Kayn steps up to the door of the chantry, having driven up that morning to come check back on things. Rapping on the door, he looks back out across the plantation as he waits.

φCadeφ shuffles to the door from the kitchen, mug of coffee in hand. He has been awake for at most half an hour, and it shows. Instead of his usual attire, he wears sweatpants and a wrinkled t-shirt. A bit of stubble has started to show on his head and his eyes seem a bit unfocused. He gives a quick look through the peephole then unlocks and opens the door. “Hey Kayn.”

Kayn isn’t dressed fancily either, sporting black trackpants and a gray hoodie. He grins some at Cade, only looking a little sleepy himself. “Mornin man.. Mind if I come in and check on things?”

φCadeφ takes a step to the side and gestures inside. “Go for it dude. Once I get some caffeine in my veins I’ll come join you.”

He steps inside, looking around the place once again. “Appreciate it.. is Katie’s garage open? Wanting to see on the weaver spirits.”

φCadeφ frowns, drawing his lips over to the side as he thinks. “I have absolutely no idea, man. Might be. We can go check at least. I’m itching to try out this whole ‘spirit sight’ thing. I think I finally got it figured out in the midst of my energy drink fueled cram session last night. Ramirez gave me some pointers that really helped.” He gives Kayn a somewhat lopsided

grin and takes a sip of his coffee. “Ow. Still hot. Hold on.” He sets the mug down and pulls out a strange looking wand with dials. The faces of the dials each have a rune and he spends a moment adjusting them. Once he finishes he points the wand at the coffee and mutters some Latin, then picks up back up and takes a sip. “Much better.”

Kayn glances down in the direction of the garage. “.. Could just wait for her to come around.. or for something to explode.” He shrugs and steps into the common room, giving Cade a bit of a look as he uses the wand. “Spirit sight? I’m not terribly familiar with magic.”

φCadeφ hmms and twists his face as he tries to think how to explain it. “It like…kinda sorta necromancy? Not the raising zombies and stealing souls kind. Just the talking to ghosts stuff. Plus the ability to see things like those spider guys. Pretty much all magick starts off as an expanding of perceptions. Like the cooling my coffee thing. The first trick in that

school I learned was how to see in various spectrums of light. Or affecting probability and chance. First you have to be able to see the various ways things can happen. Perception is the foundation we build on.”

“I can.. see that.” He sits down in an armchair or something comfy, looking up. “Be careful how you use it.. Ain’t none of it natural. No offense intended.”

φCadeφ smiles and sits down as well taking another sip of his coffee. “Depends on how you look at it. Do you know much about where a Mage’s power comes from?”

Kayn shrugs again, lightly. “I’ve heard some mages will steal the gnosis from a caern.. Meaning you can use gnosis though I doubt in the same form.. Otherwise I haven’t heard on where you draw power.”

φCadeφ frowns but nods his head. “I’m guessing you mean drawing Quintessence from a node. Same thing different terms probably. Some Mages can be…inconsiderate and irresponsible in their use of magick, but not all of us. Anyways, back to my point. Every Mage has an inner spirit of sorts we call the Avatar. There’s no real consensus on what exactly Avatars are. Some

think they are shards of a shattered god, others that they are personified magic, others think they are the sum of our past lives. But no matter how you look at it, magic flows from the Avatar, and the Avatars have been around for as long as anyone knows. So the power we have isn’t taken or stolen, but gifted to us by this spirit that is both separate and a part of us all at once. A mage

can only become more powerful as he grows in understanding and the Avatar shows him the path to further mastery. So to consider a mage unnatural, you would have to consider the Avatar unnatural.”

Kayn isn’t necessarily judging, only giving what he has heard and trying to understand Cade’s interpretation. “You have to consider where the Avatar takes it’s power for you to use. Nothing is, or should be free from a fundamental level.. Quintessence, do you draw it directly from a caern?” He seems interested, if anything.

