[Obfuscated] Cian sits perched in a window sill, faded from view. His gaze alternates from the courtyard to the main hall of the Asylum as he waits for someone to jump out at.

Anna walks along the sidewalk, she is dressed plainly in a long sleeve cream colored blouse and ankle length brown pleated skirt. She carries a messenger style school bag, swinging it slowly in front and behind as she walks. Over her other shoulder is a purse (the kind you keep a small dog in) that seems full of black fur. She hums alloutte as she walks.

*correction alouette

[Obfuscated] Cian notices a newcomer and quietly climbs down the wall of the Asylum and drops to a crouch to stalk after her. It’s not terribly often he gets to see a new face, a new reaction to his twisted visage.

<Fiona> is sitting in a tree, flipping through a book.

Anna pulls out a cell phone and starts talking “Hello Victor…. Yes the trip was good… No I didn’t forget…” Faintly over the air can be heard the Candy Crush theme playing from her phone. “I can’t come back until I find it… Uh-huh… Yeah, that’s the thing… Victor, I miss you too but this is important… Uh-huh… Okay.. bye now” she hangs up the phone, simply dropping it in her bag.

<Fiona> flips another page, before her eye begins to drift toward the source of the voice.

[Obfuscated] Cian grins and shakes his head. Just what this place needed, someone else as batshit as Sara. That would certainly liven things up. He rises slowly from his crouch and circles to the left, eyeing the newcomer.

Anna’s French accent drifts through the courtyard as she sings another tune. The words are indestinct and she stops often. After meandering a few more minutes she shouts “Ollie Ollie oxenfree!” And stands waiting.

<Fiona> looks down at Anna, her eye focusing on the woman on the other side of the wall. “Stop with the damn yelling. Who the fuck are you?”

⋠Cian⋡ stifles a laugh then leans forward over her left shoulder so his mouth is right next to her ear. Then, in his low raspy voice he lets out a soft “Boo,” his long tongue flicks out and touches her ear so lightly it’s almost imperceptible as he drops his obfuscation and becomes visible.

Anna peers up at Fiona, in accented English “that’s hardly polite, but since you asked… What are you reading? Is it a good book? I’m Anna, pleased to meet you. Can I read that when you’re finished?” Her voice is soft, and sweet. And she smiles endearingly.

Upon hearing the “boo” Anna turns and nearly kisses cian. She steps back a pace “I bet you’re cute under all that invisibility. Come out and play, I won’t bite… Mostly”

<Fiona> just rolls her eye at Cian, before looking to Anne. “Fuck off.”

<Fiona> “And no.”

Anna frowns “is it because I forgot to say please? And no one else has introduced themselves. Maybe Victor was right, Americans can be rude I guess. Must you use that language? And where is the ‘boo’ man?” Her whirl of responses is such that she spins a circle as she speaks. There is a growl from her purse…

<Fiona> “Dumbshit’s right behind you.”

⋠Cian⋡ pulls back his hood and grins wide, willing away his pseudo invisibility. “You certain about that?” His throat rumbles with a hissing growl that sounds like an alligator and his much too long tongue licks the side of his nose as he waggled his eyebrows at her. The gleam in his eye is hungry and predatory yet somehow playful.

<Fiona> is a honey-skinned woman of average height with a muscular frame, as well as a single eye slitted like a cat’s. She’s currently wearing a tanktop with a faded boxing logo and a pair of cargo shorts.

“you look like… A very tall, deadly Smurf. But I like it, it suits you. Hi, I’m Anna” she extends her hand toward cian, causing the growling purse to growl louder “Mr. Whiskers, that is rude and uncalled for. Be quite and I’ll introduce you if you’re good” the growling gets quieter, but does not cease.

<Fiona> “Will you get whatever’s making that damn racket to shut the fuck up?”

⋠Cian⋡ chuckles and reaches out, grasping her hand in his fingers, so long they wrap all the way around to rest back on his own hand. “Cian. Or Freak Show, take your pick. The angry bitch is Fi.” He glances up and winks at Fiona mischievously.

<Fiona> just scowls down at Cian. “The same goes for you, dumbshit.”

<Fiona> has a Georgia accent, for the record.

Anna curtsies a bit, “I do apologise, Mr whiskers has been cooped up a while and doesn’t handle strangers well. We really would like a place to stay for awhile, I’m doing research, you see. Important stuff, Victor told me I might find a place here somewhere.” While speaking Anna reaches into the overstuffed purse and pulls out a very large, angry looking black rabbit.

<Fiona> looks at the rabbit. “A fucking bunny? Seriously? And who the hell’s Victor?”

Anna keeps looking at cian, her head tilted to the side, stroking Mr whiskers until he calms “Victor is Victor. He’s my friend and he teaches me… Things. He stayed in Montreal while I came here. His experiments are very time sensitive. Are you sure I couldn’t please read that book?” Anna looks imploringly at Fiona.

<Fiona> “That’s really goddamn informative, and no. Fuck off about that.”

⋠Cian⋡ rolls his glimmering eyes as Fiona speaks. “Christ fucking his mother Fi, your manners make me look like Miss Conge

<Fiona> just flips Cian off in response. “Don’t fucking call me that, dumbshit.”

⋠Cian⋡ (cont.) Miss Congeniality.” He laughs aloud and shakes his head. “So…you or this Victor guy clear this little visit with Zaluut?”

Anna, completely unaffected by Fiona’s vehemence, looks at her with wide, doe brown eyes “miss Fi, I must apologise for my misconduct. In order to repay you for your intolerance, I shall gift you a peppermint” Anna holds out an empty hand, closes it, and when it opens again, there is a peppermint in her palm.

<Fiona> scowls at Anna. “Don’t fucking call me that. This is your fault, dumbshit. And what the hell do I want a peppermint for? I can’t eat that.”

