<<Vaclava>> if she does not recognize the name of mrs. maple will try reaching out to Cora

<CoraAnn> anwers her phone groggily. “Hmmm?”

<<Vaclava>> “Cora, darling, sorry to bother you so early but vwho is Mrs. Maple? ”

<<Vaclava>> “Is it anyone you know?” her voice sounds urgent with concern.

<CoraAnn> blinks and shifts around in the bed. “Oh. Uhm, the Malkavian Primogen. She is a crazy cat lady.”, and she snickers a little. “Which is funny, mostly cause it is not a joke.”

<<Vaclava>> blinks “Ah, I see, this is my punishment vfor not spending more time at the gallery, I suppose…it’s just efveryone else at the Trill is so much more compelling…like Zane…and you…and Cassian…and…anyway I am chattering on. Darling, I need to know vwhere to vfind her, I’m vworried about Bishop’s protege.”

<CoraAnn> “She lives in an old planation house on the opposite side of the district from where Cassian lives. If you see a bunch of cats hanging around, that would be the place for sure. What is up with Becca?”

<<Vaclava>> “And I don’t know vwhat to do about Cassian and the Sabbat leader he vwas vwith, is her name Kitt?…in the meantime vwhile they are missing I am vworried our other concerns are not attended to.”

<<Vaclava>> “I met her a vfew vweeks ago in the record store…it vwas strange. She seemed anxious and I gafve her my card in case she vwanted to talk efver. She lefvt me a voicemessage vwhile vwe slept yesterday, I didn’t get it…until now.”

<CoraAnn> “Well if you gimmie… who am i kidding, gimmie an hour to get showered and dressed and I’ll join you.”

<<Vaclava>> sounds relieved “Alright, chere, vwhere shall vwe meet?”

<CoraAnn> “Uhm, at Lynn’s place. that’s not too far away.”

<<Vaclava>> “Ah, perhaps Zane vwill be there then as vwell, I meant to approach you all with this at the meeting but didn’t vwant to do so in vfront of others if it vwasn’t necessary.”

<CoraAnn> “That is understandable. We might want to tiptoe so as not to alert Bishop. I’ll see you in a little bit. *kisses*”

<<Vaclava>> “Alright darling see you soon.” kissy sounds and will straighten her attire but is still wearing ass kicking leather outfit today as she drives over to Lynn’s.

<CoraAnn> heads off toward Lynn’s place to meet with Vaclava, actually on time.

<<Vaclava>> drives her delachappelle and knocks on the door

<CoraAnn> catches Vaclava at the door and chuckles. “There you are… ready?”

<<Vaclava>> “Yes, ofv course, I wasn’t sure ifv you vwanted to explain to them vfirst.”

<<Vaclava>> “But let’s not vwaste any time. I hafven’t called her back in case…vwell..anyone is monitoring her phone.”

<<Vaclava>> leans in to cora ann “I don’t know just how intelligent or invformed Becca is. I’fve nefver taken it upon myselfv to interfvere vwith someone’s protege befvore…”

<CoraAnn> looks thoughtful and then nods. “Well from my understanding she is Ventrue so maybe i can help.”

<<Vaclava>> nods and pauses “There is one more thing…”

<<Vaclava>> “The message she lefvt me…it vwas during the day.”

<<Vaclava>> “but it vwas her vfoice so…” shrugs

<CoraAnn> frowns a little bit at that, and looks over at Vaclava. “Well… we can be awake sometimes. Maybe she just thought it safer to call in the day.”

<<Vaclava>> looks pretty skeptical but shrugs “I suppose so but I’m still bringing my gun.”

<<Vaclava>> “She did say things vwere …vweird…I beliefve the message is a lure. The girl cannot possibly know me enoughfv to trust me ofver her sire…unless she is truly desperate.”

<CoraAnn> nods her head a bit and brushes her hair out of her face. “Maybe she has reason not to trust him?”

<<Vaclava>> nods “As I said…desperation. Anyvway…let us not vwaste any more time vwith speculation..”

<CoraAnn> nods and nudges Vaclava toward her bike. “Come on then, lets go talk to the crazy cat lady.”

<<Vaclava>> smiles and goes and gets on the bike

<CoraAnn> drives out to Mrs Maple’s minding the eyes of cats as she gets close. She parks at the end of the drive as cats line up in the driveway and on the porch. “Yay… like visiting grandmas house already.”

<<Vaclava>> chuckles “Did your grandmother hafve many cats as vwell, Cora?”

<<Vaclava>> gets off the bike and approaches the driveway. “hmm this is a bit vfamiliar…”

<<Vaclava>> “Like Alice’s apartment.”

<CoraAnn> looks around a little bit at all the cats and starts to pick her way through them. “She had a few… this is… more than a few.”

