Christopher walks outside into the courtyard dressed in workout clothes. Tight Shorts and a small sweatband on his forehead. He stretches for a moment. It is not quite night yet when he starts, having awoken prior to the awakening of his vampiric brethren. Only other ghouls like himself are up right now, and it is the best time to begin on a bit of working out undisturbed. He

starts with some exercises, jumping jacks and various other things before going on a small run through the trees and the forest. The other reason to start during the day, it doubles as both a patrol against the dangers of the day, and yet is safer for him than a run at night. He does a few laps through the edges of the forest along the compound and then runs through a small path

through the forest. As night starts to fall he is already turning back and running towards the compound. He begins to do pushups and situps as the last rays of daylight vanish and the evening truly begins.

<Atanya> is out in the Northern Courtyard, walking between the buildings quietly.

!look Christopher

Christopher finishes his workout routine and slowly walks towards the Archery-Range to perhaps practice some marksmanship for the evening before beginning to do more studying and research. He walks towards the North of the complex around the buildings, still within his workout clothes and with a towel over his shoulder.

<Atanya> stops Christopher as she sees him. “You dere. You da one that be working on all dem samples?”

Christopher stops walking and turns to address her,”Good Evening Ma’am, If you mean the glob samples procured from the sewers then yes I did make some examinations. My name is Christopher, and I am of the Obertus family.”

“Is there something I can help you with, do you have any questions?”

<Atanya> “I too need to examine some of da samples for my research.”

Christopher nods,”I have the remaining samples back at the lab, however there was not much to work with to begin with. What form of research do you plan on doing, may I ask? Have you seen my reports?”

<Atanya> narrows her dark eyes at Christopher. “I ave no need of dem reports. My concern is wat appens when dey die. For dat, I need a dead one.”

Chritopher shakes his head,”Unfortunately all I have been brought are small samples. I would also be interested in procuring a specimen for autopsy as well. If you want to see what I have right now, you can follow me back to the laboratory.”

<Atanya> thinks for a moment and then moves to follow him, gesturing for him to lead the way.

<Kitt Bishop> comes out of the main hall, and stands upon the steps for a moment, looking over the courtyard.

Christopher begins walking slowly towards the laboratory while she follows him. He moves calmly and smoothly but not so slowly as to seem to be dragging. He opens the door and motions for her to enter.

<Deveraux> pops in about 10 feet in front of Kitt and bows in his usual manner, removing his tophat as he does so, “Good evening, miss Kitt. Are you currently engaged? I do not wish to bother you if you are.”

<Kitt Bishop> blinks and then laughs, shaking her head. “Oh that takes some getting used to. Hello, Deveraux. No, I am not busy, actually. Did you wish for me to go introduce you? I think I just saw Atanya walking off with Christopher. Probably investigating the sewer critters.”

<Atanya> looks over at him and then steps just inside the door and waits there. “Wat you doin to dose samples anyway?”

<Deveraux> nods, “I would very much like that, yes. Thank you for graciously making this introduction on my behalf.”

Christopher walks inside shuts the door behind them softly and moves over and grabs the thermos,”I would advise caution…” he says as he holds it out to her before answering her question.”I had examined its mundane qualities first viewing it from a more of a mortal perspective. To discern what its properties are before using occult examinations. The supernatural does cause

mundane effects, but if the explanation were more mundane than occult it would point towards the originator of the creature. The specimen did seem to be affected genetically as if by radiation, so that is a good indicator. That is the most of what I had gotten without too much more probing. I would rather not waste the sample so I have been debating on any other experiments I

could do that wouldn’t consume material…”

<Kitt Bishop> nods and steps lightly past him down the steps. “Alright, cool. No trouble. I appreciate your sharing of knowledge on such scarce subjects as nearly extinct clans.”

“Sorry, going on a bit much. Either way, I am not sure if the sample is harmless outside of the container. I would recommend that you take precautions to avoid contact and minimize exposure to anything it may… release. Even through containers.”

