<Jonas> parks his bike and unstraps the large, heavy-duty duffel bag from the side car. He sets it down before opening the side care and pulling out two very large and heavy steel ammo cans and sets them next to the duffel. After locking up the sidecar and throws the duffel on his back and grabs one can in each hand and starts trudging into the forest. He’s looking to go deep into the heart of the forest and as far away from people as he can

get, preferably to find a sizable mound of dirt to use as a backstop for what needs to test.

Elena heads out toward the deepest part of the forest, taking the streams until forced to walk away from the water in an effort to find a secluded place to reconnect and return her spiritual energy.

<Jonas> tromps his way through the woods while singing various hair metal songs. He’s carrying over 300 pounds of gear right now so his singing likely isn’t so good as his breathing is stressed, but he at least knows all the words.

Elena hears something strange and goes to investigate. Upon seeing Jonas she moves closer, waving. “Hey there, what… Are you doing?”

<Jonas> looks over mid-verse and nods, “Hey. I’d wave but my hands are a little full. I’m heading into the woods to test a new toy. Best to happen away from people. Far away. You?”

Elena looks around before walking closer and struggling to keep up with her flat, flipper-like feet on the rough terrain. “I needed to reconnect to replenish my spiritual energies. Best done away from humans and weaver things.”

<Jonas> “You okay with walking out here? Maybe we get you some sandals or something, eh?”

Elena looks down at her feet. “It is hard to find shoes that work well. I much prefer the water. I am okay though.”

<Jonas> “Fair enough. You’re welcome to tag along with me, but when I find a nice dirt mound to use as a target it’s gonna get unbearably loud while I’m testing this.”

Elena nods and follows along. “Do you have ear protection by chance?” She doesn’t seem too bothered by the sticks and rocks just slow.

<Jonas> “Always. I keep spares in each ammo can, too. It’ll still be loud with them but it shouldn’t damage your hearing. Kinda interesting to me you don’t mind guns. I’m not even sure why that is. Hmm.” He keeps going and then says again, “Let me know if you spot a big dirt mound, will ya?”

Elena blinks at him for a moment and then shrugs. “They are a tool. They serve a purpose. Humans overuse them, but they aren’t bad by themselves.” She keeps an eye out for anything that might serve as a suitable mounded target. Finally spotting something and pointing.

<Jonas> stops and looks that way and heads over, stopping about 50 feet from it. He sets the steel ammo cans down, then the duffel bag and heads over to check out the dirt mound. Once he’s satisfied it’s solid and not home to some family of raccoons or some other little fuzzy critter he heads back to his gear and unzips the duffel. “You’ve probably seen one of these in movies. I decided to make one.”

<Jonas> pulls out a thick tarp and lays it out under where he’s planning to stand while test firing to catch all the links and the brass.

Elena watches curiously, finding a safe and somewhat out of the way spot to watch him and this rather large weapon he is carting about.

<Jonas> arranges the two ammo cans next to each other and pops the tops revealing hundreds of 7.62 rounds all linked together. He then peels away the sides of the duffle to reveal the M134A2 minigun and a black plastic box about the size of 4 car batteries along with what looks like jumper cables. “This is the Destroyer of Worlds.” He grins up at Elena, “It’s an absolute beast.”

}Elena Selune{ watches with both curiousity and concern as she rests her feet. “That looks like it will do a lot of damage… or possibly explode. Should I move further back?”

<Jonas> “The mechanism is sound. I tested that already with empty brass. The rounds are military surplus so they should be fine. The real expense here is the time it took me to push them all into the links. Hours of work is about to be undone in about 30 seconds.” He starts wiring everything up as he talks and double checks the assembly. He rests it on his knee and manually turns the barrel assembly with his off hand, listening to it click very

carefully. “Yeah, I think we’re good to test.” He reaches into one of the ammo cans and tosses her a little plastic case with ear plugs in it, “Guest set of Deaf-Me-Nots for you.” He then reaches into the duffel and pulls out a headset, “Electric set of Deaf-Me-Nots for me.”

