Zane leaves the Elysium, slightly disgrunted and goes hunting. That making him feel at least a little bit better. Then he goes for a walk to clear his head, walking around the outskirts of town near the docks.

ͼConradͽ sighs as he leaves the dazed man sitting in his car. He really needed to practice the powers of mental domination more. His was not an assertive nature, and so he found the ability to force his will onto others not only difficult, but a bit uncomfortable as well. Though still hungry, he decides to give up for the night, not willing to risk drawing unwanted attention

to himself. Now he walks around with one hand in his pocket, the other holding open a book.

Zane checks things out and prowls around before looping back. He pauses for a moment as he spies Conrad walking along and throws a rock into some trashcans near to the Tremere.

ͼConradͽ jumps a bit as a loud crash echoes out from some nearby trashcans. “Good lord!” He cranks up his senses and looks around to try and figure out what in the world just happened and spots Zane. “Oh for heaven’s sake.” Shaking his head, Conrad walks towards the Kindred and gives him a sideways look. “Was that really necessary?” He grins as he speaks, shaking his head in

mock disapproval

Zane laughs but nods. “Teach you to pay attention.”, he says as he shakes his head at Conrad. “What are you reading?”

ͼConradͽ holds out the book for Zane to see. “French poetry. This was one of Elena’s favorites. Reading it always clears my mind when I am stressed. How fairs your night?”

Zane nods as he looks at the book before shrugging and turning them both toward town again. “Always more questions than answers… Getting the Elder Runaround at the moment. You going to make the meeting on Friday?”

ͼConradͽ nods slightly and sighs. “Ah yes, the incapability of the elders to be direct can be quite the frustration. Yes I shall be at the meeting, though I’m not quite clear on what we will be discussing?”

Zane nods and eyes the alleys as they pass them. “A little of everything. Some big items on the table for sure though. Bypass this chain of command bullshit.”

ͼConradͽ frowns. “I see. I take it then that the rumors I have been hearing of late have more merit to them than I originally believed?”

Zane looks thoughtful, then shrugs, rolling his shoulders under the leather jacket. “That depends on the rumor I suppose. What exactly have you heard?”

ͼConradͽ “Quite a lot about our esteemed Prince of late. None of it flattering. Plus it would seem that someone has been taking out high profile citizens. And of course the Ghost Ship.” Conrad decides not to mention the issues with the wards at the Chantry, unsure of who Cassian and Isabo wanted to know about that one.

<Nadira> would be wearing an unbuttoned Burberry raincoat, a t-shirt, jeans and leather boots as she walks through downtown.

Zane nods his head at that. “The businessmen being attacked as well as the Senator is likely to come up. As is the current situation with Mr Bishop. The Ship is a fixture, the Mages are on that I believe. But people are free to bring up anything that concerns them.”

ͼConradͽ nods thoughtfully for a moment before shrugging. “Unfortunately, given my tendency towards quiet study, I do not think I will have terribly much to add to the proceedings. The only thing of note to happen in my unlife recently was meeting a new Kindred last night. A rather stand-offish one at that.”

Zane nods his head at that. “In my experience, everyone has something to add.”

<Nadira> will continue walking through downtown, and may or may not run into the two of them after a little while.

Zane sighs and looks over at Conrad, nudging him slightly. “Anyway, you seem down. What’s going on? Is it about the ghost?”

ͼConradͽ sighs and nods. “Indeed. I still have not figured out whether or not it is indeed my Elena. I’ve seen no sign of it for a few weeks now. I’m beginning to worry that something may have happened. Or worse, that I imagined the entire thing.”

Zane frowns a bit and nods. “I doubt that. I only recall because Martin mentioned it. So it is real. Isabella could summon her specifically if she is a ghost but… Isabella is missing as well. Another thing to be brought up. All our local Giovanni have disappeared.”

ͼConradͽ scoffs a bit and shakes his head. “Not that they will be sorely missed.” He sighs and holds up a hand. “That was rude of me I apologize. But still, I have yet to hear anything good about that particular clan.”

<Nadira> nods to Conrad whenever she reaches the two of them, expression neutral.

Zane nods and chuckles. “Hate to think of what you have been told about the Brujah. Isabella is okay… Her Sire was a sick son of a bitch though. Glad he met the sun.”