<Deveraux> “It is refreshing to find not just one person interested genuinely in the past, but invigorating as well to find a handful of people. It pleases me to talk about things that are almost completely forgotten to help keep the knowledge alive. History is of critical importance to the future.”

<Kitt Bishop> smiles a little bit at that and nods. “Well it’s a bit personal for me, but I know that Zaluut tries to teach a lot of those around here. At least those that will listen, which isn’t many. Have you met Antol? He likes to study history and has a lot of occult knowledge.”, she says as she closes in on where she saw Atanya and Christopher disappear off to.

<Deveraux> “I have not met Antol, no. Perhaps we need to change this? Does he stay here on the grounds?”

<Atanya> nods as she looks at the container and then at Christopher again. “Did dey tell you how it got to dis state? Did it melt on its own?”

Christopher shakes his head,”They did not. They did not tell me the exact origins of the sample sadly. Any of that information would have been useful in designing hypothesis and conducting experiments. All details can be useful… Perhaps next time I can accompany them on an expedition down there. I have been working on improving any of my abilities that could be useful in the


<Kitt Bishop> nods her head. “Yeah, uhm, well sometimes. He is in a nomad pack so they travel around a lot and only stop through from time to time. If you are gonna talk to him I reccomend taking him piece of old music. The more obscure the better. He likes to hear things he hasn’t heard before.”

<Atanya> nods to Christopher. “I see. Well experiences such as dat can be useful. Teaches lessons books cannot.”

<Deveraux> “I am certain I can manage that. Is he a musician or just has an intense appreciation for the art?”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles as she reaches the door. “Both. He plays several instruments and really adores music. His pack are a band, that’s how they get by travelling place to place without too much trouble.”

<Deveraux> “Do you know his full name? I will check in on him.”

<Kitt Bishop> knocks on the lab door. “Uhm, I don’t know. I find that most vampires don’t use their full names. The band name is Nox Oculus though so you might be able to see where they are from that.”

Christopher shrugs,”Each has its place. Books allow for sharing knowledge and experience and grant an advantage in terms of time. However experiencing something oneself allows a far greater depth of understanding but it is much more difficult to acquire and the time frame that information can be gathered is far more limited… unless we were to capture one of the creatures.”

<Deveraux> “I will not. My ability requires familiarity with an individual.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a little. “Ahhh, well Zaluut knows a way to contact him. He can like make the wind tell him to come home.”

<Deveraux> nods again, “We will have to speak on that once I begin my studies.”

<Atanya> looks at Christopher, then the door. “It would seem someone wishes to pay you a visit.”

Christopher walks over to the door and opens it and steps aside.

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Christopher “Hello, Christopher. You still working on that goop? I brought someone tht would like to talk to Atanya if she’s got a minute.”

Christopher smiles at Kitt,”Ah Good morning Kitt. Actually I was just sharing the goop sample with Atanya. She had requested for any specimens that she could study. As for her time, I cannot speak for her however I believe I had shared with her all I had to discuss.” He looks at Kitt,”Do you know if there are still any more creature in the sewers? I was thinking perhaps we could

make plans to attempt to capture a specimen for examination.”

<Atanya> “I always ave time if nuting else.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods. “Well, there should be. I’d talk to Cian or someone about going back down there. Though not sure how viable bringing a live one back is.”, she gestures to Deveraux behind her. “Well, we might take this out of the lab here. This is Deveraux, and I believe he’d like to converse with you about your specialty. He is a friend of Zaluut’s.”

<Deveraux> looks at Christopher briefly before looking at Atanya and bowing in greeting, “Good evening, Atanya. I am Deveraux. I have an interest in seeing and speaking with the Restless and was told you might be able to help me learn how to do so.”

Christopher nods,”Before that however, could I perhaps suggest rather than bringing a specimen back to the lab, we simply capture the specimen closer to where it roams? While there is a risk that it may escape as always, if it does so, it simply escapes back to where it already was.”

Christopher blinks,”The restless dead? That is honestly not my specialty within the occult. I do know of a few various methods and of various people who could possibly help with that though.”

