<Cade> sits in his room at the Chantry, books strewn across his bed. He sits at a desk, the glow of his computer monitors the only light in the room. On one monitor he chats with his technopagan friends, catching up on what is going on in their lives, and subtly pushing them towards magics that truly work. Few things would make him happier than for the friends who helped shape his

beliefs and supported him through rough times to also Awaken, but he knows how dangerous it would be to try and force it, so he tries be as subtle as possible. On another monitor he scrolls through Hecatrix’s code, trying to figure out why her speech functions are malfunctioning. Unfortunately, because she is part data spirit, he can’t simply restore her to a previous version without

harming her, so pokes around, changing bits here and there and having her run several test programs to see if any bugs arise. The third monitor is playing Equilibrium, which Cade gets distracted by during the gun katas scenes. “Really gotta figure out some spells to let me do that. So frigging cool.” Cade chows down on some ramen and turns back to reply to a message on the technopagan

boards. “No no no, five candles for that one, not four.” His fingers dance across the keyboard and he sighs, shaking his head but smiling. He turns back to Hecatrix’s code and runs his hands through his hair. “I dunno what the problem here is. It should run…” Cade grunts in frustration and scrolls down further in the code. “Yeah, there’s the call…and the function seems fine.” Shaking

his head, he takes another bite of ramen. “Hmm…run it again Hecatrix.” The screen flashes as she runs through the program again. “Wait, hold it there!” He leans forward and sets down the ramen. “The-e-ere it is! You’re still running the old version, on…top of the new one? How? I deleted that…” Cade shakes his head and looks back over the code. “Yeah it’s not in here. Maybe it got

embedded in your data spirit half? No idea how I’m gonna fix that.” A sad emoji pops up on his view feed and he reaches over and pats a bank of connected CPUs. “Don’t worry. I’ll figure it out. At least now we know the problem. That gives me a starting point.” He spins in his chair and rolls over to grab one of the books. “Guess I better get to studying.”