Christopher walks outside wearing an ugly sweater vest and glasses. He carries with him a small notebook that he scribbles inside as he mutters to himself. He sits down beside a tree and pulls out an apple, still muttering between bites.

<Cian> sits in a window sill instead of his usual tree , staring out over the courtyard. Though he has a book with him, it sits unopened beside his leg. His mind wanders, going over his conversation with Talwar last night. Though his answers about his motivations and his thoughts on the Camarilla had seemed to satisfy Talwar, the conversation had filled Cian with questions. His initial

impression was that the Camarilla-Sabbat was essentially a gang war, but after talking to Talwar he felt that it was deeper than that. He’d been trying not to think too much about the implications of the Antediluvians, but now he couldn’t help but see how the Camarilla could very well be their tools. Convincing their members that the Antediluvians were myths, making them think they needed

to cling to their humanity to survive, involving themselves in mortal affairs, and their opposition to the Sabbat all seems like strong evidence to him. He shakes his head and leans back against the window. Still, that didn’t mean they were all worthless. They had managed to survive this long after all. Some of them could prove useful, others might even be able to be converted. Cian nods

to himself, the more he thinks about it the more confident he becomes in his answers, but he definitely wants to find out as much as possible about his new enemies. He looks over at the book and sighs. There was some useful information in there most likely, but what he really needed was real world experience. A book could tell him about the organization as whole, but what he needs is to

see it on the personal level, to see just how deeply an average Cammy-fuck actually bought into the company line. “But no. I’m fucking stuck here on house arrest til fuck knows when because I’m not ‘proven’. Christ, how long does this goddamn initiation take?” Frustrated, he elbows the wall and shakes his head, looking at the book again. “Next best thing I guess. Dammit.”

<Fiona> makes her way outside into the moonlight, looking up at Cian when she hears his voice. “Penny for your thoughts, shit for brains?”

Christopher takes another bite from the apple,”The Principle of Blood… disciplines… mortal magic… the pillars perhaps… hmmm…” Shortly afterwards he finishes his apple and then appears to double down upon scribbling within the notebook intent on a few designs and shaoes before sighing and standing up. He picks up the notebook and begins to head to the complex. Noticing Fiona he quickly shoves the notebook under his vest and walks up towards

<Cian> hops out of the window sill and lands next to Fiona, book in hand. “Same shit, different night Fiona. Just eager to do something worth a damn. Tired of being cooped up here.” He tosses the book a few inches in the air and catches it. “Only so much shit I can learn from a fucking book. Need something I can dig my claws into.” He jerks his chin towards the approaching figure.

“Who the fuck is that?”

<Fiona> looks at where Cian’s pointing, and watches Chris approach her. “Another fucking dumbass like you.”

Christopher stands still in his tracks for a moment. He looks up to Cian and gives a small and slightly awkward bow.”My… my name is Christopher and I am a Revenant and Servant of Zaluut of the Obertus Family.”

<Fiona> sneers at him. “See? A fucking dumbass.”

Christopher blinks beneath his glasses,”If you will give me leave, I have a few duties to attend to.” He looks at Fiona and Cian with one hand on his chest attempting to keep the notebook from shifting under his vest and still slightly bowed.

<Cian> cocks an eyebrow and grins wide, his blue, scarred skin stretching tightly overh his fanged maw. “Now now Fiona, that’s not very nice.” He takes a step forward and cocks his head to the side, licking his lips with his too long tongue. “What kind of business? Surely you can take a break for a little bit, we could use some entertainment…”

<Fiona> “I could fucking care less if that was nice or not, shit for brains.”

Christopher looks around nervously,”Just doing notes and paperwork, sorting books, research and things of that sort… it is what my family does.”

“I would prefer to finish… although I can come back with some entertainment if you woud like the Zhantosa specialize in that sort of thing so I am sure they could provide you with some… amusement.”

<Cian> rolls his eyes at Fiona then turns back to Christopher. “No no, you’ll do just fine. So you’re eggheads then?” A flash of realization crosses his face and he reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out thermos. He holds it out toward the Revenant, his long fingers drumming their nails against the side. “Got some freak goop that needs looked at.”