<Kitt Bishop> just looks at Christopher. “If you want to study it in the sewers, be my guest. I am not going down there unless ordered to. Seriously. It’s gross.”

<Deveraux> looks at Christopher quickly, “I was not asking you, sir.”

<Atanya> nods and steps outside so that there is more room and nods to Deveraux after listening to Kitt. “Ahhh, i see. De Restless are not to difficult to tune in on. You could learn to do so in a night, easily.”

<Deveraux> steps back from the doorway and nods, “If it would be that simple of a task to learn what would you require in payment for teaching me this?”

[Obfuscated] Cian creeps across the courtyard spotting Deveraux, Kitt, and that Revenant who’s name he couldn’t remember, or didn’t care to, talking with someone he wasn’t sure he recognized. He sticks off to the side as much as possible, well aware that Deveraux, and likely Kitt, will be able to see him if they try. Still, he is curious, so he slowly moves forward until

[Obfuscated] Cian (cont.) within comfortable earshot.

<Atanya> pauses and then looks over in the general vicinity that Cian is but can’t seem to see him. “Boi, you come out dem bushes now fore I send de ghost in after you.”

<Deveraux> turns to glance where Atanya looks.

<Atanya> “Well, I ave simple needs really. Perhaps some old bones, or a handful of dust from an old unmarked grave.”

<Kitt Bishop> is totally not getting involved in that and stays in the doorway, talking to Christopher.

⋠Cian⋡ laughs and stands up out of the bushes and shrugs. “Worth a shot. Hey Deveraux, Kitt, and…uh…” He looks at Christopher and shrugs. “Hunting practice.” Then turns to Atanya. “Ghosts eh? That make you this Atanya person Antol told me about?”

<Deveraux> returns his gaze to Atanya, “How much training would the dust from an Egyptian mummy be worth?”

Christopher shrugs at turns back to Kitt Bishop.”I was hoping not to go down alone. Particularly I was thinking it would be wise to go down with myself and other ghouls, perhaps some Schlacta during the last few hours of daylight. Assuming that these creatures like many are nocturnal, this would be the perfect time to lay traps and scout. As it being the last few hours of daylight

would also allow the advantage of potential for reinforcements within a short time frame. Perhaps begin with scouting incrementally a short period before the sunset then begin preparing a trap?”

<Atanya> nods to Cian and regards him a moment. “I am.”, she says before looking back at Deveraux. “Plenty if dere be proper power in it, if it still be bound to da soul.”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head at Christopher. “I am not asking anyone to borrow Szchlata, especially to take into town. Sheesh. And given what we here these things can do to living people… ew.”

⋠Cian⋡ grins looks from Atanya to Deveraux and back again. “So you’re gonna teach him how to see ghosts? Ha.” He gives Deveraux a sly grin. “Guess there’s something I can do that you can’t.”

<Deveraux> “I do not think I could tell such a thing. Perhaps you would accompany me on a trip to pick what would be most useful to you?” He bows slightly to Cian in greeting when he reveals himself, “Cian. I can see spirits if I focus my perception, but I wish to see them as well as what some would call the other side.”

Christopher nods,”Oh so the sewers we are talking about are beneath the occupied part of town. That changes things, honestly that means these creatures are potential threat to us in a few ways. Hmm. They do appear to devour humans… what else do we know about their behavior? Do we yet know if they are creatures of the day or of the night?”

<Atanya> “Seeing da Shadowlands is de first step. So that I will teach to you tonight if you wish. But be warned dat de ghosts can see when you use it and dey ave learned to fear it. Dey can also effect you with powers dey possess much more easily as you ave crossed de barrier for dem.”

<Deveraux> nods, “Very much, yes. We can travel to get your payment whenever you wish to do so.”

