<Deveraux> knocks on the wall near where the Orphans make their home within the Asylum and waits, observing proper etiquette and not walking into the private space of others without an invitation.

⋠Cian⋡ loses the game of rock-paper-scissors to see who has to answer the door. He gets up with an exaggerrated sigh and pulls the heavy door open. “Yeah what the fuck do you…oh…Deveraux. My bad. Thought it was a shovelhead coming to try and rile Sara up or some shit.” He looks behind him at the other Orphans then back to Deveraux. “You need something?”

<Deveraux> “I was hoping to have some of your time, Cian. Is there place you prefer to be to talk privately with someone?”

⋠Cian⋡ frowns and then turns back towards the room again. “I’ll be back in a bit guys.” He slips out and closes the door then looks around. “There’s an old cell not far from here. The other Sabbat don’t like it much because it’s haunted but the Wraith there mostly just stares at the corner and mumbles gibberish to itself. And that’s assuming it is even around.” He jerks his

head off in the direction of the cell and starts walking.

<Deveraux> follows after Cian, “Fair enough. Why did you frown?”

⋠Cian⋡ shrugs. “Just wondering what you want to talk about. Usually you don’t seem to mind an audience. Seems weird that you wanna talk in private. Even fucking weirder that you want to talk to me alone. I’d get it if it was one of the elders, but I’m small fish, can’t think of anything important you’d need to talk to me about.” They arrive at a cell door and Cian forces it

open with a fair bit of effort. “Fucking thing. Gets stuck a lot since I’m the only one that ever really comes here.”

<Deveraux> “Good observations. I have answers that I hope you will find equally as good.” He waits for Cian to head into the cell and then will follow him and casually pull the heavy and stuck door closed behind them for privacy. “The second to last time I saw you there were statements made that I wanted to revisit and gain perspective about. In doing so I might be able to impart

some knowledge to you.” He heads over to one of the walls and sits down to lean on it, removing his tophat and setting it off to the side with his walking stick.

⋠Cian⋡ looks around the room quickly and then sits against the opposite wall. “Guess Mumbles ain’t here today.” He looks at Deveraux for a moment, his mind almost visibly switching gears from the rough and vulgar talk he was used to hearing to the more eloquent speech Deveraux uses. “Yeah that was…not a good night.”

<Deveraux> “You made some statements about what the Sabbat was and seemed rather disappointed before being taken away. I have the feeling that things here are not what you were expecting up to that point. Could you explain that to me and enlighten me as to what your expectations were and now are?”

⋠Cian⋡ sighs and rubs his face. “Mostly I was just being fucking pissy and defensive. Didn’t understand why everyone was pissed off. I thought they were trying to force me to live by their ideas and morals and shit. Take away my freedom to be whatever kind of monster I needed to be. I thought they were being hypocrites. We all kill, and the Revenants are slaves from birth,

so I figured ‘the fuck does it matter that I scared some little kid cause I was bored?’ Of course, it wasn’t about that. I mean, yeah part of why they were pissed is because it went against their personal codes and shit. But I put the whole Asylum in danger with that little stunt. And, fact of the matter, it was beneath me. Or at least beneath the monster I want to be. I thought they were

trying to control me, just because they were older and more powerful and so they could. That seemed like the Camarilla to me so I got pissed.” He sighs again and thuds his head back against the wall. “The Sabbat is a weird ass mix of freedom and unity. I thought they were taking the freedom part away. Truth is they were just trying to help me see that I could be better.”

<Deveraux> nods, “That was very well put and you did not use the word fuck a single time. Is your mode of speach part of the monster you wish others to perceive you as?”

⋠Cian⋡ cocks his head and raises his eyebrow a bit. “Eh?” He stops and thinks, as though only now realizing he hadn’t said fuck at all. “Huh. I just…cuss. Have since I was little. You pick that shit up living on the streets and in the system. Don’t really give it much thought most of the time but…I dunno. People like you and Zaluut and Kitt and the others, you’re all

smart and educated and crap. Back when I was a mortal I’d have cranked the profanity up to eleven just to watch you heads explode but…” He turns and looks at the door shaking his head. “I ain’t ever had anybody I looked up to. Nobody that thought I could be more than a street rat. Not until Zaluut. So I guess now I try to keep that shit in check, at least a little, out of…I dunno…respect

or something.”