Christophers eyes go wide with obvious excitement and curiosity. He tentatively reaches out for the Thermos and the notebook falls from underneath his vest. He does not flinch as it lands upon the ground focused on the small metallic cannister. He looks it over for a moment then looks down at the notebook and reaches down to grab it.

<Cian> reaches out with his foot and grabs the notebook with his toes, sliding it back towards him and then picking it up with his other hand. “Hmmm…what have we here?”

Christopher looks somewhat sheepish,”Just a bunch of notes on the theories of noddism, the blood and mortal sorceries. I have been examining the inner workings to see what benefits could be gained…”

<Cian> looks the notebook over and cocks his eyebrow before showing it to Fiona. “This shit make any sense to you, Fi?” He juggle the thermos in his other hand as he speaks and looks back towards Christopher. “So…what? You’re one of those blood magicians or whatever? Didn’t think Ghouls could do that shit.”

<Fiona> “Absolutely fucking not. And this is why he’s a fucking dumbass.”

Christopher shakes his head,”Mortals have performed blood magic for ages. There are differences and ghouls do not possess neither the quantity or potency of vitae to really perform the same levels with it…”

“Besides that I am attempting to see if there are ways to use the mortal sorceries to do what vampire blood cannot.”

<Cian> nods slowly. “That so? Trying to get one up on us are you?” He grins at the ghoul, keeping his tone and facial expression a difficult to read mix of malevolence and playfulness as he opens the notebook and flips through it.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° was suddenly in the region the other two were. It was as if he wasn’t there before, but he had been all along. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it and then put the lighter away into a side jacket pocket.

“No, trying to get everyone a one up. The idea is to make magic that collaborates mortals with vampires and make rituals that can exceed limitations, such as making stronger vampires or avoiding harm from the Sun. Beyond that I recall no rule or law in the sabbat prohibiting these studies.

<Fiona> just scoffs. “Making stronger vampires my ass. We’re already as fucking strong as we can get, dumbshit.”

<Deveraux> becomes suddenly visible a few seconds after Talwar does, but he’s standing on the perimeter wall facing the assemble group near the doors. His black walking stick is resting on the top of the wall on his right side with his palm on top of it. His black hair and the tails of his Victorian coat moving with the soft breeze. He heightens his senses to properly observe both visually and audibly.

<Cian> flinches slightly as Talwar appears and mutters “Fucking ninja.” He laughs though as Christopher speaks. “Oh ho now…this one’s got a bit more spine than the other Revenants.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° drew his attention to Cian first, just looking at him, and then to Christopher, and then to the man who just appeared out of nowhere. He took a long smooth drag on the cigarette and then exhaled the smoke slowly. Devreaux had some unique style to him that seemed rather dated. He was new. He was now Talwar’s curiosity.

Christopher looks back to Cian,”May I have my notebook back and the thermos please sir?” He looks around more nervously now that he is surrounded by all of these new vampires. He has not reconciled his place among these new predators. He nervously shifts for a moment, despite his efforts to remain calm.

<Cian> grins at Christopher and taps his chin in mockery of a thoughtful gesture. “Hmm…I guess since you asked so nicely…” He hands the notebook and thermos to the Revenant. “Be a good lad and let us know what you find out about that goop. I’m eager to find out. Eager and impatient.” A low hiss rumbles in his throat like that of an alligator. He looks up towards the gate and spots

Deveraux. “Ah…he’s back…”

<Deveraux> turns his gaze and zeros in on Cian as soon as he notices him.

Christopher nods and picks up his things and scurries off. He puts away the notebook among a small stack of other notebooks and immediately goes to work with studying the goop. He grabs the thermos and heads to the laboratory intent on using any necessary precautions, treating the contents as if it may be a biological or radiological threat. He then empies out to the contents into a glass

container which he seals aftewards and looks at the content.

<Cian> snickers as Christopher runs off and turns to look at Fiona. “Too easy…but so fun. You two coming? Wouldn’t be polite to leave our guest out there all alone.” He grins sarcastically and heads towards the gate.

<Kitt> comes out with a large leather bound book under her arm, dressed in a long white tunic and nothing else, to include shoes. She looks to Cian. “What are you up to now?”

<Fiona> “Fuck no.”

<Cian> looks at Kitt innocently. “Aww Kitt, you wound me, I would never be up to things.”

