<Isabo> is at the museum, walking around on the first floor and in general just making contact with others doing the same.

<Conrad> has checks his tie in the rearview mirror of his car one last time before heading inside. It is his first time at the Elysium since introducing himself to the Prince, and he really would like to avoid angering the other Tremere by making a bad impression. He nods to the doorman and makes his way into the museum. Though he exchanges pleasantries and makes introductions as

necessary, he mostly keeps to himself, as politely as possible, and admires the exhibits.

<Isabo> spies Conrad and smiles faintly, approaching him at one of the exhibits. “It is good to see I am not the only one that gets out and about some place besides the bar.”

<Conrad> returns her smile and nods. “The Trill is…fine, but certainly not in my usual wheelhouse. This would certainly be my preferred meeting place, but given the…” He twirls his hand a bit as though conjuring forth the word. “Menagerie of acquaintances we have, such an exclusively Kindred venue is not typically an option.” He chuckles and turns his gaze back to the exhibit for

a moment. “So what brings you out tonight? A purely social call, or business?”

<Isabo> “I need to be seen and available in order to serve as Primogen. So I come from time to time. I do also love the piano music here.”

<Conrad> lightly smacks himself on the forehead. “But of course, I’ve been so isolated from Kindred society at large that I hadn’t even considered your duties as Primogen. It is easy to forget at times that we are not the only Kindred in the city.” He laughs softly and shakes his head. “And the music is indeed lovely. Much more pleasant than what the Trill typically plays.”

<Isabo> smiles. “We do tend to seclude ourselves in our work. That is part of why other clans have a hard time trusting us.”

<Conrad> lets out a resigned sigh and nods his head. “Indeed. Among the…thousand other reasons, real or imagined. I am glad that, in general, I have found a warmer welcome from the other clans here than back home.”

<Isabo> “Well, I have done a lot of work in trying to remove some stigma… Cassian seems to have done a better job of it though.”

<Conrad> smirks. “Well…Cassian is about as far from the stereotype of our clan as I’ve ever seen or heard of a Regent being. But, if you would like my opinion, Cassian may have done a good job of showing others that we do not all fit the same archetype, but your work shows them that even those of us that are more scholarly and reclusive aren’t inherently deserving of suspicion, just

because we don’t break the mold in the way our Regent does. And in my mind, that is the more important accomplishment, beause the simple fact is, more of our clan resembles you and I than Cassian.”

<Conrad> “Or to put it another way, Cassian helps make it easier to get our foot in the door, you’ve made it so we’re less likely to get kicked out five minutes later.”

<Isabo> nods as she listens to him. “He is very much a Tremere at heart. He plays… But I feel it is so that people underestimate him.”

<Conrad> strokes his chin thoughtfully. “You may be right on that point. It is not an entirely uncommon tactic.” He shrugs and waves his hand. “But enough about Cassian, he’s not here, we are.” Conrad laughs and looks around. “So which one is your favorite piece?”

<Isabo> walks about and chuckles faintly at that. “I don’t really have one. While I enjoy music and pretty things I am not big into art. Architecture though I do enjoy.”

<Conrad> follows along and nods slightly. “I see, do you have any particular style of architecture you would go so far as to call a favorite then? Or perhaps a building here in town you like?”

<Isabo> “I do like the old gothic moulding.”, she says after a moment. “And of course many of the French styles.”

<Conrad> grins. “But of course.” He walks with her quietly for a moment, enjoying the relative peace, then sighs and speaks up again. “I hate to change the subject but, is there any news of import? With all that is going on I would be a fool not to stay apprised.”

<Isabo> “None that I know of, no. But I tend to avoid the local gossip.”

<Isabo> “None that I know of, no. But I tend to avoid the local gossip.”

<Conrad> “Fair enough. What about the other matter, the one you were discussing last night, any traction?”

<Isabo Kali> shakes her head slightly. “No… Cassian is busy so i have yet to have a chance to speak with him. How did the talk with Mr Deveraux go?”

