Aaron walks slowly around the overgrowth outside of the Chantries, examining the local plantlife and Umbra to make sure things are properly returning to normal after the destruction of FoulFang. Besides, it gets him out of the house as he’d made Jesse a bit upset with him over the whole kid is a Shifter thing.

<Amy (Wraith)> follows along beside Aaron, watching him work and in general also checking the Shadowlands near the Tremere Chantry, it always looked weird there.

Aaron stretches, enjoying the cool air, relaxing now that he’s double checked that things seem to be back in order as far as the spirit world was concerned.

<Amy (Wraith)> chuckles, debating on giving Aaron a poke, but decides against it. Besides Ramirez, Aaron was the one most experienced with Spirit and could definately poke her back.

Aaron glances back toward the house and then walks along the edge of the woods, starting to pass by the vampire chantry quietly.

<Amy (Wraith)> just follows along, keeping pace with him and occasionally looking out toward the forest or the house curiously.

Aaron makes his way toward the road and walks along the side of it, eyes and ears attuned to the foliage on both sides, every once in a while, his ear twitching like that of an animal toward some sound in the dark.

<Amy (Wraith)> watches as well, though her senses attuned differently, trapped on her own layer of existance unless she forces it otherwise.

Aaron keeps up a good pace, not unused to walking to get around. It felt good to be out again after almost dying and all that.

<Amy (Wraith)> watches Aaron, and runs her fingertips along the tips of the leaves as they pass.

Aaron keeps walking down the old dirt road, well out of sight of the chantries and still miles from the busy of town. It had been a while since he had had a chance to reconnect as it were.

ͼConradͽ wanders about the outside of the Chantry, needing a break from working on his current project. The unweaving of rituals was proving more challenging than he had anticipated. His hope was that his growing expertise in the rituals themselves would give him an advantage, but that wasn’t turning out to be the case. Tonight has been particularly frustrating, leading him outdoors to try and clea

r his head and refocus.

Aaron’s ear pricks up and tilts toward the sounds of someone moving about and he glances back behind him off toward where he had come from but the foliage obscures his view from going very far.

<Amy (Wraith)> pauses as Aaron does and glances back that way as well before looking back toward Aaron curiously.

Aaron starts to walk back, curiosity as usual getting the better of him. He’d rather see what it was than have something sneak up behind him.

ͼConradͽ heightens his senses as a precaution, remembering the presence from a few nights ago. As an added bonus, the night feels far more alive when he can feel the slightest rush of air and hear insects yards away. He stands still for a moment, staring at the sky. He can see billions of stars, bright and clear and for a long moment is enraptured.

Aaron walks slowly along the dirt road back toward the buildings, pausing as he comes back within sight of them and sees the lone figure he doesn’t recognize hanging around outside. His nose flaring slightly out of habit as he scans the figure.

<Amy (Wraith)> follows along behind Aaron, tilting her head as she spies Conrad as well. She had seen him about the Trill before, but wasn’t aware he lived here.

Aaron starts to walk up and then stops in the driveway, his ear tilting toward the other house and he sighs. “Baby crying…”, he says before changing course and making his way toward the house.

<Amy (Wraith)> watches Aaron heading back toward the house, and sighs, turning to follow him inside.

ͼConradͽ breaks out of his reverie at the sound of a voice and watches the figure head to the Mage Chantry with mild curiosity before continuing his walk.