<Fiona> looks skeptical.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° looks also skeptical at Cian’s remark, but he gives an amiable nod to Kitt. “He put the revenant Chris to work.”

<Deveraux> now focuses on Kitt after Cian addresses her and steps off the wall. He lands smoothly and continues walking without any hesitation or misstep and starts approaching the group.

<Cian> chuckles “Looks like you don’t get a choice Fi. He’s on his way.”

<Fiona> scowls. “Stop fucking calling me that.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° drew his attention back to Deveraux, figuring Fiona and Cian would fight or not fight but either way, it didn’t accomplish much.

<Kitt> smiles and nods to Talwar, before her attention falls on Deveraux. She turns and then walks slowly toward him. “You must be Deveraux. I’m Kitt. Zaluut mentioned you paid us a visit.”

<Cian> sneers at Fiona then turns to follow Kitt, giving a small wave to Deveraux once they get close.

<Fiona> sneers back, before going to take a seat in a tree.

<Deveraux> removes his tophat and bows respectfully, “I am, indeed. It is a pleasure to finally meet you after hearing about you from Zaluut.” He then looks at Talwar and bows again, “Good evening, sir. I am Deveraux.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° bows in return to Deveraux. “I am Talwar. Good evening to you as well.”

<Deveraux> then bows again to Cian, “Good to see you again. If I might ask, what was in the thermos you gave Christopher to examine?”

<Cian> shrugs. “Goop. From some freaky little critter we killed in the sewers.”

<Kitt> nods to him and then nods again in agreement with Cian. “We don’t know what they are. Just that they are drawing too much attention.”

<Deveraux> nods, “I see. What about them makes them.. freaky, as you so eloquently put it? Also, how are they drawing attention to themselves?”

<Cian> “They’re like…tiny…alien things. Big ass eyes and ears and shit but like three feet tall.”

<Kitt> “They melt people somehow and managed to drag them through small spaces. We are positive it is not Vicissitude.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “They are connected to the filth they are surrounded by. Corrupt.”

<Deveraux> “Interesting. I have heard of such creatures of corruption but I have never encountered them personally, or spoke with people that have. They were in the sewers, you say, and have taken people?”

<Cian> nods, grinning at Kitt “Yep, they’ve got their own cesspool down there and everything, don’t they Kitt?”

<Fiona> scowls as she listens.

<Kitt> nods in agreement. “They seem to be nesting down there.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods as well, taking another drag off the necessary cigarette.

<Deveraux> “These things sound rather unpleasant. Do you have a preliminary plan for eliminating them once their capabilities have been fully identified?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Well, like much else, they do not like fire or grenades.”

<Cian> looks around at the others and scratches his chin. “And uh…I think I can hunt them down to make sure we get them all.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks dubiously over at Cian. “There were a lot of them. Good luck with that.”

<Cian> grins “Yeah but I learned a new trick so I think I’ve got this.” He waggles his eyebrows at her and chuckles.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “You have a way of luring them together?”

<Deveraux> “What trick is it that you speak of?”

<Kitt Bishop> adjusts the book under her arm, and tilts her head as she looks at Cian. “We could use Cian as bait I suppose.”

<Deveraux> focuses on Cian, “Are you trained to accelerate your movements to make a sufficient escape should things take a turn for the worst?”

<Cian> rolls his eyes at Kitt and shakes his head. “Gee thanks. Lure them, probably not. Track them, yeah. Don’t ask me exactly how it works. Or why it works…or fucking anything really. All I know is if I concentrate real fucking hard, I just sorta…know where everyone inside a building is. Or a sewer system apparently.” He turns to Deveraux and nods. “I’m not great at it yet, but


<Storyteller> Christopher finds that this goop has some pretty deteriorated DNA, heavily mutated perhaps by radiation or the like. Certainly not Vicissitude. What he does find though is that it is, or at one point was, human in nature.

Christopher notes his findings down in a notebook and carefully moves the remaining sample into storage. He then proceeds to walk back to Cian and the others carrying this new notebook which he hands over to Cian.”Some preliminary results. I will do further testing.”

