<Fiona> is sitting in a tree, being her eternally grumpy/scowly self.

Chelsa: Moved through the coutryard silently, a small figure following her in two.


<Fiona> scowls at Chelsea.

[Obfuscated] Cian sneaks across the courtyard, stalking his way to the tree Fiona is in. His skin shifts and ripples into different colors as he moves, an added layer of stealth to his normal obfuscation.

Chelsa: A surprise for the Snowflake Monster. ” Offers Fiona softly as she approaches with the child. ” Don’t be jelous…. Im not trying to move in on your Boo…” says playful the child stand silently behind her…Fiona could smell the childs fear. The poor thing was petrified at this point. No telling what Chelsa said to encourage the whelp to tag alo

along so peacefully.

<Fiona> “Who the hell is the Snowflake Monster, and who the fuck is with you?”

Chelsa: “Your Boo…. you know..the one you like tp bitch slap around like a 2 dollar whore?” she snickers and turns to look at the kid…reaching out to ruffle his hair. ” This here is Joey. Don’t be shy Joey..say hi to the super duper nice lady…” the child whimpers and scurries to hide behind Chelsa…

<Fiona> looks downright pissed. “For the last time, he’s not my fucking boo, goddammit.”

[Obfuscated] Cian perks up and creeps toward Chelsa, sniffing the air as he does. The child with her reeks of fear. Something in him stirs, something deep and primal. Cian’s nostrils flare and his fingers curl as the Beast wakes at the scent of fear. Sadistic, predatory glee bubbles up inside of him as he creeps closer to the young boy.

CHelsa: Maybe i will make him my boo then. He’s useful…” Shrugs….She sighs and pushes the kid away from her a bit. ” So, why are you so mad all the time?” asked curiously as she moved away to find a comfy spot to lean up against on the tree.

<Fiona> “Because of dumbasses like you and dumbshit, wherever the fuck he is.”

Chelsa: Looked slightly amused, but did not push any further. No, she’d wait till Cian showed up. If he did..and encourage that beating again. She enjoyed stirring up the chaos.

⋠Cian⋡ slinks up behind the child and drops his obfuscation as he places a long fingered, clawed hand on his shoulder, gripping it tightly. “Speak of the devil, and he shall appear before thee.” Though his obfuscation is gone, his skin still changes colors to match his surroundings, making him difficult to make out clearly and giving him an eerie, almost ethereal


<Fiona> turns her pissed off expression on Cian.

<Fiona> “Look who decided to show up.”

Chelsa: The child screams out in utter terror. Turning into puppy like whimpering. Yet is frozen in his spot. Chelsa smiles impishly, the screams giving her goosebumps. ” OH, hey Boo. I brought you a surprise..as promised.” offered a wink to the monster.

<Fiona> looks at the kid when he screams. “Shut the fuck up before I give you something to really scream about.”

⋠Cian⋡ grins at Chelsa, his eyes gleaming with malevolent glee. “Oh sweets you shouldn’t have, it’s not even my deathday.” He laughs and slowly wraps his long fingers around the child’s mouth and leans down to whisper in his ear, somehow a worse sound than the normal deep rasp of his voice. “Shhh sh sh shhh…quiet now little Joey. Auntie Fiona has a temper, you

don’t want her to keep you from playtime, now do you?”

Chelsa: Joey tries to shrink away from Cian, panting and breathing hard. Trying to stifle his whimpering sounds, lips pressed together. “Oh…I…want..to go home ” the kid chokes on his own tears. Chelsa laughs and claps her hands together totally amused. ” Oh this is even better then I thought it would be.” flags a hand in the air. A low growl escaping her

excitement…she watched..

<Fiona> deadpans “Is it? Is it really? And stop fucking crying already.”

<Fiona> turns a scowl on the kid.

⋠Cian⋡ taps his finger on the child’s lips, an alligator growl rumbling out of his throat. “Quiet now. The adults are talking.” He looks up to Chelsa and Fiona with a wide grin on his face. “Hmm…what game should we play first?”

<Fiona> “Let’s play the game where the kid shuts the fuck up before I rip his throat out. It’s one of my favorites.”

Joey: Suddenly faints. The stress to much for him at the moment. Chelsa: Laughs out right…belly ache laughter. ” Oh my fucking god..that is rich… wake him up, Monster…” She psuhes off the tree and begins to approach the kid and Cian. A glance to Fiona.. ” OH I think he’s quiet now.”

