<Storyteller> A darkness sweeps over the entire group, sound and light cease to exist for a moment. When it slowly starts to return, something is terribly wrong. This is not the forest. This is NOT where you were. This is someplace very bad. The walls are black and seem to absorb light, yet there is a faint ambience in the air that is enough to dimly see by.

::Maryska blinks slowly and takes off her sunglasses, she looks around and smiled wide, finally….finally the amount of light was tollerable for her, she was able to see without the damn shades on…she grinned widely as she slipped her sunglasses into her jacket and readied herself for a fight.::

<CoraAnn> looks at Maryska and blinks a little bit, then over at Zaluut, and then Ethan and looks like she might just be about to panic or faint.

ͼConradͽ brandishes his sword and scans the surroundings with his heightened senses, taking stock of who is present. “Most disconcerting. We seem to have been separated from most of the others.” He looks at Zaluut and frowns. “I take it this is not the doing of any of ours, but the creature?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ in crinos form was crouched, and everything seemed to shift. He peered around, getting his bearings and sniffing at the air. He’d glance over at Cora, who looked at him and was she a few shades more pale than before? It was hard to tell with vampires.

<Zaluut> looks all kinds of upset, but manages to carefully maintain his composure. “No. Not my doing. Not at all. I am seperated from my spirits and my land.”

::Maryska looked and saw everyone as if it were day to her.:: “Everyone, arm to arm, circle up, I would suggest Cora in the circle looking up.”

<Storyteller> As the room starts to come into focus, there does not seem to be a door, but a single hatch 25 feet up on the ceiling. There is not much space in the room, and everyone is a bit crowded.

ͼConradͽ hesitates for a moment but nods and joins the rest of the group. “This is most disturbing. I did not imagine the creature had this sort of power.”

<Zaluut> “It wasn’t the creature itself. This is a Demon, a true one. An old one.”

<CoraAnn> does not feel any better and actually hangs closer to Conrad to get away from the shapeshifters.

ͼConradͽ places a hand on Cora’s shoulder. “Be calm. We will protect you, dear one.” He uses his best soothing voice, masking his concern and confusion. (Enchanting Voice) He then looks back to Zaluut. “Anything you can tell us that might be of use?”

::Maryska looks up:: “Ethan, you can throw me up to that hatch up there?” ::She points up at the hatch above them.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ shrugs and gestures for her to come over so he can toss her up there.

::Maryska moves over and raises her foot up so that he can easily hurtle her up to the entry or exit.::

<Storyteller> They get up to the hatch with Mary standinng on Ethan’s shoulders. She can just barely get a grip on the handle.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ watches, waiting to see if she can open the door.

::Maryska lifts herself up and then plants her feet on the ceiling, then, applying force to turn the wheel. “Hopefully, this does not go into space.” she shrugs and continues trying to turn the wheel.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ could only growl in Crinos but for those who understood him, “We cannot stay here.”

ͼConradͽ nods. “Agreed, but I am not sure we can all make it out by that method, if for no other reason than no one would remain to lift you out.”

<Zaluut> watches the pair opening up the hatch, and pulls out his sword from his side. “We should be prepared. I doubt that it brought us here for anything good. The others may be heere as well.”

<Storyteller> Maryska turns upside down like a bat, but manages to turn the handle and start to get it open.

::Maryska turns the hatch and then, as she would feel the latch finally click free, she prepares herself, as most hatches were a push up, she would prepare to open the latch from Ethans, shoulders.

<CoraAnn> watches the goings on, and almost looks better as she sees the acrobatics… not that the fur killing machine is making her comfortable. Nor dracula armed with dark ages weaponry.

<Storyteller> With the hatch open, there is just enough room for one person at a time to squeeze out. Some of the bigger people may have trouble.

::Maryska is still smiling as she turns the hatch, she speaks quietly enough that probably everyone could hear.. “Ah the life of demon hunting, whom ever said you could not have fun facing death, obviously has never done so.” *when the hatch was open, Maryska would pull herself up, and then have a moment of examining the surroundings before reaching back in to pull someone up.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ will help the other people up if they allow. The alley-oop, and then hop up, shift and climb out.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ would pass them up to Maryska basically.

