::Hope comes into the Asylum, she’s wearing a business suit again, and again it’s white, completely different from the previous night in style, but she kept the colour the same, a nice long white business coat that drapes down to her knees over it all, a white purse in hand as she walks into the room, her hair draped down over her shoulders as she examines those about, finding that it seems a little empty. “Hm…”

⋠Cian⋡ drops his Obfuscate once the newcomer has passed the couch he is sitting on. “You look a bit lost.” His gravely voice echoes in the large hall from under the hood of his jacket. “Looking for one of the elders?”

::Hope turns her head to look at the location of the voice and she leans over a bit to see the face under the hood.:: “Ah…yeah, you’re Cian right?” she smiles and settles down on the couch with him, crossing one leg over the other. “Actually, I was really looking to socialize a little with some of my brothers and sisters.”

⋠Cian⋡ pulls the hood back and scratches at one of the scars on his leathery blue face. “A’ight then.” He looks her up and down once then stares for a moment, as though waiting. “Here I am, what do you wanna talk about?”

::Hope leans back a bit in her seat and looks at Cian.:: “Anything really, how are things here? what’s with the strange homonculi that are running around?”

⋠Cian⋡ shrugs and looks around. “Good I guess? I only crawled out of the dirt a month or so ago so I dunno what the fuck normal is supposed to look like. As for the sewer midgets…dunno yet. That’s what we’re trying to figure out. So far we mostly know that they are gross. That’s about it.” He looks at her again and clicks his tongue. “So what brand are you? And where’d you come from?”

::Hope tilts her head slightly.:: “I was brought into the Sabbat by my sire, she told me what this world meant, we shared common ideals, concepts, thoughts.” ::she sets teh purse down beside her and crosses one leg over the other.:: “the creatures look a lot like something that I’ve seen the Tzimice do, depending on the Tzimice.” her upper lip curls when he asks her directly what brand she is. “I’m Nosferatu.”

⋠Cian⋡ laughs and slaps his leg. “No shit? Like a legit Nosferatu, not an off brand freak accident like me? Nice. First one I’ve met.” He leans back against the couch and looks at her sideways. “Yeah yeah I know it’s bad manners to ask or some shit but, frankly, I don’t get why. Asking about age or generation sure that I get, but clan? Don’t see the big deal.”

::Hope is still leaning back in her seat, seeming really relaxed:: “It’s a modern day thing really, if we lived in an older time, house crests would be worn on everyone’s clothing, showing who we were, but seeing as how we’re all predisposed to secrecy in the modern society, it’s become a cold war sort of code, and asking is seen as faux pas.”

⋠Cian⋡ shakes his head. “Eh…seems dumb to me but so does a lot of shit. So what kind of shit do you do? Like, what’s your usual job in a pack?”

::Hope rubs her chin a little and smiles.:: “information gathering mostly, I enjoy finding things out about people, and things, information makes the pack and our people stronger.”

⋠Cian⋡ nods enthusiastically. “Yeah that’s good shit. I think once I get to where I’m actually a ‘real’ Sabbat that’s along the lines of what I wanna do. Scouting, spying, stealing, shit like that. I was good at it when I was alive, I’d be even better at it now.” He shrugs and scratches at his face again. “Seems like a good start at least.”

::Hope moves a little closer to him and tilts her head a bit.:: “You think you’re not real sabbat because you’re made to be a shock trooper, but it gives you an insight into the beast inside all of us at birth, let me tell you, if you’re strong enough to survive so far, I don’t think there will be much question about how true a sabbat you can be.” she grins “and I can see that this kind of line might be right up your


⋠Cian⋡ smiles and shrugs. “I haven’t really done anything so far. Just helped explore the damn tunnels a bit. The only fight I’ve been in was against one of Zaluut’s ghoul monster things. I’m not a real Sabbat yet cause I haven’t proven myself. That’s why I keep volunteering to help with these little freakazoids. So I can show that I’m not a waste of blood.” He holds up a

hand as if to stop her. “Not that anyone has said that. Kinda the opposite really, but still, something I can point to and say ‘ I did that’ would be cool.”

::Hope nods with a smile.:: “I look forward to hearing about, or seeing what you do to get that point.” ::she looks at the visage of the man she sits across from.:: “If you’re one of my family, then you’re welcome to sit with me at any time, unless I’m having a private conversation, and I’ll tell you.”

⋠Cian⋡ laughs and shakes his head. “Damn, even Nossie’s think I’m a Nossie.” He stops and then looks at her with a quirked eyebrow. “Is Nossie a slur? Hope not. Anyways…I’m actually a Gangrel. I just…came out wrong apparently. Still…it would be cool to be able to hang out with people that know what it feels like to look this way.” He smirks, “I don’t count Tzimisce

since they do that shit on purpose.”

::Hope tilts her head a little.:: “Hm, yes, technically Nossie is a slur, shortening any clan name is technically a slur, but as you can tell in many circumstances no one on this side of the ivory tower is conservative.” she laughs a bit and slaps his knee. “By the way, if at any point you want to move past those scars, let me know, I can help.” she gestures to the ones that mar is image. “some keep their scars as

reminders, but what many people forget, is that our minds are memory enough.”

