Aaron pulls up at the Overgrowth Chantry and waits for the others before getting out of the car.

Kayn pulls up shortly, closing and locking his car, then removing a pair of sunglasses as he peers up at the place and it’s copious amount of vegetation. “Seems.. cozy?”

φCadeφ comes yawning down the stairs, his glasses sitting on top of his head as he rubs his eyes with one hand. The other is holding the tome he has been studying as well as his laptop. He shuffles sleepily into the kitchen and makes himself some coffee. After thoroughly sugar and milking it up he heads back out to one of the common rooms and sits down on a couch and

settles in for a study session.

Elena pulls up and gets out of her own car before giving the place a long look over. “I think its nice.”

Aaron looks at the pair of them and chuckles before going up onto the porch and opening the door for the others. “Well, we have been doing some work on it. But it is home.”

Kayn lets one or the other to lead inside, leaving his laptop bag in his car though still carrying the chinese takout, determined to one day eat his lunch. “Don’t doubt you do, all lush and green..” Once dipping in through the doorway he looks inquisitively about, into each room, and even up at the ceilings. “Do all of the shifters stay here?”

φCadeφ hears the door open and leans over a bit on the couch so that his voice will carry into the entryway better. “Pot of fresh coffee in the kitchen if you want some!”

Elena peers about curiously as well. “I should mention that in order to go speak to these spirits I will require a source of clean water.”

Aaron shakes his head. “No. But a couple of them do. Ethan and Daedalus are staying here for the time being.”

Aaron calls back to Cade, “Thanks!’

Kayn looks into the room from where the new voice called out, glancing back to Elena. “Lotta interpretations of clean depending on who you’re askin.. Where’s the woman having the issue?””

φCadeφ smiles and takes a sip of his coffee then gets up and heads back towards the kitchen. “Might as well get a bagel and say hi and stuff, don’t ya think, Hec?” He slips the augmented reality glasses back down onto his face and pulls the gloves that allow him to interact with the interface out of his pockets and puts them on. “Hello there! Hmm…new faces eh? I’m

Cade,” he gives the newcomers a small wave, “Nice to meet you.”

Elena looks thoughtful on that. “True. And nice to meet you. I’m Elena.”, she offers a webbed hand to shake.

φCadeφ reaches out and shakes the webbed hand. “Wow I bet you are a super good swimmer, huh?”

Kayn gives Cade a polite smile and a wave. “Howdy howdy, call me Kayn. How ya doin? ” He says to Cade, offering his hand next. “Pleasure is all mine, really.”

φCadeφ smiles and shakes the next offered hand. “Kayn huh? Cool cool. I’m good, just getting in a study session before I have to run an errand later. So what brings you guys here?”

Elena smiles and nods. “Yeah. I actually work as a professional mermaid at the aquarium.”

“Was lucky and ran into these two.” He indicates Elena and Aaron with a nod of his head. “Out in town.. Heard about some malfunctioning tech.”

φCadeφ gives Elena a wide eyed look. “That’s a thing?”

Aaron chuckles faintly. “Well we are going to see if we can help Katie and the things causing all her malfunctions.”

Kayn! glances to Elena, blinking once.

Elena laughs and nods. “Yes. To them its just a genetic deformity. And I am good at it and I love to work with the animals. So why not?”

“I didn’t know that was a career choice.. Could been a merman.” Kayn gives an exagerrated wistful sigh, looking down. After a moment he looks back to her then snickers some, the grin returning. “Do whatchu like doin girl.

φCadeφ nods slowly. “Yeah…that makes sense. It’s cool that you found a niche like that.” He turns to Aaron and blinks. “I’m not sure how to feel about Katie Kaboom having malfunctions. Are they preventing explosions or making them worse?”

Aaron “Making them worse. Far worse.”

φCadeφ sighs, shaking his head. “Anything Hecatrix and I can do to help? We would rather not be at ground zero of a Quintessence fueled mini nuke.”

}Elena Selune{ nods her head and shifts from one foot to the other a little bit. “There seem to be spiders infesting this Katie person’s equipment.”

φCadeφ cocks an eyebrow. “Spiders like…” he hooks his thumbs together and makes a crawling motion with his fingers.

