<Amy (Wraith)> wanders around near Bourbon Street, just enjoying watching all of the people from her own side of things and getting the hang of some of the changes she has gone through.

<Deveraux> is currently wandering the Quarter after having foiled what most assuredly otherwise have been a brutal encounter between a young woman and 4 other men. Following his first meal in several days he decided to linger and observe the kine of the city.

<Amy (Wraith)> spots the strangely dressed man and watches him for a moment, her ghostly senses telling her he is not alive and that just makes him more interesting for the moment. She moves to follow him, somewhat curious.

<Deveraux> lets her follow briefly before turning on his heel, almost like a snap, to face her, “Good evening, miss. Is there something I might be able to assist you with this evening?”

<Cade> wanders downtown, somewhat aimlessly. He does pop into the occasional store, picking up odds and ends that seem quite random. In truth he is gathering materials for some complex spellwork he wants to try out, eventually. At the moment it is far beyond his capabilities, but the early he starts working the better. The store he needs right now though is closed

<Amy (Wraith)> blinks and looks behind her first, even with vampires there were not many that could see her outright, and she had learned the signs of necromancy yet this was not it. She looks back to Deveraux, and waves a bit hesitantly. “I am sorry. I didn’t realize you could see me. I guess not that it makes it better… but just not used to it.”

<Cade> spots Deveraux in the course of his window shopping and hesitates a bit. Though the vampire had given him no reason to think he was hostile or untrustworthy, Cade was still wary of their kind. Especially as they aged, the machinations of the undead were often beyond the understanding of mortal minds. He watches Deveraux for a the time being, unsure of whether he should approach.

<Deveraux> removes his tophat and bows in greeting to her, “My name is Deveraux. Might I have the pleasure of your name, miss?” He replaces his hat on his head and scrutinizes Amy before raising an eyebrow.

<Amy (Wraith)> brushes a bit of her long brown hair back behind her ear and nods. “My name is Amy Noir. Really, I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

<Deveraux> “It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Noir. You did not disturb me, though. I was merely, I believe the phrase is, people watching. You are used to doing so completely uninterrupted I would imagine?”

<Amy (Wraith)> nods her head a bit in agreement. “Yeah, usually… till lately. Had a few incidents of people being able to see me, from like drugs or something. Kinda what i was on the lookout for when i happened upon you.”

<Deveraux> “Is that so? Drugs are enabling normal people, and apparently me by proxy of feeding, to see the Restless. This is perhaps one of the most interesting things I have encountered in centuries. Do you know anything about these drugs?”

<Cade> raises an eyebrow and stares at Deveraux as the vampire bows to…well…no one, and then proceeds to have a conversation with the same no one. Curious, Cade taps the air and mutters his incarnation to read Deveraux’s aura. Perhaps he missed some signs of madness last time? To his surprise, there are no signs of insanity, but he does see evidence of magic, something he’d missed before. Perh

aps he was using some form of clairvoyance?

<Amy (Wraith)> tilts her head as she spies Cade watching them, since she is looking behind Deveraux. “So it does pass to Kindred as well… that is good to know. In humans it seems to wear off as the drug does, so not sure how long it will last for you. We don’t know who is distributing it, but most of it seems to be centered in the French Quarter.”

<Cade> approaches Deveraux slowly, not wanting to interrupt, but unable to deny his curiosity. He stops several feet behind him and leans against a building, quietly chatting with Hecatrix about possible upgrades while he waits, and listens.

<Deveraux> nods to Amy, “The source of this.. drug.. should be a priority to the locals in my humble opinion.” His eyes shift to the corner of their sockets but he otherwise doesn’t move as he raises his voice just slightly, “Would you not agree, Cade?”

<Amy (Wraith)> chuckles faintly and nods in agreement. “Yes, my friend Ramirez is a Euthantos and he’s looking for the supplier on that side. I am looking around on this side.”

<Deveraux> now adjusts his stance so he can see Amy and Cade, “I have met Ramirez. Cade, are you aware of this drug?”

<Cade> grins sheepishly. “Umm, yeah, drugs are bad?” He laughs nervously and shakes his head. “No, sorry, I’m pretty new around here.” Cade looks around then lowers his voice. “Who are you talking to?”

