<Deveraux> decides he needs to familiarize himself with the contents of the local Sabbat library and decides to ‘pop’ in on the top floor and work his way down.

<Kitt> is quietly going through the books in the library in her white robes and blinks as Deveraux ‘arrives’. She looks over at him from the ladder with a large tome in her hand. “Uhm, hi?”

<Deveraux> turns to bow in greeting to Kitt, “Apologies, miss. I did not mean to startle you. In fact I was assuming no one would be in here to startle. Clearly an error on my part. Perhaps you can help me, then. I am seeking the rarest and oldest sources of knowledge that these shelves may contain.”

<Kitt> raises an eyebrow at him as she climbs down. “Well… Not really sure what you are looking for. That is kinda vague. Like human history or Kindred history for example? As for age we dont keep the really old stuff here… Too delicate and some of these jer- newer arrivals dont know how to take care of things.”

<Deveraux> “I am interested in all history.” He nods to her, “Yes, most of them would not even approach showing such records of lore the respect they deserve. Would it be possible for me to see the ‘really old stuff’ as you so eloquently put it?”

<Kitt> looks at him thoughtfully a moment. “I could probably locate something for you, with Zaluut’s permission. He has some very old texts, most kept as scrolls. What is your interest? Just curiousity?”

<Deveraux> “I am a historian and seek to acquire all the knowledge I can to better understand, well, everything.”

<Kitt> nods and then starts to walk toward the stairs down. ” Well, can’t hurt to ask. So you have been doing this a long time?”, she asks as she motions for him to follow, still holding the rather large book she pulled down.

<Deveraux> follows after her. “Acquiring knowledge? For almost the entirety of my existence, yes, even while I was breathing.”

<Kitt> nods and thinks for a moment more before asking quietly as they head down one of the less used hallways, “Perhaps you would not mind an exchange of information? I am looking for information on a clan that isn’t exactly found anymore. The Salubri. Zaluut has some texts but… Not a whole lot.”

<Deveraux> “Saulot’s childer are not found anymore because they do not wish to be found. The Tremere did an exceptional job of demonizing them and claiming that they were a clan of soul-eating infernalists.”

<Deveraux> “So yes, I will agree to an exchange of information.”

<Kitt> smiles a bit and nods. “Okay. I would ask anyway but I appreciate it.”, she says as she approaches a set of ornate double doors at the end of one hall.

<Deveraux> continues following after her, his eyes scanning the spines of all the books he passes by on the way to the ornate doors. “For what purpose do you wish to learn of the Salubri? Is there one here, or do you believe that one is here?”

<Kitt> pauses for just a moment, looking from the doors over to him and goes quiet, then knocks on the door. “There is one here.”, she says finally. The door opens after just a few seconds, revealing a long hallway full of various paintings.

<Deveraux> nods, “Most interesting. Are they a healer or a warrior?” He looks down the hallway and starts studying the paintings, memorizing them.

<Kitt> walks slowly, giving him time to observe the paintings of various landscapes. Most of mountain and forest, most likely Eastern Europe. “Healer.”, she says quietly.

<Deveraux> nods as he focuses on the paintings, muttering softly as they walk. “The Bistrita mountains. The Moldoveanu Peak. The highest mountain in all of Romania. Majestic.”

<Zaluut> speaks up from the other end of the hallway, nodding to Deveraux. “Thank you. These are my pictures of home.”

<Kitt> smiles as she sees Zaluut at the other doorway, and bows her head politely.

<Deveraux> bows in greeting as well, “Good to see you again. The Carpathians are easily recognized and not given enough credit when mountains are discussed in this age.” He closes the distance in his usual calm manner and will stop, unless otherwise stopped of course, a friendly distance from Zaluut, “Kitt was telling me of the scrolls you keep out of the reach of children. I was hoping you might let me study them? I will share knowledge in

return, of course.”

<Zaluut> looks to Deveraux and actually smiles in amusement. “I do not mind.”, he says and moves back into the room, door open with plenty of room for them to comfortably pass by. “You are welcome to come and discuss things in my study.”

<Deveraux> nods and steps past him, “Thank you.” He enters and then waits to be directed to where to sit or stand, all the while his hungry eyes are taking in every visible inch of the study.

<Kitt> heads inside and goes over to one of the chairs to have a seat. The room is decorated for comfort, much like the one in the forest. Chairs by the fireplace, a writing desk, and many shelves with carefully organized scrolls and books, with a few different languages represented.

<Deveraux> “What language shall we converse in?”

<Zaluut> steps fully inside and the door closes behind them. He gestures toward the shelves. “You may look through any of these you might find interesting.”, he says and then smiles a bit as he swaps to Romanian. “Kitt does need to work on her Romanian.”