<Conrad> shrugs slightly. “He’s interesting, to say the least. Polite and refined, yet very guarded.” Conrad sighs and shakes his head, staring off as he speaks. “Of course, my Kindred etiquette could use quite a bit of work. I fear I verged on offense a few times.”

<Isabo Kali> nods her head slightly. “Easily done if they are older. But you are still here so it couldn’t have been that bad.”

<Conrad> laughs, more out of nervousness than mirth. “Yes, fortunately for me he seems quick to forgive, though that may have simply been because of my youth. Or…” A look of dawning horror creeps over his face. “He simply has subtler vengeance in mind.”

<Isabo Kali> smirks, but shrugs. “Given his aura, he didn’t really seem the type. Don’t think you have a lot to worry about there.”

<Conrad> sighs and gives Isabo a grateful smile. “That eases my mind, thank you.”

<Isabo Kali> nods and then looks over at him. “So how are your studies coming along? What rituals are you looking into?”

<Conrad> frowns and seems a little embarrassed. “I’m a bit stuck on one called Machine Blitz at the moment. The information we have on it is a bit spotty, and the principles involved are unfamiliar. But, ” he perks up, “I did manage to get quite a few others puzzled out. A couple wards, Illuminate the Trail of Prey, and even a more obscure one I still had some notes on from my old Chantry that all

ows the summoning of prepared items.”

<Isabo Kali> nods. “It’s not really used by us so our information is spotty. If brandon weren’t being such as ass, I’d suggest you talk to him about it. As for the others, that is good work.”

<Conrad> lights up with almost boyish pride. “Thank you, it is good to hear you say that! I feel as though I am very nearly ready to master the next step on the Path of Blood. I find the immediacy of Path magic a bit less intuitive than the methodical nature of rituals, but I’m confident that it won’t be much longer. And then, of course, I’ll have access to an entire new tier of rituals!” He laugh

s and sighs happily, but it is followed by a moment of hesitation. He would really like to share some of what Icarus has shown him with Isabo, but decides against it. There was really no need, and he didn’t want to risk the possibility that she might demand he stop and refocus on his other work. The words catch in his throat as all those thoughts rush in and he shakes his head to clear it. “Have I

met Brandon? So many new names and faces to put together.”

<Isabo Kali> nods her head, listening to him as she observes a sculpture. “I believe so. he has been at the meetings but he often stays in his room with his computers and monitors.”

<Conrad> looks pensive for a moment then shakes his head. “I’d have to see his face then. I take it he is one of those…of what’s the word.” He snaps his fingers a few times. “Techermancers?”

<Isabo Kali> chuckles. “Technomancy is a new path, but he mastered it quickly. It has it’s place as we adapt to the ages.”

<Conrad> grins sheepishly at his mistake. “Ah yes of course. Have you made any attempts at studying this path?”

<Isabo Kali> shakes her head, smiling softly. “I am more of a traditional witch you could say. Not something I have looked into. I do control the weather, and the water though… which makes me uniquely qualified to be stationed here.”

<Conrad> “Oh? Indeed that would be a powerful set of aptitudes to possess in this area.” He turns his gaze to the nearest sculpture, admiring it for a while before continuing. “I’d like to say again how much I appreciate your tutorship. At my old Chantry, my siring is generally regarded as a mistake, even if no one openly says such. They feel I am too soft for this existence, and they may well be

right, but I have never once felt unwelcome here.”

<Isabo Kali> “It does come in handy. I came out here to make a name for myself, because no one else wanted it. Before that I was a set of boobs with psychic power.”

<Conrad> scoffs and shakes his head, obvious disgust on his face. “It amazes me to no end that such ignorant notions could persist through to undeath. The inferiority of woman was a falsehood in life, and remains so after the Embrace. You are perhaps one of the most competent and refined Kindred I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and my Elena had an eloquence and brilliance I could only dream of ma

tching.” He shakes his head again. “A tragedy that the both of you, and others like you, must labor under constant dismissal and underestimation.”