<Amy (Wraith)> briefly pushes her form indistinctly across the Shroud so that Cade can see her and she waves at him before disappearing once more.

<Amy (Wraith)> sighs. “That is not very easy around here.”

<Cade> jumps a bit and points at the faded Amy. “Holy shi…crap! Was that a ghost?” He turns to Deveraux with a wide eyed stare. “You can talk to ghosts?”

<Deveraux> gestures to where Amy was, “I am speaking with her. Apparently one of the people I fed upon earlier had a drug in their blood that is enabling me to see the Restless. This drug, if unchecked, could cause a lot of trouble and confusion.”

<Amy (Wraith)> shakes her head a little at Cade but smiles, amused. “I am, was… a Euthantos. I had to give up my physical form when a corrupted werewolf attacked us and it destroyed my body.”

<Deveraux> looks to Amy when she speaks, “That is tragic. I am sorry to hear of it. Are you adjusting well to your new state of being? I would imagine it is less stressful for a Euthanatos.”

<Cade> nods slowly. “Yeah I imagine it would. We should probably get a sample of it back to the Chantry to look at.” He listens as Deveraux speaks to the empty air. “Oh wow she was a Mage?”

<Amy (Wraith)> nods to Deveraux. “Yeah, actually it’s not bad. Just different. I still help my friends and am getting used to what I can and cannot do now.”, she looks back over toward Cade. “I know he can’t hear me but Ramirez is on the lookout for some of it to bring back last I checked. I do not believe we have gotten any yet.”

<Deveraux> looks at Cade, “Ramirez is looking for some but has not yet found any to study.”

<Cade> looks at Deveraux for a long moment, his face pensive. Several times he opens his mouth and then closes it again, as though unsure of whether he should speak up. Finally, remembering his conversation with Deveraux at the Trill a few nights before, Cade sighs and speaks. “Well…what about a sample of your blood? There should be trace amounts in there that can be extracted,


<Deveraux> “Given I am currently experiencing the effects of the drug it is certainly in my system. However, you will not obtain a sample of my blood.”

<Amy (Wraith)> shakes her head. “We need some unmetabolized anyway.”

<Deveraux> “I see. Amy says we would need some that has yet to be metabolized by a human.”

<Cade> nods. “I can understand that. Principle of Sympathetic Magic. There’s a lot of nasty stuff someone who possesses your blood is capable of doing, and doing easily. I’d be wary about who I gave it too as well. Still, seemed worth a shot.” He frowns and kicks at the ground a few times as Deveraux replies with Amy’s input. “Oh. Yeah, that would be much easier to work with too.

Hmm…maybe…well…maybe I could try to buy some? I’m pretty young, I’ve got some…alternative clothing. It’s much more believable that I might want to buy drugs than you. At least, that’s what Aunt Lucinda always said every time I bought a new outfit.”

«~Daedalus~» He walks down a nearby street, hands in his pockets, standing tall with his head on a rough swivel.. While all the relevant stores were closed at this point, it would be nice to find somewhere for the daylight that can be used to purchase training necessities. .. Either way, whether he spotted somewhere or not, it was at least nice to enjoy the cool

night air.

<Deveraux> “It seems people around the French Quarter are more likely to be in possession of this drug from what Amy has said. I would first check the local gathering places for people of your age group.”

<Amy (Wraith)> nods as she listens to Deveraux. “Getting a sample would put us well on the way to finding out who is making it and why.”

<Cade> nods in acknowledgment. “Hecatrix, see what you can find on social media for underground raves and the like in the French Quarter. Cross reference with drug arrests, ummm… and reports of hallucinations, specifically seeing people that aren’t there.” He looks to Deveraux and smiles. “Let’s see what she comes up with, maybe we’ll get lucky.”

<Amy (Wraith)> smiles as she looks to Deveraux. “Well now I am very glad I followed you. This was most helpful.”

<Deveraux> nods to Amy, “I would certainly appear so.”

<Amy (Wraith)> looks toward Cade and then back toward Deveraux, “I should get going. But it was nice meeting you. You may not see me the next time we meet, but I’ll be around.”

<Deveraux> “I might surprise you. Now that I am familiar with you I can find you. Be well and have a good evening, Amy.” He briefly removes his tophat again to bow to her before replacing it.

