Aaron comes downstairs, yawning and seeking the kitchen for a cup of coffee. He also starts up some tea for Jesse before she comes down.

Jesse comes down shortly after, holding little baby Angelo. She takes a seat in the livingroom on one of the big soft chairs to relax.

Erin comes in as well from her room upstairs, just starting to show a good baby bump. She walks into the kitchen, nodding to Jesse on the way and getting herself some tea.

Aaron assists Erin unless he gets batted out of the way, then takes his coffee and Jesse’s tea into the livingroom. He sets down the tea beside Jesse and kisses her cheek before going over to one of the chairs opposite of those.

<Cecilia> comes downstairs, heading into the kitchen to make some tea.

Jesse smiles and thanks Aaron before shifting the baby a bit in her arms so she can sip said tea. As Erin comes back she asks, “How are you feeling? Still sick?”

Erin shakes her head a bit as she sips her own tea and smiles as she watches the little baby Angelo sleeping. “No, that herbal tea you gave me really helped. Thanks again.” She sits in one of the fluffy chairs near Jesse.

Jesse smiles. “I am glad that it helped. Now that the werewolf is gone I can get my herb garden back in order again.”

Aaron nods as he glances out the window. “Everything seems to be repairing itself now. The damage done to both sides of the veil is almost gone now completely.”

Erin nods and sips her tea, and waves to Cecilia if she ever makes it out of the kitchen. “That is good news. It is nice to feel like I can go outside again.”

<Cecilia> does come out after finishing her tea, giving the others a wave as she goes to sit on a couch.

Jesse smiles. “Maybe in a few weeks we will hit up the aquarium again. I would like to see how Elena is doing.”

Aaron nods softly. “I am sure she’d be delighted to meet Angelo too. Water spirits are fairly emotional creatures.”

<Cecilia> may spend some time cooing over Angelo before sitting down.

Dan rolls in, bleary eyed, holding a very large travel mug. He walks over and fills it with ice, then dumps in a shockingly large amount of coffee, takes a long sip, and then acknowledges everyone in the room with a small nod.

Erin chuckles and waves at Dan. “You okay? Long night… Or week?”, she asks at least somewhat seriously.

<Dan> I’m… not a morning person. *he shakes his head slowly* Give me a few and I’ll be able to fake being human well enough *he takes another long drink*

<Dan> So how are things going here? I know I’ve been away a bit, missed some things.

Aaron nods in understanding. “Neither am I… Except Angelo was up at two, then four, then six… You get the idea.”

<Cecilia> looks over at Dan. “Well, I’d have to say they’re going pretty well, for now.”

Jesse smiles a little and sips her tea. “Well, for the moment it seems mostly calm.”, she says before lightly kissing the baby on the forehead. “But we all know how that goes.”

<Dan> Never say that. That just tempts Them. It’s like being in a war movie and showing everyone a picture of your sweetheart and saying you’ll propose as soon as you get home. Means you get it in the next firefight.

Erin laughs a little. “There is probably a saying somewhere about not tempting fate with a Euthanatos in your basement.”

<Cecilia> “I’d think that works with Katie, too.”

Aaron laughs at that and gets up for more coffee. “I would not doubt that.”

<Dan> Generally speaking I don’t tempt fake, I kick it in the balls screaming “Yeah, now what??”

<Dan> but not before I’ve had my coffee.

Jesse just shakes her head. “So what have you been up to, Dan? Working on anything interesting?”

Erin shifts in her chair a little, making herself comfortable.

Aaron comes back with more coffee and then looks about at the others. “Who made this coffee anyway? Shit could be used for rocket fuel.”

Jesse thinks and then shakes her head, “I think it must be Katie. She is the one that brought the machine in.”

<Cecilia> “Just switch to tea.”

<Dan> Oh, nothing too exciting. Some research here and there but nothing is really panning out. You know how it is sometimes.

<Dan> Really? Seems a bit weak to me, but I brew my own so…

Aaron chuckles and takes back his seat. “Surprised you havent had a heart attack by now then.”

<Dan> Oh, that’s easy, the alcohol is a depressant. Just keep the mix right overall and it averages out.

Jesse just shakes her head. As the baby starts to fuss she gets up and nods to everyone. “I am going to go take care of him and get some rest. You guys have fun.”

<Cecilia> “We will. Hopefully.”

Erin waves to Jesse and little Angelo then stretches a bit and gets herself some more tea. “I am kinda a specialist when it comes to research, anything I can assist on?”

<Dan> Well, maybe? Depends on how good you are with computers. I’m a bit of a specialist really. And also usually work alone.

Erin shrugs slightly. “I am okay with them. But not great. My research is usually into things from long ago and my experience with computers has been mostly entering old information into new systems as it were.”

<Dan> So what types of things from long ago do you research?

