<Fiona> is sitting in a tree, leaning back against the trunk. She doesn’t have a book with her this time.

[Obfuscated] Cian is perched in a windowsill, watching Fiona. He wants nothing more than to sneak up and shove her out of the tree, but is weighing the inevitable beating that will follow with the reward of how hilarious it will be.

Chelsa: She moved silently as she made her way through the area. This, was her favorite time of the night. Just as the sun went down. It charged her, made her body ache with excitement for what was in store later. Wondering how the others would take to her presence. Not that it really mattered at the moment. She continued to move forward…

[Obfuscated] Cian notices a new face striding across the courtyard just as he commits himself to going through with his prank. He hesitates again, curious to see if perhaps there is more fun to be had with the new one.

<Fiona> looks down at the new arrival as she silently walked forward. “Who the fuck are you?”

<Fiona> looks down at the new arrival as she silently walked forward. “Who the fuck are you?” [repost]

Chelsa: paused in her steps… a small quirk of the corner of her lips…her eyes trail over the woman leaning under the tree….her words come out smooth and clean… “Who do you want me to be?” her words whispered then she smirked…she turned her steps ow, making way towards the woman. ” Names Chelsa. Thought I was expected….” head tilted.

<Fiona> “By who?”

[Obfuscated] Cian circles around and quietly crouches by a bush, listening in on the new girl and Fiona, waiting for the best time to pop out.

<Fiona> eyes her for a long while before shrugging. “Fine, don’t fucking tell me, then. No skin off my back.”

Chelsa: Nose crinkles….. ” Well obviously then your not the one I need to be seeing….. Got a name ?” straightened a bit with a smirk…

<Fiona> “Fiona.”

Chelsa: Alright, Fiona… who do I need to be seeing around here then?”

⋠Cian⋡ creeps up behind the new girl, maintaining his stealth until he’s just a bit out of her arm’s reach should she decide to strike at him. “That’s be either Kitt or Zaluut.” He growls out, his Obfuscate dropping as he does so.

<Fiona> “Really, dumbshit?”

<Fiona> “Gonna pull this crap with everyone who walks up?”

Chelsa: Leaps backwards…baring her fangs with a animal like hiss… ” OH JESUS FUCK! Fucking god damn Nosferatu …. think that some kind of funny…” snaps her wrist forward and knives appear in her hands….” I will gut you like a pig and bath in your insides you pull some shit like that again..” Though she did not advance on him. Her stood there wide ey

ed it was obvious she had the crap scared out of her..

<Fiona> , for the record, has one eye that’s slit like a cat’s.


⋠Cian⋡ grins and sticks his tongue out at Fiona, extending it nearly a foot. “Abso-fucking-lutely” he turns to the newcomer and cocks an eyebrow. He holds his hand out palm up and claws extend from his overly long fingers. “I ain’t no Nossie sweets. But I like your moxie.” He laughs and his eyes seem to flash a bit with inner light.

<Fiona> hops down out of her tree and grabs his tongue before he rolls it back up in there.

Chelsa: Well, your tantrics are like a Nossies….dang. ” She laughs as the woman grabs the monsters tongue. She resheaths her knives… ” Well, you’ve been warned… Kitt and Zallut huh? Alright….thanks for the info…”

⋠Cian⋡ squints at Fiona. “Hey thass mine!” The words are only barely intelligble, since it is rather difficult to talk while someone has you by the tounge.

<Fiona> “Shut up, dumbshit.”

⋠Cian⋡ wiggles his tongue around in Fiona’s hand, thoroughly drenching it in slobber in reply, a mischevious gleam in his eyes as he does so.

<Fiona> gives him a disgusted glare and jerks her hand away, gibbs-smacking him with her non-slobbered on hand.

Shelsa: Looks away in disgust….laughs a bit…finding some humor in all this….she begins to walk away…

⋠Cian⋡ rubs the back of his head, but a grin is plastered on his face. “Works every time.” He turns back to the new girl and calls out in his raspy voice. “Going so soon? Just when we were all getting acquainted.”