<Deveraux> “Doing or saying something to make my head explode would be your eternal struggle.” He smiles a moment, but there’s absolutely no emotion in it. “Speak however you like, but if you feel an enhanced vocabulary is part of bettering yourself that I commend that. Enhancing ones knowledge is one of the best ways to better oneself. I consider it a wasted night if I have not

learned something new.” He shifts his sitting position a bit before continuing, “You spoke of freedom and unity in the Sabbat, and of how the Camarilla elders control those younger than themselves. I think on some level you understand, from the upbringing you just described, that there is always someone with more power above you and they will influence you in any way they choose to

accomplish what they need. That could be from shows of force or threats, or it could be from carefully chosen words that make you think your course of action was your own choice.”

⋠Cian⋡ looks at Deveraux for a long moment then nods. “Yeah. Getting the shit kicked out of you by gangbangers or fosters was never a fun time, but when it happened you always knew where your threat was coming from at least. It was the counselors I hated most. Always trying to fill my head with bullshit. Make me change who I was by trying to convince me I wanted to, not

them. Hated that shit. And I think I see where you are going. That maybe Talwar, Sascha, and Zaluut did the same shit to me. And at first that is exactly what I thought too. But I gave it a lot of thought, and I don’t think so. Yeah, Sascha was pissed that it was a kid, left some threatening notes and shit in my room, but she didn’t sit there and lecture me about that part. Didn’t try to

make me feel bad about it. Zaluut…he didn’t say shit to me about it at all really. Waited to hear what I had to say and then offered to tutor me.” He scratches at one of the scars on his face, looking pensive. “After I got used to this whole vampire thing, I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my piece of eternity. Didn’t want to be some dumbshit forever. Didn’t want to be

stuck feeling powerless like I had most of my mortal life. I want to be the perfect monster. The apex predator. That’s some shit I actually found interesting in school. So that’s what I’m going after. And yeah, there’s gonna be times that some of the older Cainites around here push me around. Like you said, sometimes it’ll be by force, sometimes they’ll try to trick my ass. Part of becoming

the badass I want to be is taking those licks and learning from them. Figuring out when someone is legit, or when they are using me. If I survive that, then I deserve to move on to the next step. If not…well then it doesn’t fucking matter after that.”

<Deveraux> “Unlife is not easy for any of us. We all play the game of survival. The trick as you sort of pointed out is realizing where our threats lie and who is genuine with us. Not so dissimilar to mortal life in some ways.” He pauses a moment before asking, “What exactly is the sort of monster you wish to be, and why be a monster? Also, what is your criteria for being a

monster? Would you classify me as a monster?”

⋠Cian⋡ “Eh…monster is just the word I use. Couldn’t think of a better one. Being a monster doesn’t mean being something our of a horror movie. Just means being something beyond human. Sure, getting turned into a vampire seems like it would already do that but that is just a first step, ya know? Plenty of Cainites still think and act and feel like humans trapped in vampire

bodies. Hell the Camarilla prides itself on it, from what I understand. Being a monster means moving beyond all that shit. It’s different for everybody I guess. Some turn into hunters, like Jimmy and Fiona’s back from what I hear. Some, like Antol and, best I can tell, you, put learning and knowledge at a higher priority than morals and shit. Others, like Zaluut, and me, want to become

something even better than a vampire. Or at the very least, perfect it.” He grins and looks up at Deveraux. “So yeah, I guess I classify you as a monster. Like I said, means different shit to different people. In your case it seems to mean that you think more like a robot than a human. Which isn’t a bad thing. Dumbass human emotions are the kind of thing that got me into that mess the

other night. Plus you’re smart as hell, and they say knowledge is power.”