φCadeφ frowns. “After a fashion, though probably not in the way that you are thinking. The energy that we absorb from a node, or caern, is just the ambient, extra energy that is given off. There are ways to dig in deep and rip the node apart to get a lot of quintessence all at once, but only a desperate or destructive mage would go to those lengths. Channelling nodal

energy into the Avatar is a benign process that does not harm the node in a metaphysical sense. It’s like…picking fruit from a plant. Sure, the fruit is gone when you eat it, but the plant is still there and unharmed. It will grow more in time. Same basic concept. There are other ways to collect Quintessence but those are beyond my current mastery. It can be harvested from Tass, which

is like solidified Quintessence. Some of the masters can pull it from anywhere, though I’m not sure what the ramifications of doing so are. That would be more a tool of desperation.”

Kayn nods lightly, giving a puzzled look at his continual frown. “I understand, yeah. We draw gnosis from the caern in the same way. Just being around the caern we more quickly regain any gnosis we have used.” Tilting his head to one side.. “..Wonder how the spirits would consider a mage even ambiently drawing gnosis. Think of it as taking the fruit from the plant, but farmer, or even the plant itself may not be happy for


φCadeφ scracthes the side of his nose. “Hmm…I suppose it would depend on the mage and their disposition, as well as the spirits in question. I’m sure most Dreamspeakers could make some sort of agreement with the spirits. That’s sort of their specialty. A lot of their magic functions by channelling spirits or making bargains with them. If I was a spirit, as long as

the mages weren’t being abusive about it, I’d probably just be happy they weren’t Technocrats.” He shudders a bit and shakes his head. “They use nodes too but…they build giant labs over the top of them and use machines to forcibly exrtract and process the Quintessence. That and if they found any spirits there they would ‘sanitize’ the area first.” He cocks his head and studies Kayn

for a long moment. “You seem to know a lot about spirits and stuff. I’m sure Ramriez has probably talked to the ones that are around here but…if you wanted to make sure we aren’t hurting them somehow…I know that would make me feel better. Like I said I’ve only just gotten the hang of seeing them so I have no idea what the situation here is. But we do have a lot of shifters so I assume

no one has done anything terribly untowards. Still, I really want to be the kind of mage who is conscientious about how they use their magic. So anything you can teach me about them would be good.”

“Haven’t exactly poked around the umbral side of here.. Not sure if you chose this area for a reason, and it doesn’t feel like a particularly wyld or even weaver area.” He idly looks around the room as he speaks, frowning at the mention of technocrats. “Technocrats are.. odd. They hate everything supernatural. I don’t really understand them, other than they’re dangerously insane.” Finally looking back around, brown eyes

focus on Cade. “I could try to help you understand? Though even I am still learning.. who is Rameirez?”

φCadeφ sighs sadly and shakes his head. “I wouldn’t go so far as to call the ‘Crats insane just…terribly misguided. The very core of their goal is admirable. They want to protect the Sleepers from the abuses of the supernatural. Which I can understand. But…they got lost somewhere along the way.” He sighs again and looks around. “That’s not exactly a popular opinion

to have among the Traditions so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone I said that. But anyways…Ramirez is kinda like the head honcho around here. I think. He’s a Euthanatos. They’re like…death mages. But not black robes and cackling and undead armies and stuff. From what I gather they’re more like the Priests of Rathma from Diablo. They’re all about balance and reincarnation

and cycles and stuff. But yeah,” He smiles at Kayn. “I’d appreciate some help in understanding. I really wish the different groups of Night Folk and the Mages and Sleepers could all just coexist peacefully. This seems like a step in the right direction.”

“I don’t know what sleepers are either.. And I’ll keep it to myself, don’t worry.” He gives him a small reassuring grin, laughing some. “I always played League or WoW, never got into Diablo man. Now, that’s a lofty ideal, but it’ll never, ever happen barring something fundamentally changing.”

Kayn shrugs then. “Night folk are leeches?”