<Isabo Kali> shakes her head softly. “It has been that way for a long time. Some it is not an issue with though. Cassian seems to handle Icarus and myself as equals, even given the other girls young appearance.”

<Conrad> fidgets a bit at the mention of Icarus, tugging his collar and looking away. He clears his throat, trying to play it off. “Well that is good to hear. Especially given that we tend to become more ingrained in our ways as we age.”

<Isabo Kali> nods a bit at that. “Some due, some don’t. I know someone who was doing a study on that actually.”

<Conrad> “I would be most interested in reading the results of that study. I’d prefer to avoid that fate if at all possible.”

<Isabo Kali> “He was convinced it had to do with the amount of humanity we are capable of keeping with us. Those that don’t become stagnant.”

<Conrad> ponders that for a few moments. “A compelling hypothesis. Given the various ways in which the Beast can affect mannerisms, and in extreme cases even appearance, as a Kindred loses a grip on their humanity it would make sense.” He frowns and looks at her with questioning eyes. “But studying some of the more…uninhibited elders could prove exceedingly hazardous. How does he manage it?”

<Isabo Kali> shrugs and then laughs a little. “I don’t know, you’d have to ask him I imagine. Some of it is likely just simple observation. And then you have the Sabbat, who would seem to throw a whole wrench into that business.”

<Conrad> laughs a bit. “As is their forte. Have you had any run ins with the one called Sascha?”

<Isabo Kali> gets a very controlled expression on her face. “Once. It did not go well. I am not lookign forward to the next either, especially with Halloween being tomorrow. They always try to pull something then.”

<Conrad> tenses up and a worried expression creases his face. “I didn’t know. Unfortunate. I’ve had a couple encounters with her myself and, while they obviously didn’t go sideways, I cannot say they were exactly pleasant. She is unnerving that one. As is her companion.”

<Isabo Kali> frowns at that, but nods. “I have not seen that one. But heard from Zane he is an Assamite, not something I would mess with. They’ve no love for our clan especially.”

<Conrad> blanches and shakes his head. “I hadn’t known. A small miracle then that I did not leave as a pile of ashes.” He stares at Isabo for a long moment and sighs. “Can I confide something in you, and have it be just between us?”

<Isabo Kali> “As long as it is not detrimental to the Clan, then yes.”

<Conrad> sighs “I’m a bit worried about Cassian. He took me with him to meet Sascha and her companion. They offered us some information on the Anarchs and a possible demon among them, as well as an artifact that is supposed to help fight it.” He shakes his head as he continues. “They SEEMED genuine enough. And it is possible they do intend to make this an alliance of convenience against a common f

oe, but…I’m worried that he is trusting them a bit too readily. I feel we should inspect the artifact thoroughly before it is used, and perhaps do some digging into just who these two are.” He looks at Isabo with pleading eyes. “I would really prefer to keep this between us until we know for absolute certain that there is a threat.”

<Isabo Kali> looks at him, and nods softly. “I could bring it up to him as a concern without mentioning you. We are equal in rank, so there should not be a problem if i were to address this. It would not come back on you.”

<Conrad> frowns but nods. “If you are certain. My only fear is that even if you don’t mention me, I do not think anyone else knows, and as such I may be the only way you could have found out.”

<Isabo Kali> nods a bit at that. “There are other ways. Parking garage of the hospital is not exactly totally secluded. And if he asked you to keep it a secret that would be wrong. This is something that could effect all of us, especially if he wishes for us to take on the Anarchs head-on.”

<Conrad> sighs in relief. “That is good to hear. He never asked me to keep it a secret, I simply did not want him to think I could not be trusted.”

<Isabo Kali> nods and then starts to head for the exit with soft footfalls. “That is alright. I will leave you out of it if possible, but this should be addressed.”

<Conrads> nods as he follows along. “Of course. I think I shall be on my way as well. I’m suddenly not in the mood to socialize, not until I’ve eaten at least.”