<Fiona> glowers at him, shaking her hand off. “Can you blame her? If the first thing that happened was some dumbshit slobbering on someone else, I’d leave too.”

Chelsa: paused in her steps and turned back. ” And how do you presume we get better acquainted at this point….make hand puppets and sing camp fire songs?” Looked to Fiona… ” Exactly…..”

⋠Cian⋡ sneers at them both and shakes his head. “Christ sucking his momma’s tits you two are sensitive. Can’t handle a little hazing?” He laughs and shrugs. “We could start with…I dunno…fucking introductions or some shit? If for no other reason than you’re more likely to spend all night lost in there than you are to find Kitt or Zaluut on your own. Especially

since they might not even be here.”

<Fiona> grabs him by the chin this time, her fingers gripping him too tightly for him to tug them off. “Call me sensitive again, dumbshit, I’ll rip your eyes out and shove them down your throat. Got it?”

Chelsa: Sighs deeply as if she is being put off some how…. she moves forward closer…. “Alright…. Chelsa Brighten…Brujha….new in town. Here on contract. Thought I’d come say hello….well ordered to say hello. Here I am. Nice to meet you and all that…” hands on her hips…

⋠Cian⋡ grins at Fiona and taps his claw on her stomach. “You’re sorta proving my point for me Fi.” His eyes flit over to Chelsa. “Name’s Cian. The big bad bitch here is Fiona. I’m the brains, looks, humor, and sneakiness of the outfit. She’s the brawn.”

<Fiona> “Not just the brawn, dumbshit.”

Chelsa: “Well then…. it is…a pleasure..I’m sure..you know..to meet me…” A sly grin as she looked them over….

brb phone)

<Fiona> “The hell are you doing?”

⋠Cian⋡ gives Chelsa an exaggerrated bow. “Oh yes madam, a grand ole pleasure.”

Chelsa: Smiled still…. ” Who? ” Asked Fiona a bit confused as to who was doing what to what and where and how and all that….

<Fiona> “You, not dumbshit over here.”

<Fiona> gestures to Cian.

Chelsa: what do you mean…what am I am I doing? Jesus fuck… I anm standing here talking to you!” looks confused and sighs all dramatic like…. ” Ok…. I understand you are confused….

<Fiona> “I’m not fucking confused. What the hell was with the whole ‘it is…a pleasure….’ shit?

Chelsa: “No…a pleasure..for you and Cian….I mean..obviously…don’t get your panties in a wad…..” smacks her lips

⋠Cian⋡ grins and crosses his arms, knowing Fiona this was going to get violent quick, and it would be entertaining to see her wail on someone else for a change.

<Fiona> scowls at Chelsea. “I don’t fucking swing that way….and what the hell are you grinning at, dumbshit?”

Chelsa: brow raises… ” Oh honey..you flatter yourself….. I don’t swing that way either… but your boo seems amused at your rage…. so if you will excuse me… I think I will…watch…I am into…that….” motions a hand as if to say… go on..go ahead..beat the shit out of him it will be joyus…

<Fiona> creases her brow, her eye narrowing. “He’s not my fucking boo.”

<Fiona> has a Georgia accent.

⋠Cian⋡ bursts out laughing, gripping his abdomen as he doubles over, speaking in wheezing gasps between laughs. “Oh…my…fucking…god you…are my…hero new kid.”

<Fiona> walks over and hauls Cian up, punching him in the stomach and still holding him up. “Go die in a hole somewhere, dumbshit.”

⋠Cian⋡ wheezes but continues laughing. “Oh boo, there’s no coming back from this one!”

Chelsa: Blinks…she looks utterly amused by all this… stand back silently and watches it all unfold before her…a small purr escaping her throat.

<Fiona> looks positively incandescent with rage.

<Fiona> also hits Cian a few more times, then shoves him over, seething.

⋠Cian⋡ lays on the ground, holding his stomach and coughing through his laughter. “Best…night…ever…”

<Fiona> kicks him in the ribs and stalks off.

