<Cecilia> makes her way into the Trill, settling at a table and ordering a top-shelf scotch.

<Cade> stands outside the bar for a moment and reaches up to tap a button on the AR display. “Hecatrix are you sure this is the place?” The AI responds with an thumbs up sign on his display, apparently not in the mood for an actual conversation at the moment. “Ok if you say so.” Cade takes a deep breath and pulls the hood of his jacket up to conceal the visor, it was expensive and this

seemed like the kind of place where being small framed and having expensive things was a bad combination. Still, Hecatrix had done a thorough web search and all signs pointed to this being somewhat of a haven for the supernatural, so if he was going to find any other Mages, it would likely be here. Cade steels himself and walks in, keeping his head down and quickly finding a table where

he can keep his back to the wall while he studies the patrons.

<Cecilia> looks over at the new arrival, raising an eyebrow at him. She’s a pretty Italian woman who’s wearing fashionable and somewhat practical clothing.

<Cade> notices that he seems to have caught the eye of one of the patrons, an attractive woman who’s been watching him since he came in. “All right, lets see what we can see.” He moves his hand, trying to be as nonchalant as possible and presses a few buttons on the AR display tor begin running one of his mystically enhanced programs, muttering a short incantation as he does. The program

finishes about the same time as his chant. The air around her flickers for a moment and then lights up, in his view, as the magic kicks and and her aura comes into view. “Not aggressive, that’s good. And…alright! Sparkles!” He smiles and walks to the bar to get himself a beer and one of whatever she is having before approaching her. “Hiya! Want a drink?”

<Cecilia> watches him with that raised brow as the visitor stands there for a moment before going to get a beer and another glass of scotch. His offer earns him a light laugh as she raises her glass. “Maybe after I finish this.”

<Cade> grins sheepishly and sets the new drink next to where her old one was. “Ah, hehehe, yeah probably better to drink them one at a time.” He smiles and stares at her, waving his hand quickly through the air in a way that seems fairly odd. He’d forgotten to cancel the spell allowing him to see her aura. “So…yeah…not gonna lie. I did not have a plan in place for what to say after

offering the drink.”

<Cecilia> continues to keep her brow raised for a second before lowering it, watching him wave his hand through the air. “Well, consider yourself lucky I had one instead.”

<Cade> chuckles somewhat nervously. “Ah yes. Lucky indeed. Otherwise I might make a fool out of myself or something.” He laughs again and takes a sip of his beer in hopes of calming his nerves a bit.

<Cecilia> “If you think you might do that, perhaps you should stop drinking, then.”

<Cade> smirks and shakes his head. “Or maybe that’s my plan! I’ll make a fool out of myself but in like, an adorable and endearing way!” He laughs and takes another sip. “Oh! Crap! My bad, I’m sorry.” He holds out his hand towards her. “My name is Cade, it’s nice to meet you.”

<Cecilia> takes a sip of scotch, her dark eyes watching Cade over the rim of her glass as he rambles to her before looking at his hand. “Cecilia di Pasqua, and the pleasure’s all mine, I assure you.” She does extend her own, since manners are everything, yes?

<Cecilia> has a clearly evident Italian accent.

<Cade> smiles wide and shakes her hand enthusiastically. “That’s a pretty name! Umm…Italian right?”

<Cecilia> “Indeed it is, and thank you. I come from Bardi.

<Cade> looks at her curiously. “Bardi? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. What’s it like?”

<Cecilia> “It’s a lovely city, for all that it’s high up on a small mountain.”

<Cade> “That does sound nice. So…hmm…how to say this in the least awkward way possible.” He frowns and stares at her for a moment, thinking. “You’re a…ya know…” He wiggles his fingers and makes an explosion noise. “Right?”

<Cecilia> arches an eyebrow at the effort. “I’m a what, precisely?”

<Cade> sighs in exasperation. “You know…a Gandalf? A Merlin? A Glinda?”

<Cecilia> “Ah. A magician. Also, a Glinda?”

<Cade> nods and looks at her incredulously. “Yeah. Glinda the Good Witch. From that super old movie?”

<Cecilia> “I don’t recall watching it.”

<Cade> shrugs. “Maybe it wasn’t very popular in Italy. It was pretty big hear though. Based on a book and they made a couple plays and…dammit.” He shakes his head and laughs. “Got distracted. So…you’re a magician then?”

