Jacob wanders through the plantation house chantry and grabs a few books before sitting down at a table to read. He turns the pages over seeming to think carefully upon each. He seems to be quite deep in his thoughts muttering about a few things before turning another page over again.

ͼConradͽ slips out of his room quietly, book in hand, and heads out to the main room. Spotting Jacob, he sits at the table across from him and flips open the book, setting a notebook next to it with his own notes filling the page. “Good evening Jacob. How fairs the night?”

Jacob looks up from his books.”Ah Good evening friend. I have just been researching various things here and there. Nothing particularly noteworthy has shown. Reading a little about our wards, the blood, and general stuff. What about you? How have you beeen spending your nights?” Jacob turns the page of his book and repositions himself in his chair.

ͼConradͽ smiles slightly and shrugs. “Much the same. Researching various rituals mostly. Occasionally I take a break to prepare the lesson plans for the classes that put money in my pocket. I have made a fair amount of progress, with everything that has been going on I’ve had no shortage for motivation, so I’ve been able to really focus and master several rituals, as well as

advancing my mastery over Thaumaturgy as a whole.”

Jacob nods,”Teaching classes seems to be a very intelligent method of gathering funds and influence, however also risky.It is possible that such exposure could lead them to discovering your nature if you are not careful… however you are in a good spot to be scouting prospective ghouls. I would prefer to eventually have a ghoul act in my stead for this. They would not carry nearly the

same level of risk, also it would free up your time.”

ͼConradͽ nods and drums the table with his fingers. “Yes, it does carry risk, but I enjoy it, and it gives me something to do besides research blood magic all night, though I am pleased with the progress I have made.”

Jacob nods,”That is wonderful. I have actually been focusing on my building myself up physically as well as mentally. The current applications of my studies require that I get close and personal with foes so it is necessary that I build up my physical attributes so that I can handle myself in a fight. I have also been working on improving my methods of obtaining information and have been

cataloguing much of my research and it seems to be a significant improvement. I believe I will continue studying more of the blood magic here soon. I also have been attempting to create a larger circle of mortals to feed upon regularly. Access to sources of blood is so very important for us and I prefer not to utilize my stockpiled vitae too much.”

ͼConradͽ “A fair goal. I should, perhaps, also focus a bit more upon improving my physical fitness but…well it never really was my forte. I’m simply better at the intellectual side of things, always have been. I hope that perhaps with enough knowledge of rituals and the occult I will be able to compensate for my lack of physical prowess with mystical might. That is of course,

should such situations where those things are necessary arise, which I hope they do so as rarely as possible.”

Jacob shrugs,”Perhaps. I have found that with good use of the blood it seems to be even easier to make progress than it was when I was alive. Physical fitness was never my forte either. However, perhaps between the two of us it will be better if you focus your efforts towards paths that allow you to damage foes from further away and perform other actions across a distance. This way I

can be a shield for you in the nights.” Jacob turns another page of the book and then takes some notes.”We really must have ourselves more shields and intermediaries for during the daylight hours. With mastery of the path of domination it may even be possible to use them to experience daylight again.”

ͼConradͽ sighs and nods somewhat reluctantly. “Indeed. Much as I had hoped to be able to put that business behind me, I have not been able to help but to vet some of my students as potential candidates to recieve the Blood. While it does leave somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth, having such a predatory view towards those in my tutelage, the student-teacher relationship does

put me in a unique position to learn much about my potential Ghoul’s capabilities.”