<Cian> heads out to the courtyard as soon as he wakes up. He isn’t wearing his hooded trench coat today, just a ragged pair of jeans. He stands with his eyes closed, enjoying the cool air against his skin.

<Fiona> comes out into the courtyard, wearing a tanktop, jeans and combat boots, before looking at Cian. “You look like dogshit.”

<Cian> scoffs and turns to face Fiona. “No shit. That’s kinda my whole thing, G.I. Jane.” He cracks his neck on each side then shakes his head. “So how we gonna do this?”

<Fiona> barks out a laugh. “You really want to know? Come closer.”

<Cian> laughs in return and takes a step forward, dropping his weight into his back leg as he does, ready to leap away if necessary. Fiona definitely had reach and strength on her side, he could only hope he was faster.

<Fiona> moved forward as well, continuing toward Cian. Once she was close enough, she’d look him over and lunge forward, attempting to elbow him in the chest.

<Fiona> whiffs, overbalancing a bit.

<Cian> ducks back and jumps to the side a bit, watching Fiona’s elbow go wide. Hoping he can catch her before she regains her balance he throws a punch.

<Fiona> catches the punch in her hand and pulls Cian in, driving her head at his when he gets close enough.

<Fiona> connects, driving Cian back.

<Cian> feels Fiona’s head smash into his, but to his surprise it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as he expects. He growls a bit without meaning to and snaps out with leg to try and kick her in the knee

<Fiona> sidesteps the blow, driving her own foot at Cian’s knee.

<Fiona> starts to look annoyed as she misses this time.

<Cian> growls out “Shit!” before twisting his leg out of the way. He takes a step back to regain his balance then throws another punch but is a bit outside his reach and is easily dodged

<Fiona> just moves out of the way of the punch, driving a blow at Cian’s ribcage and missing completely. “Motherfucker, stay still, dammit!”

<Cian> laughs as he spins out of the way. “No you hold still! You can take it!” He swings again but his own momentum throws the punch wide. “Whoops, shit.”

<Fiona> “Like fuck I can.” She takes advantage of his whiff to drive her elbow at his face this time.

<Fiona> connects, smashing into his nose.

<Cian> stumbles back “Ow, fucker!” He grins through the blood then leaps forward and punches her back, also square in the nose. “Nose for a nose, Fi!”

<Fiona> drives her fist at his ribcage now that he’s closed the distance, the blow connecting and fracturing a few ribs.

<Fiona> “Deal with it, bitch.”

<Cian> wheezes out what little air is in his lungs and hunches over, glad he doesn’t need to breathe. “Fuuuck me…” he coughs. He sways at her but misses, which is fine by him as all he wants to do at that moment is get his balance. Cian straightens up after taking a few steps back. “Pfft. That all you got?”

<Fiona> “You’re fucking kidding, right?” She moves closer and grabs his shoulder, driving her head at Cian’s and missing.

<Cian> laughs and drives his fist into her stomach. He can’t get much force behind it because of how close she is, but at least connects. “Bitch I’ve had foster parents that beat me worse than this.”

<Fiona> just stares at him as his punch does next to nothing, before grabbing him in a bearhug and driving her head forward again. “What the fuck was that supposed to be?”

<Fiona> misses again, somehow.

<Cian> tries to stomp on her foot but can’t see what he is doing and misses. “Not my fault you’re built like a brick shithouse!”

<Fiona> just makes another attempt to headbutt Cian, missing again. “It’s called fucking exercise.”

<Cian> jerks his head to the side again then wiggles his way free, glad to be so skinny. “Does that even work for us? We’re dead.” He throws another strike for good measure as he backs away, but can already tell it doesn’t do much.

<Fiona> “When I was human, shit for brains.” She closes in again, throwing a fist at Cian’s face and connecting, but doing shit all.

<Cian> is just as surprised as Fiona that the blow doesn’t faze him. It felt fairly solid, but it would seem Cian’s vampiric body is tougher than he thought. Distracted by the thought his next blow goes wide and he stumbles. “Fuck.”

<Fiona> just takes advantage of this and drives a kick at Cian’s chest, hitting and knocking him back.

<Cian> winces as he feels one of his ribs break. He grins right after though. He can tell that Kick had a lot behind it, but it didn’t hurt near as bad as he would have thought. In fact, had his ribs not already been cracked he might have been fine. He studies Fiona for a moment, trying to think. He wasn’t strong enough to really hurt her. A lifetime of malnutrition and being sired before finishin

g puberty had seen to that. He needed to aim for weaker spots. He swings again and catches her in the temple, but shakes his hand. He hit too much bone and probably hurt his hand more than her head.