Chelsa: Smiles still, silently just watching.. seeming to soak it all up… she is deffinitly enjoying herself.

<Fiona> makes sure it’s a -hard- kick.

<Fiona> storms off, still seething, rather.

⋠Cian⋡ coughs and spits some blood onto the grass. “Fuck she kicks like a mule.” He stands slowly, willing his broken ribs to knit back together and turns to face Chelsa. “Sorry about that display, usually I try to keep the foreplay in the bedroom, but I guess you really got her going.” He laughs again but winces as his ribs aren’t completely healed yet. “Alright

new kid, I officially like you.”

Chelsa: Brisk sigh as it ended..watching the woman walk away. ” Well that was awfully disappointing. I mean…. I thought there’d be more to it… ” Gives him a odd look…. ” Right…. so…. now what? You know how to get to the ones I need to see? Point the way and I will go.”

⋠Cian⋡ shakes his head and grins. “Eh, Fi’s a bitch, but she’s the kinda bitch that’s good to have on your side. She knocks me the fuck around a bit sure, but she always makes sure she isn’t putting me out of comission or making me waste to much blood. She’s good shit.” He looks off toward the Asylum and shrugs. “I’m fairly sure the old fiend isn’t here right now.

Kitt might be but no guarantee. We can go look though. Not like I’m doing anything the fuck else.”


Chelsa: Laughs as the woman yells. shakes her head. ” I think I’m gonna like it here….” motions for him to lead the way …. ” Alright… let’s see if we can’t scare up Kitt then…”

⋠Cian⋡ flips Fiona off and laughs. “That’s gonna hurt later. Alright new kid, I’ll take you on the tour and see if we can get…lucky.” He waggles his eyebrows and winks at her, licking his lips then heading off towards the Asylum.

Chelsa: Cringes a bit as the mosnter wiggles his eye brows ” Ummm right..let’s not do that..it’s …creepy…” She moved up along side him matching his pace. ” So, what are these dudes like? ”

⋠Cian⋡ shrugs. “Well Zaluut is old, smart, and scary as hell. Not scary like Fi in a bad mood scary. More like…Hannibal Lecter if he had hundreds of years to get bored of eating people and needed to make killing more exciting. Kitt…Kitt is different. Also smart but…almost nice. It’s fucking weird. Still wouldn’t fuck with her though. She’s Zaluut’s apprentice

and she can throw lighting. I seent it.”

Chelsa: Nods to his words making a mentle note of all this…paused ” Lightening you say? hmmm….” this caught her attention and perhaps one day would find out more about such things. She moved again… ” Noted, thanks Monster. I appreciate it. ” Smiled all cute like and looked around noting their path.

⋠Cian⋡ chuckles. “Monster huh? That works, better than dumbshit, not quite as creative as Freak Show.” He leads her through the doors and gestures with wide arms. “Home sweet home. So what brand are you anyway? Not Nossie…” He looks her up and down and winks. “Obviously.”

Chelsa: Is actually quiet beautiful. Lips pressed together as he took in her features and smirked. “Well… I do believe I said when I introduced myself… a bit slow on the draw aren’t ya?….But, that’s ok. I can work with that. Attention to details is quiet important. You can’t ever have to many. ” She paused in her words looking around a bit bored.

“I am a Brujha…” says proudly…

⋠Cian⋡ snaps and points at her. “You’re right. My bad. Side effect of having your ribs fucking kicked in is that you get a bit distracted and forget shit.” He laughs and leads her through the halls in a winding manner that seems random and is more than a little disorienting. “So you were what…twenty…four when you got dirt napped?”

Chelsa: Sniffs a bit. She makes note of where they are going, keeping up the pace. Even if it does seem to make her a bit dizzy at times. ” 25, but close…” smirks… ” I think you like having your ribs kicked in by your Boo. Seems fitting..” smile widens… ” What’s your roll around here anyway?”

