^C11,99<Cian>^C hangs from a tree branch, reading as usual. By his estimation, he’s done more reading in the past few weeks than he had in the last five years. Though he is a bit restless, Cian has to be honest with himself that the reading is proving to be quite stimulating. Unlike the time he spent in school, the Cainite lore that Antol has him studying strikes him as actually useful, and that gives him m

otivation he lacked during his mortal education.

[Obfuscated] Abequa stalks about the courtyard’s shadows, and seeing Cian up in the tree starts to creep up on him slowly, seeing how close she can get.

<Kitt Bishop> is sitting out on the steps outside the main hall, occasioanally glancing off toward the courtyard proper.

^C11,99<Cian>^C notices Kitt on the steps and drops from his tree, landing softly in the grass and walking over. “Heya, Kitt. How’re things?”

[Obfuscated] Abequa continues to sneak along behind Cian, creeping ever closer without alerting him. She moving slowly and with all the patience of any other ambush predator.

<Kitt Bishop> waves to Cian and turns the page of the book she is looking at. “Hello, Cian. How’re you? I am well enough, just doing some research.”

Abequa appears right behind Cian as she gives him a firm poke in the side. “Tag.”, she says before moving over to side down beside Kitt.

<Cian> jumps and hisses loudly as Abequa pokes him, then laughs as he sees her. “Goddamn it. Good one. Now I know how the Ghouls feel when I go snacking. Made one fucking piss himself earlier.” He laughs and shakes his head then turns back to Kitt pointing at the book “This one in gibberish again?”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles a little and shakes her head. “No, that other one was for Zaluut. This one is for my research. What were you reading?”, she asks and then nods to Abequa. “Hey, Abequa. Always practicing, huh?”

<Cian> holds the book out for Kitt to see. “Some stuff about the Sabbat. Rites and bloodlines and why we hate who we hate. Good shit.”

Abequa nods. “Yeah. It does me good to keep in practice… and keeps the others on their toes.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts he rhead as she looks at it, then nods. “I see. Hate is pretty strong, but you’ll learn as you go. The rituals are useful though.”

<Cian> nods enthusiastically. “Reminds me a lot of Mass as a kid. Except it’s actually badass and worth a shit.”

Abequa tilts her head and stares at Cian a moment. “mass?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks over. “It’s uhm, from church. A little different that what your people did.”

<Cian> snorts derisively and leans against the Asylum wall, absently rubbing the back of his hand against it in a manner that could almost be called loving. “It’s batshit fucking idiocy is what it is. Although…” he grins “it does bring the sexually deviant rebel out in some of the girls, so not all bad.”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head softly. “Yeah… okay. Be careful with that sorta talk around Sascha, she is pretty… righteous and stuff.”

Abequa still looks confused between them, but keeps quiet about it.

<Cian> arches an eyebrow at Kitt. “A Catholic Cainite? Seriously? Is she also a masochist?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head at Cian. “Yep. But I’d watch it, she really does have Faith on her side.”

Abequa listens and then nods in agreement. “She does at that. But she is also a strong warrior.”

<Cian> shrugs “as long as she doesn’t try to make me say Hail Marys or smack me with a ruler, then fuck it, that’s her problem not mine.” He snorts again and shakes his head. “How come I haven’t seen her around here yet?”

<Kitt Bishop> glances off toward the gates. “She is often on specific missions. But she is around off and on. She isn’t like the other Tzimisce, she doesn’t make ghouls and stuff.”

<Cian> shakes his head. “Catholic and Tzimisce…to each their own I guess.” He looks up at Abequa and shrugs. “So what did ‘your people’ do?” He makes air quotes as he says ‘your people’ then goes back to rubbing the back of his hand against the wall.

Abequa shrugs her shoulders faintly. “My people worshipped a physical God, who stayed with us. And he consumed my younger sister. I too was meant to be a sacrifice but I fled when I saw him.”

<Cian> raises an eyebrow. “Cainite with an ego or something else?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods softly. “Complicated. But it was partly a Cainite… an ancient.”

<Cian> gets a bit wide eyed. “Partly? The fuck does that mean?”

Abequa shrugs again a little. “It also became the people it consumed. And they became it… all of them, one creature.”

<Kitt Bishop> “You know comic books?”

<Cian> shrugs “I stole some from time to time, yeah.”

<Kitt Bishop> “Think the Carnage symbiote but that can reproduce by taking on enough mass.”

<Kitt Bishop> “It wasn’t restricted to just humans either… anything organic. It even went so far as to invade some of our people here. We had to burn it out of them. Ask Fiona how much that sucked.”

Abequa nods softly and then perks up, looking toward the building. “I should go in and meditate for a while. Talwar would not want me to slack off.”

<Cian> nods slowly. “Ri-i-ight. Fuck all that.” Turning to Abequa, “Smart move getting the fuck out of there.” Then nods and looks over Kitt’s shoulder at her book. “So what is this shit anyways?”

Abequa nods and then heads off inside.

<Kitt Bishop> waves to Abequa and smirks. “Don’t you come sneaking up on me later.”, she says before she looks back at Cian. “It’s just some history, mostly dark ages stuff.”

<Cian> sticks out his tongue. “Blech. Why?”

<Kitt Bishop> smirks a little bit, “Because there were types of vampires back then that don’t exist anymore, for one. They have secrets that have been lost but could be useful.”

<Cian> perks up and peers down at the book. “You didn’t say it was us type shit. That’s more interesting. Human history is dumb. They’re dead, who gives a shit. Is hiatus cool cause them fuckers could still be kickin around. Also, like you said, ancient voodoo vampire magics and shit.”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles faintly at him. “I suppose that is possible. You know, the Gargoyles were made from a mixture of Tzimisce, Gangrel, and Nosferatu blood. I think it may be more than coincedence that you are Gangrel, have Nosferatu traits, and that the Gargoyle discipline awakened within you.”

<Cian> stares at her with wide eyes. “Yeah that does seem real fucking weird. Does that mean I’m gonna start growing tentacles and spikes and shit too?”

<Kitt Bishop> quirks her lips a little bit, then shrugs. “I don’t know. We’ll jus have to keep an eye on you, and as you advance in that power of your blood, see what happens.”

<Cian> scratches his chin, thinking. “Spikes and tentacles and shit might not be that bad actually…not like I can get much uglier.”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles. “Careful how loud you say that. Some of the Tzimisce might consider that a challenge.”

<Cian> laughs and holds out his arms. “As long as the shit they give me is useful I say bring it. Like Zaluut said, being ugly as sin is turning into a good thing. It reminds me everyday that I ain’t some whimpering little human kid anymore. I’m a predator now, a real life blood sucking monster.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit, thinking about it. “Well, Zaluut doesn’t do that so much but a few others might. Chrys works with animals… Sascha specializes in body weaponry though.”

<Cian> mulls the idea over in his head, nodding slowly. “I ever meet either of them I just might have to ask about that. No point turning down a potential advantage, especially when being so fresh out the dirt sets me behind everyone else.” He eyes Kitt for a moment then smiles. “You ain’t half bad Kitt. You, Sara, Eliza, Jimmy, Fi, Zaluut and all the rest make a better family than any fosters I ev

er had. Helps that most everyone is at least as fucked up as I am, if not more.” He laughs, shaking his head. “This Sword of Caine thing is good shit.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods a little and gets up, tucking her book under her arm. “That does rather set us apart… we are like a family. Well, I need to get upstairs. I will see you around, Cian.”

<Cian> nods and begins scaling the wall to get settled in a window sill. “Yeah Kitt, seeya ’round.@