<Cecilia> “Perhaps. And yes, I am. Of sorts.”

<Cade> grins wide “Awesome!” Realizing he said that a bit loud he lowers his voice and gives her a sheepish look. “Sorry. I just wasn’t sure I had the right place. I mean, Hecatrix is rarely wrong about much of anything, but still this seemed a weird place to meet other mages.”

<Cecilia> “Well, it’s a nice meetup spot, and others come here fairly often.”

<Cade> bobs his head and takes another sip of his beer. “That’s awesome. We didn’t have anything like that back home. The uh…suited assholes had everything locked down pretty tight. That’s why I came here.” He shakes his head and holds up a hand. “Don’t worry though they weren’t on my trail or anything.”

<Cecilia> “Ah, I see. Well, small mercies, I suppose.”

<Cade> rolls his eyes and nods. “You’ve got that right. So…what’s there to do for fun around here?” He wanted to ask her about her craft and Tradition but felt it might be a bit rude, not to mention suspicious. And besides, he couldn’t deny that she was pretty, so he didn’t mind talking to her about other things also.

<Cecilia> “Well, there’s plenty of things to do, such as visit art museums and the like.”

<Conrad> nods thoughtfully. “I’ve heard rumors that a lot of artists were like us. And even if that’s not true, it is still fun to go check out. Aunt Lucinda was always insistent that I be more cultured than my,” He changes his voice to a mockery of a stuffy older person. “‘Vulgar, classless, millenial peers'” He returns his voice to normal and giggles. “She was a little stuffy, and

old school, part of the nobility package I guess, but not entirely wrong.”

<Cecilia> arches a brow at Cade as he speaks. “Was she now? How very interesting.”

<Cade> nods. “Mmhmm. Technically I think I have a title now too as part of my inheritance. It’s pretty much entirely an honorary thing though. I don’t get land or serfs or an army or anything cool like that.” He grins and laughs.

<Cecilia> looks a bit intrigued, taking a sip from her second glass of scotch. “And what would this title be, precisely?”

<Cade> furrows his brow and frowns. “Baron something or other. I’d have to get the documents for it out of my safe to tell you any more than that. Doesn’t do me much good in the States so I haven’t paid it much mind. From what I understand, it wouldn’t do me terrible much good overseas either. My family lost all their holdings a few generations ago and were only able to keep the titles

through a few favors or something, so it’s all entirely cermonial.”

<Cecilia> “Ah, I see. And perhaps you should get them out of your safe, then. It’d be nice to know what a fellow noble is Baron of, in the long run.”

<Cade> seems to light up. “So you’re a noble too? Wow that’s awesome! Other than Aunt Lucinda and her friends I’ve never met any others. What’s your title and stuff?”

<Cecilia> “Countess of Bardi.”

<Cade> looks at her with wide eyes. “Oh wow. That’s a fair bit higher than a Baron right?” A look of mortification suddenly crosses his face. “Am I supposed to call you Lady Pasqua? Or Countess Pasqua? Was I supposed to bow? I was never any good at this stuff.”

<Cecilia> laughs a bit. “Not at all. It’s the opposite, in fact.”

<Cade> sighs in relief. “Oh good. It would be really shitty…er…crappy…if I accidentally insulted the first Mage I met here. I already get enough flak for Hecatrix as it is. Among other things.”

<Cecilia> “I see. Well, it seems luck’s been on your side more than once tonight.”

<Cade> nods and smiles. “Yeah I’m pretty lucky in general really. Speaking of…is there anything I should watch out for here in New Orleans?”

<Cecilia> “Katie and explosions.”

<Cade> gives her a wide eyed stare, opening and closing his mouth a few times. “I…what?”

<Cecilia> “You’ll find out soon. I won’t spoil the surprise.”

<Cade> shakes his head. “That feels like the kind of surprise that most certainly should be spoiled. Explosions are bad. Death bad. I try to avoid death whenever possible. And, thus, explosions also.”

<Cecilia> smiles and gets up, paying for her scotch. “There’s no fun in that. I’ll let you find out later, but until then, goodnight.”

<Cade> stands and walks with her as she leaves, opening the door for her on the way out. “Goodnight to you too. I should probably get going myself. Hope to see you again sometime soon!”

<Cecilia> “Oh, you most certainly will, Baron.”

<Cecilia> leaves with that.