Aaron nods. “Well, sort of… they are spirits. Weaver spirits, not uncommon to find in areas with a lot of technology but these little buggers are becoming a pain.”

φCadeφ sighs. “Spirits again huh? Not sure how much help I’ll be but I can try.”

Aaron nods to Cade. “Well, normally they are my specialty but in this case they seem highly uncooperative. And even aggressive. And they are spreading from Katie’s garage to the rest of the chantry’s electronics.”

φCadeφ blanches and taps his glasses. “Should Hecatrix stay behind then?”

“Weaver spiders often serve a rather single minded purpose no?.. Are they at least communicating or outright ignoring you folk?”

“Lot of different variations though.” Kayn hrms

Katie comes wandering in from the garage, in her overalls covered in the occasional oil stain or scorch mark. Her hair looking as if she has had a fight with a stun gun recently. She staggers to the kitchen and gets a rather large cup of coffee and then comes into the main room. “Oh, uhm, hi?”

φCadeφ smiles “Speak of the Devil…”

Katie pauses, “I didn’t do it. I have been in the garage the whole time.”

Aaron laughs a little bit, shaking his head. “No, it’s nothing you have done. It’s that issue you have been having with stuff blowing up?”

Aaron nods to Kayn. “Well, they seem to be ignoring me outright. Unless distrubed, in which case they get mean.”

“Right.. At least they aren’t terribly different from the rest of their brood.” He sighs some, thinking through it and peering over at Katie, giving her a wave. “This the woman of the hour?”

Katie blinks and takes a drink of her coffee, then ohs. “Oooooohhh, we are talking about those little crawly things living in my stuff. I honestly prefer not to harm them. I understand they just don’t like change. They want stuff to be kept in a specific pattern so every time I try to upgrade they go nuts.”

φCadeφ frowns and makes some strange motions with his lips. “Static resonance then. Means they’re predictable, but incredibly stubborn. Fun.”

Kayn offers Katie his hand, stepping forward and giving her a smile. “I’m Kayn, by the way. A pleasure to meet you.. Would you be okay if I took a look at them?”

}Elena Selune{ listens, her knowledge of weaver things fairly limited. So she just hangs out and takes a seat so as to get off her feet for the time being.

Katie reaches out after making sure her hand is clean, then shakes Kayn’s hand. “Katie. Uhm, sure. They are mostly in the garage… uhm… do you need some filtered lenses to see them or are you like Aaron?”

Aaron moves to follow, “Lenses may make it easier for the others so no one has to try and actually enter the Umbra. We prefer not to get their attention yet.”

“I’m not sure how he sees them as a kinfolk.” Kayn shaked his head and glances back. “I should be able to see them in the umbra.. One reason they may not respond is they are basic, not going to understand english. Not sure, thinking they are just pattern spiders from the sound of things.”

Kayn follows her and Aaron to the garage

Aaron snickers a little bit, nodding. “Sorry. While my genetics happen to be such that I am related to the Nuwisha, I am Awakened as a Mage. Specifically a Dreamspeaker, so I deal with Spirits on a different level. Coyote has been my mentor for a long time, and even now assists my learning.”

“Think they are pattern spiders or something else?” He nods to him as they walk, his interest piqued. “Later hoping we can talk. I was taught coyote’s children died out.”

“Shifters.. at least.”

Katie leads then out to the garage. When she opens the door, the inside of the garage looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Everywhere there are electrodes and coils and large machines and contraptions. An R2D2 rolls up to them as they approach the door and beeps a few times. KAtie nods to the little robot. “Hey there. Yeah, they are coming in. It’ll be fine.”

Aaron smiles a bit mischievously, “Well, Coyote is known for being a trickster. Sometimes it is safer to be dead than hunted.”

Kayn looks around.. looking a little like he just entered wonderland. “Yooo.. This is some serious stuff man.” Laughing some, he crouches down to give the R2D2 a pat on the ‘head’ before standing back up. “Guess consensus is to stay in the Tellurium for now..” He muses, waiting now for whatever lense Katie has

}Elena Selune{ looks at the room for of zapping things and frowns slightly, deciding perhaps she is better where she is.