ͼConradͽ smiles slyly at Zane. “Oh I’ve heard plenty of the Brujah, some of it flattering, some of it less so.” He looks over and spots Nadira. “Ah, hello again. Nadira, correct?” He turns to Zane and gestures at the newcomer. “This is the new arrival I was telling you about earlier. Zane, Nadira. Nadira, Zane.”

<Nadira> “That’s correct.” Her gaze moves to Zane. “A pleasure to meet you.”

<Deveraux> pops into being about 10 feet behind Nadira at about the same time as she reaches Zane and Conrad. He’s just out of their direct path. He rests his hands on his walking stick and waits for now.

Zane looks Nadira up and down and then back to Conrad. “Anyway, we’ll discuss more then. Isabo will be there too. We have talked about a couple of things to bring up.”, he glances at Nadira and then starts to keep walking. He slows though as he spots Deveraux on their path, if off to the side. “Evening, Deveraux.”

ͼConradͽ turns his head towards Deveraux and smiles. “Ah yes, good evening Mister Deveraux. I’ve not seen you in a few weeks now. How has your visit to the city been?”

<Deveraux> takes his tophat off to bow to them before replacing it, “Good evening Zane and company. I hope I am not intruding?” He looks at Conrad, “Indeed. I have been spending some time in Baton Rouge among the others of our kind. Some of them are rather interesting. So far New Orleans has proven delightful.” He’ll start walking and keep pace with them unless they stop for him.

<Nadira> turns when Deveraux’s name is mentioned, reaching toward her right boot as she catches sight of the man but aborts the motion, returning her hand to her side.

ͼConradͽ makes a mental note of Nadira’s action but does not mention it out loud. “Baton Rouge? I believe that is where the local Sabbat make their stronghold is it not? That must have been an…interesting experience to say the least.”

Zane has the urge to smack the new chick upside the head but refrains. He smiles and nods to Deveraux, still walking. “Well that will make the meeting more entertaining. How’d they take your visiting?”

<Deveraux> doesn’t react to Nadira’s movement aside from his eyes quickly shooting down to her boot and then back right at her face. “One almost attacked me until she realized I was invited into their domain by one of their elders. Some of them are absolute children, some are children with potential, as I said there is the elder I spoke with, and one that is very interesting. I learned some things from them and will return to learn more.”

Zane nods and almost says something, but stops. “Well I look forward to your insight on Friday.”

<Deveraux> “Thank you for the invitation. I shall be present. Would you be kind enough to tell me the matter at hand or would I be correct in assuming it is Sabbat-related from your statement just now?”

<Nadira> relaxes her posture, listening to the others talk.

ͼConradͽ strokes his chin thoughtfully as Deveraux and Zane speak. It had, of course, occurred to him that it was unlikely that every Sabbat vampire was the ravenous monster that Camarilla propaganda made them out to be. The sect would be unable to function if that were true, but to hear that Deveraux felt some of the young ones had potential, and that the elders were of

interest? Well, that definitely piqued Conrad’s curiosity. Perhaps more of them were like Sascha and Talwar than he believed?

Zane looks over at Nadira and frowns. “I can’t really say at the moment.”

<Nadira> meets Zane’s gaze, a brow going up slightly at the frown.

<Deveraux> looks strongly at Nadira a moment before nodding to Zane, “I understand. I shall remain patient, then.”

Zane looks again at Nadira, returning the expression before looking back to Deveraux. “It involves several things actually. Kind of an open meeting so if you have anything pressing you want to bring up or ask about that would be a good time.”

Zane looks over at Conrad and smirks. “You’d be surprised how philosophical a room with a dozen Brujah in it can get.”

ͼConradͽ laughs a bit and grins at Zane. “I teach college courses, I have a feeling I know exactly what it is like.” He winks at Zane playfully.

Zane nods. “Well the number one rule is no matter what someone says, no violence. That shit gets too outta hand far to quick. I don’t care if someone walks in saying they just had babies for breakfast, nobody gets physical.”

<Deveraux> “Conrad, given your profession as an educator perhaps it would behoove you to learn the true history of the Brujah. What you find may surprise you. I could help you in that regard.” He then looks to Zane, “If help keeping things peaceful is required I might be of some assistance. You have but to ask. I would very much prefer a civil discourse to a brawl.”