}Elena Selune{ nods and takes the earplugs, gladly protecting her relatively sensitive hearing. “Oh, I see.” She says and then thanks him as she puts them in while watching him, looking toward the strange little mound.

<Jonas> attaches a thick nylon strap to the weapon at one end, throws it over his shoulder and then locks in the other end. He double checks that the delinker is disengaged and hits the button to spinn the barrels a few seconds, “Check.” He then grabs the belt of ammo and start to push it up into the feed port on the delinker eventually turning the barrel by hand a few times until two more rounds disappear and then stops. He looks over at Elena

as he stands up, “Time to make some noise. You ready? Ears in?”

Elena nods and puts her hands over her ears as well. “Ready.”

<Jonas> stands up, turns the dials on his headset and grins as he presses the button and the weapon roars to life, hungrily sucking the belted bullets from the can at his feet and spitting the rounds into the mound of dirt at a rate of fire of about 3000 rounds per minute. After about 20 seconds the entire ammo can is empty and he’s standing in a pile of empty links and spent brass. He calls out, “Clear!” before clicking the safety to disengage

the delinker and sets the smoking weapon down and pulls his headset off. He smiles, “Now that was fucking fun.” The dirt mound didn’t have a very good time of things.

}Elena Selune{ watches quietly, not entirely sure what to expect and blinks, then shakes her head. “That seems a lot of work for such a short amount of time. Though I suppose that is not it’s primary purpose.”, she remarks as she goes to inspect the mound of dirt. “Hey! I think you hit something under the dirt.”

<Jonas> seems instantly concerned, “You see blood?” he drops his headset into the duffel bag and strides quickly over hoping he didn’t just destroy a family of fuzzy something or others.

<Storyteller> Underneath the soil about two feet is concrete, which has been chewed on by the storm of bullets as well.

<Jonas> “Okay, I wasn’t expecting to find anything like this out here. I also didn’t bring a shovel with me, but should we dig it out? I’m definitely curious how big it is.” He stands wandering around checking the forest floor, “Maybe a trap door or something around here?”

<Storyteller> After some digging around by the both of them, it looks like part of some sort of old bunker perhaps. The overgrowth suggesting it has not been visited in quite a long time. Some exploring reveals an equally overgrown hatch a short distance away.

}Elena Selune{ looks at it and tilts her head, then traces between the hatch and the mound. “This is fairly large. And looks to have been sealed for a long time.”

::Maryska was walking through the woods at this time, wasn’t uncommon for her to do so, helped her keep the peace in her head while she tried to make sense of the things that were going on lately, a shot rang out not too far from where she was, as her head turned to the noise she began to advance quickly and quietly to the location, if there was anyone in trouble, she wanted to be sure it was the right kind of

trouble….she was feeling rather nosey, she hadn’t gotten into any fights in a while, and this sounded like fun.

}Elena Selune{ looks to Jonas. “Think we should open it or leave it alone?”

<Jonas> nods, “Give me a minute, I wanna pack my stuff up if we’re going poking around in there. I can’t just leave it lying around for someone to make off with.” He heads back to his gear and starts folding up the tarp to police all his brass. After that he disconnects all the cables and stuff them back into the duffel with the battery box and finally the tarp and the weapon and zips it up. He moves all his stuff over toward the hatch and

looks down at it, “I think we need to see what’s in there. It might make a great new place for us to crash out here in the woods unless it’s full of zombies or something.”

}Elena Selune{ blinks as she looks to him, then at the hatch and stands back. “I am going to hope that it is zombie-free.”

::Maryska keeps her pace, she continues to move with some speed, her lips curling in frustration, wishing people did shit like this at night, as it stood, she continued forward towards the direction she heard the rapid fire from.::

<Jonas> nods, “Yeah. Me, too.” He reaches for the hatch to try to open it up.

<Storyteller> As Mary gets to the site, she can see Elena and Jonas near some overgrown metal hatch set in concrete.

