Something that Deveraux has noticed in his walking around the city of New Orleans is that every single clock is set exactly on the second. Anything public is perfectly set, except two. One is the clocktower outside of Charity Hospital, and the other is the clocktower at the campus library. Both are exactly 6 hours off.

Alice is standing outside of the library, staring up at the clock in silence. Other people move past her as if not noticing she is there.

<Deveraux> would have picked up on this almost instantly. For whatever reasons he has he’s let it slide until now. He walks straight toward the offending clocktower on campus and means to enter it and head straight to the time keeping device to inspect it. Upon spotting Alice, however, he alters course and will step up right beside her on her right side. He then turns to look at her and nods, “Good evening, Alice.”

Alice tilts her head, still watching the clock, before looking to Deveraux. “Do you think that the time is forward, or backward from now?”

<Deveraux> “Unknown. It is simply not correct at the moment. Which do you believe is true?”

Alice shakes her head a little. “Roxy says it’s correct. She set all the clocks in town. These two are just… in a different place.”

<Deveraux> “Six hours ahead of now is the correct time in London. Why is London significant, and who is Roxy?”

Alice blinks, thoughtful for a moment. “I am unsure yet. But I will find out. Roxy is another Malkavian in town, she is never late, and she likes kinda the same clothes as you.”

<Deveraux> “She interests me. If she is responsible for setting all the clocks then she conceivably has a reason for setting this and the other clock for different locations. You did know that the clock outside Charity Hospital is wrong for this location, yes?”

Alice nods. “Yeah. That one was off first. We went there to check it out but got attacked by some psycho. Long story.”, she shrugs a little, her eyes scanning him for a few seconds. “So … What do you do around here?”

<Deveraux> “I watch things for the most part. What do you do around here?”

Alice frowns a bit, wrinkling her nose. “Roxy did not set these. But said they aren’t wrong. We don’t know why yet.”, she looks back over at him, before reluctantly speaking up again. “I pass on messages. Sometimes in music. Sometimes in cyberspace.”

<Deveraux> “I have not yet decided to learn the ways of computers. As yet they are largely foreign to me. I am considering taking on an employee to help me with such matters, though, but the selection criteria is strict and will not be compromised.” He pauses a moment before continuing, “Messages in music is interesting and can involve several types of references. It is very open to interpretation by the receivers.

Alice perks up slightly, nodding. “Yes, but it allows the message to be taken on the listeners terms. There is so much knowledge out there now. Near infinite interconnections. A lot can be learned at one time now. But people do not use it properly, do they?”, her voice changes ever so slightly as she observes him.

<Deveraux> “Proper use could be relative to a specific task, though. Also, leaving the interpretation open to the receiver introduces an unknown factor as they might now make the connections you hope or require them to make. Encrypting messages seems to be a more efficient way to communicate rather than potentially elusive symbolism.”

Alice shakes her head. “But it is not symbolism. The ones meant for the message will decypher it when they are ready. Forcing it can cause complications.”

<Deveraux> “There is still an unknown factor in regard to when the recipient will be ready. I do not like dealing with unknown factors.”

Alice snickers faintly at that. “You must be a very sad man then. There is no such thing as a truly controlled situation. Especially where people are concerned.”

<Deveraux> “Chaos theory is an interesting path to direct the discussion. It could be said that there is predictability in the unpredictable nature of people. Careful planning can mitigate all but an exceptionally small margin of that unpredictability.”

Alice smiles faintly, rolling on her heels. “Hmmm. Maybe you are not so bad. But a small margin is still a variable that can cascade into untold consequences.”

<Deveraux> “The butterfly effect, yes. People almost never think about the long-term consequences of their plans and choices. By that, I of course mean what is long-term to us and not a single human life.”

Alice nods slowly, “Of course. There are times it cane take centuries for something to come to a point to be properly noticeable.”, she starts to walk around the clock, slowly, toward the side door. “So, Deveraux, have you ever taken a long sleep?”

<Deveraux> follows after her so they can keep conversing in a reasonable volume, “I have. My work since last rising will keep me from another, however. Why do you ask?”

Alice smiles and checks out the door carefully before looking back to him. “Did you do anything while sleeping? Dream, or explore reaches one cannot while awake?”

<Deveraux> “This is an interesting line of questioning. I was in communication with several peers in addition to walking through my memories and exploring as you said. Where are you going with this, Alice?”

Alice shakes her head softly and puts a hand on the door handle. “Oh, you still think I am Alice. That makes sense.”, she slowly opens the door. “I am not Alice, just… borrowing her for a while. With her permission. I am Saturn, as I do not seem able to remember either my true name or even the language in which it is spoken.”

<Deveraux> “Most interesting. I am fluent in a great many languages and am now curious which one you used to use. So you are borrowing her body and I would assume you slumber somewhere and seek to awaken?”

Saturn nods her head, listening to the ticking inside of the building. “I have been looking for a while. A couple of decades now. I am getting closer though. I believe that these hold my answer. But I have many minds on it at this time.”

<Deveraux> “What difficulty is it that you are looking to overcome with waking?”

Saturn smiles faintly. “Well, that depends partly on who thinks they are in charge of the area I happen to awaken in, first of all. Whether I attempt to bring it here, or go instead to it. If in London… who currently resides there?”

<Deveraux> “Mithras still rules.”

Saturn chuckles. “That has to be some sort of record. Hmmmm, well he’d be top of the list of people I would rather not get on the bad side of so bringing the body here may be the safest course.”

<Deveraux> “I have known a number of Kindred throughout time. Perhaps I know you. Where were you embraced?”

Saturn looks thoughtful. “I remember the Roman Empire was strong then. I remember speaking for the Gods.”

<Deveraux> “Saturn. This makes sense. I was awake for the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Perhaps I did know you.”

Saturn leans in the doorframe and listens to the steady ticking. “Perhaps. I hope to regain more of my memory after I awaken properly.”

<Deveraux> “When was the last time you remember being awake?”

Saturn thinks. “Late 1400s… The Christians were going through a lot of Popes.”

<Deveraux> nods, “You will need some time to regain your full strength and mental faculties, along with blood of course.”

Saturn nods, and then pauses. “Yes. Though I may have a head start on that with help from these very interesting Mages.”

Saturn sighs a little and looks back to him. “You should look into the knowledge they keep on computers. So much is out there and more easily accessible. I should go. I feel the sun rising over where my body rests.”

<Deveraux> “Noted. I look forward to our next conversation.”

Alice blinks and then looks over at Deveraux. “Oh. Hello again. So she talked to you then.”

<Deveraux> “We had a good conversation. The sun is rising where her body rests now.”

Alice nods. “Yeah. Its understandably harder for her to be active here during that time.”

<Deveraux> “Indeed. I learned much from our conversation. There is a good chance that I know her given when she was last awake and active.”

Alice tilts her head and looks at him curiously. “Hmm. That’s interesting. We have work to do before she can wake up… But the people who see the truth are helping with part of that.”

<Deveraux> “What truth do you speak of?”

Alice blinks. “The Truth. They can enforce the Truth. Why the Watchers are after them. I see it too. But I can’t force people to see it. Anyway… I should go. But you take care.”

<Deveraux> “Before you run off, which Watchers do you mean?”

Alice blinks and tilts her head, frowning a little. “Shhh. Shouldn’t even talk about them. They watch everything. They make sure everything goes According to Plan.”

<Deveraux> nods in response, “Be well, Alice.” He bows slightly and then turns to head off.