⋠Cian⋡ makes a bit of a face at Deveraux. “Couldn’t let me have the one thing, could you?” He laughs and shakes his head, quite clearly amused rather than upset and turns to Atanya. “Antol said I should ask you for help with the ghost thing. It hasn’t been all that big a fucking deal really, but apparently that’s because you and Zaluut scared most the ones around

here off. And the rest just mumble about the same crap over and over.”

<Atanya> looks over at Cian. “Dat is because of da Giovanni. Dey be over dere in New Orleans plotting and sending spies. So I keep de ghosts that dey send out.”

<Deveraux> nods again to Atanya, “Exactly the reason I am asking you for help. I feel about the Giovanni as Zaluut feels about the Tremere.”

⋠Cian⋡ cocks an eyebrow. “Giovanni…like…the gangsters? The ones with the weird obsession with antiques and who have been moving in on the nightclub scene? You’re telling me those fuck-heads are vampires?”

<Atanya> smiles, the white skull paint on her face making her seem like some crazy witch doctor. “Giovanni be just a step above da Setites. And a small one at dat.”, she looks over at Cian. “Not all of dem. Dey keep de family close. Real close if you catch my meaning.”

⋠Cian⋡ curls his lip and snakes out his long tongue. “Ew. That’s fucking gross. Even by my standards. I heard rumors about it but I didn’t think it was anything more than gangbanger bullshit.”

<Kitt Bishop> steps out again and nods to Christopher. “All I know is that they supposedly melt people and that they seem to themselves melt when they die. And that they used to -be- people. Which is … disturbing.”

Christopher nods and grabs a notebook and writes that down…”Interesting… they melt when they die you say? Hmm. Do you know anything anout their appearance Kitt? Nobody else has told me anything about what they look like. Are they all the same? Do they seem to have different types or groups or do they seem to be random? Colors? Any details can be useful in making a big picture

of what these are.”

<Deveraux> “They are also a clan founded on the destruction of another.”

⋠Cian⋡ cocks his head to the side a bit and looks at Deveraux with some confusion. “I thought clans were founded by the Antediluvian assholes?”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head just a little bit. “There are also bloodlines, offshoots of clans and then a couple that have been mostly wiped out with another trying to take their place. Remember I was going through that book the other day that was talking about some that weren’t around anymore?”

<Deveraux> looks back to Cian and considers a moment, “First, what makes them.. assholes as you put it? Second, each clan does have a founder or Antedeluvian. There are two of them that attained their ancient blood by theft instead of by gift from either Zillah, Irad, or Enoch.”

Christopher thinks for a moment,”Do you suppose we could enlist the assistance of any of the restless dead to study the creatures in the sewers? Perhaps the spirit of a scientist would be useful. The restless dead should have little to fear from the creatures and should be able to make a lot of examinations without detection.”

<Atanya> just looks over at Christopher… and shakes her head.

⋠Cian⋡ frowns and tries to remember everything he’d been reading lately about Cainite history. “Umm…those are the second generation, right? Oh and I think I remember now, the Tremere, they are the other clan that stole their blood or what the fuck ever right? That’s why Zaluut and Antol call them Usurpers.” He frowns a bit at Deveraux. “And the Antediluvians are

assholes because they want to eat us all, after they spend a million years or whatever pulling everyone’s strings.” He seems genuinely confused that Deveraux even asked that one, and then turns to Kitt. “Yeah I remember now. I didn’t realize other clans took their place though. Thought they just fucked up and got them selve extinctioned. Me and Jimmy are part of a bloodline

right? Cause we’re not the same as regular Gangrel? And that’s not even getting into me looking like a fucking Nosferatu and, apparently, having Gargoyle powers. Fuck I’m weird.”

Christopher looks back at Atanya and shrugs,”Why not? Haunting the creatures seems like a great idea.”

<Deveraux> “Want has nothing to do with it. Need is more accurate.”

<Kitt Bishop> glances from Deveraux to Cian and nods in agreement. “The older we get the more likely it is that vitae is not as sustaining. Eventually human blood doesn’t do the trick anymore, so other vampires become the best source of said sustance.”, she then looks over at Christopher, and shakes her head before looking back at Cian. “Yeah, though I am not clear on

when the split of your line occured, it is believed that it is just an adaptation. Gangrel are survivors afterall.”