<Storyteller> It takes even Jonas, with his large size and obvious muscle mass, a lot of effort to get the hatch to budge. But eventually there is a squeak, then a groan, and it gives way and allows him to release the seal on the bunker.

::Maryska furrows her brow a little as she see’s Elena with some guy she’s never met before, and seeming to poke and prod at something, she narrows her eyes as she steps forward.:: “Uh…hello Elena.”

}Elena Selune{ turns, hearing her name and then smiles a bit as she sees Maryska. “Oh, hey, Maryska. What are you doing out here?”

<Jonas> looks over at Maryska without letting go of the hatch, very much like a bear with his hand caught in the honey pot. “Ummm. hi?”

::Maryska Looks between the two and scratches at her chin.:: “I heard gunfire on my relaxing walk through the woods and decided to check it out.” ::She looks to Jonas and tilts her head a little at the guy looking kerfuffled.:: “nice lid…” Her Ukranian accent is hard to miss when she speaks.

<Jonas> “Nice remains to be seen. So far it’s just a hatch.” Since Elena doesn’t seem concerned he returns his focus to the hatch and will pull it open after taking a deep breath just in case there’s gas in there waiting to assault his lungs.

}Elena Selune{ nods and then steps back from the hatch, just in case. She was a healer, not really much of a fighter and not in her element. “Oh, that was Jonas.”, she says as she looks back to Mary.

::Maryska blinks a bit and looks between the two.:: “What were you doing? see a mouse?”

}Elena Selune{ looks back over at Mary and shrugs a bit. “No. Testing…”, she pauses and listens toward the hatch.

::Maryska slowly walks over to where the other two are, and she looks down into the hatch, her eyes perfect for seeing in the dark, she leans a little closer and then looks at the other two.:: “Nothing ventured….” ::She draws her bone looking knife and begins her decent.

<Storyteller> There is a smell down below of both decay and a strong herbal smell. Something earthy smelling but not enough to cover the rot that most certainly awaits below.

<Jonas> shrugs, “Fine by me if you want point. Something definitely died down there, though. Maybe lots of somethings that used to be people.”

}Elena Selune{ frowns as she looks at the ladder, and then her big flatish flipper-like feet. “Yeah… lets hope it’s not zombies. I am not a climber.”

::Maryska keeps looking down into the tunnel, her eyes adjusting quickly to the surroundings, she keeps her stomach together, yes she’s killed things, but she wasn’t one for sticking around long enough for their juices to stew.

<Storyteller> The ladder goes down about 20 feet before coming out at the bottom. There are red lights in the concrete walls, which so light it up enough to see even for humans. The smell is certainly worse down here, where there isn’t any fresh air to dilute it.

::Maryska looks around, her eyes able to see clearly in the dark anyway, even with the small amount of red light, she is able to see clearly, her head slowly turns, taking everything into account, and keeping an eye for anything sinister, her fang dagger at the ready.

<Jonas> looks over at Elena, “Let me go next. If anything I can be a shield while you climb out.” He’ll then start down the ladder into the bunker and make noises of obvious distaste at the smell along with a, “Fuckin’ A this reeks. I’d rather have a nose full of month-old gym socks.”

}Elena Selune{ follows him down carefully, going slowly down the ladder. She gags a little as they reach the bottom. “I have smelled a few large animals on the beach before in the sun… and it was still not quite this bad.”

<Storyteller> The hall extends down some distance and then branches off to two sets of doors, left and right of the hallway leading to the exit.

::Maryska looks down at the floor to make sure there is footing for her, she isnt’ going to start moving around if she can’t see a decent floor, when she feels she can maneuver safely she begins down the hallway towards the two doors, looking between the two.:: “lets explore one and then the other, safety in numbers.”

<Jonas> “Right. Rule number one is never split the party.”

}Elena Selune{ nods a bit in agreement. “Alright, just pick a door and I’ll back you up.”

::Maryska points at the right door.:: “Go ahead, pull it open, I’ll be ready.” she draws a pistol and holds it in her off hand while she has her dagger in her right, watching for what might be on the other side when the door swings.