φCadeφ looks around the garage with admiration. “Nice setup. I’ll take a pair of those lenses if you don’t mind. I’m still working out the kinks of basic Necromancy and dimensional magicks.” He removes his augmented reality glasses and pulls out a small tablet that he straps on to his wrist. “Sorry Hecatrix but you’ll need to go old school.”

Kayn looks at some of the more interesting machines as he talks, instead of at whoever hes talking to

Katie nods to R2D2 and points, “Go on and get the goggles and dimensional filters, please?” She nods and then glances back toward the others. “Thanks. Zoelie and Dan have assisted a bit with software stuff and I just started focusing on inter-dimensional properties after that whole killer werewolf thing took out poor Amy. I believe I picked up the ‘spiders’ at the Lab I used to work at.”

Aaron nods his head faintly, “I remember that place. I do recall seeing a rather large spider there and they had some sort of nesting queen in a chamber. But all of that was destroyed when the what did Dan call them… Technocrats took it over? They I believe you used the word sanatized it.”

“Probably, they are much more common in urban areas.” Kayn has a lot to ask at the moment.. but keeps it to himself for now, keeping to the task at hand. He tears his eyes away to Aaron, frowning some.

φCadeφ shudders at the mention of the Technocrats. “Ugh…not a big fan of those guys. Talk about good ideas gone horribly wrong.” He shakes his head, sighing sadly.

Aaron nods sadly at Katie. “I was here, still healing from the fight with Cornel when FoulFang used the Umbra to enter the Chantry and took Amy. There was nothing I could do in that condition, and though I know she doesn’t hold any ill will, I still feel bad.”

Katie takes the goggles as R2D2 brings them to her. She them passes them to Cade and Kayn. “These should filter an overlay of the dimension that Aaron refers to as the Umbra. So you will actually see both at once, that is to prevent bumping into anything that is only on one side.”

φCadeφ smiles and nods gratefully to Katie before slipping on the goggles.

Kayn smiles and slips the goggles on after taking them, giving a look around the room. “Thanks.”

<Storyteller> Once the goggles are on the room looks pretty different. There are hundreds of strange little spiders crawling in and out of the places where the machinery rests. Anything active seems to make them more energetic, and they give of sparks between each other now and then.

φCadeφ stares in wonder for a long moment. “Wow…this is super cool.” He studies their movements, trying to formulate a plan to contain and relocate them.

Kayn studies them intently, falling silent

“What is the lab.. rather what did it do before being attacked?”

He starts moving around, peeking behind machines and such… head turning to the most impressive looking machine she has if any are distinctly so

Katie frowns a little bit. “It was a really bad place. Well… I didn’t know some of the stuff they were doing while I worked there. It wasn’t until after I left that I discovered more about Cornel, and his demonic ties. A few of them were Mages, and they were tampering with other dimensions. Making portals and bringing stuff out.”

“Place attract like spirits..Umbra changes over time to reflect the tellurian” He says a little absently in his snooping around.

φCadeφ shakes his head. “Yeah that sounds like bad news. These things are spiders so…maybe the big one at the old lab laid some…eggs or something and you accidentally brought them with you?”

“All so different, yet working cohesively..” He mutters with a frown

Katie shrugs a little, “Kinda like us. All different but working together.”, she looks over at Cade, then kayn. “I thought they were babies at first. But they don’t seem to get any bigger than that.”

“No, not like us. Spiders usually serve a single purpose.. that they’re all different and working together is odd.. I might want to look /inside/ some of your tech Katie.”

Aaron nods and hangs back, watching and mostly making sure they aren’t getting too agitated. There were so many more than before. If they attacked it could get ugly.

“..They’re babies compared to what weaver spiders /can/ be.”.. Kayn shudders involuntarily

φCadeφ looks over to Katie. “You said they don’t like change right? That they get upset when you upgrade something or make it different?”

Katie frowns a little even as she nods. “You have to be very careful taking anything apart , because they get all zappy.”

φCadeφ frowns and taps his chin. “What if we got some sort of device, preferably safe and unimportant, and we put a hex on it to magnify it’s chances of having malfunctions. Would that work as bait to draw them out of here to a location where they can do less damage and maybe be easier to relocate?”

“You’re mages right? Can’t you alter reality or something fancy like that?”

“..I bet they would hate that. Tread carefully.”

