<Deveraux> chooses to walk through the forest again on his way toward Zaluut’s house. He’s wearing his usual Victorian-styled suit and walking with his stick in his right hand. He’s looking all around, taking in the sights, scents and sounds of nature even if distant due to the supernatural presence that he exudes that animals are sensitive to.

<Kitt Bishop> is out walking around the forest near to the house, taking care of injured animals, or ending the suffering of a few. She heads back, bare feet picking through the fallen leaves and the bottom of her white robes slightly muddy from her excursions. She sees Deveraux as she gets close to the house and waves to him as she stops near the garden. “Hello, Deveraux.”

<Deveraux> nods to her as he closes the distance. Once before her he removes his hat to bow in greeting, “Good evening, Kitt. I hope I am not intruding by showing up without calling first? I was wandering and the winds simply blew me in this direction.”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head. “No, it’s quite alright. Zaluut and I needed some space for a couple of days but you aren’t the type to disturb the peace. Besides, that thing in the woods seems to know when he is here and when he is not and it only avoids the area when it can sense him.”

<Deveraux> “I wonder what it thinks of me, in that case. This intrigues me. Has Sascha and or Talwar come to see him yet? I am curious if they have talked since Friday evening.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit and glances toward the house. “Yeah, they came by. I am headed back to the Communal soon because Zaluut doesn’t want me here when that Tremere comes back. Though I was here when all that happened, with the creature… I was a mortal medium, working with the Tremere when that thing got away from them.”

<Deveraux> “Was it your choice to be saved? I assume you would have died otherwise.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks at the garden a moment and then back at Deveraux. “I didn’t know what the Tremere were at the time. I knew more than I told them because the ghost that followed me around told me they brain wipe people that know too much. I was looking into some psychic serial killer when he chased him into the woods. The man I was with and myself stumbled onto this house.

And Zaluut found us when the sun went down. The man I was with threatened him and he killed him. He kept me here for a while, and found I had a knack for elemental sorcery. So when the Sabbat did their big creation rites at Halloween last year, he made me a vampire and started teaching me.”

<Deveraux> “I see. So far it suits you. It is very refreshing to see healers and thinkers join our ranks. So far I think you are worthy so if you require tutoring in the ways of your blood I could arrange for another to visit. I think he would find you worthy as well, but it is of course up to him to decide that should you wish me to do this.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head a bit. “So, there are other still out there? I met a warrior a few months ago that passed through. She seemed really surprised that there were any Healers left at all. Zaluut said he chose to use Sirus’s blood because he felt I would make a far better healer than a Tzimisce, even one specialized in sorcery. And staying with the Sabbat is hard sometimes

but it is at least free of Tremere.”

<Deveraux> nods, “There are others. They hide themselves well, but they do reveal themselves to those they trust. I do not know him directly but I am capable of making a connection. All the secrecy is required due to the Tremere propaganda and how effective it is. It was all about power and to stop the entire bloodline from retaliating against them, among other things.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughtful and then nods. “I think I would like that sometime. I feel like I have a few questions that only another one may be able to answer.”

<Deveraux> “I will, as they say, reach out on your behalf. Is it alright that I give your phone number to my friend so they can reach you?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head. “Yeah, that would be fine. Thanks. So you still studying the fire path, or is that what you came to talk to Zaluut about?”

<Deveraux> “I have gained knowledge of Necromancy recently so I think learning to command flame is a practical choice. I have not yet learned that through Thaumaturgy.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods softly, “It’s not really quite the same. Koldunic magic is more like… ancient shamanism. It’s command of Spirits, really. Likely part of why they were/are so territorial. An older Koldun might be able to convince the Spirits to obey them and not you.”

<Deveraux> “To counter another.” He nods, “This makes sense and was the very thing that interested me in Thaumaturgy. Knowledge truly is power, but experience combined with knowledge takes it to the next level. Of course many would consider this common sense knowledge.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods. “Yeah. You should make time to strengthen your bonds to the Spirit world too. Meditation helps with that, but it will assist in your ability to command any of the spirit types.”

<Deveraux> “Perhaps you would be so kind as to help me with this part? Let us begin my education in the ways of spirit sorcery?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods and smiles. “Sure. I can do that. This is actually a pretty good place to do it, it’s far away from a lot of technology and stuff. Do you normally practice meditation?”

<Deveraux> “I do not. I have other ways to focus my mind. What is your way?”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head as she looks him over and then wiggles her toes in the bare grass. “I come outside and sit, and allow it to connect to me. Zaluut says I am not forceful enough to get very far like that though. But however you choose to focus should work, you can push it through sheer force of will.”

<Deveraux> “I am rather strong willed.” He nods as he considers her words. “What do you think about when you do this? Just focus on reaching out to the spirits of the land?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods. “Yeah. Everything has a spirit… rocks, trees, fire… I understand that Shifters talk to these same spirits too.”

<Deveraux> “Hmm. I will try this. You say here is a good place?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods and smiles. “Yeah. It’s away from humans and because of Zaluut’s sorcery it’s actually easier in his territory.”

<Deveraux> gracefully sinks to the ground, flipping the tails of his coat behind him and pulling up his trousers as he does so. Once on it he folds his legs under him and takes off his tophat, setting it to his right side on top of his walking stick. He presses his hands into the earth and closes his eyes while trying to reach out to the spirits of the area with the sole purpose,

for the moment, of seeing how they react to him.

He can get a distinct image of Zaluut’s borders, how far his range extends just by feeling the shift in the Umbra. There’s an almost tangible boundry, guarded by a presence he never noticed before, but certainly does now. At the moment he becomes aware of it, so it too becomes aware of him.

<Kitt Bishop> just watches quietly, listening to the animals and the night noises.

<Deveraux> will do what he was and observe. He wants to get a true sense of the entity he’s now detected. He is also trying to give off the feeling of his respect for the new world he’s discovered. It’s far easier to get people to do things for you if they like you so it would stand to reason spirits work in a similar fashion.

The presence seems to be studying him, getting a feel for him without feeling like it is getting any closer. The more he studies it however, the more he starts to realize that it is all around him and doesn’t need to get closer. It is some form of Earth Spirit.

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head and watches him a moment more before stepping toward the door. “You are welcome to come in when you are ready if you want to stay a while. Otherwise, I’ll leave you to your study for now.”

<Deveraux> has the utmost respect for the Earth. It has been here for millions of years and will continue to be until the sun finally explodes. Even as old as he is, he knows he’s not even the merest hint of a speck of dust in comparison. This is a humbling reminder and is not lost on him. He opens his eyes and nods to her, “I think I have made some progress, but I will join you


<Kitt Bishop> smiles and holds the door, letting him inside so they can all three sit and chat a while and just enjoy the company.