<Cian> turns and takes the notes from Christopher and looks them over. “Uh…yeah. Thanks. Congrats, you have immunity from me using you as hunting practice. For like a week or two.” He grins at the Revenant and then hands the notes to Kitt. “Here see if you can read this technobabble bullshit.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “That is an interesting gift.’

Christopher smiles,”My first hunch was right, this appears to be primarily rooted in science moreso than the supernatural. It may be some form of hyperscience but it does not appear to be vampire related. Also this was at one point human DNA. With more samples and more studies I may be able to draw more conclusions.” He takes back the notebook and turns to Cian,”What can you tell me about

where this came from? Was it some form of creature?”

<Cian> turns back to the ghoul, seeming surprised that he is still there. “Yes. About three feet tall with a big ass head. Smelled like shit. Didn’t seem too smart. And there seemed to be a bigger one somewhere that was in charge. Or maybe they were afraid of.”

<Cian> looks back to Talwar and shrugs. “Yeah, it started that night in the sewer. Don’t know what the fuck it is or where it came from though. Asked jimmy and he seems to have no idea.”

<Deveraux> studies Cian rather sternly now, “You are able to know the location of all beings within a structure?”

Christopher nods and writes all the details down in a page in his notebook.”Anything else you can describe? Behaviour? Do we have a sample of one of them or just the blood?”

<Kitt Bishop> takes it from Cian and then adjusts the large book again so she can open the notebook and read it. “Hmmm. They were dwelling in the sewers, looked cave-adapted. Well… at least we can take this to the Arch Bishop and let her know it’s not us. But we may need to exterminate them anyway.”

<Cian> nods to Deveraux. “Yeah, basically.”

<Deveraux> “I have heard of only a few other beings with such an ability, but you do not look as they do.” He nods to Talwar, “An interesting and exceptionally rare gift.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° was thoughtful as the others were speaking, and he put out the cigarette in his hand and placed the butt in his pocket to discard later since no trash cans were around. He’d nod to Deveraux and look back at Cian.

Christopher shrugs.”I can begin to test for radiation and anything else that can cause this type of mutation. I will probably do some research as well as to anything that might be written about this, although it seems kind of more in the realm of science fiction. I would personally theorize that this is the work of a mortal or a spirit of some kind. There are only a few types of creatures

that would use these methods to transform their victims.”

Christopher smiles,”I can make a copy of these notes for you or write it up into a report if you would like. I should probably begin researching and see what my next tests should be.”

<Cian> chuckles at Deveraux “I don’t look like much anyone else. I’m a unique, sexy beast. Though…what creatures are these?” He nods to the Revenant. “Whatever you think is best. That shit is not my specialty.”

<Deveraux> looks at Christopher now and addresses him, “Excuse me, sir, but please forgive my manners. We have not been introduced. My name is Deveraux.” He does as usual and briefly takes off his tophat to bow slightly to Christopher in greeting.

Christopher smiles and bows in return,”My name is Christopher and I am a Revenant of the Obertus family. I came here to give my services to Zaluut after my compound was attacked by the monstrous Tremere. If you ever have any questions for me just ask, I am always delighted to perform research along with any other tasks which I can render assistance.”

Christopher begins to walk back to the laboratory and puts back the notebook and then walks over to the library to fetch any books that he can use for research.

<Deveraux> “You are a seeker of knowledge. Interesting. We will speak again, I am sure.” He looks back at Cian, “They appear as winged living stone. Hideous by mortal and Toreador standards.”

<Fiona> snorts at Cian.

<Kitt Bishop> pauses. “Gargoyles?”, she looks at Cian and tilts her head. “Well, Zaluut will find that interesting.”

<Deveraux> “I was hoping someone would understand what I was referencing. Well done. Until recently they were cursed to a slaves existence at the hands of their creators, the Tremere.””

<Cian> looks at Deveraux and Kitt with raised eyebrows while flipping Fiona off behind his back. “Gargoyles? Like statues? But…alive?”

<Deveraux> looks at Kitt, “I can explain the origin to him unless you would prefer to do so?”

Christopher walks back with books and yet another notebook particularly catalogued and labeled for studying this creature of which he appears to assigned the number “experiment 626”.

<Fiona> stalks over and smacks Cian upside the head, scowling.