<Deveraux> “It takes time to amass the knowledge I have acquired. For a collection of reasons I have been able to survive and what I know is merely one of the treasures I have collected over time. I am willing to share this treasure with others of similar mind. You, sir, are of similar mind even if you do not realize it. You seek to drag yourself up from the muck where you ended

up. I seek the same for my Clan. Part of this process is truly knowing yourself. The tennants I hold dear, that guide me, are inner strength, courage, and a state of self-control others can only dream about. It seems you now have a better idea of the tennents that shall guide you moving forward from your recent ordeal. Be true to them and to yourself and you will succeed.”

⋠Cian⋡ grins and nods then holds his hand out to Deveraux. “Thanks. Good to hear you say that. I know I may be pretty damn green, so my use to someone like you is pretty limited, but if I can ever help you with some shit, within reason, let me know. You’re the kind of monster I want on my side.’

<Deveraux> leans over and shakes Cian’s hand, “I will remember that. I have restrictions on when I can act, but if I am free to do so and you need assistance, within reason, I will help. Knowledge is the easiest way for me to help.” After leaning back against the wall, “This moment reminds me when I was a leader of armies. I had soldiers under my command, true, but they would

follow my orders not because I was their general but because I was their brother in arms and would have died for any of them and they knew it.”

⋠Cian⋡ raises his eyebrows and gives Deveraux an appraising look. “No shit? You were a general? When was this?”

<Deveraux> looks him directly in the eyes as he answers, “Several times, actually, but this time that I think of now was between the years 2341 and 2280.”

<Deveraux> “Do keep that to yourself. It may unsettle the others.”

⋠Cian⋡ laughs and shakes his head. “No seriously…” He looks at Deveraux, then his smile slowly fades and his jaw hangs open as it becomes obvious that Deveraux isn’t joking. “Wait…seriously? The fuck?”

<Deveraux> blinds, “I am always serious.”

⋠Cian⋡ runs his hands over his bald head and looks around the room, trying to process what he just heard. “So…what? You’re like the Terminator or some shit? Is it…is it a vampire thing or do you have a time machine? I definitely ain’t heard anything about vampire fucking time travelers…”

<Deveraux> “You know we are ageless and will live on unless destroyed. Why is it difficult to believe that we are capable of surviving as long as I am claiming?”

⋠Cian⋡ laughs and puts his head in his hands. “Jesus shit man…you didn’t say BC. I thought you meant the fucking future! Ok yeah…that makes way more fucking sense. You about broke my goddamn brain with that one.” He laughs again and then slowly fades to again dropping his jaw a bit. “Holy shit you’re old. Like…scary old. Did…” His tone becomes hushed and he leans a

bit closer. “Did you like…know the antediluvians? Like them face to face and shit?”

<Deveraux> “A conversation for another time, my young friend.” He pushes himself to his feet before bending over to pick up his tophat and walking stick. He dusts off the had and places it on his head as he turns to face Cian and offer him a hand up.

⋠Cian⋡ takes the offered hand and stands. “Right…I definitely won’t say anything don’t worry. You ain’t done me any wrong so I’m not gonna paint a target on your neck for anyone with dumbshit ideas.”

<Deveraux> “The target is always there regardless, but thank you for your discretion. I feel that you are already evolving along your new path. There is a different air about you. What is your preferred language of conversation?”

⋠Cian⋡ shrugs. “I only know two. English and Irish Gaelic, but I’m pretty rusty on that one. Haven’t used it much since I was a little kid. Still, I can probably hold a conversation in it, and it wouldn’t take much to get me back in the swing of it…why?”

<Deveraux> bows to him and says in Gaelic, “Then we will practice. I wish you a good evening, Cian. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.” He moves over to the door and again casually pushes it open like it had all the resistance of a screen door despite the rusty squeaking sounds of protect it made. He gestures for Cian to exit before him once the door is open.

⋠Cian⋡ nods his head and replies back in Gaelic, slow and a bit hestiant, but not bad for someone who hasn’t spoken it in years. “Practice is good. Good evening to you too.” He then steps out of the door into the hallway.

<Deveraux> then again closes the door, since it was closed when they got there, and then ‘pops’ out.

⋠Cian⋡ shakes his head and laughs. “Man that shit is cool. One of these years I’m gonna get him to teach me that.” He heads back down to the Orphanage, thinking up a good cover story for what they were talking about as he goes.