<Cade> thanks the delivery guy and makes sure to give him a good tip before taking his Chinese food from him. He blushes a bit when the desk clerk smiles at him, and even more so when he hears her giggle as he gets into the elevator. A text scrawl pops up in his view feed. ‘The desk clerk showed signs of sexual interest, and your heart rate and body temperature rose when she smiled

at you, indicating reciprocation. Why did you not initiate courting?’ Cade blushes even harder. “Because! I can’t just walk up to her and be like ‘Hi, my AI says you think I’m hot, wanna go out?’ First of all, I can’t tell Sleepers about you, secondly, that would be the weirdest pick up line ever, and thirdly shut up!” Another text scrawl trickles down his feed, this one a sarcastic

face drawn in binary. “Oh ha ha very funny.” A notification pops up, causing Cade to cock his eyebrow. “Hmm, what’s this now…” He holds out his hand, encased in a special glove with sensors in that allow him to interact with the Augmented Reality program, and taps pokes the notification with two fingers. Cade drags it to the center of his view then expands it. “Huh…another one

of those weird Rabbit-Hole messages. Hmm…” He makes a few more motions with his hands, saving the file and sending into Hecatrix’s queue. “Mind giving that a look here in a bit? See what you can find on the web, please and thanks?” Another binary emoji of a face sticking its tongue out at him appears on his view field, and he laughs. “Don’t worry, I didn’t forget that I need to go

in and do a little debugging this week. We’ll get those glitches worked out and get you talking again I promise.” Without waiting for a response, he digs into his Chinese food and boots up his laptop, popping open a chat service and setting his fingers dancing across the keyboard ‘Hey, guys, made it to New Orleans safely, just thought I’d update you. Excited to start my new internship!

Light a few candles for me and say your favorite blessing, could use all the luck you can send my way!” He sends the message and smiles as few encouraging replies pop up almost immediately. He stays online and chats with his friends for a bit. Though not Awakened, these technopagans had been instrumental in putting him on the first steps of his Path, and he was glad the Awakening

didn’t mean he had to stop talking to them. An hour or so later he logs off and puts the AR visor back on. As he expected, Hecatrix has a message waiting for him about the Rabbit-Hole message. “Ah…I knew I recognized that from somewhere. Show me the full poem.” He scans over pensively a few times then pulls up a messaging app. “Reply to the sender with the following. When I came

home last night at three, The girl was waiting there for me. Use the hotel’s IP instead of your own. Let’s see if they take the bait.” He smiles slyly and flops over on the bed, switching on the tv and digging a grimoire out of his luggage. There was always the risk that whoever was behind this Rabbit-Hole stuff was a part of the Union, and if so he needed to be prepared.