<Amy (Wraith)> smiles and then backs off of them to head off towards home. Cause no way was she going to the Quarter with all those nasty Spectres hanging around.

<Cade> watches Deveraux and waits for him to replace his tophat. “I take it Amy left? It’ll be a while before this search finishes running, lot of data to sift through. I can help Hecatrix a bit remotely, if you still wanted to talk.”

<Cecilia> exits an art gallery and makes her way down the street, coat buttoned up against the slight chill.

<Deveraux> focuses on Cade now, “She did. I would like to wander more to see if I can discover more Restless that I might otherwise miss. Please excuse me, Cade. Good evening.” He again briefly removes his tophat to bow to Cade before replacing it and heading off to continue people watching.

<Cade> nods to Deveraux, then looks around somewhat absently, his fingers dancing in the air as he helps Hecatrix with her search via his augmented reality glasses. He does his best to disguise the movements as some sort of misguided attempt at jamming out to music, slipping on a pair of headphones and setting his Pandora to shuffle as he works. It would be a bit easier at home

on his desktop, of course, but the augmented reality interface was much more entertaining, and good practice for the gestures some of his spellwork required.

<Cecilia> arches an eyebrow at Cade after a good few moments of walking. “What are you doing?”

<Cade> bobs his head to the music, fingers still dancing through the air, it takes him a few seconds to notice Cecilia, and he quickly jabs the air in several places, trading off what he was doing to be finished by Hecatrix. Laughing somewhat nervously, he takes off his headphones and smiles at Cecilia. “Oh! Hello, Countess. I was just uh…doing some stuff with Hecatrix. Data

mining basically.” He glances around and looks at her inquisitively. “What are you out doing?”

<Cecilia> “Enjoying the nightlife and visiting an art gallery. What about you?”

<Cade> shrugs “Well I was out picking up some odds and ends that might make good materials for some spellwork I want to try out, and some various computer parts. Then I saw Deveraux talking to himself, except it turned out he was talking to a ghost! A Mage ghost! Something about a drug that makes people see ghosts, like for real. So now I’m seeing what Hecatrix and I can dig up.”

Cade smiles, then suddenly looks around, as though it had just occurred to him that someone else might hear their conversation and think them mad. Luckily there weren’t too many people out, and those that were seemed to pay them little mind.

<Cecilia> arches an eyebrow. “A Mage ghost, hm? And who exactly is this Deveraux fellow?”

<Cade> looks at Cecilia for a moment then smacks his head. “Oh right, you haven’t met him have you? He’s a…well…a vampire. An old one too from what I’ve gathered. He seems nice enough though. A little weird maybe, but I’ve met him three times, and none if them has he tried to eat me. Or mind control me. Or any of the other scary stuff they can do. Mostly he just seems to like

to talk to people.”

<Cecilia> “I see.”

<Cade> nods and then holds out his arm for Cecilia to take. “Want to go for a walk? I’ve got time to kill, this little project Hecatrix and I are working on is going to take several hours, plus I know a little trick for splitting my focus.” He waves his hand in the air, making a few motions with his fingers and muttering in Latin, then unpauses his work and goes back to assisting

Hecatrix, but only with the hand he hasn’t offered to Cecilia.

<Cecilia> just regards Cade as if he’s touched a little, but nods. “Very well.”

<Cade> smiles wide and takes Cecilia’s arm in his and starts off down the sidewalk. His other arm he keeps low, but his fingers are in contant motion, sometimes including his wrist. “So how was the art gallery?”

<Cecilia> walks alongside Cade after he slips her arm through his, looking at the younger/older man. “Oh, it was quite nice. I picked up a good deal of information, and possibly will have a painting delivered tomorrow.”

<Cade> smiles, “Oh? That’s pretty cool. Was it a painting of something or an abstract?”

<Cecilia> “Mmmm…thanks, but why spoil the surprise?”

<Cade> laughs and shakes his head. “I suppose that’s fair. I should probably decorate my room with something other than reference sheets for Hermetic symbols, numerology tables, and star charts.”

<Cecilia> “Into astronomy and mathematics, are we?”

