<Deveraux> steps through the main doors and starts his more typical slow walking pace heading into the building. He looks around attentively at everything and will head toward the first sounds hs picks up.

<Sascha> comes down from upstairs and starts to make her way into the main hall, headed back toward the doors. As she spies the unusual stranger, she changes course slightly to intercept.

Anna stops inside the doors, looking for Dev “no.. I need… ” Anna’s voice trails off. Mr whiskers has followed her inside, grumbling but behaving.

<Sascha> blinks as she studies the stranger, and rolls her shoulders with a odd creaking sound. She almost appears bigger, hairs visibly bristling. “Excuse me, who are you?”

<Deveraux> stops in front of Sascha and removes his tophat to bow at her in greeting, “Good evening. My name is Deveraux. Might I have the pleasure of your name, Miss?” He replaces the hat once hs straightens as he waits for her reply.

Hearing deveraux, Anna heads toward his voice. Her eyes seem too bright and she giggles as she skips down the hall.

⋠Cian⋡ makes pretty good time to the door, but it’s hard to beat teleportation, and so Deveraux is out of sight by the time he gets there. “Dammit.” Anna seems to hear him however, and he lets her lead, the gleam of his eyes the last thing to fade as he slips into the shadows behind her and follows along unseen.

<Sascha> watches his movements closely, her hands at her sides flex slightly, but her voice is polite and restrained. “Sascha. Were you invited here?”

<Fiona> silently walks down the hall, heading toward the source of the voices.

[Obfuscated] Cian slows as Deveraux and a redheads woman he doesn’t recognize come into view. He crouches, keeping his profile low and sticks to the shadows, curious but not ready to make himself known.

<Deveraux> “Directly, no. I have been on the grounds before speaking with Cian, Fiona, Kitt and Talwar. Zaluut mentioned this place to me and I thought it was time I took a look at it.”

<Sascha> relaxes her posture slightly at the mention of Talwar and Zaluut specifically. Her eyes shift toward the stairs, then back to Deveraux. “Well, if you had not been then I suppose Zaluut would have come out of his room by now.”

[Obfuscated] Cian raises his eyebrows and shifts a bit when the redhead mentions Zaluut being in his room. He’d thought the old fiend was out in the woods, having not seen him for a while. He resolved to find out where this room was, he had questions he felt Zaluut could best answer.

Anna barely manages to compose herself before stopping behind deveraux. She stands with her hands at her sides, clutching a small journal. The pages yellowed and worn. Quietly she speaks “Sir deveraux, you can’t just leave your assistant behind like that, it is unseemly”

<Deveraux> “If I might inquire, why were you so on edge? Am I off-putting in some way?” He looks back at Anna, “A moment, please.” before returning his attention to Sascha.

<Fiona> reaches the others, watching Anna.

Anna loses her battle internal, “I love that name, zaluut, I want to meet him soon, I should meet him soon. Sir deveraux, we should meet zaluut. His name is nice” Anna looks from deveraux to sascha, her gaze wide and childlike.

<Sascha> flicks her eyes toward Anna for a moment, before looking back to Deveraux again. “You did not exactly seem to belong. I don’t take well to uninvited guests.”

<Deveraux> nods, “Most of us do not suffer uninvited guests in our Domains. Now that we have spoken, however, may I proceed or would you prefer to show me around?”

[Obfuscated] Cian stifles a laugh as Anna rambles on. It would be a shame if Deveraux, Fiona, or the redhead decided to eat her to keep her quiet, but damn if it wouldn’t be funny.

Anna grows quiet again, she picks up Mr whiskers and puts him in his purse. He grunts but makes no other complaints. Anna stands nearly still afterward, inwardly wishing to get to the good part of research… Books

<Sascha> looks thoughtful, eyes flicking toward the stairs again before she steps up and nods. Wouldn’t do to just let this guy go roaming about on his own. “I will show you around.”, she says, and then glances toward Anna again. “You too?”

Anna nods “sir deveraux needs me. I am his assistant after all, who would take his notes? I am Anna” she curtsies

<Deveraux> says evenly to Sascha, “I have just met this woman, despite her profession at being my assistant. Thank you for being willing to escourt.. us I suppose.” He starts moving toward Sascha and up the stairs. After a few steps he says, while keeping his eyes forward, “Come along, Cian.”

⋠Cian⋡ smiles at Deveraux, not all that surprised that the elder Cainite can see him, and obeys, following a few steps behind and to the left.

<Fiona> looks at Deveraux, then at Cian, scowling at the spot where Deveraux may have noticed him.

[[ Really was no spot that Dev looked. He kept his eyes on Sascha and the stairs the entire time. Just to clarify. 🙂 ]]

<Sascha> looks back at Deveraux and nods. “I see.”, she glances at the halls as they pass by, moving through the main areas only. “Well, down there we have the moon room, and a meeting room. This way we have the library, which actually holds space on four floors.”

“I know we just met, but that’s the beauty of it. I don’t have to be re-trained. I will be the best assistant you have ever had Sir Deveraux.” Anna follows taking notes in her journal… With disappearing ink it seems.

