Elena sits on the bridge over the koi pond in the park between the office buildings. The dangles her feet in the water lightly, making little ripples.

Aaron walks into the park to clear his head and perhaps get some perspective on this whole spider business. He walks the little trails for a few moments before spying Elena on the bridge. “Hey. How’s it going?”

Elena looks over and then nods to Aaron, feet till just swinging lightly into the water. “Hello. It is going alright. Just enjoying the scenery.”


Aaron looks at her for a moment and smiles, nodding. “Yeah. I needed to clear my head a bit. I’m Aaron. I believe you have met my girlfriend, Jesse. You have… Distinctive features. So sorry I approached you so.”

Elena tilts her head as she studies Aaron, and then nods. “No problem. And I know her, yes. So then you are the father of the child she was expecting?”

Aaron nods and then leans against the railing of the bridge as he talks to Elena. “Yeah. She was a little miffed at me for not being forthcoming on the whole kinfolk thing. But I think she will get over it. I hope.”

Elena tilts her head and then looks toward the water, watching the fish. “It can be hard for those that do not understand. That aren’t born that way themselves.”

Aaron nods. “That is true, but Mages have a tendency to be open minded. And luckily the child will have very little Rage to deal with.”

Elena doesn’t look up from the fish in the little koi pond and nods. “Yes, that will make the first change easier for him when it is time. So are they doing well then?”

Aaron nods and gives a brief look about the park before pushing off the handrail and standing straight again. “Yeah. Jesse will bring him by the aquarium soon so you can see, I am sure.”

Elena smiles and runs her flat foot across the top of the water, playing with the fish. “I would like that a lot. Oh, that reminds me… Jonas and I found something in the woods that has an electronic lock we could use help with. So you might ask the Mages or one of the Shifters at your home.”

Aaron thinks for a moment and frowns, but nods. “A couple of them might be able to do it. But I doubt Ethan of Daedalus would have any clue what to do with electronics. Part of my current trouble. We seem to have an overgrowing nest of weavers and the little bastards are wreaking havoc in anything they get into. Trying to rehome them or something. But they wont listen to me.”

Elena makes a face at the mention of the weavers, wrinkling up her nose. “I don’t know much about them. They don’t usually mix well with water.”, she says with a chuckle. “But… I could try to talk to them. Just not sure how far I’d get. Besides, spiders are icky.”

Aaron sighs a bit but nods. “I try not to hold too much against anything specifically non-corrupted. These seem attracted by another Mage’s magic and tools specifically. Poor Katie didn’t even know they were there until recently. And while working they have gotten aggressive on several occasions. Now they are spreading to every device in the house.”

A fairly young man, looking maybe to be in his early twenties walks towards the pair if either take much notice of the random passerby. Dressed in light winter clothing, he’s got a strap for a laptop bag slung across his chest, and a chinese takeout box in hand. Humming quietly to an unheard song he passes by.. to stop near the end, head turning some back towards the two and pleasant hum stopping.

Elena perks up and watches the young man for a moment before glancing back toward Aaron curiously. “I will see what I can do.”, she says and then nods politely to Kayn as he passes and waves a little bit, though with her fingers carefully closed.

Aaron lifts hos head up and then seems to look over near the tree overhanging the koi pond. Then he looks back toward Kayn and nods as well.

Kayn pulls an earbud from his left ear, giving them a small grin after what seems like a measure of confusion crosses his face. He nods first to Elena then Aaron. “Don’t mean to be rude, buut I couldn’t help but overhear whatchy’all were saying.” Turning back to face them, he comes to lean on the railing a little way down.

Elena tilts her head a bit as she studies Kayn. “Oh? Your hearing must be even better than mine. Though I am used to the amplification of water.”

Aaron just watches for the moment, though he seems mostly amused.

Kayn just seems… curious perhaps as he looks to Elena, shrugging. “A bit quieter through here, sounds like you two got an interesting DnD game goin on. Weavers, mages.. magic.” He glances down to his watch, pulling back a sleeve before looking back up

Elena smiles a little and then gives Kayn a more open handed wave. “You are alright. And I would hope among friends here. I am Elena, this is Aaron.”

Kayn takes his weight off the rail, straightening and swapping the takeout box to his left hand, then offering the right to Aaron first. “Call me Kayn, good to meet y’all. I’d hope so too Elena. Was just starting to wonder if the city was.. empty so to say.” He smiles now

Aaron takes his hand and shakes it warmly. “Nice to meet you. No… There are a few here. Where are you from? Lets not dance, since Elena seems to be comfortable I will go out on a limb and say that I am Kinfolk.”