⋠Cian⋡ hesitates, wincing a bit. He was hoping she wouldn’t get around to asking that. “Ah…yeah…I don’t actually have one yet. I’m pretty fresh out the dirt actually. Only been doing this corpse walk shit for like a month or two and since…ya know…” He gestures at his face. “They haven’t figured out what to do with me yet. I can hide like a motherfucker, I

was good at that even before this shit, but looking like a horror movie monster doesn’t fit well with my pack’s usual way of doing things so…yeah. I just hang out and learn shit except when someone decides to take me on a field trip. Then I’m usually on scouting duty.”

Chelsa: Blinks with a laugh…. ” Oh my fucking goodness. Your fresh meat. That’s just great…no really… I mean. Cool…power in numbers. You are useful which makes you valuable. That’s a good thing. Don’t be ashamed of your newness. Embrace it…. embrace it like a child melting into your fangs for the first time.” Winks and brushes past him looking

ahead. ” So, you don’t know what pod you belong to then? Cause you look like a Nossie…”

⋠Cian⋡ laughs and shakes his head pointing off to the left. “This way.” He heads down, waiting for her to catch up. “Nah I know what I am. City Gangrel. As for my sexy new look…well…yeah nobody fucking knows. Jimmy don’t look fucked up, neither did his other Childe. Just me. Antol thinks maybe I got some fae blood somewhere in my family but the fuck if I know.

And that’s not even the only weird thing about me. I’m a special little snowflake.”

Chelsa: skirted around catching up pretty quickly… listening to his words. ” Ah yes..now that makes sense. Spiecial little snowflake…. Snowflake Monster…. ” Nods approving her own statement. But she was starting to feel antsy all these twists and turns. ” So… you taking me to see them or you just fucking with me?” Asked curiously. She clentched a fist

then relaxed it, continuing to follow him.

⋠Cian⋡ shrugs non-chalantly as they take another turn. “Neither really. They’re not here. I knew as soon as we walked in. Not sure where they are but they ain’t here. So I figured I’d walk you around the place for a bit, let you see some of the good spots to bed down if you ain’t got a pack. Unless you plan on sleeping in the damn woods, which I don’t recommend.

Fi and her pack sleep out there and they’re territorial as fuck. You might be able to crash the day in the Orphanage with my pack but only if Eliza agrees and only for a day or two. You’re over our age cutoff.”

Chelsa: Thought about his words. It was true. She didn’t have a pack yet. A frown crossed her lips and smirked. ” I”ll find a spot. Not to worry. I am sure I will find a pac ksoon enough Fresh meat and all. ” She paused in her steps…. ” Ah this place is huge…”

⋠Cian⋡ stops and turns. “Is it? Yeah I guess so. I’ve been stuck here pretty much my entire unlife so it feels kinda small to me. Especially now that I can see where everyone inside is. But yeah…it is pretty fucking big I guess.” He shrugs. “Oh, if you get hungry it’s open season on the Ghouls and Revenants. If you kill one though you gotta answer to his owner.

And you know how motherfuckers get when you kill their pets.”

Chelsa: moved back with the darkness of the place. A tilt of her head and she nodded at that… ” Of course. I’ve no intention on feeding tonight anyway. I fed before I came. ” Shrugs a bit. A look of annoyance. ” Though I do need to finish up a few things in town before I bed down. I just wanted to make my presence known before I got to work. ”

⋠Cian⋡ nods, looking a bit disappointed. “Fair enough. If I see Kitt or Zaluut before you do I’ll let them know you showed up.”

Chelsa: Aww… is the monster getting attached already? ” teases , noting his disappointment… ” Well, if you are good while I am gone…maybe I will bring you back a surprise. ” winks playfully…

⋠Cian⋡ grins wide, a malevolent gleam in his eyes. “Oooh…a plaything? That would be wonderful. And make you my favorite for at least like…a week.”

Chelsa: “Oh you will just have to wait and see….” with that sure turns and is gone in a flash

⋠Cian⋡ laughs and melts into the shadows, his skin changing to imitate the walls before he fades completely from view.