<Sissy> walks into the trill and gives it a quick once-over before making her way to the bar and ordering herself a beer. She sits back and relaxes quite a bit, just quietly watching this or that group going about their business.

<Sissy> nods her thanks to Erik and tips him as she takes her beer, sipping it before getting up and walking over to a booth in the back to sit.

ͼConradͽ walks into the Trill and gives a small nod to Erik before finding a spot to sit. He picks a seat in the back and pulls out a notebook, setting the ankle of one leg on the knee of the other and using that to prop it up as he writes. It was something he could have more easily done at the Chantry, but he’d been cooped up in his room, only coming out to feed, for several nights and needed the

fresh air and sound of voices that weren’t his own.

φCadeφ meanders in with that faraway look he gets when he is paying more attention to his augmented reality interface than the surroundings. He absently pays for his usual beer and nods to Erik before wandering towards the back. Finally having a moment where he pays attention, Cade notices Sissy and walks over to sit across from her. “Hey there!”

<Sissy> looks up and then smiles to Cade, waving at him a bit. “Hello.”

φCadeφ smiles back and takes a sip of his beer. “Nice to see you again. What have you been up to?”

<Sissy> shrugs a bit and takes a sip of her beer. “Not a lot. Working here and there. What do you do for work?”

φCadeφ blushes a bit and rubs his smoothly shaven head. “I uh…don’t actually. I’ve got a monthly…stipend I guess is the word? That pays out of my inheritance. It’s enough to keep me living comfortably. Sometimes if I need extra cash I pick up odd jobs doing computer work but that’s about it really.”

<Sissy> smirks a bit and nods as she sips her beer. “Ahhh, I see. So you are an adult with an allowance.”

φCadeφ laughs and sticks his tongue out at her. “I was trying to avoid that term, but yes basically.” He chuckles again and sips his beer. “What kind of work do you do?”

<Sissy> “I do special effects work for different bands.”, she says and finishes off her first beer. “I also do a lot of equipment repair and find venues for them.”

φCadeφ nods and gives her a thumbs up as he sips his beer. “That’s really cool! Where’d you learn to do all that?”

<Sissy> shrugs again slightly. “Well it started with me just hanging out with a band of friends in high school and I went from there. I’ve always been good at fixing things though.”

φCadeφ nods and takes another drink. “That makes sense. I was always good with computers, even when I was young. I got a lot of practice too.” He chuckles, “Aunt Lucinda was pretty computer illiterate, so I took care of setting everything up and making sure she couldn’t break it.”

<Sissy> nods. “I am not bad with them. A lot of my work involves them. I can fix them too fairly easily. Phones and stuff too.”

φCadeφ nods enthusiastically and finishes off his beer. “That’s cool! It’s always good to be able to fix stuff. Especially phones. People are always breaking their phones.”

ͼConradͽ chuckles softly to himself as he listens to Cade and Sissy. He wasn’t really trying to eavesdrop, but they were only a table away so it was hard not to overhear. He was always amused by the small talk of youth, so full of energy despite lacking in real substance.

<Sissy> nods. “Hey, I didn’t mean to seem short with you the other night. There is just some stuff I’d rather not talk about, especially in the open.

φCadeφ waves his hand dismissively and smiles. “Oh its no problem, I completely understand. I’ve got plenty of secrets of my own, as I’m sure you can imagine.”

<Sissy> nods again in agreement. “Yeah, I kinda get that from a lot of people that come in here.”

φCadeφ laughs and picks up both their bottles. “You got that right. Want another?”

!conrad perks up a bit at that last part and decides to focus more of his attention on these two.

ͼConradͽ perks up a bit at that last part and decides to focus more of his attention on these two.

<Sissy> shakes her head a bit, “No thanks. I will totally take a cherry coke though. I can’t stay too much longer. Stuff to get done during the day tomorrow.”

φCadeφ nods and goes back up to the bar, returning with her Cherry Coke and a second beer for himself. “That is one of the advantages to living on a stipend,” he emphasizes the word stipend and gives her a sly look, “is that I pretty much make my own schedule, unless someone needs me to help with some extracurriculars.”

<Sissy> smirks. “Well most of my clients are pretty nocturnal. But moving around in the daytime gives me time to do stuff for me, though I do run some errands for the ones that like to sleep in from time to time when the pay is good.”

φCadeφ gives Sissy a knowing nod and then checks a message from Hecatrix. “Ah crap, I gotta head back I’m sorry. Something just came up. See you again soon?”

φCadeφ smiles and waves as he leaves, paying his tab on the way out.