<Cade> nods enthusiastically. “Oh yes, both are very important to Hermetic magics. I use a lot of numerology in Hecatrix’s code. That’s a big part of how I mesh the magic and technology together. Some of it is also based around various symbols and mystic properties of electricity, but it’s mostly numerology. Astronomy, and even astrology, are very important for certain rituals.

Stars may be giant balls of nuclear fire, or planets, but they carry a lot of symbolic importance and influence on flows of cosmic Quintessential forces that can have various effects on your spells. And…” He stops and looks at Cecilia, chuckling. “I’m rambling aren’t I?”

<Cecilia> looks amused. “No, no, go on.”

<Cade> seems surprised, but continues without hesitation. “Oh yes, frankly I can’t believe that augmenting Hermetic practices with technology hasn’t caught on with more of the Order. So many of our practices are structured in a way that closely resembles computer programs that I could almost buy into the idea that we influenced their development! Ya know…if it weren’t for the

fact that so many Hermetics hate technology. Also the Union was more likely the culprit. But still!”

<Cecilia> “Hm.”

<Cade> nods and starts to continue speaking but a message pops up on his view feed that makes him blush a little and he stops. “What about you? What do you like besides art and scotch?”

<Cecilia> “Fine dining, nice cars, nice clothing. In short, the finer things.”

<Cade> chuckles, “You would have liked Aunt Lucinda. She liked the ‘finer things’ as well. Even so, she was very adamantly against using her magick to get rich, and she could have, believe me.” He shrugs and smiles a little sadly. “She was a little harsh sometimes, but a good person overall.”

<Cecilia> stops to look at Cade, somewhat incredulous. “She didn’t like using her magick to get rich? Color me shocked.”

<Cade> laughs and shrugs. “Yeah I know right? I mean…I didn’t actually know any of this until after she died. She left me a letter in her will that explained it all. Basically she got a decent portion of the inheritance Grandpa left behind and she felt that was as much of a financial advantage as one person deserved. The rest of her money she made through investing in startup

companies.’Turning one person’s advantage into everyone’s chance’ she liked to call it.”

<Cecilia> laughs a bit, shaking her head. “Where’s the fun in that? The thrill? The rush?”

<Cade> laughs and shrugs. “Oh she got her thrills in other ways I’m sure. The letter didn’t say everything, but some…colleagues of hers filled me in on some of her adventures. She got plenty of excitement in other areas of her life.”

<Cecilia> “Mmm…a pity I didn’t get to meet her. And on that note, did you do the digging you mentioned you’d do?”

<Cade> laughs and pats Cecilia’s arm. “I’m still working on it. It’ll be a several hours yet. I’m going through terabytes of data, and not all of it is exaclty legal for me to access, so I have to be careful.”

<Cecilia> “Well let me know when you’re done, okay?”

<Cade> nods “Yeah I’ll give you a call when I wake up tomorrow. I’ll be at this all night I’m sure.”

<Cecilia> “Where are you staying?”

<Cade> “Ramriez set me up with a room at the Chantry.”

<Cecilia> “Ah, wonderful. Just mind my cat.”

<Cade> arches an eyebrow. “Which cat is that? Also…why? I’m assuming it’s a familiar?”

<Cecilia> “It is, yes.”

<Cade> laughs, “Well if Hecatrix and Hollow are any indication, yeah I’ll definitely watch out.” He laughs even louder as a series of very aggravated message pop up on his view feed.

<Cecilia> “Ah. You’ve met her.” She peers over at the view feed if she can see it. “Oh my.”

<Cade> takes off his glasses and lets Cecilia have a look at the display, then puts them back on. “Yeah Hecatrix wasn’t raised not to curse like I was. Not entirely my fault. Any censor functions I try to code on just ‘mysteriously’ don’t work.” He laughs and shakes his head. “Hmmm…it’s getting late, I should probably head back to the Chantry and finish this data mining on a

machine with more processing power. Do you want to ride back with me or do you have more to do here in town?”

<Cecilia> “I might as well ride back with you.”

<Cade> smiles and nods again. “Cool! My rental is actually pretty nice.” He leads her off to where he parked, babbling about various computer or magic related topics the whole way back to the Chantry.

<Cecilia> just humors him, mhmming and nodding, seeming enthralled.