<Deveraux> nods to Kitt and looks back at the rest, “It has to do with the power in the blood, Kitt. The larger and more powerful the machine the more power it needs. We refer to this as the Ancient’s Thirst.”

<Kitt Bishop> “The Tzimisce are divergent as well. There are some from a long time ago that do not possess Vicissitude.”

Christopher ponders for a moment before turning to his books.”I recall reading something that could be useful… I wonder…” He begins to open up some books and pouring over them.

<Deveraux> nods, “True. The old ones posses the ability to command the minds of others instead of the ability to mold flesh and bone.”

⋠Cian⋡ grins at Kitt. “Damn straight we are.” He scratches his face as she and Deveraux continue. “So doesn’t that mean that eventually all the elders will only be able to survive on Cainite blood? That’s…kinda fucked.” He shakes his head slowly, not really wanting to dwell on it too much at the moment but unable to fully dismiss the thought.

<Deveraux> “All, eventually, require blood more potent than humans to survive. This is unavoidable as we age and grow in power. The act of diablerie and increasing ones blood potency will make this more likely.”

<Atanya> listens quietly, her dark eyes scanning each person present.

<Kitt Bishop> nods. “Yeah. Most are at least like a thousand though before they get to that point so i think you have some time to plan.”

Christopher perks up,”Or instead of requiring the consumption of vampire blood, we could begin working to increase the potency of human blood so that it serves better as food. That was part of the whole purpose behind my creation. The obertus we were working on formulas that could allow a living subject to generate more potent blood.

<Atanya> looks to Deveraux and then gestures off toward a small building near to the Chapel. “Well, if you would like to learn, come on and I will show you. We can discuss gathering of materials for my study as well.”

<Deveraux> nods to Atanya and bows to the rest, “If you will excuse me. After you, Atanya.”

Christopher looks at Atanya,”If it has anything to do with the creatures of the sewers or any of my other fields of study please do not hesitate to involve me. I am always looking to further our knowledge base. It was a pleasure talking with all of you…” Christopher makes some notes and heads to the library to gather more reading materials.

⋠Cian⋡ chuckles darkly at Kitt. “Noted, never trust anyone over a thousand.” He shakes his head and then turns to Atanya. “Hey, uh, Antol said you were the one to talk to about controlling this whole ‘seeing fucking ghosts’ thing. So, should I tag along or meet with you some other time?”

<Atanya> looks over at Cian and debates before speaking. “Alright den, come along and you might learn something. But dont you backtalk me.”

<Kitt Bishop> waves to Christopher and as the others head off to deal with seeing dead people she bows her head and goes her own way as well.

⋠Cian⋡ snickers and looks at Atanya innocently. “Me? Backtalk? Never. Just ask Kitt, I’m incredibly well behaved.”

Christopher smiles and waves goodbye to Kitt before walking over to the library. He mutters quietly,”Astral Projection… perhaps a spirit body… hmmm the possibilities…”

<Atanya> just shakes her head and walks off toward the home of her pack, opening up the front dor and gesturing for the others to come inside with her.

<Deveraux> follows after Atanya toward the little building and will step inside.

⋠Cian⋡ cracks his neck and follows as well, his eyes gleaming with anticipation.

<Atanya> steps inside with the others to a room that seems normal enough. It looks a bit like an old fashioned sitting room and has a few large chairs and couches for socializing. She gestures toward a blue couch on one side of the room and a black armchair. “You may sit over there.”

<Deveraux> nods, “Thank you.” He moves over to the couch and sits at one end of it, removing his tophat while indoors and rests his hands on top of his walking stick in front of him.

<Storyteller> Nearer to the entrance there is also a red couch and a writing desk, facing so that the entrance and stairs up can easily be seen from that position.