ͼConradͽ looks to Cora. “I know he looks frightening at the moment but this wolf is a friend. He will pass you up to Marge so we can leave. Are you ready?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ looks at Cora. He couldn’t do big puppy eyes in Crinos form. He’d gesture for her though.

<CoraAnn> looks at Conrad, then at Ethan. “You go first.”

<CoraAnn> looks at the hole and nods to herself. “I can jump that.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ looks at Conrad and huffs and makes a motion like ‘let’s go’

<Zaluut> smirks and looks over at Conrad, then at Ethan. “Well, this is a bit undignified.”

ͼConradͽ nods to Cora and then gives Zaluut a wry grin. “Do not worry, I shan’t tell a soul.” He then approaches Ethan and allows himself to be hoisted up.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ shrugs innocently like it was totally not intended! He’d then help Conrad out, hoisting him up to Maryska.

ͼConradͽ stands guard once fully out, scanning the surroundings for any threats while the rest of the group makes their exits.

<Zaluut> allows himself to be assisted out as well, and gives a long look around while standing guard.

::Maryska continues to help the others out of the hole, once everyone is out, she gazes about to see what there is.::

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ looks at Cora once more like he would help her if she wanted.

<CoraAnn> starts to jump and then nearly falls over, like she got too close to Ethan and was totally startled by the slightest movement. Oh come on… She frowns, and looks at Ethan before sighing heavily. “Okay. Fine.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods and then helps her up to Maryska before she can say no.

<CoraAnn> looks around once outside the hole and frowns, then yells at the fog. “Fuck you!”, but the sound falls flat. “Oh my God, it’s like… the langoliers.”

ͼConradͽ lets out a “Language, Cora.” Before he can stop himself.

<Zaluut> almost smiles, but then starts to look around. “This could be bad. No cover, save the fog and no telling what may be in it.”

::Maryska opens her mouth to say something and then turns and looks at Conrad as he actually reprimands the girl for swearing. “did….you…really?” she gestures to Conrad and then to Cora, she then actually laughs. *Ukranian* “Oh this is hilarious.” *she turns to look at the fog. “So..first wind, then fog…Evil has a new face…weather.”

ͼConradͽ chuckles at himself, then sighs. “Indeed. This environment is not to our favor. As much as I loathe the idea though, it may be in our interest to get moving. I doubt we will accomplish anything by staying here. Perhaps we should leave a sign for the others? With any luck they will do the same. If we can find somewhere they have been then we can track them via ritual.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ climbs out and then looks around.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ then changes, bones crackin’ back to homid form. “So.. what are we gonna do now?”

::Maryska rolls her neck and looks around, closing the hatch they just crawled out of once the latch is closed, she etches an arrow into the ground, along with the words. “We went this way.” she looks at the others. “Standing around is not my strength, we should move, Ethan, can you catch scent if in Lupus?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Maybe. I can try.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ shifts to Lupus and would sniff around seeing if he could catch any other scents about.

<CoraAnn> looks about as well and frowns, “So… we pick a direction and go?”

<Zaluut> “Well, we cannot stay, and it unsure whether reality is only what we see, or what we are allowed to see.”

ͼConradͽ smiles at her and, as comfortingly as possible, says, “It would seem we have little other choice.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods his head. He says in Lupus “I will continue to try to sense for anyone but we do need to move.”

::Maryska begins walkingin the direction that seems predesigned to lead people. “Ancient demon? Must be busy…”

<CoraAnn> frowns and follows the others, at least keeping them where she can see them.

<Storyteller> The expanse of fog seems to go on forever, it is dreary and soon the group loses sight of the hatch, it seems to cease to exist.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ <lupus> “The scents get lost after a time of us even. This does not bode well.”

::Maryska sighs as she hears this.:: “fantastic.” she continues forward.

ͼConradͽ nods and keeps his head on a swivel, sticking close to Cora in the hopes that his presence will have a calming effect on her. “We must not give into despair. It is possible that a place such as this, or a creature such as this demon, can feed on such negative emotions.”