<Fiona> “Thank fucking god. All that crying and screaming was pissing me off.”

Chelsa: You are always pissed off….

points out…

<Fiona> claps sarcastically. “Give the new chick a cookie for figuring it out.”

⋠Cian⋡ rolls his eyes at Fiona. “Alright fine, I’ll let the little fucker sleep for a few, if for no other reason than I want him to be nice and energetic for playtime later.” He grins and looks from Fiona to Chelsa, thoroughly amused by the dynamic.

Chelsa: Makes a face at Fiona… ” I don’t like sweets…” Reached out ruffling the kids hair again and nodded.. ” Alright. Well, when you wake him up, let me know. I want to watch.” grins impishly.

<Fiona> “Anyway, off to read. Don’t do any crazy shit, dumbshit, new chick. And before you ask, yes, I fucking read, so if you crack any jokes, I’ll gladly break your jaw for you.” She hops down out of her tree and stalks off.

⋠Cian⋡ looks sideways at Chelsa, his eyes flashing a bit, sticking out from the shifting camoflauge of his skin. “No lie, she does actually read a lot. Me too. Which is fucking weird but what the hell else am I gonna do. Although…” He looks back to the kid and strokes his face with the back of his claw. “This should keep me busy for a bit.”

Chelsa: Opened her mouth to say something. But, thought better of it. She just nodded watching the overly angry woman walk off to….read. She nodded slowly. ” You guys read. I perfect the art of killing. Seems like a win win situation.” smiles softly and moves to lean against the tree again watching Cian with her new toy.


⋠Cian⋡ laughs and shrugs as he looks over the boy. “Oh I still work on the killing thing. Fiona and I duked it out a few times and I hunt the ghouls when I get hungry. The reading is mostly to catch me up on six billion years of vampiric bullshit so that I can ya know…know shit.” He scratches his chin and looks around. “Hmm…what to do what to do. Don’t want

the fun to be over too quickly…”

⋠Cian⋡ turns to Chelsa with a thoughtful look on his face. “I have a fun idea. I’m going to go disappear, you wake the kid, act scared. Tell him a monster is after the both of you. Do whatever you gotta do to get him to believe and trust you. At some point I’ll ‘capture’ you, and ‘kill’ you in front of him, give him enough time to run off, then hunt him down too.

That should make a fucking awesome first round.”

Chelsa gives Cian this look of awe. Blinks a few times. ” Yup..definitely my Boo.” She says in a breathless tone. She pushes from the tree and straightens herself. ” You know how to tug the heart strings.” Taps her chin a moment, thinking. ” Okay…lay him on the ground… and I will do my best after that.”

⋠Cian⋡ cackles evilly and nods, laying Joey down on the ground then backing away into the shadows. His skin wavers and the colors warp as he move, making him nearly impossible to see until finally he is gone completely.

” Joey: begins to stir with a moan… and bats at the hands the grab him. “monster?” hisvoice asks as he begins to come to….then the child pops up right, fear in his eyes… ” MONSTERrun lady run!”

Chelsa: Hops up to her feet, scrammbling in fear… ” Dont let the monster get me..please.. dont let him eat me!” she cries out and beginsto run along side of the kid..who is frantic and trying to lead her away. She keeps up easy. This was totally amusing.

sniffs the air a bit…and tossles her hair.. smears a bit of dirt on her pretty face for effect… she drops down onto all fours and climbs over to the kid and begins to shake him to wake him. Pretneindg to pant and breath hard liek she has been running. ” KID..kid..help me.. HELP..wake the fuck up!” she begins to fake sob.. ” Please..you got ot help me.

⋠Cian⋡ hides in a bush, laying almost flat on the ground so that even once his obfuscation breaks he will be blended in to the point of practical invisibility. In a raspy whisper, reminiscent of the titular creature from one of his favorite movies, Predator, he calls out. “Over here….over here….turn around…” As the boy turns to look at the sound he calls to

the Beast to enhance his eyes to see through the darkness, causing them to flash with a green light, the only part of him that is visible for that brief second.

JOey screams and cries out running even faster now.. ” RUN LADY RUN!”

Chelsa: Trying so hard not to laugh and look scared..runs a bit faster.

⋠Cian⋡ expects to have to stifle a laugh but instead a low growl rumbles in his chest and he darts out of the bush, slipping back into obfuscation as they take off. He takes a shortcut to get in front of them and quickly climbs up in a tree, leaving a claw mark on the trunk to give Chelsa the signal that he is there. He waits in a branch, anticipation building, he

can feel the Beast howling in his veins.

