<Storyteller> A darkness sweeps over the entire group, sound and light cease to exist for a moment. When it slowly starts to return, something is terribly wrong. This is not the forest. This is NOT where you were. This is someplace very bad. The walls are black and seem to absorb light, yet there is a faint ambience in the air that is enough to dimly see by.

<Marge> growls a bit and looks around, starting to get up and look around at the walls. “Oh hell no.”

<Aaron> is not far behind, starting to try and figure out what the fuck just happened.

«~Daedalus~» He lets out a low, quiet growl, but otherwise makes no other sound at this sudden change of scene. Instead… he’d attempt to figure out where he even was, if not at least get some semblance of an idea of direction. Dae didn’t move from the position he found himself in, instead swiveling his eyes about what he assumed was some sort of room.

φCadeφ shakes his head and his wand trembles in his outstretched hand. “Keep it together Cade. You just got sucked into some sort of pocket dimension. No time to panic. Hecatrix can you hear me?” A message flashes in the affirmative on his view feed and Cade sighs in relief. “Good. Any ideas guys?”

<Storyteller> As the room starts to come into focus, there does not seem to be a door, but a single hatch 25 feet up on the ceiling. There is not much space in the room, and everyone is a bit crowded.

<Marge> looks up at the hatch and frowns. “I could give someone a boost… if I don’t step on the lizard. No offense.”

<Aaron> “Yeah, this is in the spirit world somewhere… deep.”

«~Daedalus~» He was about that tall currently, actually.. In fact, at this point he almost would be hitting his head on the ceiling, and he would likely not even fit through the hatch. He looks quizzickly at Marge at that comment, and only responds by pointing a single clawed finger to the hatch, then his back.

<Marge> “Or I could climb up Gojira here…”, she snickers and then starts to climb up the dragon’s back. “Well this goes in the scrapbook as the weirdest thing I have ever done.”

φCadeφ takes a few slow, deep breaths and lowers his arm, which trembles less now. “Hope you guys know your Umbra lore because I sure don’t. Didn’t seem important since I can’t go there. Usually.”

«~Daedalus~» He’d lower his head a slight, so that once Marge got up to the ceiling, she could tear open the hatch without hopefully too much difficulty. Given where he now found himself, in terms of stairs and ladders, he held his body as still as he could muster, smirking at Marge’s comment, though also attempting to reply to Cade, “Stay vigiliant.”

<Aaron> nods as he watches, “I am familair with the Umbra. But this is… not quite it.”

<Marge> scrunches her own 7 foot tall frame above Daedalus’s form and gets the hatch open as quickly as possible.

<Storyteller> The hatch opens but it is very narrow. Marge will have a very hard time, and Daedalus even in human form may have trouble.

φCadeφ waits patiently while his larger companions get situated, doing some mental exercises and spell rehearsals to keep himself calm in the meantime.

<Aaron> “This could be a problem.”, he says as he climbs out. “I didn’t bring anything to lube the hole up with, sorry.”

φCadeφ frowns for a moment then pipes up. “I could try to do a spell to reduce the amount of friction that the opening experiences, that could help.”

«~Daedalus~» Has Cade already climbed through?

«~Daedalus~» He is still at the base of the hole, given he is acting as a ladder up to the hatch, which is at this point a hole. As Dae looks over to Cade at that question, he responds, “Climb.”

φCadeφ nods to Daedalus and begins to very carefully climb him. A few feet up it occurs to Cade that Daedalus likely can barely feel him at all, and he needn’t be so careful, so he picks up the pace. Once up and out he looks at Aaron then back at the hole. “So…friction reducing spell?”

<Marge> squeezes through the hole and frowns as Aaron has to pull her out. “Well, lets not do that again.”

<Aaron> looks to Cade and then shakes his head. “IF he don’t need it let us be careful. We cannot be sure what side effects our magic might have in this place.”

«~Daedalus~» Once Cade is up.. Dae glances up at the hole now from his position below it, “Caution.” is all the warning he gives, before a second later, he reaches up into the hole with a forepaw, attempting to at least grasp the inner edge. Since he didn’t have the benefit of something to brace himself against, this seemed the best alternative. Once that was

done, he’d shift into his human form, and try and pull himself up the rest of the way.

φCadeφ shrugs as Marge emerges and looks around. “Good point. I was thinking that too, figured it might be good to test it out with a small spell while we aren’t in the middle of fighting something.”

φCadeφ looks to Aaron once Daedalus is out. “What do you say, should we give something small a go, see what if any effect this place is having on magick?”

<Aaron> looks over at Cade and nods his head. “Sure, sounds like a plan.”

<Marge> stands back a little bit, eyeing the mages.

<Aaron> grows out his hears and other facial features to a more werewolf-like state, resembling glabro in the face. His coyote ears twitch and listen for sound, while his nose tries to pick up additional scents.

φCadeφ nods and rubs his hands together, thinking. “Ok, I’m going to try and heat the hatch up a little, see what happens.” He waves a hand in the air a few times, opening files on his view feed then having Hecatrix run a few calculations while Cade adjusts the dials on his wand and points it at the hatch. “Here goes nothing.” With that he mutters the incantation.

«~Daedalus~» He didn’t move to lean against anything, and in fact, stood back as Cade announced his intentions. But since they were now up here.. he did take a moment to observe their new surroundings, at least with his head and eyes, to get a feel of where they now were.

φCadeφ nods slowly. “Well…that felt right. Lets see…” He slips off one of the special gloves that allows him to interact with his augmented reality interface and gingerly touches the hatch with the back of his finger.

<Storyteller> The landscape is bleak, what little they can see of it. The fog hangs at an even 10 feet from them and absorbs all light and sound.

«~Daedalus~» He whispers, even though it may not be of much use considering what happened, “So, are we stuck here now? I am not.. certain of how to progress at this moment, though I do have a feeling that simply… trying to head back will bear no fruit, as it were… Not that I have any idea how to do so in the first place.”

φCadeφ nods his head in satisfaction and turns back to the group. “Well…magick seems to work fine as best as I can tell. As for how to proceed…that’s a good question.” He frowns and looks around, tapping his foot as he tries to come up with a plan.

φCadeφ “Does the Umbra have ley lines? Flows of Quintessential energies? I could try and look out for them, they might lead to something…of…signifigance? I’m not sure, but it seems better than picking a random direction and heading off. Could look for spiritual anomalies as well.”

<Aaron> shakes his head a little. “The Umbra does but this is more like the underworld… the land of the dead. Maybe… if we spread out but stay in sight the fog will spread out too?”

<Marge> shrusg and starts to move slightly away from the others. “Worth a shot I guess, bigger bubble?”

«~Daedalus~» “.. Sure, bigger bubble.” He glanced up for a moment, attempting to ascertain if there was any sort of ceiling or the like.

φCadeφ nods and spreads out. “Well…I’ll give it a shot at least, see if I can pick up on anything.”

φCadeφ takes a deep breath, then pulls up a series of prompts on the view feed and follows them, his hands flowing through the air and Latin trickling off his lips as he shifts his perceptions to pick up on both primal and spiritual energy. “Alright, let’s see if we can find anything now.”

<Storyteller> There does not seem to be a ceiling, like everything else the visibility is an almost perfect 10 feet in any direction they look.