⋠Cian⋡ finally heads back to the Orphanage after several good rounds of ‘Laundry Day’, his new name for his game of trying to scare Ghouls and Revenants so bad that they need a change of pants. To his relief, Sara and Anna seem to have stopped there babbling for the time being and contented themselves with drawing…something…on the walls. He nods to Jimmy and Eliza as he

walks in. “Good hunting tonight. Four successful Laundry Days.” Jimmy laughs out loud at Cian as Eliza shakes her head, a small smile on her lips. “I’m gonna get some reading done so I can get this book back to Antol before he decides to come looking for it.” They nod and Cian heads off a ways where the two Malkavians won’t bother him and cracks open the book, settling in for a relaxing