Oh, well, hello.”, he says and then nods to Erin a moment. “The man with the sword arm is Aeneas, he has the sucky job of guiding souls of the dead to where they belong.”

Kayn looks up as Zo comes down, nodding some. “Aeneas.. That must keep him busy, I don’t imagine he has spare to time entreat me to a conversation?”

Anastasia can’t help herself. In a tongue in cheek tone she says to Kayn, “Oh, I know how you can get a chance to chat with him.” Her eyes flash with a playful kind of menace, like a cat’s does when playing with a mouse

{Zo} shakes his head softly, his long black ponytail reaching his waist. “He is not much for coversation. He only has limited understanding of how to even interact with anyone not directly related to his Task.”

“Or perhaps I could accompany him in his duties for a time. If his duties are his purpose..” Kayn seems.. oddly fascinated with the being, glancing over to Anastasia and managing a small smirk. “Garou are known to shake off even death, and I’ve got a terribly lucky streak.”

“But you want time in the presence of Death’s Ferryman… just takes a pair of pennies to achieve that, if the Greeks are right,” Anastasia offers up ‘helpfully’ with a toothy grin. “Shake, rattling and rolling with death is our thing, G-boi,” she says in a playfully teasing tone to Kayn

<Erin Summers> “There is a diffrence between a Reaper and this being.”, she says beofre nodding to Zo and heading back towrd her room. “I’ll be back, i need to look at some notes.”

“It isn’t an easy trip, but I believe we can find the ferryman while still alive.. Think the ferryman takes credit nowadays?”

{Zo} nods and then enters the room fully with them in there, he looks Anastasia over a moment, “Another Cursed, and…”, he looks over toward Kayn. “Ahhh. Well, due to your nature death is not quite the same. Since some of you reincarnate, and some become ancestor spirits rather than ghosts of the underworld.”

Anastasia chuckles at being called ‘cursed’, preening under the term like she takes it as a point of pride. “That would make you?” She ask Zo then adds as an introduction, “feel free to call me Anastasia, did I see you around last night?”

“That being said as most people I’d rather not die. Not the most pleasant adventure.. Assume thats a ‘no’ that Aeneas would allow me to accompany him in his duties?.. I’m Kayn, by the way.”

{Zo} nods his head once. “The one that called Aeneas to assist you, since it was a job related to his Task. My name is Zo. I am also an Angel, though most of my power was stolen by that Demon that took you all last night.”

Anastasia mentally ticks off the number of ‘fantasy’ creatures she’s met in the last 24 hours and her eyes roll back in her head for a little bit. She composed herself and nodded slowly, eyeing Zo up and down and asks, without thinking, “where are your wings?” Then she smiles apologetically and asserts, “so you and the demon have history… you must know something about it that can help.”

Kayn muses on writing a list of questions on every single creature that keeps popping up and fitting it into the worldview of wyrm weaver and wyld. “Oh man..” He mutters, though nods to Zo. “What she said.. If you’re an angel, would go to say you know of demons?”

{Zo} shakes his head. “Being what you are, you do not want to see my wings, trust me. The Cursed cannot look upon us without some side effects, as it was Archangels who cursed the very first of your kind.”

{Zo} “I do know some. There are many different types of what humans refer to as Demons, but in this case, I believe the one that plagues this city to be one of the First Fallen.”

Anastasia mutters, “why are the 1sts always such utter bastards. None are wovable, cuddly, hug bunnies, why????” Then she looks back at Zo and holds up a hand, “ok, stay wingless sweetie… I don’t really need to see your ‘package’,” she quips then asks in a more serious tone. “What did you do to torque him off?”

Kayn glances to his laptop and sighs. “I’m afraid I have to see to something.” Closing it and slipping it into a carrying case he stands, offering Zo his hand to shake. “An angel.. I would be honored if you and I could speak later. Do you have a phone or a way of contact?”

{Zo} shakes his hand and then nods. “Well, i can usually be found here. I am staying with the Mages until I can either get my Grace back from the Demon or find an alternative to regaining my power.”

{Zo} looks back to Anastasia, “I didn’t have to do anything. Demons of this sort need to stay buried, this one is trying to awaken and that could be very bad… for this whole plane of existance actually.”

Kayn nods. “Take care till next time.” With that, he just gives Anastasia a nod as he slips out to his car

Anastasia waves goodbye to Kayn, smiling winesomely at him as he neither offers her his hand nor asks for her number. Then she turns her attention back to Zo and says, “sorry if I’m being slow… but you said the first demon stole your power… when?” She gives Zo a look that begs for his patience as she tries to put all the pieces to this puzzle in the right place.