φCadeφ smiles sadly. “Unfortunately you’re probably right. Still worth trying though right?” He shrugs. “I play both of those sometimes too. If you still get on we should party up sometime. Anyways…Night Folk is kind of a catch all term for any supernatural that isn’t a Mage. You guys, vampires, ghosts, spirits, anything. And Sleepers is what we call the normal

humans. Since Mages are the ‘Awakened’. It’s a little arrogant maybe but it does ring a little true. And before you ask, I have absolutely no idea where the term Night Folk comes from. Especially since vampires are the only ones limited to nocturnal activity as far as I know. It’s not meant to be derrogatory or anything. Just easier than saying ‘all the supernaturals that aren’t us.’

Side note, if you ever hear someone start saying something about ‘reality deviants’ that’s a good time to start running. That’s the term the Technocrats use for all supernaturals, us included.”

Kayn snorts. “Mages calling others reality deviants, that’s rich.. Left my laptop at home, but I’ll add you sometime.” Glancing back around the room.. “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind though, ain’t keen on going after the queen but.” He lifts up his hand, showing him the back of it where there is a bump under the skin.. If he looks closer, it very much resembles a spider. “I made a deal with them.. None of the rest of

you have to help in their eyes technically.”

~*Ramirez*~ enters the chantry and looks around a moment before heading into the kitchen to get some coffee and nuke some pizza pockets.

φCadeφ shakes his head. “Nah man, we won’t leave you hanging.” He perks up and turns towards the kitchen. “Sounds like someone just came home. Might be Katie.”

~*Ramirez*~ rummages and waits for his dinner. There were healthier choices but the 19 year old Euthanatos just wasn’t interested in them. At least currently, he was down for the easy meal.

Kayn looks towards the kitchen, sitting up at seeing the new face. “Well howdy.” He smiles some at Ramirez, leaning back.

~*Ramirez*~ looks over at Kayn. “Oh, hey there. You’re new.”

“I am?” He feigns surprise before grinning again. “That’s new.” Kayn gets up from the couch, ambling over without any particular rush, holding his hand out to shake. “Call me Kayn.”

~*Ramirez*~ studies him a moment.

~*Ramirez*~ “So..what’s your story and what brings you here?”

Kayn lets the hand drop to his side, looking over Ramirez as he instead stares at him, cocking his head. “Hard to summarize a lifetime into an introduction dontchu think? Came here on rumor there were a group of shifters out this way.”

φCadeφ stands and also wanders into the kitchen, finishing off his coffee and pouring another mug. “Hey Ramirez.” He mutters some Latin and makes a quick series of movements while Hectatrix runs a program. “Aww, where’s Hollow? I wanted to say hi.” He grins at Ramirez and takes a sip of coffee.

~*Ramirez*~ nods to Kayn. “I can fit a lot of what’s imporant in about a minute. I figure only those closest to me or out to fuck me over hard want the other stuff.” He smirks to Cade. “You like living on the razor’s edge. Your senses might not appreciate that if you want to encourage Hollow.”

Kayn shrugs, leaning his hip on the counter. “From Houma, born and raised. I’m garou, a crescent moon and I gotta bachelors in computer engineering for all the good it’s done me so far.. There, you know all about me man.” He smirks, looking between them. “Dealt with Katie’s spider problem, to an extent.”

φCadeφ laughs and shakes his head a bit. “That’s fair…maybe I should put off letting Hollow know that I can see spirits as long as possible. Might see if I can’t meet this Amy person though. I’m sure she’d appreciate having someone new to talk to.” He looks at Kayn for a moment then back to Ramirez. “Kayn seems pretty cool so far man. He’s helping us with the little

spider dudes in Katie’s workshop. And we’ve been sitting here shooting the breeze for a bit.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Garou.. like Ethan then and cool, computer engineering, so you might get along well and understand the stuff some people talk about around here. What’d you do with the spiders? We just basically tried to keep them calmer, not sure what to do with em.”

“Talked to them, figured out what they wanted..Thought they might have been pattern spiders at first but they all came from that lab people keep talking of.” He raises his hand to show the spiderlike bump under the skin of it. “I made a deal.”