ͼConradͽ chuckles, nodding as Zane speaks. “A good rule to have in a clan known for its strength and speed, but not its resilience.” He raises and eyebrow at Deveraux. “I would find that quite a fascinating experience, I am sure.”

Zane nods and smirks. “I might be an avid reader and love history but I can also crush a pool ball between two fingers like a peanut.”

Zane shrugs. “As for keeping the peace, so far it hasnt been an issue. Closest anyone came to breaking that was Lynn of all people. But I blame that on an overzealous sense of duty. That and being firmly wedged in some Ventrue’s asscrack.”

<Nadira> heads off after a bit.

<Deveraux> “You are referring to her position as an Archon, yes?”

Zane chuckles as Nadira wanders off. “Well maybe she was a Ventrue?”, he shrugs and then looks to Deveraux. “Well… Yeah, partly. She is in pretty deep with them in other ways too though. Like she is married to the Prince in New York. Like for real married. Don’t even want to see how that is gonna go a couple hundred years from now.”

Zane shrugs. “But it was her job that caused the near incident… Sascha was at the Trill and Lynn nearly went ballistic. And well… A couple of our out of towners will be present Friday too. I hope anyway. Some of this concerns all of us, without the Sabbat or Camarilla getting in the way.”

ͼConradͽ frowns at the mention of the Sabbat being present but decides not to comment.

<Deveraux> “Sascha. The other will be Talwar? If yes I have met them both. Sascha was the one that almost attacked me at their place of residence.”

Zane chuckles faintly. “That sounds like Sascha. Little redhead? Though I guess she might look different in other places. She is pretty territorial. But also creepy polite. Like you and her are almost on the same level there.”

Zane looks over at Conrad. “You arent worried are you?”

ͼConradͽ sighs. “I’d be a fool not to be. But I will trust your judgment.”

Zane smirks a bit. “Not gonna lie, one on one both of those two scare the crap outta me. But in some areas we share the same goals and neither has ever broken their word to my knowledge. So I trust them. I also trust them to eat anyone not particularly cautious around them too.”

Zane sighs. “Dont be fooled. I would not consider them friends. I know for a fact they took a couple of Caitiff here and diablerized them. They took a couple Brujah not long ago and blamed it on the Tremere too.”

ͼConradͽ nods. “Yes I had heard that. I suppose if it is only two of them that is less to worry about. Still, I’ll not be dropping my guard around them any time this century.”

Zane smirks. “Two is enough. Especially when they are like a pair of tag-team assassins.”

ͼConradͽ sighs and shakes his head. “Yes. I have encountered them before and can certainly say that they put me on edge. If what I hear is correct they both hail from clans with cause to hate my own.”

Zane nods and shudders a little. “After Talwar showed up I had to explain to Cora what an Assamite was. And don’t get me started on the heebie jeebie level of the Tzimisce. Though Sascha has been a fixture in this city since before the Camarilla took it.”

ͼConradͽ “I’m sure that she finds our presence to be quite the annoyance.”

Zane smirks as he looks back at Conrad. “Ask Isabo what happened to the previous Chantry. Back when the city was being fought over, Sascha and some others blew it the fuck up.”

ͼConradͽ blanches. “Let us hope that she does not decide to do the same with The Trill. Especially with us inside. I can see how such a gathering would make a tempting target.”

Zane looks thoughtful a moment and then shakes his head. “I don’t think so. The main reason that the Chantry was sacked was for the stockpile of weapons and such the temporary Prince was keeping there. The Trill is not really a military target. Though we had some random sabbat come in and start shit last February. During the parade… I had to stake one of them. It was a mess.”

ͼConradͽ sighs, shaking his head. “It sounds as though they are more trouble than they may be worth. Were they not so entrenched I’d say we should make an effort to remove them.”

Zane shrugs his shoulders. “Well in that line of thinking the Anarchs cause more damage than the Sabbat. At least the Sabbat doesn’t care to involve humans except as food here and there. But Anarchs involve people, usually on purpose. Cant sort them out, makes it hard to hit them without Masq breaches.”