{Zo} looks back to her. “It was last year. We destroyed the corrupted Mage that was assisting it but in the process they completed a spell to transfer my energies to the Demon.”

Anastasia ahs and nods, that timeline helping make sense of things. “What is known of that Mage… how did it contact the demon? Is there any way we can use something of the Mage’s to harm the demon or siphon back your power to you. It would seem to me that our first priority should be denying the demon all it stole from you so it’s weak enough to be defeated.”

Anastasia knows she’s mostly talking out of her ass but she has to believe that logic still holds sway in this VERY weird world she now knows she’s living in.

{Zo} “Well, there was an underground Lab they were working out of. But other, rather unfriendly Mages have taken that over and cleaned house. That mage though is totally destroyed. Another one from here pretty much blasted him to dust with holy light.”

Anastasia sighs, “That’s unfortunate, we could have interrogated the mage… unfriendly mages??? Meaning they’re not a part of your book club or they actively hate and work against the Mages here?” She asks, curious and also interested in seeing if the other mages could be worked with as well on this dire situation.

{Zo} nods his head and takes a seat on one of the couches. “Yes. They are dangerous to these here, plus anything else they see as a threat to their ends.”

Anastasia frowns, “so this isn’t a ‘the enemy of my enemy’ situations with them… wait, are those mages occupying the Lab infernalists too?”

{Zo} shakes his head a little. “No, they were also the enemies of the infernalists, thankfully.”

Anastasia hmms, “So why can’t they be approached, carefully of course, and reasoned with?” Already her vampiric mind is working to come up with ways of coopting the other Mage’s organization to make it serve their purposes.

{Zo} “Because they don’t reason. If they think you shouldn’t exist they remove you. They don’t like Shifters, or Vampires, or anything else… and especially other Mages because they are learning to Create on their own.”

Anastasia hmms, “that’s rather… limited of a world view,” she muses and flips her hair, tacitly asking Zo to share more about these small minded mystics.

φCadeφ emerges from the library with a few books under his arms and blinks as he sees Zo. “Oh…ummm…hello there. I take it from the little snippet I just caught that we have moved on to discussing the Technocracy?”

A car pulls up outside the chantry, keys dangling from a finger as Kayn steps back inside, chinese takeout box in his other hand. Coming to set it down on the table he grins to Zo, nodding to Anastasia. “Afternoon you two.. Sounds like a technocrat conversation.” He muses

Removing a little paper thing from his pocket, he tears it to get some chopsticks! With them he eats his DINNER.

Anastasia looks over to Cade and gives him a sultry smile as she tips her head and lets her bangs cover her eyes. “How was the book lookery? Find anything good enough to justify abandoning me to the company of angels?” She nods when both Cade and Kayn talk of the ‘technocracy’.

φCadeφ finds a place to sit and opens one of the books. He hasn’t found anything on demonology yet, largely because he has come across so many tomes on the Shadowlands that he felt it best to start there instead. “Well…I didn’t find anything on demons but I’ve got plenty on the Shadowlands here. I figure that is probably a better place to start anywyas, as it is more

likely to lead us to a way to get Cassian and Kitt back. We can deal with the demon when everyone is safe. So…I guess I’ll find out if it was worth it soon enough.” Cade blushes and flips one of the books open, scanning over the introduction. “Hmm…”

{Zo} nods his head, “That would be the current term for them.”, he stretches and gets up, going off into the kitchen.

Kayn peers curiously over at the books Cade had brought out. “Mind if I?” He gestured to one of them, the theurge obviously wanting to learn more of the umbral realm. “I wonder who.. or what wrote these.”

φCadeφ shrugs and hands one of the books to Kayn. “Go for it man. The more minds on this the better. The frustrating part is that no matter how much research I do, I can’t actually perform the necessary spells to help. I’ll have to leave that to one of the other mages.”

Anastasia licks her lips, playing the tip of her tongue across her lower lip as the others eat. Her dead stomachs doesn’t rumble but her hunger lets itself be known to her. She keeps it in check, for now, and heads over to Cade, lightly brushing a hand over his shoulder in something that’s half a caress, half a massage. “Knowledge is power. Hopefully this helps set a plan we can act on quickly to get back those we

left behind. You did good,” she says in warm tones that have a feline purr to them.

Kayn picks up one of the books, setting aside the food for now lest he damage the undoubtedly rarer sort of book, flipping open to the first page and reading intently. He talks without looking up, cradling the book in his lap. “If we want to research the daemons.. We at least a few keywords to aid our search. The one in question is one of the ‘First Fallen.’.. Might want to update your AI on that my man.”