He is all the while still stepping over wire bundles and around the garage, intent on.. something, searching

φCadeφ laughs and shakes his head. “I mean…technically that’s all any magic is yes but…I’m a novice. I’m only barely able to actually affect things. Most of my magic is just a shifting or expanding of my own perceptions.”

Katie nods. “I tried to make them a new place to live that was exactly the same as some of the other machines but it’s like they know.”

<Storyteller> As Kayn starts really digging into some of the larger and heavier pieces of equipment, all of the spiders stop moving at once and turn in his direction.

He immediately stops what he is doing, using his gift of spirit speech. “Uh, wait a moment.” He backs off of the particular machine he is on, noting it and tensing

Aaron swallows and moves carefully half a step back. “Okay, that is not good… They seem to be able to see across by themselves.”

Katie frowns and looks around, then grabs something that looks like a lightning rod. “Okay, they aren’t doing anything…”

Kayn nods towards the particular machine he was snooping in. “Our brood mother is probably in that one..”

φCadeφ slowly backs up against a wall and looks around. “Let me guess…without specialized magic to cross dimensional barriers…I can’t do anything to protect myself if they get angry?”

}Elena Selune{ watches quietly, a concerned expression on her features.

Kayn tries to slowly, peer back into the particular machine, not touching anything this time around

“We have three options available.. Maybe less if I can find it..” He mutters, trying to spot the main momma still, just less hands on

Katie backs Kayn up, holding the lightning rod out and preparing herself in case they get frisky.

φCadeφ swaps goggles for glasses and begins quickly muttering to himself and making motions through the air. He starts getting nervous towards the end and rushes the last spell, making a misstep in the incantation and hand sign. “Ow! Ugh my head…” He grunts and switches back to Katie’s goggles so he can see the spiders again.

<Storyteller> There doesn’t seem to be anything different within that machine, though a lot of them seem to be hanging out there. They move together, and sparks shoot off between them.

Kayn resists her attempts to back him up, in fact shifting, become larger as he goes into his glabro form. His voice is much deeper now, gutteral and animalistic. “This one, what is this.”

He indicates the machine, yellowed eyes looking to Katie

Katie jumps back for a second, eyeing Kayn before realizing what is going on. “Oh fuck. Sorry, but that was just a bit unsettling. Uh, that’s my cloning machine. I use it to break down matter and copy it. Basically it makes money. Why?”

He steps back only now, headed for the doorway, ducking under it. “Sorry.. I am preparing in case they attack. I am going to step over, I need to see more, without tellurian overlay.” He says in the same low gutteral voice, taking off his lens and passing it to Aaron as he then, without more discourse tries to step through what is likely a very thick veil.

Aaron points toward the back door. “If you go out that way, you will find it much easier. I can let you in through the Wards from there.”

Kayn nods to him, heading out back to sidestep instead

<Zoelie> is hanging outside in the garden area of the chantry, gathering and organizing environmental data.

If she looks his way before Kayn disappears into the umbra, he winks. *poof*

<Storyteller> After Kayn shifts up and then leaves the room the spiders start going nuts, and they scatter with much skittering and zapping.

Katie backs out of the garage and pushes R2D2 out too. “Whoa, lets not get crazy now. Nice little spiders. I suggest we get back.”

Aaron nods his head in agreement. “Agreed. They do not look happy about seeing soneone changing forms. They may feel threatened.”

φCadeφ jumps and puts his hand over the tablet on his wrist. “Ack! C’mon now little guys we just wanna give you a less explosive home.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ meanders into the house, unaware that something creepy is going on.

Kayn soons steps back in to see the skitterskattering of hundreds of spiders, blinking. SS “oh, whoa! There is no threat! Calm down!” He says in spirit speech, examining the room in a fully umbral enviromemt now if they calm

<Storyteller> The spiders stop and a group of them, independent of the others turns and watches Kayn with some interest. These are a different texture than the other spiders. Rougher looking, bigger. As electricity arcs between them they produce a sound from nearby speakers that everyone can hear. “Home.”

Katie blinks as she looks around and then at the spiders. “Holy shit they can talk?”

φCadeφ turns his head to the speakers then frowns. “Maybe they are like cranium rats or geth. You know, collective intelligence? The more there are the smarter they get?”