~*Ramirez*~ looks at the bump and then nods. “I see. Well I can’t tell whether that’s a wise thing or not. I let spirits ride around in me more than would make others comfortable to know.” He grins. “I remember the lab.. there was a big spider down there too, and well, the technocrats took it. We took what we could before then and tried to get rid of

the Fomori down there.”

φCadeφ just shakes his head and sips on his coffee. “Poor thing.”

“The big spider is what they want, it’s their brood mother of sorts, queen. There isn’t a lot of individuality to most things weaver..” He frowns some. “Just remember the spirits ain’t ever yours, treat them well.. If you do that the only danger is getting involved with the wrong spirit.”

~*Ramirez*~ “They are part of the cycle of life and death. I am as well. We all play our parts.”

φCadeφ giggles then puts on an exaggerated serious face. “All shall serve the cycle!” He laughs again and shakes his head. “Sorry Ramirez, been playing a lot of Diablo lately.”

Kayn just nods to the ambiguous statement, smirking some at Cade

~*Ramirez*~ “That’s my favorite class.” He smirks. “He needs to get a tan though.”

φCadeφ chuckles. “How cliche would it be if I said Wizard is my favorite?”

Kayn just listens, not having played the game in question

~*Ramirez*~ “Probably as cliche’ as me saying necros are my favorites. It’s all good though. Of course the game isn’t going to match this life and what we really see and can do, but it’s a fun time consumer at least.”

φCadeφ nods enthusiastically. “Yeah. All the paradox if we tried to pull some of that stuff.” He sighs wistfully and takes another sip of coffee. “So you gonna assist with this spider thing?”

~*Ramirez*~ drinks some of his coffee and then stuffs some hot pockets in his mouth as he thinks it over. He offers the plate of remaining hot pockets around to Cade and Kayn. After he swallows the food in his mouth he shrugs. “Yeah, sure, I don’t mind helping. It’s gonna be a rough scenario though, depending how many ‘crats are still hanging around. Maybe it

ain’t so guarded now though as it’s been some time and there are bigger things to do for them and us, so it could be an opportune moment.”

φCadeφ snatches up a hot pocket and wolfs some down. “That’d be nice. The fewer ‘Crats the better is a pretty universally applicable sentiment.”

Kayn takes one, nodding his thanks and taking a bite, thinking. “..I’ve.. never dealt with technocrats so I’m not sure where I can assist in infiltrating the lab. Hrm, could think of a way to scout the place, see if they’re hanging around or not.”

φCadeφ nods, swallowing his current bite. “Could get a spirit to scout it but…wouldn’t want it getting caught. That’d be awful. We could see if anyone knows a scrying spell of some sort.”

~*Ramirez*~ “The problem with that little plan is that this base is underground. You can only get there via an elevator, unless we can think of some other interesting way to get down there. The building up top was destroyed and was an old FBI place. Not really sure what’s going on with that property now other than the crats have it because being what we are,

it was even stupid for a euthanatos to go over there.”

“Don’t have to go down there ourselves.. Spirits see, spirits speak. How efficient are the technocrats at..” He makes a face. “Sanitizing.”

~*Ramirez*~ “You think that technocrats don’t have guards against the spirits and defenses?”

~*Ramirez*~ “Lemme just ask this.. do you know what Technocrats are?”

“I’ve never crossed them personslly.”

φCadeφ shakes his head. “They are exceedingly thorough. And within the confines of one of their labs they can create technologies beyond the wildest dreams of science fiction. Including those that can breach dimensional barriers.”

~*Ramirez*~ nods. “Whatever we decide to do, we’re going to have to make sure they can’t find out about our intentions until we are well under way so we can escape after.”

φCadeφ sighs and nods his head. “Yeah, that’s for sure. It’s too bad we don’t have like…a golem or something to serve as a distraction.”

~*Ramirez*~ “When we go, we’re going in tough. Having shifters will definitely be a plus, I figure.”