φCadeφ turns about twelves shades of red and stammers out a “Thanks.” He looks up at Anastasia and smiles, then frowns and furrows his eyebrows. “Hmm…I wonder if there is anything in the dead zones that might help. Never did go get my samples.” He nods at Kayn and holds up a gloved hand in the air, swiping then pressing at buttons only he can see. “Firs Fallen.” He

gives a satisfied nod and then looks back at the book. “There, it’s been incorporated into the search parameters. It would really help if we could find out the demon’s name. I don’t know much about demons, but one theme I’ve seen repeated over and over is that knowing their name is a powerful tool.”

“Somehow I doubt finding his name will be the first thing we’ll find out about him..” Kayn frowns some, leaving the book there and running out to grab his laptop, bringing it back in. “And.. If he is powerful I imagine he’ll have tried erasing all mentions of his actual name.. Ancient beings don’t continue existing by being stupid you’d think.”\

Anastasia nods in agreement to what Kayn when he speaks of the crafty wisdom of the ancients. “We have an ‘inside man’ as it was in Zo… it’s his power that’s incorporated into the Demon. Can you Wizards do some sort of siphoning ritual, to draw that power out of him?” She asks Cade, looking at him like he’s the final arbiter of all things Mage-related.

φCadeφ frowns. “Well…in theory that would be possible I suppose. We would need several masters of spiritual, dimensional, and primal magicks I would think. Possible some lesser mages could help by conrtibuting their personal stores of Quintessence and psychic support. It would be one heck of an undertaking. The ritual would have to be able to hone in on the demon’s

location…which might be a bit easier knowing that Zo’s energy in incorporated in it. Could search for similar Resonance signatures. The hard part is contending with the power and will of the demon. Again, having its name would help tremendously in that regard. Still…I’m not sure the ritual could be completely successful even then. But even a partial success could potentially cripple

the demon and empower Zo. Though to be safe we would have to somehow contain the recovered essence in a phylactery of sorts so that we can analyze it and make sure it hasn’t been corrupted in a way that could harm Zo somehow. So…” He shrugs and smiles at Anastasia. “Difficult as heck but theoretically possible. Good idea! I’ll bring it up with Ramirez.”

“So it can open a sort of portal to the underworld, shadowlands, controls or holds sway with the dead by what I’ve heard of these ghost pirates.. We have a fair basis to start on finding text on it.” Kayn scratches his cheek, looking up and listening as Cade talks of.. pure nonsense to his ears.

φCadeφ nods at Kayn. “Yeah seems like it definitely has a connection with death. Or the afterlife. Or both. Good place to start.” He holds up the tome in his lap. “There’s a chance we can find some leads in these.”

Anastasia smiles as it feels to her, like she’s starting to get a handle fo things. Reading Crowley’s work on Sypathetic Magic apparently wasn’t a waste of time. “We’re dealing with a First… I’m thinking if something is ‘theoretically possible’ it’s likely to be the right path to take. We have to weaken the demon EVERY way we can and figure this is a war not a battle,” she says in a thoughtful tone.

Then she stands and stretches, “Listen… this has all REALLY hurt my Mind and Soul… I need to let off some steam… either of you up for going out?” She asks in a playfully wry and challenging tone.

φCadeφ looks up at her again from his tome with his eyebrow raised. “Uh…that depends what you have in mind I guess? I’m not much of a fighter if that’s what you are thinking. I might have magick but I’ve still got a very breakable mortal body.”

Kayn doesn’t respond for a long moment, looking over the cover of the book he took.. He blinks then, looking over at the lee-guest of the chantry, eyes focusing on her. “Out?” An inner conflict occurs over the wisdom of a night out on the town with the kind of girl his grandpappy warned him about. Don’t stick it in crazy.. nor cold unfeeling corpses. But damn.. all this does hurt his poor mind.

Anastasia laughs and slips onto Cade’s lap, resting on it lightly as she purrs, “you /REALLY/ need to get out more, if that’s what you think a girl means when she hits on you.” Anastasia’s tone is playful and seductive, full of promise and mirth. “I was thinking of hitting some club somewhere and losing myself in music, booze and… who knows…” She nods at Kayn and blows him a kiss, “the more the

merrier, especially if we’re going to get things to an appropriate level of mischief.”

φCadeφ turns as bright red as a tomato and freezes in place, completely unprepared to handle this whole lap sitting scenario. “Oh uh uh uh….yeah there’s uh…a bar. The Trill…lots of uh…us types go there.”