Kayn steps into the middle of the room, looking at a group of them. “Why here? This home is not a good one, will not always be safe. for you.”

Aaron nods his head. “That sounds possible. Most spirits have some intelligence even if we don’t understand its concept.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ headed out toward the garage after having acquired a beer and looks over at the mages lurking there. He’d walk over to Katie and look around. “So..what’s going on?”

Aaron looks over at Ethan. “Katie’s spider trouble is out of control, they are getting into everything in the house. Kayn is trying to talk to them, he’s a Theurge.”

φCadeφ frowns and looks over at Aaron. “The frack is a theurge?”

<Storyteller> The spiders do not take their eyes off of Kayn. “Return home.”, they hum and vibrate before sending off small blue arcs.

“You wish to return home?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Oh, that is what felt off. Kayn is new. A theurge would be pretty useful for that though.” He’d look at Cade. “A theurge is a spirit speaker and they know rites and gifts that help aid with that and more.”

<Zoelie> stands right up as she hears that eerie voice through the speakers and checks the chantry’s network through her laptop to see what has possibly hacked in

φCadeφ frowns even deeper as he thinks. “So like…a Dreamspeaker then?”

<Storyteller> The spiders seems to hum amongst themselves, then spit out more arcs. “Yes. Return home.”

Aaron nods to Cade. “Yes, pretty much.”

“I shall try and help you return there. I am going to cross back over but I will be back.” If they do not dissent or become angry he will try going back outside and crossing over, to then come back.

φCadeφ nods and his frown fades. “Ah ok…cool.” He turns back to the spiders, watching them with fascination.

KAtie looks around at the speakers. “So… they are talking spiders. Are they talking about the Lab? They can’t go back there. The Technocracy sanitized that place.”

<Zoelie> heads into the house anf looks for anybody playing weird pranks.

Aaron waves to Zoelie as she approaches. “Hey, sorry… the spidrs that have gotten loose in the house are obviously in the speakers too.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “They are spiders of a nature at least and yes, spirits can have some capabilities of speech though we won’t always understand them.”

<Zoelie> jaw drops open a little “Spiders? In the speakers?”

A particularly large, bestial and yellow eyed man that steps over from.. nowhere in front of the back door, which he peers into behind Zoelie. “..They wish to return to the labs from which they came.” He hadn’t heard Katies hypothesis from his side of the veil

“Unlikely anywhere elsewould be home to them.”

KAtie looks at Kayn and shakes her head. “There isn’t anything left of that place. And if there is, there’s freaking MiB cyborg wielding guys down there.”

φCadeφ looks a bit sad and takes a half step towards the spiders. “Sorry little guys. The ‘crats destroyed that lab. But this one isn’t really safe for you. Maybe we can find you a new home?” He frowns for a moment then turns to the others. “Wait…can they even hear me?”

Aaron shakes his head softly. “The trouble is they don’t want anything new. They are opposed to change. They nested in this stuff because some of it came from the lab, right?”

“Perhaps, though hearing is not understanding.” He looks to first Katie then Cade with a frown. “Even with no home to return to, they may be stubborn, or even angry.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Offer them up some chance we can make them something new out here.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “LIke..what was there that they really liked? Maybe we can duplicate it.”

Katie frowns. “The big one. I thought that these were babies cause there was a great big spider thing they kept in the labs. Maybe they are babies?”

Kayn studies the new face with a short nod. “I had thought of that, problem is if they shall accept it.. I will ask.”

φCadeφ nods and points to Ethan. “Yeah what he said. Maybe we can build some machinery that will be both safer and to their liking and put it in a room no one is using?”

“Did the large spider get destroyed?”

Katie raises her hands a little bit, still holding the lightning rod absently. “I don’t know for sure. But… the technocrats would not have left it alive if they found it.”

He nods once more.. stepping back out to step over once more.. Tiring work!

<Zoelie> jumps and spins around as this guy suddenly shows up behind her and starts talking, a small yip sound escaping her, then she folds her arms and glares, listening to the others.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “If it is Weaver.. maybe they might have, if they didn’t have to kill it. Aren’t they all, well.. big into technology?”

