<Cian> sits perched upon the roof of the Asylum, his face contorted in a mixture of confusion and concentration. Something feels different, has felt different since the night in the sewers. He felt…connected. Any building, any structure really, sewers included, that he came in contact with seemed to call to him. It was faint, a pull in his gut, like some sort of instinct, but he

couldn’t ignore it. It tugs at his mind, a need to know, to see. He had tried calling to his Blood, pushing it towards where that gnawing sensation was centered, but it hadn’t accomplished anything other than making him a little woozy. He had also tried asking Sara and Eliza, thinking perhaps he was developing the same psychic abilities they had, but the both of them had seemed confused.

They’re abilities first manifested as a heightening of normal senses, and what he’d experienced was different. Of course, Sara had said it in some roundabout weird ass way that Cian had barely understood, but he got the gist. Jimmy also had no advice other than it didn’t sound like a Gangrel thing. So, now, Cian sits on the roof, thinking. He was pretty certain that Blood wasn’t the

answer, he was, after all, fairly good at utilizing it. Growing claws, enahncing his body, bursts of speed, all required calling to the Blood. Obfuscating himself required little more than a passing thought, so he’d tried that as well, but that wasn’t working either. Frustrated, Cian stands and kicks a twig off the roof and pacing around. He’d gone over last night in his head over and

over and couldn’t think of anything he had done that was different than normal. Sensing those creatures, and the subsequent sensations had seemingly come from nowhere. Cian sighs and kneels down, pressing his hand to the roof. There it is again. That faint pull, not at his Blood, but something deeper. “DAMMIT!” He growls out his frustration and throws every ounce of his willpower into

forcing whatever it is to just fucking work! Much to his surprise, it does. His head seems to explode with a sudden awareness. He can feel them, the other Cainites within the building, approximately where they are, how big, their relative condition, all of it. With a little concentration he finds he can even narrow down an exact location, one individual at a time. Cian gasps, overwhelmed

for a moment. Once he’s regained his composure, he pumps his fist in the air. “FUCK yeah! That’s right! I’m awesome!” He laughs and lays back against the roof, ‘watching’ the others move around inside. He still had no idea where this ability came from or what it really was, but at least now he could do it on purpose.