⋠Cian⋡ flops himself down on the red couch, one leg raised to drape over the back of the couch while the other foot rests on the floor. He lays on his side his his head propped up on one of his arms. Though it would be easy to assume so based on his usual behavior, Cian’s choice wasn’t one of rebellion, but rather a simple habit of preferring to be able to keep an

eye on exits, born from a life of crime.

<Atanya> looks over at Cian, “Well, you may not need my help as you may soon be in de Shadowlands soon as Sascha gets your scent on her couch.”

<Deveraux> glances at the red couch, “Hers as in she made it or owns it or both?”

<Atanya> laughs lightly and shakes her head. “While she does not tend to practice de arts of Vicissitude in dat manner, make her angry enough and she might make an exception. I hear dat Zaluut’s paintings are often made on canvas from dose who have angered him.”

<Deveraux> “I would not discount the possible truth of that statement.”

⋠Cian⋡ raises an eyebrow at Atanya and slowly gets up off the couch. He looks at it for a moment, then flips the cushions and brushes some of his dirt off. “All better.” He then walks over and flops into the armchair, sitting sideways with his legs dangling over the side

<Deveraux> heightens his senses and sniffs toward the couch, “She will likely still know you sat on it.”

<Atanya> nods her head. “You should prepare an apology for when she finds you. Tzimisce can be funny about such dings.”

⋠Cian⋡ grumbles and shakes his head. “Well maybe she should put her damn name on it then.” He rolls his eyes, but starts thinking up an apology anyways.

<Atanya> just shakes her head. “So, Cian, you have the gift of natural sight den?”

<Atanya> looks over at Deveraux, “You are familiar perhaps with Auspex?”

⋠Cian⋡ shrugs non-committally. “Apparently. I didn’t see them when I was alive but I do now. I thought it was something all Cainites could do, part of the having been dead once package, until the others told me otherwise.”

<Atanya> “Still, it seems to be more common for dose in dis area. There is no turning dat off, you just learn not to draw dem to you.”

<Deveraux> “I am well versed in the use of Auspex, yes.”

⋠Cian⋡ nods. “Yeah he’s pretty good. Spotted me pretty easy. It would be nice not to have them bug me if I don’t want. But…invisible spies could be fucking useful too.”

<Atanya> “Extending your awareness is much like dat. Such as de ability to see souls, but without having a body to concentrate on. So it can elp to focus on an object and open your awareness from dat point. A pinprick at first, then up to de whole room. Connections make it easier, So to places of de dead.”

<Atanya> “De Shroud is harder to breach in some areas. Mostly places of da living.”

⋠Cian⋡ raises an eyebrow at Atanya. “The hell is the Shroud?”

<Deveraux> listens closely as Atanya speaks.

<Atanya> looks over at Cian. “It is de barrier between dis world and dat one.”

<Atanya> “Dat is what must be passed in oder for de power to work.”

⋠Cian⋡ frowns. “So…what…I just ignore it all the time now or something?”

<Atanya> looks over at Cian, “No, just try not to look directly at dem. Look through, or around. If they see you can see it will draw dem and you are ill prepared to defend against dem if dey get violent.”

<Atanya> looks back at Deveraux. “Ways you can defend yourself, are mostly mental. Some powers of de blood will work. Ghosts are creatures of emotion so Presence is very effective. Once you can see dem, Dominate can work as well.”

<Deveraux> “I have fought spirits before by leaving my body to do so.”

⋠Cian⋡ nods slowly. “Makes sense I guess.” He listens as she speaks to Deveraux and frowns. “What am I supposed to do? I don’t have either of those.”

<Atanya> looks back at Cian. “Dat is why I said you must be careful. Dey can do more harm to you dan you can to dem.”

⋠Cian⋡ scoffs a bit. “Well that fucking sucks.”

<Atanya> looks back to Deveraux, “Doing dat while trying to see into de Shadowlands opens up your body to possession. I would be cautious.”

<Deveraux> “This is why I am talking to you for training in the arts of Necromancy with specificity on spirits.”

⋠Cian⋡ scratches his chest and looks pensive. “Shadowlands…is that like…ghost world or something?”