Disappearing in front of poor Zoelie again. Kayn steps back in in the umbral side, regarding the spiders grimly. SS “I am sorry honored spirits, but your home no longer exists.. If is acceptable to you we will construct you a new home, similiar or the same as the one you came from.”

φCadeφ sighs and shakes his head at Ethan. “Yes but they are also very anti anything supernatural. Spirits, shifters, mages, vampires, all of it.”

<Zoelie> “So uh…who the heck is that guy?”

Aaron looks over to Zoelie. “He’s a werewolf. And he’s here to help.”

<Storyteller> The spiders hum and then seem to become agitated. “Unacceptable. Require home. Require queen.”

Katie frowns deeply and holds the lightning rod up again. “Uhhhh, yeah. This could be a problem.”

<Zoelie> relaxes some “Oh okay. Obviously not THAT werewolf.”

φCadeφ taps his foot nervously. “Oh uh…that did NOT sound good. At all.”

SS “Do you know if your queen still is alive? I’m afraid your home was destroyed by technocrats.”

“If we find new queen?”

<Zoelie> looks at Katie “What like, just now?”

<Storyteller> The spiders hum amongst themselves and then arc again, the whole time shuffling their positions in some strange patterns. “Queen still home.”

φCadeφ raises his eyebrows. “Oh that is even less good. You may have been right Ethan, they may not have killed it. But if that is the case well…they might be using it to study or for experiments or something. That is…not a pleasant line of thought.”

He nods.. “If we help you return home, I request you allow us to work in this room without harrasment or injury in the interim, or spreading any further in this place.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods. “Maybe. The spiders are weavers for the Weaver. They help maintain order and structure. If this group of Technocrats learns too much, it could be a pretty bad thing. Y’all might want to think on how we can free the thing.”

Aaron nods in agreement. “Yeah… those guys controlling something that can enforce patterns in the Umbrra like that… not to mention what it knows.”

<Zoelie> makes an ew face like somebody passed gas at the mention of the technocracy “Oh that’s just wonderful.”

φCadeφ sighs and shakes his head. “This whole situation is gettinr a lot worse real quick. We definitely left my pay grade way behind.”

<Storyteller> The spiders move again, ever closer in their pattern to Kayn. “Acceptable. Return home or return queen.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “You would want this spider liberated from them. No good is gonna come from that. After, the spider and these underlings can just be in some city and do what they do.”

Kayn crouches down closer to them and reaches out to brush his finger against one. SS “Then I, Kayn, shall attempt to help you return home or your queen to you. If we return the queen you must leave this place with her. There will be no further harassment of anyone here until I fail entirely or purposely break the agreement.” He carefully words his terms, technically putting it on himself rather than roping in the

others before he can cross back over. “Acceptable?”

<Zoelie> nods to cade “You said it. But Ethan’s right, we gotta do something.”

φCadeφ sighs and nods his head. “You’re not wrong, but I really don’t think I will be much help out in the field. I’m more of a research and support kind of guy.”

<Storyteller> One of the spiders drops onto Kayn and it appears to burrow under his skin, though he doesn’t feel anything. He can see a small raised bump that looks like a spider on the back of his hand. “Acceptable.”

<Zoelie> “Well I think that’s what we’re gonna have to do, Cade. Research and try to find out where the hell they have this Queen.”

SS “What did you do?” He looks to his hand

Katie frowns. “We know where it is. It is deep under the city in a secret lab.”

<Storyteller> “Observe. Report. Ensure.”

He studies a moment longer before standing and turning to head back out, and cross over. SS “Very well. Fare well.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Alright, well maybe we can plan some strike then on the place to get her out.”

Kayn steps back into the room, rubbing the bump on his hand as he casts an eye around the room. “I.. made a deal, binding to only myself technically.”

φCadeφ frowns at Kayn. “Lets hope that doesn’t come back to bite you. Though…the little guys don’t seem mean, just scared and homesick so I don’t think they’ll screw you over.”

“If I don’t fail or break the agreement… They’re not exactly compassionate.”

Aaron nods his head as he listens. “Yeah… if you fail or they calculate that you do not have a chance by their standards they may consider it null at that pont.”

<Zoelie> to Katie “Okay well then that part of the work is done…maybe we research how to get into it?”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods to what Aaron says.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “You’ve been down there before, Katie. Would you want to draw us up something to go with, or come along?”