~*Ramirez*~ takes out his phone. “Ah, gotta do a run. I’ll see you guys later.” He leaves what remains of the hot pockets and takes off out of the house.

φCadeφ snatches another hot pocket and happily munches on it. “Yeah he’s got a point. You guys are way better at the fighting stuff.”

“Don’t get me feeling like a meatshield.” He gives them a leeerry look. “Getting shot and burned still hurts y’know.. What all kind of tech do they have?”

φCadeφ shrugs. “Hard to say. I’ve heard stories and seen a little myself. Plasma rifles are not out of the question. Singularity grenades. Cyborgs. Bioengineered super soldiers. All kinds of crap you’d normally only see in movies or games.”

Kayn rubs his face briefly with a sigh. “.. I’ll have to think on what can be done against that?”

φCadeφ looks hon up and down, frowning. “I’m not sure what all I can do to help you. But I’m sure Katie can whip you up some armored clothes or something.”

“Not as far as armoured clothes, and I can’t dedicate them myself so I’ll destroy them if shift. What can be done about their tech, I mean.. If we can inhibit everything in an area.. puts us on more equal footing I’d bet.. not for sure though.”

φCadeφ shakes his head. “Technocratic stuff is notoriously magic resistant. Plus inside their base our magic is harder to use. Consensus is on their side not ours, even more so than normal. We can try but it wouldn’t likely do much, and it would be real hard to maintain.”

“How’s their tech on themselves..? How do they make it?”

φCadeφ shrugs. “Beats me man. My main experience is running from them.”

“I’ll ask around.” Kayn goes to sit back on the couch, getting comfy again and checking his phone for a moment. “So uh, what else goes on around here?”

φCadeφ follows and plops down. “I’m pretty new myself so I can’t say for sure what is typical. Honestly though things have been…kinda quiet. I mean, there’s crap to deal with but the Chantry itself is pretty chill.”

Kayn nods to him, lying his head back on top of the couch, looking up. “Gotta gotta ask around.” He muses. “I’ll.. be back in a moment.” He gets up, heading out for a time, returning shortly with a large gaming laptop, setting it in his lap and lifting the screen. Looking over it he grins some to Cade. “What’s the wifi password?”

φCadeφ laughs and holds up a finger. “Let me go grab my rig and you can just yank it off of there. Don’t have it memorized.” Cade runs upstairs and returns shortly with his own laptop and pulls up the WiFi password. “There ya go.”

Kayn peers over at it, quickly inputting it. “Thanks man.. I’mmm goonnnaaa.” He draws out, concentrating on his laptop. “..figure out what this weird network is.”

φCadeφ raises an eyebrow as he boots up a couple of programs. “Weird network?”

Kayn doesn’t respond for a time, eventually letting out a, “huh.”

“I’ve been receiving random messages from it.. Man this is, weird.”

φCadeφ is clacking away at his keyboard and doesn’t look up. “That so? What’s it called?” He tries to hide the grin spreading in his face but fails.

Kayn didn’t look up himself unfortunately. “Rabbit hole..” Now, now he looks up, confusion then a bit of a mischevious look crossing his face. “.. I’m gonna delete this little folder named Cade.”

φCadeφ chuckles and shakes his head. “Oh is that so?” He rolls his eyes at Kayn then goes back to typing. “Well I won’t spoil the surprise but I will tell you that The Rabbit Hole isn’t anything malicious. They aren’t gonna hack you unless you turn out to be awful or something.”

Kayn hovers over the folder.. eventually deciding against messing with any of it. “I mean, if I just rolled in I would hope y’all and all these toys woulda seen it by now.. Whats this dreaming and active thing?”

φCadeφ peers over at his monitor then shrugs. “I haven’t poked around in much of it so far. I had some uh…interesting experiences and have been proceeding with caution since. Plus I’ve been kinda busy. Might as well look now though!”

“Interesting experiences?” Kayn looks up. “Interesting somehow always means getting shot or something similar.”

φCadeφ laughs and shakes his head. “Nah. This was ‘disembodied voices’ interesting.”