<Deveraux> nods and responds in kind, “The least I can do for a gracious host is to speak to him in his own language.” He moves over toward the scrolls and will begin looking through them, taking great care in how he handles them from the removing from shelves to the unrolling and rolling before replacing them. “So there is one of Saulot’s line in the area. They are often not heard of. Is it known if they willingly admitted their lineage or if

they were discovered somehow?”

<Zaluut> looks over at Kitt for a moment, then back to Deveraux. “They believe her to be of my line. For the few that have seen the third eye they believe it just fleshcrafting. Certainly stranger things have been seen on a Tzimisce.”

<Kitt> listens, mostly puzzling though the language she only recently started learning to use.

<Deveraux> “This makes sense. Any who have beheld the Angel of Caine know well what Fleshcraft is capable of.” He finds a text dealing with the Koldunic ways, “Would you be willing to instruct me in the sorcery from your homeland?”

<Zaluut> nods. “I would be willing to do so. I am rather interested in what this sorcery is that lets you move about so freely.”

<Kitt> tilts her head and watches them from her seat, interested in the exchange.

<Deveraux> looks over at him, “This sounds like a fair trade to me. Does this sorcery work like Thaumaturgy? There are areas of study and so forth or is it more general in nature? Is ritual magic a component of it, similar to Thaumaturgy?”

<Zaluut> nods his head and smiles. “It has different branches, each representing an elemental force of nature. Earth is my specialty, but I also have studied Wind and Flame. Kitt there has an element I have not seen in my time, that of Lightning.”

<Deveraux> “Interesting. What are the benefits to each of these that I might find instruction in from you?”

<Zaluut> looks thoughtful about that for a moment. “Earth is defensive bit perhaps would be hard for you since you do not remain in one place long enough to bond properly to the land. Wind can be useful to send messages, see from afar, even fly or slow enemies with cold. Flame is largely offensive but once the spirits of the fire respect you, they deal less harm to you than others of our kind. Kitt would have to

tell you more of her own path.”

<Deveraux> turns his gaze to Kitt now after nodding to Zaluut.

<Kitt> muddles through all of that and then blinks a bit. “Oh.”, she says before trying to explain in Romanian. “I can cause surges, mostly good against modern devices. Uhm… I can electrify my skin like an eel for defense… And I can build up and release large amounts of electricity to cause damage if I have to.”

<Deveraux> nods to her, “Thank you.” He looks back to Zaluut, “I think I will learn about fire, first. In return I shall educate you in the Praapti path, also referred to as the path of Mercury. We have an accord.”

<Zaluut> nods. “That we do. The other house will be better for this when you are ready. It has more privacy.”

<Deveraux> “Very well. A side question perhaps you will know the answer to. Who would be best for me to talk to about learning how to see and interact with the Restless? I met an interesting young woman the other night that I would like to speak with again but do not have the means to do so on my own at this time.”

<Kitt> looks over at Zaluut and waits for an acknowledgment before speaking so as not to interupt. “Atanya practices Necromancy. And I believe Sascha had a book on it. We had a Samedi about too but haven’t seen them in a while.”

<Deveraux> nods again, “Ahh, Sascha. We met the other night. I believe she almost attacked me. Where might I find Atanya, please?”

<Zaluut> smirks at that. “Sascha is still young. And her temperment is oft affected by the weather. As for Atanya, she can be found in the small building behind the chapel.”

<Deveraux> “Is she receptive to visitors?”

<Zaluut> “Kitt can show you where and announce you. She is wise for her age, and practices from the perspective of the regional religion of voodoo I believe.”

<Deveraux> “I would like that. In return for the favor of introduction I shall share more knowledge of the Salubri. We should meet to begin studies in the near future.”

<Zaluut> nods and they continue on in friendly discussion for a while. Seeming to enjoy having good company to talk to.

<Deveraux> knows quite a bit of the history, especially the witch hunt the Tremere started and details around how and why and will proudly fly the flag of the historian.

⋠Cian⋡ slips out of the Orphanage, as he’s come to call the section of the Asylum where he and his pack make haven, and heads off through the halls. Sara and Anna were in the middle of discussing…well something. To him it sounds like they are having two separate conversations, but they seem to understand each other, and they were content, which means he can go off on his own a bit without being f

ollowed and give his brain a rest. Their combined madness felt almost like a tangible pressure in his head, but he could feel his thoughts clear as he moves. Once he feels certain he is clear of their notice and hasn’t been followed, Cian finds a nice shadowy corner and fades from view.