<Deveraux> “First, I wanted to commend you on putting together this meeting and running it effienciently and fairly. There was open communication, rival factions in attendence, and all with a lack of tempers flaring and bloodshed.”

<Zane Calbeni> shrugs slightly under his leather jacket before taking it off and tossing it aside on one of of the tables there. “Well, thanks. Sometimes all they need is a platform where they know they are safe and can talk freely to actually start to listen and learn from each other.”

<Deveraux> “Such a forum where all are equal and information was discussed, debated, and enjoyed is a rather refreshing thing. It has been some time since I last attended such a gathering. Every such gathering reminds me of a time long ago. I am starting to think you might appreciate learning about our city. Would that be accurate?”

<Zane Calbeni> looks over at Deveraux and sits down on one of the tables. “It is accurate, I am guessing you speak of Carthage? Only met a couple that know anything about it. Lynn and Critias.”

<Deveraux> nods, “I spent some time in Carthage before it was destroyed. Did you ever discuss it with Critias?”

<Zane Calbeni> nods, “A little. Not a lot. I took a trip up to meet him for advice about running things down here. That’s where the forum setup kinda came from, for everyone to be able to bring ideas in.”

<Deveraux> “I have not spoken with him in some time. That aside, though, if you have any direct questions about the city, how it was run, who was there, I would be happy to converse with someone who would appreciate the knowledge.”

<Zane Calbeni> looks at him and then nods, “Thanks. I really don’t know what to say other than that. Not really expected at all… Lynn said you were a Brujah and pretty old but damn, man.”

<Deveraux> “Pretty old is certainly a way to express it. I have the hope that we may yet rebuild such a thing. In the meantime, though, when I find Brujah that share this desire I like to get to know them and pass on knowledge as I can to further this ideal.”

<Zane Calbeni> nods at that. “Yeah. It is something I’d love to see happen. I haven’t talked specifics to the others but the ones you see here share similar view. It is what has put us at odds with Samson so harshly, well… at first. It’s evolved from that and he has spiraled out of control and taken a bunch of the others with him.”

<Zane Calbeni> rocks back a little bit and thinks, picking his jacket back up. “But I would love to hear more about it, and what it was really like. It’s funny when people talk about history repeating they always imagine the bad stuff and don’t take into account that there are good things to bring back too.”

<Deveraux> “The younger generations have lost sight of our heritage. This disappoints me and I am often driven to change this when I think I will be successful.” He nods, “We could certainly do with some history repeating itself in a few certain ways. If you would like to talk more about Carthage now I will stay, otherwise I realize I asked to speak with you on very short notice

and do not wish to interfere with whatever plans you may have already had for the rest of the evening.”

<Zane Calbeni> shakes his head. “Nah, I need to make sure stuff is taken care of. But we will talk more later.”

<Deveraux> nods and bows to him, “Then I wish you a good evening and shall take my leave. I shall see myself out.” He’ll head down the stairs this time and out the front door toward New Orleans.