⋠Cian⋡ shrugs and scratches at one of the scars again. “I’ll keep that in mind. They ain’t bad though, just itch sometimes. Personally I think they make me look badass, and I think Sara might be a little sad if I got rid of them, seeing as she gave them to me. But still, I appreciate the offer.” He looks at her curiously for a second, as though thinking. “Fuck it. So what

do you actually look like?”

*she tilts her head a little and nods with a smile as he talks about his scars, and when he asks what she really looks like she purses her lips a little.* “This, this is what I looked like before the embrace, and it’s rude to use our abilities in a place like this, but again, we’re not exactly PC on this side, but, as you so succinctly put it, fuck it.” she closes her eyes and concentrates and her visage slowly shimmers a

little, and a more marred, face comes into view, a grey visceral face, with jagged teeth.

⋠Cian⋡ cocks his head and studies her for a long moment before nodding. “Cool. I like it.” He grins at her and leans back again. “Took me a bit to get used to the change in appearance but…Zaluut pointed out that I could look at as an expression of my inner monster, a step towards the thing I was meant to be. More I thought about it the more that felt right. Since then I

decided that looking like this was an advantage. Throws people off guard, makes them easier to intimidate. I did finally get that trick with the fake face down but…frankly I suck at it.” He chuckles and shrugs sheepishly.

::Hope nodded.:: “I like the idea of knowing my monster, but saving it for the right people.” she grinned and her face reverted to the pretty mask, and she looked more at his own face.:: “and while you might like wearing that face, I’m still seeing someone who’s maybe, trying to find out what it means…I’m sure you’ll fit behind it in your own time.”

⋠Cian⋡ nods slowly and smiles at Hope. “Well aren’t you all insightful and shit. That’s exactly what I’m doing.” He sighs and stretches his arms and legs. “You know if you get bored and hungry, we’re allowed to hunt the ghouls around here as long as we don’t kill them. I got a game for it. One point if they scream, three if they piss themselves, and five if they shit their


::Hope smiles politely.:: “The game sounds like fun, but I’m not one for making messes, and I’ve eaten before I arrived here.” she looks around at the various ghouls that are in attendance. “such adoration for our status and ability, it’s like looking at cattle that wish they could be people.” she seems to whimsically examine them, and then turns her attention back to Cian. “So, mind if I ask about the regular incitement

you give Fiona?”

⋠Cian⋡ snorts. “Fi? I dunno. She’s fun to fuck with. She’s can’t take a joke for shit, which just makes it so much better. She acts like she hates it and shit but, she could just walk away, yet she doesn’t. Could be that she likes having an excuse to punch somebody. Dunno. Either way, it’s a fuckin hilarious way to pass the time.”

::Hope smiles and giggles a bit.:: “Ahhh I see, pick on the ones you’re attracted to.” she winks at the guy. “no matter what, there’s always a sliver of truth in anything sarcastic or playful, and you regularly mention your attraction to her, so are any of you who were out last night in a pack at all?”

⋠Cian⋡ laughs and shrugs. “I mean yeah, she’s hot. Have ya looked at her?” Shaking his head he runs through the roster of who went out last night in his mind. “Uhhh…not that I know of. Technically I’m not in a pack I guess? But I stay with the Orphans. We’re all under eighteen is why the name. Once I get Proven or the fuck ever that’s the pack I’ll be in. It’s me, my sire

Jimmy, Eliza is the ductus, and Sara is like our batshit little sister. But the group last night…nah I think we were all from different packs.”

::Hope nods slowly.:: “Make shift to get something done, not the first time.” she looks Cian over. “I’ll need to find my own pack at some point I’m sure, and it’ll be one that I work well with, we’ll see.” she looks around. “so is this the regular meeting place?”

⋠Cian⋡ looks around at the hall and shrugs slightly. “Eh…sorta? We usually meet out in the courtyard by the steps for most shit. But here works too. If nothing else you can see the gate and the steps from here so if everyone is meeting out there then you’ll know. Kitt or Zaluut can probably help you with finding a pack. They know everybody.”

::Hope nods slowly and looks at the windows.:: “I’m sure I’ll find my pack soon enough, I’m not particularly worried about it.” she gives a sigh, something that she’s grown accustomed to doing simply out of old habbits, not for any reason like needing to breathe as she looks back at Cian. “so, a couple of months ago you were forced to clamber your ass out of the dirt to join the ranks of the disposable army, you fought, did

your duty and then continued on, eventually working your way into the ranks of the low steps of sabbat society, currently attempting to claw your way into the established heirarchy to be accepted.” she leans forward, resting her elbows on her knees clasping her hands in front of her, and looks at the man, leaning forward and looking at the man with some interest. “taking on any small job to make a mark.” she tilts her head

a little and bites her lower lip. “I’m curious, what did you find last night in the sewers? Tell me everything.”