Chelsa: Grabs ahold of the tree trunk. ” I …can’t run anymore…so tired…I cant” Joey spins on his heels and runsforward grabing the womans arm and tugging… ” No lady come on come on..you cant stop it will get you.” he pleads frantic.

⋠Cian⋡ drops from the branch and lands on Chelsa with a roar. He knocks her to the ground, landing on all fours himself, growling and howling as he tears at her clothes with his claws, even drawing blood in several places. Have to make it believable after all. He looks up at the boy, eyes afire with rage and hunger and roars again, his jaw opening wide to reveal

a maw of razor fangs.

Chelsa: Screams out in holy terror. Rolling with Cian against the ground until he is on top of course. He can see the wild gleam in her eyes however. If she were capable of having a erection at this moment, she most likely would have one. This was all right up the brujha’s ally. She let out a screams and began to flail under him. But, he coiuld tell she wa

s in control of herself and actions. Or she would most likely over power him. Playing the part. ” NOOO NOOOO AHHHH HELPPP ME!” she cried out.

Joey: Screams ” NOOOOO!” and rushes forward finding some sort of bravery within him..and leeps onto Cians back and beginsto pound on him with fists…

⋠Cian⋡ rakes his claws at Chelsa, careful to make sure the wounds are superficial for a Cainite, though they look bloody and serious by mortal standards. He is a bit surprised as the child begins beating on him. Surprised, but also impressed. He forces his vitae into his muscles to make up for his adolescent, chronically underfed body. He lifts the boy into the

air by his chin, slamming his back into the tree. Cian leans in close, long tongue stroking the boys face as he forces it from side to side, eyes gleaming as he inspects it. He turns back to Chelsa and mouths the words ‘Trust me’ then reaches out and slashes her throat with his claws. Deadly to a mortal, but for her little more than a painful inconvenience.

Chelsa was a bloody flop of a mess. ANNND Cian wasgoing to have to make it up to her. Her leather was going to be stained! But, all for the sake of a good time. Grabed her throat like out of some horror movie and started gurgling. Then slumped forward. “Faking death”.

Joey: The boy continued to fight and flail harder..seeing the woman in distress she growled and clawed at Cian…even as he was hung in the air by his chin. He didn’t stop fighting.

⋠Cian⋡ turns back to Joey, wild hunger gleaming in his eyes and pulls the boy up to his face then slams him against the tree, hard. As the boy slumps in his grasp Cian tosses him to the ground then drops to all fours, stalking towards him slowly, jaw hanging open as his tongue whips back and forth, saliva dripping to the grass. From a surprising distance, Cian

suddenly kicks up a burst of speed then pounces on the boy, biting into his torso as his hand wraps around his face and forces the back of his head onto the grass. Cian drinks, reveling in the taste of fear and nearly loses himself to the Beast, but manages to pull back before he drains a lethal amount from the boy. He had passed out from the blood loss, however. Cian crawls

back over to Chelsa, leaning over her and the placing his forehead on the ground next to her face as he bursts into laughter. “Christ fucking his mother’s ass that was goddamned incredible!”

Chelsa barks out in laughter, most of her wounds already healed. She rolls onto her side laughing a belly ache of laughter. ” OH that was…exhilarating! We make a good team. Thanks for that… most fun I have had in a eons!” She sat up and rubs the blood from her neck and wiped it on Cians cheek.” Monster.” winks then begins to pick at the blood on her leat

her. Smearing it around. ” Oh damn it all to fuck.” sigh

⋠Cian⋡ laughs and stands looking down at her leather jacket. “I’ll steal you a new one on my next field trip.” He walks over and stands over the boy, tapping his chin thoughtfully. “I say we find a toybox for our new little toy. He’s got a lot of fight in him…I like him. Reminds me of…well…me.”

Chelsa: stands and adjusts herself … a glance to the boy and she shrugs. ” Alright… toss him in with the other kids if you want. I don’t give a shit. No time for baby sitting. ” She smooths past Cian… ” See you around Snowflake Monster.” and she kept walking…

⋠Cian⋡ grins and waves as she leaves. “Oh yes…I’ll be seeing you around. That’s for damn sure.” He picks the boy up over his shoulder and heads inside to find somewhere to keep him for the day.