<Storyteller> The hallway is too narrow for her to do that, she’ll have to open it herself. Cause no way Jonas is squeezing past her.

::Maryska will keep her blade drawn and not draw her pistol, she will slowly open the door going right.::

<Storyteller> Inside this room it looks like some sort of ritual room. There is an alter, a bowl sitting on it, symbols drawn along the walls in blood. There are some skins hanging on racks on the walls… human skins.

::Maryska purses her lips and gives out a little.:: “mmhmm” ::as she examines what she see’s, then steps into the room.:: “I am assuming this complex is still in use.”

}Elena Selune{ lets Jonas go next especially since she doesn’t really fit around him. She wrinkles her nose up as she peeks into the room though. “Oh… that is… disturbing.”

<Jonas> follows after Mary, “I don’t know, that hatch seemed pretty air tight and this stench means people haven’t been down here in a while, but it still has power enough for emergency lights. There’s gotta be some office or control room or something down here. What’s in here, I’m not sure I want to know about.”

::Maryska looks around and at the skins that are hanging, then at Jonas.:: “let us check behind door number 2.” she moves past the others and holds the door, then opens it.*

<Storyteller> After some squeezing past the rather massive Jonas Mary finds this second door uncooperative and it beeps with every tug of the handle.

}Elena Selune{ backs off down the hall a bit to assist in giving them some room. “Whatever was here… I really hope it’s gone.”

<Jonas> comes up a little behind Mary but not enough to squish her into the door, “Sounds like a mag lock. Is there a keypad around or something?” He starts looking for that or a flat plate that’s meant to read access cards or some other sort of locking device. “Can you see a mechanical failsafe like a deadbolt sort of lock on it?”

<Storyteller> There is a small box next to the door, unmarked, just black.

::Maryska looks at the door for a moment and squeezes her way around, to let Jonas take a look.::

<Jonas> “Personal boundaries? What personal boundaries… This accomplished what? You want me to hulk the door open?”

::Maryska looks to jonas.:: “You spoke the technical crap, I assume you know something about it…”

<Jonas> “I watch movies. Okay, lots of movies.. and I read books. I do the gun stuff and the angry smashy stuff. I don’t do beepboop stuff.”

}Elena Selune{ blinks but also shakes her head. “I am also not very into electronics. They don’t mix well with water usually.”

::Maryska sighs.:: “I will assume that if the door is..Hulked open then something bad will happen, so we need someone who knows technology stuff to open the door.”

<Jonas> “I don’t have any hackers or cat burglars on speed dial. Do you?”

}Elena Selune{ looks thoughtful and then nods. “Yes. I know a couple of people that might could get it open.”

}Elena Selune{ “We could leave and seal it back up and just come back later with assistance. And they might also wish to perhaps lay the dead to rest.”

<Jonas> snickers just a second but nods, “Exactly. This is our find, though. I really like the idea of having a bunker deep in the woods.”

::Maryska nods and looks around, still examining everything.:: “There is still something I do not like about this, when returning, keep vigil anyway.”

}Elena Selune{ looks over at Jonas and nods. “I do not think they will be a problem. But I do agree something seems… not right about this place. And not just what must have gone on here.”, she says and then moves off toward the exit with her flippy feet.

::Maryska begins to walk towards the exit and looks back at the door that they couldn’t open, she glares at it thoughtfully and then continues her march back towards the exit.::

}Elena Selune{ goes up the ladder first, having a little trouble by the time she gets to the top but climbs out and rubs her feet a little. “I need to head back. I need to get in the water for a while.”

::Maryska nods:: “See you later Elena.” she looks at Jonas and nods to him, handing him a number. “Call me when you will pop this box, I want to be here.”

<Jonas> waits for them to be on their way out and then pulls out his mobile and takes high-res stills of the entire place before making his own way out.

}Elena Selune{ hikes her way back toward the water and then swims the rest of the way, much prefering that to all of this walking.