⋠Cian⋡ smiles sheepishly and kicks at the floor. “One mi-i-inor correction. I wasn’t a mass embracee. The Orphans singled me out. Took me out to the woods and hunted me down then cut me up a bit as payback for shooting them. Don’t remember much after that until I woke up in the dirt. Apparently I got sired during a lull. Haven’t had a chance to do much besides read and

practice my powers and shit. Plus…well they didn’t expect me to come out looking like this. Doesn’t quite fit into their mo…modus…modus operandi? The fuck ever. Anyways…as far as the sewers go…we found a shitload of the little fuckers crawling around in some seriously tiny pipes. Like too small to make sense. And then this like…nest? Looked like a bunch of dudes melted together

and the little ones were sort of…crawling out of it. Weird as fuck.”

::Hope nods as she listens to both stories.:: “crawling in very small pipes, and a nest that looked like people melted together, with little creatures crawling out of it.” she nods slowly. “were they crawling back in?”

⋠Cian⋡ shakes his head. “Not that we saw. Looked like some sort of birthing…thing. Like maybe it grows the little ones? Or maybe they put people in it and they get turned into one? No idea. We brought one of the small ones back alive, had to since they turn to goop when the die, and a chunk of the big thing too.”

::She nods slowly:: “I’m assuming that none of you checked for fingers or thumbs.” she grins a little and then rubs her chin. “I want you to describe the smell of everything, the look of the tunnel.”

::Hope nods slowly:: “I’m assuming that none of you checked for fingers or thumbs.” she grins a little and then rubs her chin. “I want you to describe the smell of everything, the look of the tunnel.”

⋠Cian⋡ cocks his eyebrow at hope but shrugs. “Lucky for you I have a real damn good sense of smell. The tunnel opening was normal, but they leave this slimy shit, like snail trails. The tunnels didn’t seem altered in any way. The last time we hunted the fuckers we found a cesspool they were using. Smelled awful. There’s also a bigger one down there somewhere.”

*Hope nods a little and seems to contemplate his answers a little.:: “I’m going to assume that this is just one small breeding pit, there are likely others, the mucus that they exude is probably bile and feces mixed with Urea..if I get a sample I can do a better analysis.” she looks at him. “If I can get access to the samples you brought back I can also do some lab tests.” she looks at him flatly, as if offering services.

⋠Cian⋡ nods slowly, clearly not sure what in the hell she is talking about. “Ummm…okay. Pretty sure if you ask Zaluut he’ll let you help him study the samples. I’ve been studying a lot and shit since I got here but…” He shrugs. “I got years of ditching school at every fucking chance to make up for. Plus learning Cainite shit on top of it, so I can’t help much there. More

of a hands on dude.”

::Hope nods:: “I’m a Doctor, I specialize in plastic surgery, but my abilities aren’t just strictly limited to facial reconstructions and such.”

⋠Cian⋡ eyes Hope, very clearly trying to hold in a laugh. “A Nosferatu…plastic surgeon…is…is it possible to die from irony?”

::Hope grins a little wider and then reaches up to her face, it looks like she’s doing a face palm but then her fingers dig into the flesh….and then she begins to pull it away with a sick ripping sound, the hair following along with it as her other hand comes up to her scalp and begins to tear it away with a wet peeling sound, when she’s managed to pull the face and hair away, all that is left is a bald, disfigured,

horrific face…the exact face that she showed him with her mask powers.:: “It depends on your perspective of the word Irony.” she takes the flesh and hair, and slips it into her purse.

⋠Cian⋡ watches with morbid fascination as Hope peels her face off and stares at her for a long moment after she puts it in her purse. “That…was the grossest…coolest thing I have ever fucking seen. Marry me.”

::Hope laughs at the statement and shakes her head slowly.:: “I appreciate the offer Cian, but sadly, I’m married to my work.” she grins and winks at him. “I do this because…well, camera’s can see through obfuscate most times, with this, I don’t have to work at hiding, I can just put on a face.” she grins. “and of course there’s the fact that I can have normal conversations with clients and not have them wondering why I

don’t have a fixed face.”

⋠Cian⋡ nods and purses his lips. “Yeah, yeah, that’s smart. I have my own trick for dealing with cameras, though it isn’t nearly as cool as yours.”

::Hope grins:: “we all get cool tricks over time, and if you’re interested in getting an education formally, I think I can help with that.” she grins. “We can discuss that tomorrow night maybe, for now.” she stands up and extends her hand to him. “I’m going to have to head out.”

⋠Cian⋡ stands as well and takes her hand in his, giving it a shake. “I’d like that. Antol lets me read his books but he rarely has time to actually teach me and shit. See you tomorrow, Hope.”

::Hope nods and shakes his hand.:: “see you later.” ::She turns and begins heading to the door slipping out into the night.

⋠Cian⋡ sits back on the couch and pulls the book he was readin out of his coat, slipping back into Obfuscate to read in peace. At least until someone else to scare or pester appears.