Martin comes up through an alleyway to one of the main sidewalks, but avoids the largest traffic areas. He keeps an eye out for anything unusual as he walks, hands fiddling with his jacket pockets.

<Deveraux> is strolling around downtown New Orleans, deciding to view the rest of the modern city instead of just the Quarter. Surely there are interesting things happening outside of the Quarter. Once at a seemingly random street corner he decides to employ his newly learned ability to see across the Shroud and starts looking around with new eyes.

<Amy (Wraith)> is trailing along with Martin, when she spots the familiar top hat… but the eyes are different. She waves cautiously, after making sure there weren’t too many living people around to see anyone talking to her.

Martin looks over to where Amy is looking and raises an eyebrow at Deveraux. “Oh, Deveraux. Nice to see you again.”

<Deveraux> waves to the both of them. As soon as he can cross to them safely he’ll head over, bow in greeting while removing his tophat as he usually does, and then replace it. He looks Martin in the eyes as he says, “Good evening,” before then looking Amy in the eyes and repeating the greeting.

<Amy (Wraith)> “Can everybody see that?”, she says as she points to Deveraux’s eyes. “Sorry, don’t mean to like, point… You out for a walk or checking up on things?”

Martin shakes his head to Amy. “Only shows up on the dead side. No worries about attention.”, he says as he gives a brief scan of the area. “Wouldn’t hurt to keep moving though. I don’t care to have something nasty come at us. We’re awful close to the Quarter.”

<Deveraux> “I am out to clear my head after some unpleasantness earlier this evening at the Asylum. Am I missing anything interesting around here?”

<Amy (Wraith)> “I am sorry to hear that. We were just checking the perimeter of where the Spectres have been seen, kinda feeling out to make sure it isn’t spreading or anything.” She watches carefully, doing her part to prevent them from getting ambushed.

Martin nods in agreement. “Yes, we figured going together was safer than one of us travelling alone. Other than that, I do not think you are missing anything… the vampires are all up to their usual business. I have not seen ISabella in some time though, not since Bishop came back.”

<Deveraux> “Spectres. I know little more than that they are a serious problem for the other restless. How much of a risk do they pose us here? I have heard the name Bishop but have yet to make an introduction. Also, the business that I observed the after effects of at the Asylum was not quite normal. There will be a new member of your community if he did not immediately pass

on as a result. He will be most frightened and need guidance, but I could not find him when I looked.”

<Amy (Wraith)> makes a bit of a face and nods. “Well, to you… not a lot… I mean they can do the sames things a regular ghost can like throw things… I am told that we can set fires with some practice though. To me a bit more dangerous since we are firmly on the same side of the curtain. Well… I could go look, or ask Krista. Most people end up in the Tempest when

they die if they become a ghost. I only didn’t because I was a Mage first and I knew what I had to do immediately. I had the will to break free myself.”

Martin tilts his head. “Technically Spectres are just other Restless… just ones that have succumbed to their dark side. The trouble is they rarely come as a single individual. They come in packs or even swarms.”

<Deveraux> “What is their usual mode of attack for a target that is on their side of the curtain as you put it?”

<Amy (Wraith)> makes another face, glancing over her shoulder. “Well… pretty much they tear you apart. Some have freaky moliated forms, with like knives for hands and stuff. It’s awful.”

Martin nods in agreement. “It would be highly unpleasent. There are ways to avoid them though. Jumping into the Tempest, which can be good or bad, simply hiding, hiding inside an object or a person…”

<Deveraux> nods, “They sound similar to szlachta or a vozhd.”

<Amy (Wraith)> half-shrugs. “Not sure what those are but have the urge to say Bless You.”, she smiles just a little bit.

<Deveraux> “They are fleshcrafted war ghouls. Very fearsome and modified in the kinds of wars you described. Blades for hands and so on.”

Martin snickers a bit, shaking his head and then running a hand through his stragly hair. “Ew, well that is something I’d rather not encounter.”

<Amy (Wraith)> looks over and frowns a bit. “Ew. I know what a ghoul is but never seen anything like that.”

<Deveraux> looks at Amy, “You have little to fear from them now.” He looks off down the street, then turns to look down the other way.

<Amy (Wraith)> “That is true. But I spend a lot of time with people who are still physical.”, she looks around again as well and just takes a menal note of their location. “I still need to get with the other mages and compare notes soon too.”

Martin nods and glances over to Amy as they hit the next cross street. “Please tell Ramirez that I will go with him to investigate the ship. I should be going though. I am going to see if I can find Isabella.”

<Deveraux> “Well, I will bid you both a good evening and head off on my own to see what wonders my new eyes might behold.” He bows again and will starts to head off down the street.

<Amy (Wraith)> looks between them and waves, then books it out of there cause screw some Spectre activity.