~*Ramirez*~ the next night would meet up with Cade to take him back to the chantry. The chantry was a grand old plantation house that seemed to have seen some better days. There was quite a bit of overgrowth, though some of it had been trimmed down to show some people lived here. Ramirez drove Cade out or Cade could follow him if he had his own vehicle, and he’d

pull his old beater car that had a strong engine into the lot.

<Cade> spends most of the ride in silence, seeming to have a lot on his mind. As they pull up to the Chantry he looks at the building as chuckles. “Nice place. Probably ought to get a new gardener though.”

~*Ramirez*~ “It’s a few miles outside the city so it gives us our privacy. We don’t exactly mind some of the overgrowth because it conceals other stuff.” He’d get out of the car. “The garage connected to the house is Katie’s, so don’t go in there and touch stuff or you might blow up. It may happen to her often enough, but she’s used to it. The house

has 3 floors and an attic. The basement is my sanctum and unless you want to get lost a lot, don’t go passed the first area of it. There are rooms available for sanctums elsewhere. I will point out whose room is whose so you know and you are welcome to choose from what’s still free.” He’d start heading to the front door of the big ol house.

<Cade> nods along as Ramirez speaks, grabbing his suitcases after pointing his wand at them and muttering an incantation to make them much lighter. He walks quietly and listens to Ramirez. “Yeah Cecilia said something about Katie and explosions.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, Katie is awesome, but we also like her explosions.” He smirks and would head into the house, holding the front door open for Cade to come in. The inside was nicer than the outside was. It was well taken care of. There was a balcony that revealed the second and third floor, and it was probable there was an attic above that. The living room

was large, and there was a door off to the kitchen, which had plenty of space as well. There were side rooms on the first floor as well and ample closet space.

<Cade> spins slowly, taking in the view. “Niiiiiice! Definitely better than a hotel room!” His view feed flashes a few times and he laughs. “And Hecatrix approves of your WiFi.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Hecatrix should. Like I said, two virtual adepts. They make it so we pretty much can do what we want out here at the same time.”

«~Daedalus~» He steps out of his room on the second floor, moving to walk towards the balcony and look things over before lightly resting his hands on the railing. He wasn’t about to put any weight on it.. even if it was sturdy; it was a bad habit to anyways.

<Cade> nods happily. “That’s good. She can be a bit of a bandwidth hog.” He pauses for a second as a series of angry messages and emojis pop up on his view feed then laughs. “Well you are! It won’t be as bad once we streamline you some.”

~*Ramirez*~ “You should definitely talk to the two of them when they are around. Zoelie and Dan know their stuff.” He’d glance up at Daedalus and wave. “Hey hombre.”

«~Daedalus~» “Greetings, my friend; I would assume you are fairing well, from your composure?” Dae would glance down, giving a slight wave in return.

Arthur walks out into the Chantry and sits down calmly. His hair a dark brown colour. He looks around the room focusing his eyes upon everyone and takes a deep breath. “Is there anything I can do to help anyone?”

<Cade> waves up to Daedalus, “Hello again!” then nudges Ramirez with his elbow. “Would it be rude to ask what breed of shifter he is?”

~*Ramirez*~ “Nah, you can ask him. He’s pretty awesome. The Shifters that are here are pretty bueno. There was a bad one but he’s dead.”

~*Ramirez*~ “I’m doing fine, Daedalus. Come meet Cade again. He’s a Mage.”

«~Daedalus~» He’d begin to make his way down the stairs, towards the two, “I recall your face from the gathering point, as it were. Tis grand that another shall join us, so to speak.”

<Cade> bounces on his heels in excitement. “Awesome! Hey Dae what kind of shifter are you? Is it true you all worship the moon? And have spirit magic? And are allergic to silver?”

Arthur watches the exchange quietly looking back and forth and checking his nails. He blinks every few moments as if tired.

<Cade> waves a hand in the air, dismissing Hecatrix’s sarcastic ‘Good job, that wasn’t obnoxious or overbearing at all’ text on his view feed.

«~Daedalus~» At hearing those last few questions, Dae decides to deviate in his answers just a slight, “I am mokolé.. it is not true that we are all alike, no.. though there are similarities, there are of course differences.. some minor, some major, such as the fact that I am capable of eating my foes, not that such is always a desireable course of action.”