Elena shakes his hand as well, her hand warm but the webbing making for an interesting grip. “It is nice to meet you. We were discussing some troublesome spirits.”

“Glad to hear it. Lived down in Houma for the longest time, just moved up here recently. I am garou, born under the crescent moon I’m told.” Then quirking a brow at her as Elena speaks of spirits, he takes her hand firmly, if awkwardly for the webbing, not commenting on it for now. “What kind of troublesome spirits?”

Aaron nods his head at that. “Well, one of the Mages I live with uses a lot of technology in her magic. It is infected with some little weaver spirits I haven’t ever seen before… But they keep doing things like making the stuff go haywire. She almost got electrocuted by a cellphone the other day.”

He hrms thoughtfully, leaning against the railing again with his hip. “Does it seem like they have a specific purpose.. as in, targeting just this person’s electronics?”

Elena looks back toward the water and nods. “And the current goal is to try and convince them to find somewhere else to go rather than try to destroy them.”

Aaron nods. “Yes. We aren’t sure why but they seem very attracted to her technology specifically. Though they have been i guess you call it replicating and infecting other items as well now.”

“Not just hers now?.. May be wrong but if you want to convince them to leave, they’re acting like a virus. They want to spread, replicate and keep doing that same cycle from what I’m hearing. Trick is, finding somewhere tempting to them, where for y’all they hopefully can’t do a whole lotta damage.”

“..Seeing them might better help me get a gauge of their nature. If you don’t know what they are.”

Aaron thinks about it, then nods. “We can go by there later, or I can give you the address if not tonight. Someone is always there and besides, might do some good for you to meet any of the others. Ethan especially could use some Garou company.”

Elena glances back at Aaron and smiles a bit, “I would like to go too. I kind of want to see the baby if that’s alright. I imagine that little new moon child will be a handful when they get mobile.”

Kayn listens intently, nodding to Aaron. “More the merrier.” He continues to grin. “Figure I could do with entertaining a youngin.. I like kids. How many more of us are there?”

Aaron smirks. “Coyote already thinks it’s funny.”, he says and then looks to Kayn. “A few. Daedalus, Ethan, and Jonas are all shifters that I know of. I believe there is another too, or at least more kin that comes around sometimes.”

Aaron smiles. “And my son will one day be one as well. Though we share Coyote’s blood.”

“Coyote?” Kayn seems perplexed, perhaps not knowing of nuwisha. “You are kin to… coyote?” Shaking his head some, then peering past Aaron. “Sorry, I also don’t think I got what you were Miss Elena.”

Elena shrugs a little bit, glancing to her hands. “I am… Complicated. The simple version is a spirit merged with this physical body. Water elemental to be specific.”

Aaron nods his head. “Yes. Like Garou are to Wolf, I and my kin are to Coyote.”

Kayn rubs along his jaw, nodding lightly. “That’s.. interesting. Fascinating really.” He gives a bit of a reassuring smile to Elena if she seemed uncomfortable explaining herself.

Aaron looks to Elena and then back to Kayn. “I believe the proper term is Gorgon. A wyld spirit merged with a physical being.”

Elena shrugs and then gets up. Her flat feet looking uncomfortable on the wooden bridge. “Mmmhmm. Well, I may not change shape but I heal fast and can heal others.”

“I’ve never heard of such.. Don’t look very reptilian to me.” He winks to Elena. “Assuming the term is gorgon because they were melding of snakes and human, as you are a melding of a water spirit and human was it?”

Kayn mostly thinks aloud in the latter

Elena smirks a bit. “Not really. I prefer the company of sharks to snakes and gators. Though I am fine with assisting anyone that is not tainted.”

Aaron nods and glances about the park again. “Well, that is sort of the setup where I am staying. We have a lot of people centered and trying to push back the dark as it were.”

“Well, as I said, I’ll try and help you folk with your pesky spirit problem if you’ll have me.” Nodding seriously then. “Gotta do what we can.”

Elena nods and then moves to follow Aaron. “Maybe someone can help Jonas, Mary, and I with that lock too.” She manages to get hwr shoes on with a frown. “If you drove I can follow you out there.”

Aaron nods. “Its kinda far. So yeah, I drove. I can give either of you a ride if need be.”

Kayn grins and shrugs lightly, phone appearing into hand. “Parked around the block.. The place got an address?”

Aaron nods and then gives him an address and his number. “Okay. Just meet us there then.”

“I’ll be there in a giffy, you two take care.” Entering the address and Aaron’s number into his phone he slips it back into his pocket, swapping the poor, now cold Chinese food back to his other hand, turning to make for his car if nothing else is said