Zane shrugs. “Personally the only reason I agreed to take the Primogen title was to try and get things done without having to resort to a dozen of us putting our collective boots in someone else’s ass.”

<Deveraux> finally speaks up, “The Sword of Caine has a purpose. One which may be more legitimate than people want to admit. That said, however, so many of the newer members, the kind you are most likely to run into, have no idea what it is. This is disappointing.”

ͼConradͽ chuckles dryly. “Isn’t that why we have those positions at all?” He shakes his head and stares off for a moment then turns to Deveraux. “Much the same can be said of any of the sects I suppose. We Kindred are not always as forthcoming with our Childer as we should be, and despite that we expect much of them.”

Zane glances at Deveraux and then nods. “I have heard Sascha’s views on its purpose. I am not so much in disagreement with purpose but often method. And the same could be said for a lot of Brujah. Most dont know much history, or care to anymore.”

<Deveraux> “Not quite apples to apples, Conrad, but an interesting point.” He looks to Zane, “The state of the average modern Brujah is reprehensible.” He looks back to Conrad, “What is the true purpose of the Camarilla and the Sabbat?”

ͼConradͽ sighs and rubs his forehead. “I cannot say that I am qualified to answer in regards to the Sabbat. But from a purely Camarilla standpoint…the Ivory Tower exists to shield Kindred and Kine from each other. Kindred from the fires of a technologically evolved population that already nearly wiped us out once before when they were not so advanced, and Kine from the

worst depredations of our kind by ‘encouraging’ all of us to retain some semblance of humanity. The Sabbat…well again I am not qualified to wax philosophical on them as my knowledge is quite limited, but from my perspective they do at least give the Camarilla Kindred a common enemy to rally against, which does, to some degree, dull the infighting a bit.”

Zane keeps quiet and just listens as they walk.

<Deveraux> “Partially correct. The Camarilla was formed in response to the growing Anarch revolt and the threat of the Inquisition, and to a lesser extent mortal mobs that were threatening us at the time. The time was approximately 1493 when the Convention of Thorns took place. The idea being that for the good of all a united front was to exist against those things. There were attempts at unification prior but little came of them until a

catalytic event occurred. As you know the Camarilla has Traditions to maintain order and rank.”

ͼConradͽ nods along. “Yes, I’ve heard much of this before. What was never made very clear was the history of the Sabbat.”

<Deveraux> “Present at the Convention of Thorns were also elders from clan Lasombra and Tzimisce. They found the terms of the Convention to be disagreeable to them and would not submit or agree to them. The Sabbat was formed, more or less, in response to the formation of the Camarilla, and included the remnants of the Anarch Revolt. A fundamental difference in the sects is that the Sabbat fully recognizes the existence of the Antedeluvians

and believes they will be the army with which Caine uses to destroy them when he finally returns, and the Camarilla largely brushes aside or outright denies the existence of many millennia old sleeping elders. Then there is also the philosophical differences in retaining ones Humanity or choosing other paths to prevent succumbing to the Beast.”

Zane listens and nods quietly, again watching alleyways as they pass.

Zane nods. “As I said. Some things, I agree with. Some I don’t. And we have mutual problems to contend with.”

<Deveraux> “There will always be disagreements of some form or another. What is it that you agree with from their perspective?”

Zane smirks. “That I don’t feel like going quietly when some old ass wakes up hungry.”

<Deveraux> “We share that sentiment, then. What do you disagree with?”

ͼConradͽ sighs. “Personally I find their utter disregard for humanity to be intolerable. Though all of us must feed from the mortals, they treat them with little more dignity or respect than humanity treats livestock. Often less so.”

<Deveraux> “You are making an incorrect generalization, Conrad. I witnessed a recent event at their domain involving a human child. Sadly, he did not survive the ordeal, however those responsible were punished publicly and harshly. One of them was rather distraught over the situation and cried for the child. There are more sides to the Sabbat than you give it credit for.”

Zane nods slightly in regard to Conrad. “I feel that we still have a lot to learn from an ever changing Humanity. And they could learn much from us as well.”

Zane does look thoughtful. “I do agree that they are more accepting of different viewpoints. A lot of them have very different ideologies. But they still work together.”

