Seiko took a deep breath of air from the City park, listening to the murmur of the water as it flowed underneath the bridge, stopping in the arch of the bridge, Seiko released the breath that they didn’t realize that they had been holding. The stress of the move, or maybe more accurately the transition from one culture to another, was in fact, harder than anyone could have thought. Seiko knew that it wasn’t going to be

easy, but then again, Seiko didn’t think this would be this hard. Listening to the sounds of nature, lull Seiko to relax, to let go of their defenses…something that had not happened for a while with the noise of the city, as it was almost suffocating and now it was all at peace in this small haven.

The weather is nice out, not too chill right off the gulf. It is mostly sunny as well, so oddly bright and cheerful. The garden district is full of flowerbeds that are still in bloom and they smell amazing, as well as putting forth a rather colorful display.

φCadeφ teams as he strolls through the park, not being accustomed to being up this early. Hecatrix had insisted that he get some fresh air and sunshine. He secretly dreaded how much of a nag she’d be once he got her biorhythm monitoring system running, which was a big reason why he hasn’t done much work on it. He wears a beanie today to keep his shaved head warm, which actually matches his coat fai

rly well. Fashion wasn’t exactly his strong suit so he left a lot of those decisions to one of his techno pagan friends who owned a fashion line. He comes up on the bridge, too distracted by his view feed to notice Seiko until he is right beside them. “Oh! Hi! I’m sorry I didn’t see you there. I’m a little…” He holds up a hand and yawns again. “Out of it today.”

Seiko tilt their head sideways, their eyes widening slightly at the interruption. It seemed that city park would have people coming and going through the park at all times. Seiko bowed slightly as their lips parted allowing the soft voice to release its music to the world. “Konnichi-” Seiko stopped and straighten their back as they cleared their throat, allowing a deeper more masculine voice that spoke with an accent

to be heard. “Hello, and it’s alright….” Seiko stopped as if they were searching for a word. “I was just liking…no, enjoying the water.” Seiko finished gesturing to the water that was following underneath them.

φCadeφ smiles and looks out at the water. “Yeah it is kinda pretty. I take it you’re new around here? Like…really new?” He blinks and seems to be looking at something for a moment then blushes a bit and casually waves his hand as though swiping something on a screen. “Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude. You just seem a bit out of sorts.”

Seiko nods a bit, listening, absorbing the way that the words fall from his lips. “Yes..I am new….moved here two weeks ago.” Seiko nodded again, happy that someone, besides Father was talking. “What is…rude? My English is not as good as Father’s”

φCadeφ purses his lips a bit, thinking. “Rude is…impolite. Or bad manners. Or inconsiderate. That kind of stuff. It was bad manners for me to assume that you were new to the city just because of your accent and the way you started to bow and speak Japanese at first.” He smiles and shrugs a bit. “Aunt Lucinda tried her best to teach me good manners but it never quite caught on. Except for a few th

ings.” Cade chuckles and looks back out on the water. “So what brings your family to New Orleans?”

Seiko nodded. Finally understanding some of the complex language. Rude was impolite, being rude wasn’t good. Seiko’s brighten as the man told them that he knew they were Japanese. “Anata wa hanasemasu ka” Seiko asked but before even waiting for an answer Seiko continued. “Watashinochichi wa, idō shitaidesu”

φCadeφ laughs and holds up his hands. “Whoa whoa whoa! I don’t actually speak Japanese, I’m sorry. I just know konichiwa and like…domo arigato. And I watch a lot of anime.” He giggles and shakes his head. “I really need to get off my butt and sign up for those night classes.”

Seiko blinks. And then starts to giggle, looking towards the water. “I am sorry. Thought you knew some Japanese.” Turning back to the man, Seiko answered his question. “My Father want to move here, that is long story.”

“Why do you live here? Is it good place?”

φCadeφ looks at Seiko for a moment then shrugs. “It’s pretty cool. I live with some friends in what used to be a plantation house.” He leans down and picks up a nice flat rock then skips it across the water. “They’re an interesting bunch, that’s for sure.” He smiles then turns and leans his back on the bridge. “So what do you do for fun?”

Seiko watched the stone skip across the water. As Seiko thought it would be nice to have friends, all Seiko’s friends were in Japan….”Fun.” Seiko tasted the word. “Blind tag was fun.” Seiko said slowly.

φCadeφ cocks an eyebrow. “Blind tag? I don’t think I have heard of that. How do you play?” He gets that faraway look again then swipes the air once more with one of his gloved hands.

“One person is…is…their eyes are closed. And they chase the others.” Seiko said softly. “It was a long time ago, when I played it.” Seiko looked at the water, noticing a ripple.

φCadeφ looks over to see what Seiko is looking at and watches the ripple for awhile. “You must be sad that you had to leave Japan. I know how hard it is to leave your home behind.”

Seiko nodded. “It is, Father didn’t like what Mother wanted.” Seiko let out a breath. “I want Mother, to be…happy. But Father says it should not hurt because she is wrong.”

φCadeφ frown and furrows his brow, trying to understand what Seiko is saying. “So…your mother and father had some sort of disagreement that led to him moving you here? That sounds…unpleasant. I’m sorry to hear that…” Cade suddenly realizes that they haven’t exchanged names and slaps himself on the forehead. “Oh sh-crap! I’m so sorry! I am completely forgetting all my

manners today! My name is Cade, by the way.” He reaches out a hand towards Seiko to shake. “And yours?”