<Kitt Bishop> nods to Deveraux. “I studied them a little bit from Zaluut’s books but you probably know more than I on the subject. So, be my guest on explaining that one.”, she looks about and then back to the others. “Would you like to go somewhere more comfortable to talk?”

<Cian> rubs the side of his head and stomps on Fiona’s foot. “Doesn’t matter to me none.”

~<AniMAL>* goes to see what people are up to

<Fiona> punches Cian between the shoulderblades.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nodded at the word Gargoyle. The Tremere’s ‘pets’ that were either still with them or rogue. Cian having that ability did make things odd, but it could be beneficial. His attention went to Fiona and Cian’s little spar thing going on. “I’m glad to see you two get along so well.”

<Cian> growls and elbows Fiona in the arm. “Oh yeah, Fi and me have this whole sexual tension thing going on where we beat each other because she can’t admit she wants me.” He cackles and takes several steps out of Fiona’s reach.

<Fiona> closes the distance after shaking her arm and hearing his sexual tension comment, elbowing Cian in the chest. “Like fuck I do.”

<Cian> wheezes out a laugh. “See what I mean?” He holds up a hand to stop Fiona’s next assault. “Last one for a bit, promise.” Cian straightens up and looks at the other three. “So…we headed inside or what?”

<Kitt Bishop> waves a bit to Animal when she sees her. “Hey, hows it going?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Animal. “Greetings.”

~<AniMAL>* stood there watching, silently amused by the byplay with Cian and Fiona. She looks over at Talwar and nods, smiling a little “Hey. How’s your evening going?”

<Deveraux> reaches into his vest pocket for his watch, which is on a small chain as any gentleman would keep it and clicks it open for only a few short seconds before nodding and putting it back. “Sadly, I must be off for a time. I can check back here later, however, unless I run into you all in another area?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods to Deveraux, “Alright. Yeah, sure. We’ll see you around.”

~<AniMAL>* looks at the guy with the actual pocket watch and mutters “Punk, meet steampunk…”

<Cian> snickers at Animal then waves to Deveraux. “Don’t forget to bring a book.”

<Deveraux> removes his tophat again to bow slightly to the group, “I am sure we shall, yes. However, before I depart.” He turns to look at Animal, “My name is Deveraux. Might I have the pleasure of your name, miss?”

<Fiona> eyes Animal’s amusement.

~<AniMAL>* blinks “Uh…you can just call me Animal…Mister…?”

~<AniMAL>* “No Miss required.”

<Deveraux> nods, “Very well, Animal. It was nice to have met those of you I did not already know. Until we meet again.” He replaces his tophat, taps his walking stick on the ground once and then vanishes like a bad film edit.

<Fiona> “What the fuck.”

Christopher blinks,”I didn’t do it!”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to himself. Intriguing.

~<AniMAL>* “So …yeah nice to meet ya…Mr. I-didn’t-get-your-name-so-now-it’s-steam.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head as she studies it, and walks around the spot, the looks to Talwar. “Well, that was a neat trick. What do you think?”

<Cian> throws his hands up in the air then turns to Talwar. “Yeah so, when do I get awesome ninja vanishing powers like that?”

<Fiona> just gives Christopher a flat look. “No shit.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks over at Cian. “With a lot more practice. Though pretty sure that wasn’t Obfuscate.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “It was not.”

Christopher nods,”I am not sure which power of the blood that is. I am apt to believe it is some kind of Sorcerery, it seemed closer to teleportation.”

Christopher,”Obviouslly Cainite sorcery, but you understand what I mean.”

<Fiona> “Not everything can be answered with ‘a wizard did it’, dumbshit. And what if it wasn’t fucking ‘sorcery’? Then what?” She even air-quoted sorcery.

<Cian> shakes his head. “Fucking christ we are weird creatures.”

Christopher smiles,”My research points that the powers of the blood are a form of blood sorcery of their own. The difference between a discipline and blood magic is not very great. I can show you some graphs and statistics later if you would like.”

<Fiona> just scoffs. “I’ll pass. Your magic talk fucking bores me.”

~<AniMAL>* edit last comment she doesn’t say that.

Christopher looks over to Cian,”What about you, would you like to explore the studies of the blood with me sometime? It is fascinating material.”