The wolf just smacks his face, fingers dragging down across it as he watches Cade and Anastasia. “If she wasn’t a vampire I might laugh man.. Aight, I’m game y’all. I need a reminder the real world still exists.”

Anastasia nods and gives Cade’s nose a little tap with a fingernail. “Sounds like a place to start, just promise, no more Demon talk, ok?” She purrs and then smiles at Kayn as she flows off Cade’s lap. “Good, let’s hit the road, someone’s got a car, no?” She asks as she stands and offers Cade a hand up, extending one to Kayn too, allowing him to decide to take it or not.

Kayn doesn’t take the hand, instead spinning some keys into hand from his pocket, smirking some. He just leads them to his car, an older model BMW sedan. By the way he looks at it, he may well be in love with it. “Try not to get any fluids on the seats you two.” He says as he walks around to open the door for the both of them, leaving it up to both of them to decide whos where.

φCadeφ looks at the books, then Anastasia, then the books again. “Okay but only for a little bit and only because I’ll be useless if I get burnt out.” He takes her hand and stands up, looking down at his sweatpants and wrinkled t-shirt. “Also I need to go get dressed. Be just a sec.” He runs upstairs and quickly changes, coming back down and following Kayn out the

door. “Fluids? Umm…I don’t think that’s gonna be an issue man.” He has his usual attire on, except that this jacket is a deep green rather than red, since that one is in the laundry getting the dragon spit washed off. He has a backpack on as well, with his laptop in it ‘just in case’.

Anastasia heads out to the car with Kayn, waiting for Cade outside, enjoying the sight of the stars and the cool night breeze playing through her feathered hair. “Never an issue, just a fact of life. Life gets messy when things go good,” she offers in a playfully sage tone of voice.

“There’s there old adage.. Shit happens.” He looks up at the sky, grinning toothily at Anastasia and pointing up towards the moon as they wait on Cade. “Almost full moon.”

φCadeφ looks up at the moon as he approaches the car. “Oh yeah…I never asked. How does that work with shifters? Obviously you don’t need a full moon to change forms but…does it affect you somehow?”

Anastasia laughs and nods at Kayn, “especially after disemboweling an enemy,” she adds. Then her eyes travel to the moon and she favors it with an adoring gaze. “It’s a time of high magic and power, Cade. Isn’t that the way for you too?” She asks curiously before slipping into Kayn’s aged deathtrap of a car.

φCadeφ slips into the car as well and shrugs. “Depends on the magic and the mage. Some mages are more involved in certain fields of study than others. A lot of my magic is based on equations derived from numerology and combinations of Hermetic symbols, though I am also studying some astrology to incorporate that as well.”

Anastasia could be no further from the truth barring modern safety standards, and even so, its a BMW. The car is obviously well loved, any dirt or spots recent, interior clean with leather holding a shiny black luster. “Oh yeah, as Luna comes closer to showing her full face we may frenzy at any time.” He winks at Cade before closing the door after him, going around to slip into the drivers side. Popping his phone onto a

little magnetic strip he then turns on the engine, a low rumble filing the cab. “Which club were you talking about; the Trill?”

φCadeφ squints at Kayn, not sure if he is messing with him. “Yeah. The Trill is a good spot. They have some sort of…I dunno…ritual or something there that helps make it safer to talk about supernatural dealings. The sleepers there just kinda don’t pay it any mind or something. I really want to ask how it works but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Knowing my luck

it would go down the next day and I’d look like a good suspect.” He laughs and buckles himself in, backpack sitting on his feet.

Kayn waits for them to buckle in, connecting an auxilary cord to his phone. Inputting first the GPS and then swapping to spotify he tears them off down the road back towards the city. In as far if he was joking, his grin can give that much away.

Anastasia buckles and listens as the boys talk of the moon and the place they’ll be going to first tonight. “Interesting, so is Trill a common ‘neutral zone’ kind of place, or,” she asks smirking a bit as she continues, “is it another place I’m only welcome in with you, CayDee?” She slips in her sheet as Kayn races down the road, perhaps accidentally, brushing her chain bedeckled hips against Cade’s.

φCadeφ holds on the handle above his head and laughs as Kayn speeds off. “Nah it’s pretty much neutral ground. Some of the other…not…Tremere…guys have been there, I really gotta write down those sect names. Although it was only the one time that I saw. For the big meeting. But I mean, a lot of mages and shifters and vampires go there so I don’t see why they

wouldn’t let you come. Pretty sure anyone is welcome as long as they don’t start anything.”

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