<Fiona> would’ve glared at Cian before looking back to Anna.

After a moment the candy vanishes “oh my, when did I learn that trick? Then what should I call you? Other than the obvious?” Anna steps closer to cian, cuz he’s nicer and blue.

<Fiona> “Fiona.”

Anna curtsies “hello Miss Fiona. Pleased to meet you” Anna extends her free hand looking at Mr whiskers a moment before she does. “He promises to be good now”

⋠Cian⋡ pats the newcomer on the shoulder “Don’t let the big bad bitch scare you. Beatings are easier to recover from than what Zaluut will do to you if you aren’t supposed to be here.”

<Fiona> “I’m not a Miss either, dammit. Just Fiona.”

Anna perks up a bit at mention of zaluut “I like that name, can I meet zaluut? I want to tell him/her I am present and accounted for” Anna snaps to attention

⋠Cian⋡ laughs again and shrugs. “Fuck if I know where that old fiend is. Probably out in the woods making furniture out of bears or some shit. Fi-ONA and I can keep an eye on you til he shows up.” He runs the back of a claw down Anne’s cheek. “It’ll be nice to have someone new to play with.” Something between a purr and a growl rattles his throat.

Anna giggles “and we do love our games. Does anyone have the time? If Mr whiskers was a white rabbit he would know… Not to be racist, but he’s black and black rabbits can’t tell time worth a squish” Anna looks from her wrist to cian, then Fiona

<Fiona> scowls.

⋠Cian⋡ shrugs “I’ll be fucked if I know. Might be a working clock inside somewhere. Besides sun up and sun down time hasn’t mattered to me much since I crawled out the dirt.”

“oo what’s it like in the dirt? I can’t remember… Hot? Or maybe cold? Fiona, do you know what dirt feels like?” Anna crouches down, setting to rabbit on the ground. Mr whiskers hunches angrily but stays put. Anna sticks her fingers into the dirt near the sidewalk. Cian and Fiona now notice that she is wearing a pair of grey bunny slippers.

<Fiona> just stares at her. “Why the hell do you want to know?”

⋠Cian⋡ looks a Fiona with an arched eyebrow. “Ya know we might have some shovels around if you really wanna know what dirt feels like, right Fiona?”

<Fiona> “Go use shovels if you want.”

Anna looks up at Fiona, for the first time she seems completely sane and serious “because knowledge is what makes this ” she waves her hand to encompass all of them “worthwhile”

⋠Cian⋡ is a bit taken aback by the sudden shift in tone and forgets about the prank for a moment. “That so? Hmm…Zaluut might actually like you. And even if he don’t Anton will.”

Anna smiles sweetly, her dreamy innocence in place once more “I think I will love it here. I’ve already made two new friends” Anna stands and pulls a hankerchief from her sleeve to wipe her hand. “I really do like that name…”

<Deveraux> is walking with purpose, which for him is noticably different than his seemingly casual gait. He’s a bit off, but is heading straight for the courtyard gate and in plain sight. He’s dressed in his usual Victorian style and his black walking stick is making a slight clicking noise on the ground when it connects as he strides.

Anna looks toward the gate “he’s very sharp, cian, who’s he?” She asks pointing

⋠Cian⋡ perks up and looks towards the gate. “Oh that? Looks like Deveraux is visiting again. You’ll like him I think. He writes books and shit. C’mon let’s go say hi.” He takes Anne by the hand and leads her to the gate. “Hey Deveraux. How fairs the night? This here’s Anne. Pretty sure she’s a Mal-crazy-an like Sara.” He laughs at his bad pun and looks at Anne. “No offense.”

<Deveraux> stops at the gate, removes his hat and bows to them, “Good evening, Cian. Nice to make your acquaintance, Anna. If you both will kindly excuse me I am doing research this evening and must get to it post haste.” Just as he puts his tophat back on his head he vanishes. He appears behind them and right at the doors leading into the Asylum proper, and opens them

and heads inside.

⋠Cian⋡ blinks several times then looks around and spots Deveraux at the doors. “What in the fuck? That ain’t like him..” he looks down at Anna and jerks his head toward the doors. “C’mon let’s go see the fuck is up.” Without waiting for a response Cian takes off at a jog towards the entrance.

Anna tilts her head looking at Dev, “I don’t know Sara, so I can not be offended” at mention of research Anna hurries after Dev “please sir deveraux, I can help. Honest, I love books. I can research, catalog, read, notate, anything… Please” Anna’s voice becomes near pleading, begging.

<Fiona> ‘Oh, he’s back.’

<Fiona> hops down out of her tree and begins to follow, barefoot.

[Obfuscated] Cian slows as Deveraux and a redheads woman he doesn’t recognize come into view. He crouches, keeping his profile low and sticks to the shadows, curious but not ready to make himself known.

[Obfuscated] Cian raises his eyebrows and shifts a bit when the redhead mentions Zaluut being in his room. He’d thought the old fiend was out in the woods, having not seen him for a while. He resolved to find out where this room was, he had questions he felt Zaluut could best answer.

[Obfuscated] Cian stifles a laugh as Anna rambles on. It would be a shame if Deveraux, Fiona, or the redhead decided to eat her to keep her quiet, but damn if it wouldn’t be funny.

[Obfuscated] Cian has to cover his mouth not to laugh as Anna speaks, and he shakes his head. This one might be worse than Sara. He decides to take advantage of her distracting nature to get a closer look at Sascha.

[Obfuscated] Cian follows along, now off the the side a bit so he can watch and listen to everyone as they move. If he’s honest with himself, Cian isn’t quite sure what compels him to stay hidden, but since he doesn’t have much worth adding to the conversation just yet he sees no harm in it.