<Deveraux> “There is merit in fairly entertaining ideas that you may not immediately agree with. This is one of the reasons I go to observe them.”

ͼConradͽ sighs and nods his head reluctantly. “Perhaps you are right. I have had very limited experience with the Sabbat, mostly a few encounters with Sascha and Talwar, and seeing the grisly results of some of their ‘games’. I shall do my best to reserve judgment per individual, but still, I will remain wary.”

Zane chuckles a little bit. “Well I heard you had a very very interesting encounter mistaking Sascha for a meal.”

<Deveraux> “You would be foolish to not remain wary.” He smirks slightly, “I am sorry I missed that. I imagine it would have been most entertaining.”

ͼConradͽ laughs. “Entertaining is more of an after the fact descriptor. Terrifying was a more apt word in the moment.”

Zane shakes his head. “I can imagine. So, Deveraux, whats your view on the Camarilla and Sabbat?”

<Deveraux> “That is potentially a lengthy discussion. In short I see two organizations both trying to ensure the survival of its members, and at the same time further the values they hold dear. Two distinctly different roads, but roads that each sometimes crosses over one another. I have friends and associates that claim membership in both and some still that claim membership in neither.”

Zane looks over at him and then nods. “Makes sense. I apologize as it may well come up again on Friday. I feel like these meetings are always a good time to get questions answered in a safe place.”

<Deveraux> “I see no harm in the question. I claim membership in neither sect. To some of those in the Camarilla this is just as distasteful as being part of the Sabbat. The reverse is also potentially true.”

Zane nods. “If the others did not need me where I am, I had considered walking away.”

<Deveraux> nods, “Choosing to serve the clan above yourself is noble.”

Zane sighs and half shrugs. “Well without some sort of rudder they don’t do so well. Then you end up with someone like Samson in charge.”

ͼConradͽ chuckles “And yet Clan Tremere is held in rather low regard.”

<Deveraux> replies to Zane first, “Sadly that is typical of the younger Brujah. I would like very much to change this fact.” He then turns to Conrad, “This is because of how your clan came to have an Antedeluvian, generally speaking. There are other parts of it as well, though.”

ͼConradͽ nods in acknowledgment. “True. Though one can hardly blame modern members for that event. Unfortunately Kindred memories run long as thus so do their grudges.”

Zane nods a little. “Why we have monthly meetings. Yearly we allow others to join in too. The Brujah that I deal with nightly are all of similar disposition and ideals. Those with Samson… Well, part of the meeting will be covering what will likely happen there.”

<Deveraux> “I have no yet heard of this Samson. He will be present as well?”

ͼConradͽ scoffs. “Unlikely. He does the Brujah clan much shame.”

Zane shakes his head. “No. Telling him no violence is like talking to a damn toddler throwing a temper tantrum. Worse, since he figures if he gets the first punch in it’s over.”

<Deveraux> “He sounds as though he is the definition of what I have come to find so disappointing in the modern Brujah. I, however, shall reserve my opinion until I meet him.”

<Zane Calbeni> smiles, perhaps a bit mischievously. “I’d pay money to see how that turns out for him. But after the Tremere are done with them I doubt there will be much left.”

<Deveraux> “I would like to hear more on that before the meeting if it would be possible. For now, though, I must take my leave. It was a pleasure to speak with you both again.” He bows slightly while removing his tophat briefly, and then just “pops” out.

ͼConradͽ snorts and shakes his head. “No there likely will not be. We cannot let his threats go unanswered. While they were predicated on false information, the fact that he acted on it with no attempt to verify its validity, as well as the extreme measures he intends to use have forced our hand.”

<Zane Calbeni> looks over at Conrad and smiles, catlike. “Well, there are reasons he believes it. Don’t be so quick to proclaim innocence… as Sascha would say there is a difference between Innocent and Not Guilty. This has been coming for a long time though.”

ͼConradͽ “Regardless. His reckless tactics endanger us all.”

<Zane Calbeni> nods and shrugs, pausing as they reach the Trill. “As do most Anarch tactics. But Samson is especially violent. I am going to check some stuff in the back and then you are welcome to hang around. Pretty sure I’ll be seeing Deveraux again shortly after that last comment.”

ͼConradͽ nods in agreement. “Indeed. I will stick around for a bit.”