“Tell me about it?” Kayn chuckles warmly

φCadeφ clucks his tongue and wags his finger at Kayn. “No spoilers!”

<Storyteller> Both Kayn and Cade see the list of names and they seem to have sets of icons without being able to be opened. Alice (=&^), Brandon (=&?), Dan (+’^), Robert (=&^), Zoelie (+’?), Angela (+XX), Kayn (%&?), Aolis (=&?), Rachel (#&X), Farris (%’X)

<Storyteller> Both Kayn and Cade see the list of names and they seem to have sets of icons without being able to be opened. Alice (=&^), Brandon (=&?), Cade (+&^), Dan (+’^), Robert (=&^), Zoelie (+’?), Angela (+XX), Kayn (%&?), Aolis (=&?), Rachel (#&X), Farris (%’X)

Kayn rolls his eyes, but grins at him. “This isn’t game of thrones.” He looks back down at the screen, looking at the symbols. “Who are Brandon and Aolis?”

φCadeφ studies the icons for a while, then scribbles them down along with the names. “Interesting. Seems like some sort of…classification system.” He looks over at Kayn and shrugs. “I’m not sure. I’ve met Alice, Zoelie, and Robert though. And I know who Dan is. Hmm…I think I know what the first symbol is.”

Kayn looks across the plus marked people. “..Mages? I know you and Zoelie.. not exactly enough to set a trend though.”

φCadeφ nods enthusiastically. “Alice and Robert are both vampires. Me, Zoelie, and Dan are all mages. So it would make sense that the first one is what kind of supernatural the subject is.”

“Except for Angela there are only two variations on the middle one.” He looks up, waiting to hear.

φCadeφ bites his lip, thinking. “Yeah these X’s are throwing me off. Otherwise I’d say that the last two have to do with whether or not successful contact with the network has been made. As well as contact with…well you’ll find out.” He drums his fingers on the laptop.

“Thought it..” He glances up over his laptop, smirking slyly. “You know it ain’t wise to tease the beings Gaia created as her warriors right?.. all that raaaggge.”

Kayn was joking, obviously. “Says they are ‘ in use’.. hmm.”

<Alison Spektor> sends a PM over the network to the both of them. “What are you boys doing?”

φCadeφ giggles and minimizes the window. “Nothing Alice! Just uh…homework?”

Kayn looks up towards the closest speaker, not bothering to minimize.. Caught! “Uh.. watching porn?”

<Alison Spektor> “You can’t open your own files while you are awake, silly.”

Kayn snaps his fingers. “I knew one of them meant that! Is it the middle one?” He doesnt seem to mind talking through the whatever is wired up. “Why dontchu come join us miss..?”

<Alison Spektor> “I’m Alice. But I would rather not. not tonight anyway. Later though I will meet up with you. You boys are smart, just be careful. The network can put a lot of load on your brain’s processes. Sometimes they shut down when that happens.”

Kayn seems actually disappointed at not meeting miss mystery voice. “Well darn.. Wait say that again?”

φCadeφ reopens the window and studies the icons some more. “Alright so one of them is sleeping or awake. The other could indicate level of contact. I suppose the easiest thing to do is see what happens to the vampire icons during the day. That should tell us which one that is. Still curious what the Xs mean though…” He shrugs then without looking up directs his voice towards the speaker. “Don’t w

orry Alice I learned my lesson last time.”

<Alison Spektor> “I will answer questions in person later, but for now I need to go. Goodnight boys.”

φCadeφ grins and waves at the speaker. “Goodnight Alice!”

“You take care Miss Alice.” Kayn draawls, looking back to it

φCadeφ lightly elbows Kayn and points to Angela’s file. “We should ask about her. This file hasn’t updated in six months. Double X might mean she’s dead? I’d hope not. Could be that something else happened. Stuck in a paradox realm maybe. If that’s the case we might be able to help.”

Kayn blinks, looking to it. “Yeah, definitely ask as that one is weird.. Let’s not accidently mess someone up though.”