~<AniMAL>* “Nice to…okay then. Mister Devereaux. With a real pocketwatch.”

Christopher winks quickly as he looks at Cian and then back to Fiona and at Cian again.

<Kitt Bishop> looks at Christopher. “Say it with me, Thaumaturgy…”, she sighs. “Not sure that is what it was, but it wasn’t anything I have seen… and wasn’t Obfuscate.”

<Cian> stares at Christopher for a moment, not quite sure if he is serious. “Sure. But if I get bored, then you’ll be entertaining me in an entirely different manner.” He licks his lips and growls.

Christopher nods,”Unless there is some form of time or space discipline that I am not familiar with.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I do not know if that was thaumaturgy either, but perhaps. It was definitely not obfuscate.”

Christopher frowns,”True, I am not even familiar with any Cainite version of Sorcery that typically deals with Time or Space either. I know plenty of mortal magic that controls that, but I have not encountered any version for vampires yet. It is more curious considering his peculiar attire and anachronistic ways.”

~<AniMAL>* “So uh…this guy just sorta showed up, huh?”

Christopher,”Is it possible it was simply Celerity? Anyone here possess senses fast enough to processs someone moving faster than one thousand hundred frames per second?”

<Cian> nods “Twice now. Dunno the fuck his deal is but…it kinda just seems like he is bored and wants to talk.”

((remove the hundred))

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “No, it is not celerity either.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a little bit. “He visited Zaluut not long ago. And Zaluut seems to think he’s okay, or else he would have strengthened the barrier to keep him from arriving here.”

Christopher,”Does anyone know what his Clan or Bloodline is?”

<Cian> shakes his head at Christopher and speaks in an exaggerated Jamaican accent. “Voodoo magic. Fucking voodoo magic, man!”

<Fiona> snorts.

<Fiona> may be amused, internally.

~<AniMAL>* looks at Cian blankly

Christopher smirks sardonically in response,”Very funny. Of all the different possible traditions Voodoo ranks pretty low for this to be honest. Thaumaturgy would seem pretty apt of all the blood sorcery. Nonetheless, such a strange fellow, and at this timing… I would not find it impossible that he could be linked to whatever the strange goop was from the sewers.”

<Fiona> just shakes her head and tunes out the magic talk, because fuck magic.

<Cian> shakes his head. “What? Have none of you seen the Predator movies?” He sighs. “Uncultured swine.”

<Fiona> just looks at Cian, and smacks him upside the head.

<Fiona> “I’m not fucking uncultured, and don’t call me a pig again.”

~<AniMAL>* “Oh you’re quoting a movie. I was wondering where the hell you would get Voodoo out of that.”

<Cian> growls at Fiona but chooses not to retaliate. Instead he turns to Animal. “Yeah, can’t believe you haven’t seen it. We should watch it sometime.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° just watches the show about and shrugs. “I am sure we will figure out things in time. If Zaluut said he can be here, that is good enough for me, though I watch everything.”

Christopher shakes his head,”Well if anybody has any more information or if you go on another journey into the sewers, let me know. I will continue doing what the obertus do best.”

~<AniMAL>* looks at Talwar “Trust but verify?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Correct.”

<Cian> nods to Christopher. “Don’t forget about our little playdate.”

Christopher nods nervously,”Alright, I will be sure to provide some interesting material for you.”

~<AniMAL>* raises an eyebrow at cian and christopher “Playdate in the sewers? Are you going to bring some red balloons?”

<Cian> grins wide at him, his eyes flashing with predatory glee. “You do that.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods in agreement. “Thank you, Christopher. We will take this information and go from there.”, she also nods to Talwar. “I’d at least like to have an idea what he is capable of myself.”

<Cian> then turns and holds a hand up to Animal. “YES finally! High five!” He looks over at Fiona and sticks out his tongue. “Told you the Pennywise routine was awesome.”

<Fiona> just flips Cian. “Pennywise is fucking creepy.”

<Fiona> just flips Cian off. “Pennywise is fucking creepy.”

<Cian> rolls his eyes. “Duh. That’s the point.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Kitt. “I agree.”

<Cian> looks around at the others. “So…now what?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “We listen to you talk more about Predator.”

~<AniMAL>* is not one to ignore a high five

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles faintly.