<Atanya> nods and then steps aside. “Try to extend your perceptions den. Dere is a ghost in here, and I keep de Shroud thin.”

<Deveraux> “Is there a thought that helps to focus for this?”

⋠Cian⋡ frowns and points over at the red couch. “You mean that dude?”

<Atanya> “It is like drawing back da curtain between dis world and dat one. Start gently and small-“, she reaches over and slaps the side of Cian’s head. “Boi! You be gettin on my last nerve, you hear?”

⋠Cian⋡ “Ow!” He rubs the side of his head and grumbles incoherently.

<Deveraux> stills his mind and looks in the direction Cian pointed and tries to open his mind to the Shadowlands. He imagines a figure standing there, but at the moment it’s just a black form in his mind.

<Atanya> glances over and nods for the ghost to move. Then she looks back over at Deveraux, “It goes deeper than Auspex. You are connecting to de land of de dead, not just skimming it’s surface.”

<Deveraux> “I am not using Auspex to try to see him. I am trying to open my mind to see him in a way I have never done before. It might take me some time to perfect this state of mind.”

<Atanya> nods, “Take your time.”, she looks over at Cian. “You keep quiet.”

⋠Cian⋡ curls his lip and makes a face at Atanya, but does as she says and makes no further comments.

<Deveraux> remains laser focused in his task to peer across the Shroud to see whoever is standing in the room with them.

<Storyteller> Eventually the room starts to fade into a shade of grey and take on a slightly more entropic appearance. Things look… decayed. Standing near the front door is a man that he did not see before, watching them intently.

⋠Cian⋡ raises his eyebrows as a small blue flame suddenly manifests in each of Deveraux’s eyes. He starts to as something but stops himself and rolls his eyes. Instead he looks over at Atanya then points at Deveraux’s eyes with an inquisitive look on his face.

<Deveraux> zeroes in on the wraith in the room with them and nods to him. “I can see him now.”

<Atanya> looks at Cian and nods. “Yes, dat is wat de dead see. Ghosts recognize necromancy immediately.”

⋠Cian⋡ ever the smartass, continues to remain silent and points at his own eyes with the same questioning look.

<Atanya> concentrates and looks through herself, her own eyes flaring up with blue light inside for those that can see the realm of the dead. “No, stupid boi, your sight is natural and does not tear the veil on it’s way through.”

<Deveraux> looks toward Cian and then Atanya and finally nods, “I see. The blue fire in the eyes is a sign to them and others that can see across. Thank you for the lesson. Payment is required, then, as we had an accord.”

<Atanya> looks over at Deveraux and nods. “Now what was dis you were saying about collecting dust?”

<Deveraux> “There are tombs all over that mortal eyes have yet to find. I can acquire you some dust of the remains as payment, as agreed.”

<Atanya> smiles and nods. “Dat will do nicely.”

⋠Cian⋡ swivels in the chair so that his head hangs upside down and his legs dangle over the back. He stares at the Wraith, thinking. The idea of being vulnerable to their powers but unable to retaliate irritates him, but of course he doesn’t know enough about them to have any idea what to do about it.

<Deveraux> stands, “I shall return with said payment in a short time.” He bows to the both of them and then starts heading for the door out of the room after stopping his sight across the Shroud.

⋠Cian⋡ waves as Deveraux leaves but doesn’t move to get up, simply sitting there and staring at Atanya as though waiting for her to continue.

<Atanya> looks at Cian and then around, picking up a broom. “You should be on your way for de evening. I will deal wit you later.”, she holds the broom in a rather threatening manner as she eyes Cian, then the door.

⋠Cian⋡ sighs heavily like only a teenager can and rolls backwards off the chair. He looks at the red couch and then over to Atanya. “You can tell her I’ll be in the Orphanage or the Courtyard when she wants to come find me. Please.” The last word practically drops with sarcasm and he flits out through the door before Atanya can swat him with the broom.

<Deveraux> is not outside when Cian gets there.