<Fiona> just tanks the blow and returns the favor with one of her own, but misses.

<Cian> winces as he swings again, his broken rib shifting, and the blows goes wide enough that Fiona doesn’t even need to dodge.

<Fiona> drives another fist at Cian’s face connects this time, but doesn’t do any damage, so she follows up with another punch. This one connects -and- does damage.

<Cian> starts to shake off the first punch, but is knocked to the ground by the second. He holds up a hand to stop any more incoming assault and spits some blood on the ground. “Ooooh fuck. Time out. I’m gonna need a sec to knit myself back together before I can fucking move.”

<Fiona> takes a few paces backward, letting him get up

<Cian> stands slowly and shakily, his ribs making sickening popping sounds as they fuse back together. “Ok. Other than being stuck in the body of an underfed teenager, what am I doing wrong?”

<Fiona> “Not fighting dirty.”

<Cian> nods slowly. Good point.” He leaps and tries to grab onto Fiona, baring his fangs.

<Fiona> just sidesteps and turns, driving her elbow at the back of Cian’s head as he goes past, knocking him down onto his face.

<Cian> snaps at her ankle but misses so he rolls to try and get out of the way of her feet.

<Fiona> drives her foot forward, aiming to hit him in the side and punt him away a bit. She misses, though.

<Cian> puts on a burst of speed and tries to grab her so he can bite but his positioning is to awkward at first, and the second attempt just scrapes her skin.

<Fiona> snatches him by the throat and hauls him close, driving a fist at his face as he gets closer. She connects, but nothing happens.

<Cian> laughs as best he can with a hand around his throat. “Guess I’m tougher than we thought.” He kicks at her but misses, having a hard time aiming while she has hold of him.

<Fiona> looks at the missed kick with a snort before attempting to headbutt Cian. She misses, swearing.

<Cian> wiggles in her grip, trying to break free. Though he wanted to go the fight without relying on the Blood for power, it’s obvious he needs a boost in strength if he is going to get anywhere. He punches her in the arm, but even boosted it’s not enough to really hurt her.

<Fiona> “Weak ass punk.” She goes for a punch to the face, again, missing.

<Cian> growls “Slow ass cat-lady.” He forces more blood into his muscles and punches her arm again, finally hitting hard enough that it may well be fractured. Her grip loosens enough that he can wiggle free and he takes a step back.

<Fiona> grunts as the blow hits her, making that arm useless for a bit before she lunges forward, hooking her leg around the backs of Cian’s knees to trip him.

<Cian> falls to the ground but is relatively unharmed. He tries to grab onto Fiona’s leg but she pulls it back too fast so he just rolls again.

<Fiona> lashes out with a foot as soon as Cian falls, aiming for his side and missing.

<Cian> sees his opening and grabs Fiona’s leg, biting a chunk out of her thigh. He pushes off and rolls to his feet, spitting blood and meat on the ground. “Dirty enough for you?”

<Fiona> hauls him up and tries to kick him in the crotch, but misses. She’s ignoring the bite.

<Cian> gets an oh shit look on his face and punches Fiona in the jaw but doesn’t seem to faze her.

<Fiona> just gives him a bland look before driving her foot into his crotch.

<Cian> winces and is immediately thankful for his newfound toughness as the blow doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it should and the pain fades quickly. Pretending to be in more pain than he is, Cian wobbles a half step towards her then lashes out and kicks her in the same spot that he’d bitten her earlier.

<Fiona> tanks the kick, grunting and driving her fist at Cian’s throat. She hits and drives him back.

<Cian> chokes a bit and counts himself lucky he needn’t breathe. His next punch thuds against her chest but once again she seems unharmed.

<Fiona> swings for his throat again, but misses.

<Cian> dodges and then swings back but misses as well. He stops and holds up a hand to Fiona. “I think I’m good for tonight. Getting hungry, what about you?”

<Fiona> “What the fuck do you think?

<Cian> grins and stretches a few sore spots. “Want to go for a hunt?”

<Fiona> “No. Fuck off.”

<Cian> “C’mon Fiona, I’m tired of the jarred shit. You don’t even have to actually come with me, just be in the same general area so you can say you were there to keep an eye on me.”

<Fiona> just looks at him and heads off.