“Paradox realm?”

φCadeφ jots some notes down. “Yeah that can happen to us sometimes if we go bigger on the Magic than we can handle. You gotta seriously screw up for that though. You basically get sucked into a pocket dimension.”

<Cecilia> comes downstairs, stretching a bit and makes a beeline for the kitchen to make some tea. She’s a really pretty Italian woman in her early 20s.

Kayn looks at him, tilting his head some. “Sounds rough.. I’m gonna guess an X may well be dead. Should be only two different symbols.” He is sitting by Cade, big gaming laptop on his lap and currently in.. something pulled up on it.

φCadeφ nods but is frowning. “Yeah but some of them only have a single X. And in different spots. That part is throwing me.”

<Cecilia> is wearing a dark green dress and heels, looking over at the two as she busies herself with the tea. “I see we have unexpected company.”

“The X is only in the second and thir-.” He trails off and looks to the new voice, giving a warm grin. “Oh! Didn’t see you come in.. Howdy.”

<Cecilia> looks at him oddly. “I just came downstairs. I live here.”

φCadeφ waves absently to Cecilia, clearly focused on his laptop. “Hello Cecilia. This is Kayn. He’s a…Garou right?”

He cocks his head some. “And this is a room, I didn’t see you come into the room.” He lifts a hand as Cade mentions him. “Guilty as charged.”

<Cecilia> “Ah….what’s a garou?”

Kayn doesn’t judge her lack of knowledge, turning some to lean on the back of the couch and peer at her. “Well.. I am. Uh, pop culture would call us werewolves.”

φCadeφ sighs in frustration. “I dunno. If X means dead why would you need two of them? It’s gotta have some other meaning to it.” He turns from the laptop at last and smiles at Cecilia. “How goes?”

<Cecilia> “Same as ever.”

Kayn just shrugs at Cade, not sure either

<Cecilia> returns the smile.

“Come join us?” He looks back to the laptop. “Trying to figure out who Angela is.”

<Cecilia> “Would you mind introducing me to your new friend here? And who?”

“As Cade said, can call me Kayn, stumbled across Aaron and Elena the other day.”

He gives her a polite smile

φCadeφ “Hmm…I’d say the middle one must be whether or not it is active. If for no other reason than it is the only one you and I have in common. Anyways…manners, manners.” He looks up at Cecilia and smiles again, blushing a little. “Angela is a Mage that might be missing or dead as of about six months ago. Ring any bells?”

<Cecilia> “Ah, I see. Quite the pleasure to meet you. And I believe so.”

“Pleasure is mine.” He chuckles some.. “Yeah. I figured it was active or inactive. Only two options except for her.”

<Cecilia> “What have you fine gentlemen figured out so far?”

φCadeφ “Just looking at some Rabbit Hole stuff. Encoded classification system that seems to be keeping files on people the network considers interesting.”

“I’m apparently interesting..” Kayn turns back to it fully, hrming. “So the last one.. question marks and exponents.. except Farris annnd Rachel.”

<Cecilia> “Congratulations on your promotion.”

<Cecilia> “Who else is on this list?”

“Promotion?” Kayn shifts his laptop, moving aside so she can sit by them. On screen is ||| Alice (=&^), Brandon (=&?), Cade (+&^), Dan (+’^), Robert (=&^), Zoelie (+’?), Angela (+XX), Kayn (%&?), Aolis (=&?), Rachel (#&X), Farris (%’X)

φCadeφ snickers and gives Cecilia a sideways look. “Yeah I dunno. I’d guess it has to do with standing within the network maybe? Question marks are unknown. Exponents are allies, Xs are enemies maybe? Hard to say.” He looks up at Cecilia nd frowns a bit, unsure how much he should share. “Tech geeks mostly.”

“That… makes some sense. Farris and Rachel are..?”

φCadeφ shrugs “Haven’t the foggiest. Just spitballing.”

“Sure Alice can answer.”