~<AniMAL>* “Oh did I get a cool point?”

<Cian> nods at Animal. “Yes. Like four at least.” He turns to Talwar and makes a face.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° seems so expressionless as he looks back at Cian.

~<AniMAL>* smirks

~<AniMAL>* “Who the hell are you anyway?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Cian, then Animal. “Someone with more balls than brains.”

~<AniMAL>* “Oh then I fit right in.”

<Fiona> points at Kitt. “She’s got the dumbshit down pat.”

<Cian> makes a face at all three of them. “You all just wish you were this suave and sexy. I woun’t hold your jealousy against you.”

<Fiona> “Bitch, please.”

~<AniMAL>* “I dunno that Devereaux guy seemed pretty suave.” says it like swahvay

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I am glad someone knows my desires other than me. Remember them if you are questioned ever.”

<Kitt Bishop> laughs lightly again, shaking her head.

<Cian> nods at Talwar with mock seriousness. “Got you covered ninja man.” He rolls his eyes at Animal. “That old fogey has nothing on me.” He rubs his hands over his emaciated leathery body in a mockery of sexiness.

~<AniMAL>* shrugs “Guess some folks missed the memo about smart being the new sexy.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “That was a burn that is going to require some serious aloe.”

<Cian> scoffs. “There’s more than one kind of smart.”

<Kitt Bishop> “Well, you’re a smart-ass, maybe.”

<Cian> points at kitt and smiles. “She gets it.”

~<AniMAL>* chuckles “She gets whatever she wants.”

<Kitt Bishop> shifts the book under her arm and then walks over to the steps to sit down with it.

<Cian> follows Kitt and hovers over her shoulder, looking at the book. “Whatcha reading?”

~<AniMAL>* looks at the book curiously and allows Cian to ask the question

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° wanders over. “We could try taking the sample to some others perhaps to verify since we seem to not know what the answer is.”

<Cian> perks up at that. “Ooh field trip?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks up and over at Talwar, she seems to have a response but does not say it aloud, just nodding. “There are extras. And I agree.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks at Cian, “Not for you. Talwar knows some people that could get more information though.”

<Cian> “Aww come on, I’ll behave. I’ll do whatever he says. Within reason.”

<Kitt Bishop> holds the book in her lap, looking between them. “A book that Zaluut asked me to pick up from his room here. Not really sure as I don’t understand most of the language used.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Do you know what language it is?”

~<AniMAL>* peers at the book surreiptiously, not expecting much but curious anyway.

<Fiona> looks at the book.

<Kitt Bishop> shrugs and holds it up a little for everyone to see it a bit. The lettering looks odd, Thracian in nature.

~<AniMAL>* has no idea what Thracian even is so sits back with a sigh.

<Fiona> just looks at the book blankly.

<Cian> “What in the shit is that?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Hmm interesting. I do not know what that language is.”

<Kitt Bishop> shrugs her shoulders. “Me either. But Zaluut knows a lot of languages I don’t.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “It is not of the region I am from so I am pretty clueless.”

<Cian> shrugs. “I know some Gaelic. Patrick insisted. But this shit…no idea.”

~<AniMAL>* “Yeah it’s not uh from my region either,” she comments helpfully.

<Kitt Bishop> pats the book and rests it in her lap again. “It’s some form of really old Eastern European, but that’s about as far as i got.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “Yes, it does kind of look maybe slavic.. but not really.”

<Kitt Bishop> stands up and nods, holding the book close. “Oh well, I should get this to Zaluut. I’ll ask him what language it is since everyone is so curious.”

<Fiona> shrugs. “You do you.”

~<AniMAL>* “Sure. Let me know if I can do amything..”

~<AniMAL>* *anything

~<AniMAL>* watches Kitt go and wanders off to go beat on things for a living.

<Kitt Bishop> nods and chuckles. “I will… I am sure we’ll need more help with those critters later.”

<Cian> frowns. “Speaking of, I should go practice this weird…detecty…tracky…thing.”

~<AniMAL>* “Counting on it.”

<Kitt Bishop> heads out of the south gate and walks off toward the forest, quickly disappearing from view.

<Fiona> heads out toward the forest.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods and waves, and then disappears. He was heading south.