“They’ll leave you all alone as long as we work to free the queen or return them.”

φCadeφ sighs “Well in that case I guess we better get to work ASAP then, huh?”

Katie nods. “Shit, I’d be happy to drop those guys on the Technocraps. But I don’t think they’d stand a chance. I know some ways in they might not if they didn’t totally wipe the place out. There is the portal entrance.”

Aaron frowns as he nods his head. “Oh, damn. That will be dangerous. The other end of that reaches into a deeper part of the Umbra, but it did lead right into the nest. Why we didn’t use it before. I didn’t want to disrupt the spiders.”

Kayn listens to them discuss, not knowing much of the place and so moving closer to the doorway by Elena if she is still there.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Yeah..both sides of that could end up bad.”

}Elena Selune{ is listening and then speaks up. “I know many paths in the Umbra. I could even take some that cannot easily cross on their own.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “That might be the past paths to take then as maybe that will lessen how much trouble we get from the technocrats.”

φCadeφ nods his head in agreement. “Anything that results in less contact with Technocrats gets points in my book.”

“Best hope the paths we tread don’t lead them back to us. Nor be tagged while there.”

Katie sighs, “I will get to work. I guess I will see you guys around. Uhm, nice meeting you. Sorry about the whole not expecting you to get bigger thing.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “There are things we can do to make that more difficult, let alone I know some spots in the umbra we can go to that would be good spots to hide in and lose trails.”

Kayn does so

Kayn gives Katie a soft smile. “Sorry again, I should have warned you.”

Aaron nods and backs off from the garage. “Well, this is something to work toward. We appreciate it, Kayn.”, he says before gesturing to Ethan. “This is Ethan, by the way. He’s the Garou staying here.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ nods and holds out a hand to shake to Kayn. “Welcome here.”

}Elena Selune{ gets up and looks around a bit, then looks to Aaron. “I am going to go up and see Jesse and the baby, okay?”

Aaron nods to Elena. “Sure, go on ahead.”

Kayn looks to Ethan next, offering him his hand. “Meant to introduce myself but was a little busy, Kayn, as you’ve heard.” He gives him a grin. “Is it only us two wolves?”

φCadeφ looks around. “So what can I do to help? I don’t know anything about the Umbra or interdimensional travel or anything like that.”

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “There are us two, and another.. and also a Mokole’ and Bear so far in this region.”

Aaron looks to Cade. “You can learn and in the meantime… we could use some data on the old FBI building in town. That has a surface entrance we might be able to use to escape if need be.”

φCadeφ nods. “Old FBI building, got it. Hecatrix and I will get right on that. Shouldn’t be all that much harder than hacking the police station and the hospital to get those reports on that werido drug.” He shrugs, grinning.

¤ ֎ Ethan Talbot ֎ ¤ “Sounds great.” He thumbs up and then heads inside to go rummage for food.

Kayn watches people head off, then slipping his phone from his pocket to check a few messages. He idles there, listening still

Aaron smirks a bit as he watches Kayn. “You are welcome to hang out for a while, or head out as you prefer. But I should probably go check on Jesse and the baby as well.”

“I’ll probably head back to the apartment in a bit.. Feels weird out here.” He looks up. “Hit me up sometime man.”

“You’ve got my number.”

φCadeφ nods to the others and heads back to his book and computer. “Nice to meet you dude. Guess we’ll see each other again soon.”

<Zoelie> “Nice to meet you Kayn, I’m Zoelie by the way. Thanks for talking to the spiders.”

<Zoelie> “Stick around and have some leftover fried chicken.”

Aaron chuckles and pats Zoelie on the shoulder. “There’s a phrase you don’t get to use everyday.”, he nods to Kayn. “Thanks, and we’ll keep in touch.”

<Zoelie> smirks at aaron “Yeah I know right?”

<Zoelie> will show kayn the kitchen if he wants and heads off to go do more research

Kayn smiles politely to Zoelie. “The pleasure was mine.” He hrrmms thoughtfully at the offer of chicken. “I.. think my lunch got cold, I could stick around a bit longer…” He heads into the kitchen, giving his chinese takeout a brief forlorn look… He eventually heads out himself to the more familiar and comfortable city