<<Vaclava>> chuckles “Yes. In Czech stories, the cat alvways belongs to the house, not the owner. So I alvways vwonder ifv these people vwith so many cats, they think the cats are theirs but really it’s the other vway around. Maybe they are also attached to the house somehow.”

<<Vaclava>> “Maybe instead ofv turning into a vfampire vwhen the cat jumped ofver their corpse, they just became a slafve to the cat’s house.”

<<Vaclava>> looks around at the cats and the condition of the house and yard itself

<CoraAnn> just shakes her head a little bit. “Pretty sure Mrs Maple is good with Animalism.” She gets onto the porch and then carefully knocks on the door.

<<Vaclava>> makes sure to pet some of the cats if they allow it as she goes up the porch

<Mrs Maple> answers the door after a few moments, the old woman looking them both over for a moment. “Oh! Hello there.”

<<Vaclava>> smiles “Good efvening. My name is Vaclava Kapralova. And you are Mrs. Maple, correct?”

<CoraAnn> just tands off to the side and watches, never quite trusting Malkavians.

<Mrs Maple> nods to Vaclava. “Ah, yes, I am. What can i do for you young ladies tonight?”

<<Vaclava>> “This is my vfriend Cora,” gestures to the magenta haired beauty beside her. “I had heard you might be acquainted vwith another vfriend ofv mine…may vwe come in vfor a moment?”

<<Vaclava>> “It’s quite…drafvty..this efvening.”

<Mrs Maple> “Oh, of course, let me move some things…”, she starts moving stacks of things out of the way to give them room to enter.

<CoraAnn> kinda awkwardly peers inside at the living episode of hoarders going on in there.

<<Vaclava>> acts like nothing is out of the ordinary and lets the woman do her thing. It would be rude to touch anything without permission.

<CoraAnn> is glad she doesn’t really have to breathe and refrains so as not to get a nose full of cat pee. “Thank you, ma’am.”

<<Vaclava>> “Please, ifv vwe can be ofv any assistance, do not hestiate to ask.”

<Mrs Maple> “Oh no, no dearie. I have an order to all of this. I keep track of the city’s history.”

<Mrs Maple> eventually clears a good path and then lets them inside. “So what were you saying a moment ago about another friend?”

<<Vaclava>> “The history of New Orleans?” looks around her and then back at Mrs Maple “It all makes sense now…”

<<Vaclava>> waits until the door is closed behind her. “Yes, a friend named Becca.”

<<Vaclava>> “She mentioned you to me and I hafven’t heard vfrom her since…so I thought I vwould check vwith you.”

<Mrs Maple> nods. “She was here. But she must have left before i awoke. Don’t know what could have spooked the poor thing to leave before the sun has even finished going down.”

<<Vaclava>> frowns and looks at Cora

<<Vaclava>> “Befvore the sun vwent down…how unusual…she must be extraordinarily…gifvted.”

<<Vaclava>> “She vfisited you alone?”

<Mrs Maple> shrugs but nods. “Crazy Ventrue think they can wd the sun iteself sometimes.”

<<Vaclava>> “I see…vwell vfar be it vfor me to judge…did she seem upset about anything?”

<Mrs Maple> nods her head at that as she shuffles about the stacks of papers and felines. “She was. She was very concerned about Mr Bishop.”

<<Vaclava>> “Ah. But he is her protector, her sire…I mean..vwhat could she hafve to vfear vfrom him?”

<Mrs Maple> “That I do not know. I have never had an issue with him, myself. But then… i keep to myself. No one ever visits anymore.”

<CoraAnn> blinks and just follows Vaclava before she ends up chained in the celler or something.

<<Vaclava>> “I’m relatifvely new to the city, Mrs. Maple, so vforgivfe me vfor not paying my respects sooner. I am vfery interested in the city and its music, past and present, howefver.”

<Mrs Maple> nods and walks around a bit. “I have a lot of that. Yes, a lot of music. That reminds me, Becca may have gona off to see Alice and that Toreador girl… the young one, they are all about the same age.”

<<Vaclava>> “Ah, I didn’t know they vwere acquainted…”

<<Vaclava>> “Perhaps I vwill check vwith them and see ifv they hafve any idea vwhere she vwent.”

<Mrs Maple> nods and then hands Vaclava a folder. “There you go, dearie. Now I’ll see you again soon, hmm?”

<<Vaclava>> smiles and accepts the folder “Yes, Mrs. Maple, you shall. Thank you efver so much!”

<<Vaclava>> “Is there anything you need? Anything I can bring you?”

<Mrs Maple> shakes her head. “Perhaps the next time, dearie.”, she says.

<CoraAnn> nearly tugs on Vaclava to get her out of there. “Well, at least we may have a lead.”

<<Vaclava>> “Alright then, Mrs. Maple. Thank you vfor invfiting us in.” moves to glide back through the stacks of papers, etc.

<<Vaclava>> will leave with cora and take a look at the folder when they get back to lynn’s