::Maryska pulls out her cell phone and checks it after a while, if there’s still a charge she begins to check for signal strength, if none exists or wi-fi, she begins to play solitaire while walking.

<Zaluut> nods but keeps a wary eye out as figures start to appear in the nearby fog.

<CoraAnn> glances toward the murder machine, and just keeps back.

“You don’t need to worry about it.” Kayn says to Fiona, stepping out of the fog.. He’s in homid at the moment

<Fiona> makes her way through the fog, giving Zaluut a slight nod while being her usual scowly self when she sees him.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ looks out into the fog, staring to try to get who the hell was out in this hell.

~*Ramirez*~ , manipulating the fog some, as well as sensing outward, draws closer with the team he was with, to the group.

<Fiona> looks at Kayn. “What the fuck’s a homid?”

ͼConradͽ sighs a bit in relief as the second group approaches. “Ah, good, I had feared that it sent us out much wider.”

<CoraAnn> grabs Ramirez and hugs him tightly. “Oh my god i have never been so glad to see a person in all my life.”

<<Vaclava>> tsks and puts on an annoyed look, folds her arms

ͼConradͽ nods to Vaclava. “Ah it is good to see you again, though the circumstances could be much, much better.”

~*Ramirez*~ smiles and hugs Cora. “Ah so glad to see you too!”

~*Ramirez*~ “We are in some deep Shadowlands region. We can try to find the others, now that we know you are here. I can manipulate the fog some and follow the currents, so if the others are out here, eventually we can get to them too hopefully. Then we need to find us a path out of here. There are roads, albeit I’m not sure where. We’re really past anything I’ve

gone to before.”

<CoraAnn> hugs and kisses Vaclava, “And you too! You have no idea.”

<Zaluut> raises an eyebrow as he watches, shaking his head. “We are disconnected from the upper realms. Getting back will be difficult.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ snorts and waves a paw at Vaclava.

~*Ramirez*~ nods to Zaluut. “Yes, you are right, but it’s not impossible.”

~*Ramirez*~ “We just have to find the right signs.”

<<Vaclava>> hpmhs and winks at ethan over cora’s shoulder as she kisses back

ͼConradͽ frowns and looks at Ramirez. “If we are in the Shadowlands, why have we not encountered any Wraiths?”

<<Vaclava>> “tell me about it!”

~*Ramirez*~ “There’s like well.. the very deep shadowlands past what wraiths even know of. The shadowlands others think of.. is just a layer off of the regular world in some regard.. This is like the deep shadowlands, past all that.”

~*Ramirez*~ “There are layers and we’re down in some lower realms.”

ͼConradͽ nods slowly. “I see. That is…alarming.”

“It seems to be a.. no mans land.” Kayn looks a little lost in thought before wheeling back towards Ramirez. “How do we find these roads?.. And I’ve heard the deeper realms may hold nasty creatures, though I don’t know what.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Oh, they can. We need to move with the currents and see if we can find the others and try to keep looking for a path or anything.. and well, try to avoid the bad stuff all we can. I control this fog to some degree to use it to our benefit, so let’s try to keep moving here.”

<Zaluut> nods his head slowly. “I find it highly unusual we have not found anything… or that nothing has found us.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Be prepared in case we do. Maybe whatever put us here put us here to hold us.. not just kill us off.”

ͼConradͽ looks at Zaluut. “I agree. Unusual and suspicious. The demon must have sent us here for a reason. If not to be attacked by the residents, then what?”

“It’ll take a long time to just walk from here without other beasts or stalls.. but what would it delay us from?”

<CoraAnn> squeezes Vaclava once more and looks around, at least more comfortable now. “I don’t know… this is like… a dream or something. Like a movie flashback.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Maybe it’s holding us to lore something else out. either way, it has underestimated us and we’re leaving eventually.”

<Fiona> “I hope it’s fucking soon.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Well, let’s keep moving then, following the current.”

<Fiona> does that, keeping after Ramirez