Anna nearly drools when they get to the book room.

<Deveraux> “A respectable respository of knowledge, then. Splendid. I should like very much to tour its shelves in the near future.” He follows along with her and looks at every little thing along the way. He commands to Anna, “What areas of research do you have experience in? I would like to see your CV.”

Anna looks puzzled “CV? I carry no viruses sir,”she seems indignant then takes a deep breath “my particular areas of expertise include, mythology, the origins of vampire lore, including enochian study, and rabbits”

<Sascha> just stands patiently aside and listens, though she does seem to find some amusement in Anna’s indignation.

<Fiona> snorts as she listens.

[Obfuscated] Cian has to cover his mouth not to laugh as Anna speaks, and he shakes his head. This one might be worse than Sara. He decides to take advantage of her distracting nature to get a closer look at Sascha.

<Fiona> also wonders where the hell dumbshit is.

<Deveraux> “CV is short for Curriculum Vitae, my dear. Your resume. You have studied vampiric history and Enoch? Do you read and or speak the language?” He keeps his eyes on Sascha as he speaks, though, “What others areas of interest might I see, if you please?”

“I do read and speak Enochian sir. I also studied a bit in alternative medical procedures with Victor.” Anna’s head tilts to the side as she considers “I am very interested in old books, cartoons, the weird noise the walls make, and I take good notes”

<Sascha> looks over at Anna like she just added an extra helping of crazy, then looks back at Deveraux. “Well, indoors this is largely it. We have some common rooms, but everything else belongs to individual Packs and therefore is their private property. I would not wish to intrude on their space without express permission.”

<Deveraux> “I understand completely. I shall see the common rooms, then. Where might I find them?” He looks back at Anna, “I will be the judge of the quality of your note taking, Anna.”

<Sascha> nods and then starts to follow the hall back around, avoiding the ahem ‘guest rooms’, and heading down a flight to ground level. “Down here, both east and west sides have large common rooms. Pool tables, chess, just places for open gathering.”

Anna blinks rapidly “of course you will, sir. I am but your simple assistant and would not assume to think otherwise.” She smiles prettily, still writing in her old journal. Upon closer inspection, a faded title reads “Witch Hunter’s Field Guide” in French

<Deveraux> “Thank you for the tour, Sascha. Most enlightening. Tell me, though, who rules this domain?”

[Obfuscated] Cian follows along, now off the the side a bit so he can watch and listen to everyone as they move. If he’s honest with himself, Cian isn’t quite sure what compels him to stay hidden, but since he doesn’t have much worth adding to the conversation just yet he sees no harm in it.

<Sascha> nods her head politely, and then looks thoughtful. “That depends on exactly what you mean by that. One could say the Sword, the Arch-Bishop Athena”, who she thinks but doesn’t say would love to believe she rules this place, “Or Zaluut, as he treats this land as his territory personally while here.”

<Deveraux> “I should meet Athena soon, then, so she knows I am about. It is the courteous thing to do.” He bows to Sascha again, “Thank you once more for being a gratious and informative host and tour guide. I am sure we will converse in the future.” He looks now to Anna, “You will recite your phone number for me so I may reach you at my convenience.”

Anna pulls out her phone and considers it a moment “555-123-4567” she recites dutifully. She smiles happily up at deveraux, “you’re going to be the best Sir ever. I can tell.” She turns to sascha a moment “miss sascha, I find myself in need of lodging, I am embarrassed to ask, could I stay here for just a short while?”

<Sascha> nods to him. “You’re welcome. And it is likely, though I am rarely here. Speaking of… i have business elsewhere before the sun rises.”

<Deveraux> removes his pocket watch from his waistcoat pocket and clicks it open. He glances at it for a few seconds before closing it up and replacing it in the pocket from whence it came. “I must be off. It was nice to see those that I already knew and meet those I did not.” He steps away a few paces from them so he can bow to the entire group, “I bid you good evening.” He then

vanishes on the spot.

“saint Germain” Anna says quietly to herself. Then she looks about as if lost “he’s gone now, I miss cian…”

<Fiona> “Why would you miss the dumbshit?”

⋠Cian⋡ moves behind Fiona and drops his obfuscation. “Because I’m awesome, of course.”

<Fiona> doesn’t miss a beat and drives an elbow at his face.

<Fiona> “Don’t fucking sneak up on me.”

Anna looks hopefully at cian, “can I have a sleepover at your house?”

⋠Cian⋡ grasps his bleeding nose and laughs. “I’ll have to ask Eliza, but I doubt she’ll mind too much, you and Sara will have lots to talk about I’m sure.”

Anna smiles warmly “then to the bat cave Cian, we must rest, for tomorrow is a new adventure. Goodnight Fiona, I look forward to playing again sometime.”

⋠Cian⋡ shakes his head in amusement and takes Anna by the hand, leading her off towards the area that the Orphans have staked as theirs.

<Fiona> rolls her eye, then heads into the wood

<Fiona> rolls her eye, then heads into the woods