Aaron gets up and puts the dishes away. “Great seeing you again, Dan. Gotta not be a stranger.”, he starts toward the door. “I am gonna go for a walk. Be back later.”

<Dan> Later man, I’ll try to be around more.

Erin waves to him and then looks back at Dan. “A little of everything… Civilizations, language, places… Lore that shouldnt be lost.”

<Dan> Oh! The very best type of lore.

<Dan> It pairs exceptionally well with “Things man was not meant to know”

<Cecilia> takes a sip from her cup. “I’m assuming art doesn’t fit in there? And if you need any particular books and have any leads on them, I can see if I can retrieve them.”

Dan makes a vague motion. “Turns out most books have been scanned and put online at some point. It’s all just data really. You’d be surprised how much you can find.”

<Cecilia> “That’s not much of a challenge and not where my talents lie.”

<Dan> Oh it can still be plenty challenging. Not like they leave NSA or FSB high level intel reports just hanging out on a website.

<Cecilia> “Perhaps it can, but I prefer retrieving hard copies.”

<Dan> To each their own.

Erin laughs a little, listening to them. “Well… A lot of what I work with isn’t saved in online form at all yet. But after talking to you last time we have discussed and began uploading some things.”

<Dan> Yeah, and lots of things peopel think are totally offline are in fact available. And, well, trivially everything is just data in the end, and available at some level if you have access, but that’s a bit.. more restricted.

Erin sips her tea and then glances to the window and back. “So, what I find strange is that you all have different ways of viewing and doing things… But your belief systems don’t ever upset each other the same way that just an unaware persons does?”

<Dan> Well, it can be hard for us to work together if our paradigms are wildly different. Like, a Dreamspeaker who bangs the drums to talk to his dead ancestors for advice? I can’t work with her on something directly. And if we tried we’d both just get a headache. But like, she can do her thing and I can do mine and we can just perceive it differently.

<Cecilia> goes to make some more tea, looking back over her shoulder at Erin. “We don’t discuss it much, or let it conflict with our tasks.”

<Dan> Yeah, not my fault they have it all wrong. Would only cause issues, so you just let it slide *he grins*

Erin nods a bit at that, giving it some thought. “Yeah. That is kinda what I am talking about. I mean, it doesn’t mix but neither if you suffer the backlash from not having an understanding of the other persons reality.”

“Which is weird because it seems like reality shifts anyway. Its not static. It adjusts over time.”, Erin shakes her head.

<Dan> Reality is just, kinda, whatever everything thinks it is at any given time. That’s the real secret. It’s not some big monolithic unchanging thing. It’s fluid.

<Dan> And if people disagree, reality tries to sort things out itself.

Erin nods. “Which is where it gets dangerous for you guys… Cause you are in the minority.”

<Dan> Well, basically, yes. Or even if we don’t agree with each other, though less so

Erin tilts her head as she listens. “What do you mean by that?”

<Dan> Sometimes you can have problems if you have two mages with very different paradigms both trying to Do A Thing.

Erin listens and nods. “That makes some sense. What about on large scale? I mean like… At what point were there enough people believing the world was round to make it so?”

<Dan> Well, that’s not us. That’s the Union. The set Dominant Paradigm at meetings. Sometimes it can get quite… contentious. When they eliminated the Luminiferous Ether to allow for Relativity it allowed for interdimensional travel, reality warping, and all sorts of weapons, plus GPS. But MAN the Sons of Ether were pissed so they left. But tl;dr, the Union votes, and then spreads it through hyperscience.

Erin blinks, then chuckles a little. “They vote on what is real?”

<Dan> Well, pretty much. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes for the vote and some people have a lot more pull than others, but pretty much.

Erin takes that in, “That… So then why allow stuff like vampires and werewolves at all? Couldnt they make paradox wipe those things out too?”

<Dan> Huh. I think they operate on a different thread of reality but that’s a good question. I’m not sure how that interacts. I think I may need to go do some research. I think the vamps/werewolves are subconsciously projecting their own limited “reality deviations” just like we can. Like, they can’t vote for US to stop doing what we do, so, probably similar? I guess?

Erin nods thoughtfully. “Well yeah but they get away with theirs… Like… I mean I have seen vampires throw fire. But if Katie shoots a heat ray, reality attacks her but not the walking corpse throwing fire from his hands.”

<Dan> Yeah, I got nothin

<Dan> I mean, you’d think they’d get dox, but lolnope

Erin glances back toward the window. “Werewolves I kinda get. I mean the spirit world they are attached to is visibly seperate so it could be a totally separate reality. But vampires are another story.” She looks frustrated a moment before getting up. “Now I need to research some stuff.”

<Cecilia> meanders back upstairs. “Have fun.”

<Dan> Take care. I may poke around a bit too and see if I can figure it out

<Dan> I may need to watch a vampire/werewolf do their… innate power… thing.