<Cade> looks at Daedalus with wide eyes. “That sounds…interesting.” He swallows, a bit nervous. “So uh…what’s a mokole exactly? Is that different than a werewolf?”

«~Daedalus~» “Aye.. considerably different. We are the dragon breed, after all.. Our .. battle forms vary wildly.”

<Cade> raises his eyebrows, eyes even wider. “Dragon breed?! Holy shi…crap! I’ve never heard of weredragons! That sounds…terrifyingly awesome! Or awesomely terrifying. Either way.”

«~Daedalus~» “Aye.. Though I admit, I know not so much regarding yourself, so I feel I am at a slight disadvantage.”

<Cade> smacks himself on the forehead and laughs. “Oh wow, I’m sorry. My name is Cade Anima, I’m a Mage like Ramirez said. Order of Hermes to be specific, though I’m a biiiit more technologically inclined than most Hermetics. Or at least the one’s I’ve met so far. Umm…what else would you like to know?”

~*Ramirez*~ “Oh yeah, his other forms are fucking awesome. You have to let him show you sometime.”

«~Daedalus~» “To be truthful, my understanding of said.. things is not.. grand, so the extent of my questioning roughly stops there, I would say.”

<Cade> “That’s fair. The extent of what I know about shifters is basically: can turn into a specific type of animal thing, with hybrid forms. May be allergic to silver. May have an Earth spirit based religion. Tends to be angry, do not point at face, point at someone else instead. Or just run.” He chuckles and shrugs. “But obviously that’s not one hundred percent accurate. I would

like to see your transformations sometime though! I’ll show you a couple of spells in return.”

«~Daedalus~» “Sounds like a plan.. if at least, roughly; perhaps we can do so soon. Though for the moment, I am afraid I must depart this evening… There are things I must take care of, if not sleep on, so to speak.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Alright, take care hombre grande. Have a good night.”

<Cade> nods enthusiastically. “Yeah have a good night, let me know when you wanna have that exchange.” He turns and smiles at Ramirez. “I already like this place!”

«~Daedalus~» “You as well, my friend.. and perhaps, new friend.”

~*Ramirez*~ waves to Daedalus. He’d then look around. “So we have entertainment and some modest stuff. We’ve been all teaming up to buy various things and there’s a good set up of food around here. Daedalus stays here and there are a couple other Shifters that roam in and out. They are all friendly though so don’t worry about them much.”

<Cade> “That’s friggin sweet. I’ve got some old books and stuff of Aunt Lucinda’s I wouldn’t mind sharing. I’ve already scanned them all and uploaded them into Hecatrix’s database so there’s that. I also have an inheritance that doles out a regular allowance that I can use to help out with bills or shopping or whatever. I promise I won’t be a burden.”

~*Ramirez*~ “We do have a library we kind of all share about here. We are a sharing community.. oh, and we have some next door neighbors too.”

<Cade> raises a curious eyebrow. “Oh? What sort of neighbors?”

~*Ramirez*~ “They are vampires, but they are pretty cool. They have helped us around here with some wards and other problems and been pretty supportive. We in turn have helped them back and well, we’re all out here in the country/swamp areas so very little can bug us all out here.”

<Cade> nods thoughtfully. “Wards huh? Does that make them…oh…what are they called…Tremere? The ones that used to be Mages or something? Aunt Lucinda had…very strong opinions about them.” He laughs a bit, though there is a tinge of sadness to it.

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, they are Tremere. I’ve heard stuff about them but they’ve been fine out here with us.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Isabo, Natasha and Cassian are pretty cool. Those are the ones I have met mainly but there are a few others over there too. You’ll also see Cassian and Cora come over here. Cora isn’t a Tremere, but she is a good friend of ours.”

<Cade> shrugs. “Works for me. Alice was a vampire and she was pretty cool. And that Deveraux guy was…well a bit creepy but alright for the most part. As long as it isn’t trying to eat me I don’t see any reason not to be civil.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Just be careful with the vampires in remembering that if they are getting their asses kicked or whatever, they might get a little hungry and we make good snacks. They aren’t regular when they go into a frenzy kinda thing. It’s really bestial and something to experience.”