φCadeφ nods and stretches. “Probably. As interesting as this all is, we should give it a rest for a bit. She wasn’t exaggerating about that whole ‘frying your brain processes’ thing. I almost did that to myself once already.”

“So, why is it in my brain?” Kayn seems dubious

φCadeφ opens his mouth and then closes it and frowns. “It uh…doesn’t make a whole lot of sense yet. But trust me, it can get in there.”

<Cecilia> makes tea in the background.

Kayn nods lightly, covering up a yawn with his hand, examining the bump on it after. “.. Man. I somehow can’t wait to get this spider out of my hand already?”


φCadeφ minimizes the window and sets the laptop off to the side. “Sorry Cecilia, we got caught up in our nerd stuff. Come sit and talk when you’re done, yeah?” He smiles at her then turns back to Kayn and looks at the bump. “Can’t blame you. Looks itchy.”

<Cecilia> “Mm. I may or may not.”

Kayn glances over her way and smirks. “Gotta reason not to?.. Don’t worry, I don’t bite friends.”

“Lycanthropy is not a disease.” He chuckles some

<Cecilia> “Good. That way I won’t have to teleport your heart out of your chest.”

Kayn frowns, sideglancing Cade.. then shrugs. “Edgy.”

<Cecilia> “I’m not being edgy. I’m being honest.”

<Cecilia> “It would be rather risky and dangerous, but quite possibly doable.”

Kayn shakes his head lightly. “If you want honesty, I could make a comment on turning into a nine foot beast who’s sole purpose is war butchu don’t. Responding to a joke bout how you can kill em extravagantly is what we in the business call.. edgy.”

<Cecilia> “Ah. My apologies, then. And I’ve never actually tried that. Most often, I just teleport weapons into someone or shoot them from behind from the other side of the room.

He grins again as she apologizes, gesturing to a spot in the living room. “Come on and join us.. That’s a fancy skillset.. I’m a theurge, we best work with spirits and the umbral realm.”

<Cecilia> “A what?”

“Theurge” Kayn repeats, patient.. “born under the crescent moon.”

<Cecilia> looks blank.

φCadeφ shakes his head in amusement at the exchange. But remains silent, still thinking.

<Cecilia> “I’m afraid I have no idea what that means.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t expect mages to know much of the spirits or garou ways.. I’ll teach you.” He smiles

<Cecilia> “How wonderful.”

“Just gonna.. stand there?” He quirks a brow. “First off.. you’ve never heard of garou?”

“There were more here before me.”

<Cecilia> “We didn’t exchange pleasantries.”

“Ahhuuh.. Well, what /do/ you know of shifters?” He cocks his head now

<Cecilia> “Beyond the fact that there’s one who can shift into a giant lizard? Nothing.”

φCadeφ stretches and stands up. “I’m gonna go take a shower while you two get acquainted.” He pats Kayn on the shoulder and gives Cecilia a smile then heads upstairs.

“Right.. well, we are Gaian, meaning we serve Gaia, created by her. Garou are her warriors, wolves.. I can change from a normal wolf to a hulking manwolf murder machine. Prefer not to but, happens.” He grins some, relaxing back. “I am what they call a theurge, like aaaa shaman, priest, whatever you want to call it. I deal with the spirits, make sure the ones we want around are healthy, happy, content, you name it.”

Shrugging some. “We are their servants truly, not them ours.”

<Cecilia> “Ah, I see.”

“..Do you?”

<Cecilia> “Yes.”

Kayn eyes her a moment then nods

<Cecilia> sips her tea in response.

“Questions? Nothing?” Kayn figures she is just rather disinterested, tempted to open back up his laptop

<Cecilia> “I’ll have to think of some.”

<Cecilia> “Right now, I’m just enjoying a cup of tea before turning in.”

“..Yeah.” He eyes her once more, sliding his laptop into his lap. “Take care when you do.. gonna game a bit before I head back to the city.”

<Cecilia> “Indeed. I’ll take extra care not to trip over my cat.”

<Cecilia> smiles and heads off, disappearing upstairs.