<Cade> looks at Ramirez wide eyed. “Yeeeeaaah. That sounds really bad. I’ll keep that in mind.”

~*Ramirez*~ “It’s the one thing to know.. they get too beaten down or afraid.. they can frenzy and well, we have to watch out for ourselves then. They don’t mean it, but they really aren’t themselves then. The fuzzies, or Shifters, they can get really angry too, so we’ve heard, but we deal with it by locking them up if need be.”

<Cade> laughs and shakes his head. “Sounds like they all need anger management classes.” He grins and swats at the air. “Oh shut up Hecatrix it was too funny. How would you know? I never finished that humor subroutine.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Don’t let Hollow figure out how to talk with Hecatrix. It could be disaster for us all.”

<Cade> snickers. “Yeah that would be awful. Luckily she can only talk to my visor right now. I had to put in a limiter that prevents her from accessing other machines without my permission. Still trying to get her to understand why it is unethical to download the contents of other people’s phones and computers.” He spaces into his view feed for a moment and sighs. “Yes Hecatrix, even

if you don’t tell me what you found it is STILL unethical.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, those two should not join forces or we may cause a break in the space time continuum… but it would be amusing as fuck too.”

<Cade> “Damn straight it would be. Riiiight up until we got spaghetti-fied. Or eaten by spaghetti faced Old Gods. Either way.”

~*Ramirez*~ laughs. “Hollow is like my favorite person in the universe, but yeah, she’s bad ass.”

<Cade> pokes the air to advance mute the tirade he knows is about to come from Hecatrix. “I know how you feel. Hecatrix is great but she can be difficult. Not exactly her fault, she is technically only about a year old.” He waits a second or two then unmutes her, and recieves an angry emoji for his trouble. “Oh hush, you know I love you, ya pain in the butt.” That one earns him a

stuck out tongue.

~*Ramirez*~ “So..where are you actually from, Cade? I am sure you told me before but I have a shitty memory. Probably some of the edibles.”

<Cade> snickers at that one. “Aunt Lucinda moved us around a lot so I’m from kind of all over the U.S. and UK. I came here from Minneapolis though. That’s where I was staying after…well…” He shrugs and continues, “The Union started really hardcore moving in though so I came here. I was with a couple of Aunt Lucinda’s…’friends’ until things got to dicey to for an apprentice to

stick around.”

~*Ramirez*~ “is your Aunt Lucinda still around and just with others on the run from the Crats? I did tell you about them so you will want to be careful here too, but mainly they seem to be leaving us alone for the moment, probably trying to piece together the FBI old building and what happened there with these Fomori things.”

<Cade> shakes his head. “No. Of all things, cancer got her. Looking back on it now with Awakened eyes, I think it might have been a Paradox backlash. From what I have no idea though.” He shakes off the sadness and gives Ramirez and inquisitive look. “Fomori? What the heck happened?

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, paradox is a bitch. As for the Fomori.. well there’s this demon we’re going after, and one of his servants or slaves or whatever you call em was this Mage who was drinking vampire blood and so he was also a ghoul, was making weird creatures down there and twisting things. It was pretty much a mess after we went into the elevator to go to the

forbidden floor down below. There were weird experiments. The Union found it and sealed it from outsiders so I assume they cleaned it up, what we didn’t get.”

<Cade> drops his jaw and shakes his head. “You’re going after a demon? Like an honest to gods ‘mwahaha I eat souls and live in hell’ demon? You guys have guts, everything I’ve read about them sounds terrifying.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Yeah, it’s what we do. We’re better than demons. We’re Mages.”

<Cade> laughs and shakes his head. “I will leave the demon hunting to you guys. I’m still working on the basics.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Pssh, you hop in and get your feet wet. It’ll be fun.” He smirked and then moved off. “Feel free to find a free room upstairs. The taken ones have numbers on the doors.”

<Cade> nods his head. “Right…we’ll see.” He laughs and heads upstairs. “See you tomorrow!”

~*Ramirez*~ “hasta la luego.” He waves and heads down into the basement of doom.