<Storyteller> The group comes back to the bar after closing, all ready for a little B&E and to see what they can find about where these people got dragged off to and what is doing the dragging exactly.

<Fiona> is her usually scowly self.

<Cian> is still licking his lips, a grin on his face. His first real hunt, that is one not on the grounds of the Asylum, was a success, and the young Cainite is quite pleased with himself. He circles the bar, examining the building for a nice quiet entrance that won’t trigger alarms or rouse suspicion.

<Fiona> is restraining herself from just kicking the door down. She may be successful.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° took a break away to get a munchy but it was more annoying tonight for some reason. People were too guarded. He’d have to take care of getting more later.

<Kitt Bishop> has moved her car away from the building and walked back, and currently just watches and waits actically scanning for anyone that might be obfuscated.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° was obfuscated, standing in the shadows watching out for the Sabbat.

~<AniMAL>* isn’t bothering yet, she’s hoping to find ‘fast food’ on the way.

<Storyteller> Cian finds that the back door has a big doggie-door with only a simple latch on it that could be popped fairly easily and he is small enough to fit through it once opened.

<Fiona> will accompany him, and would punch the back door down if necessary.

Abequa follows behind Cian, obfuscated. She notes big doggie-door may indicate big-doggie present and hangs back, just in case.

<Cian> forces out his claws and pops the latch on the door then crawls through, an entirely undignified affair, but definitely not outside his wheelhouse. Once inside he keeps in a crouched position, on the lookout for a guard dog, or an alamr system that may need shut off.

~<AniMAL>* stays alert to the surroundings, wondering where the dog that belongs to the doggie door is

<Kitt Bishop> waits by the front for them to get it opened up, or for screaming to ensue. One or the other.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° was waiting in the front as well for someone to open up the front door so the others, including him could get in.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° stays concealed just watching around, keeping his attention on anything that might interfere or discover them.

<Fiona> would follow Cian in, heading toward the front to punch the door open.

<Cian> calls to his Beast and concentrates until his eyes flash green and the darkness seems to melt away. Seeing no immediate threat, he unlocks the back door, then heads over and unlocks the front as well. “Welcome to the after party folks.”

<Fiona> grumbles and would smack Cian lightly as he opened the front door.

<Fiona> smacked him lightly upside the head.

~<AniMAL>* smirks, still waiting for the actual dog to come investigate.

<Cian> sticks his tongue out at Fiona and flips her off, keeping a playful grin, or some grotesque version of one at least, on his face the whole time.

<Fiona> just smacks him upside the head a bit harder, scowling.

<Storyteller> There seems to be no dog there, but signs that one is regularly present. Perhaps it leaves when its owner does.

<Cian> grumbles “Ow, fuck-head.” Before looking to Kitt. “What’s the plan boss lady?”

Abequa slips in, still obfuscated, and takes a long look around. She tries not to get distracted by the equipment on the stage and sticks fairly close to the others.

<Fiona> “Don’t fucking call me that.”

<Kitt Bishop> smirks slightly and looks the place over before pointing toward the bathrooms. “Well, we should check out behind the mirror and go from there. maybe see if there is a basement too.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° slips in and looks around the area.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° moved inside and glanced around. He nodded in confirmation to what Kitt said.

~<AniMAL>* follws dragos inside, disappointed no actual doggie is present.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Behind the mirror..” He’d study the wall behind the bathroom and look for where a door might be to the basement.

<Cian> nods and wanders off, slipping into obfuscation on the off chance they were ambushed, and begins looking for a basement door.

<Fiona> goes searching, looking around for the basement door.

<Kitt Bishop> leans over and whispers to Talwar with a smirk, “How the actul hell did I end up in charge?”

Abequa chuckles and finally appears near to Animal. “Hello again.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° was still obfuscated but he gave her a smirk back to acknowledge he heard her, but he had every confidence she’d be fine. He had her back, after all.

~<AniMAL>* smirks at abequa “Hey stranger.”

<Storyteller> There is a set of stairs that leads down into a basement from the storeroom in the back. There is a strange smell coming from down there, almost alkali in nature.

<Fiona> would go to punch the door down after Kitt spotted it, drawing back her fist and getting ready to strike. Or just keep her fists at the ready and be the vanguard.

~<AniMAL>* nose twitches

<Fiona> would go to punch the door down after Kitt spotted it, drawing back her fist and getting ready to strike. Or just keep her fists at the ready and be the vanguard/the first person down.*

<Kitt Bishop> is in the women’s restroom, looking at the mirror which talwar discovered earlier that night. She manages to find the seam that holds it in place and takes out a knife, running it along that to try and gently pull it out from the wall.

<Cian> flexes his hands, claws at the ready, and positions himself as close to midway between the basement door and the bathroom as he can. Unsure of where he’ll, be needed most, he figures that from here he can try to make his way to whichever location starts making the most noise first.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° moved in to the womens bathroom as well, and would assist with getting behind the mirror, to find out what actually was back there.

Abequa sticks close to Animal and smiles a bit, watching the others in case of trouble.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° headed over to the basement door and checked it over for whether he’d have to use some larceny or not, before heading down there.

<Storyteller> The door to the basement is not locked, and the smell gets stronger after it is opened. It is dark down below and the cobwebs/dust on the steps would indicate the owner or anyone else for that matter has not used this in a while.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Que the spooky music. This door hasn’t been opened in some time, but the smell.. there’s something going on down there.”

~<AniMAL>* softly “What the fuck is that shit.”

<Storyteller> Once the mirror comes out, those in the bathroom can see the sctratches in the back of the glass and inside the wall. Looks rather like… giant rats or something… long skinny kind of marks.

<Cian> curls up his face as the basement smell wafts through the bar and walks over to the door, convinced this is the area most likely to see some action. “Yep. Sounds about fucking right.” He points to his eyes, gleaming slightly with the presence of the Beast. “Want me to take a look?”

Abequa tlts her head and sniffs, then shakes her head. “I have never smelled that before.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° looks for any clue of material or blood or something left behind from the scratches.

<Storyteller> There is not any blood, perhaps a little hair… But the proportions are all wrong. Whatever was crawling around back there would have to have been long and flat at the same time.

<Fiona> “Fucking wonderful.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° takes the samples because maybe someone can find more info from that angle if they can’t find out more tonight.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “We’re not going to likely find out more here. Whatever these were, they were not normal.”

~<AniMAL>* sniffs around, looking and not touching, seeing if she can identify what the creature actually is.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Eh, we might as well go check it out. I mean, we broke in here after all. Let’s make it worth it.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods in agreement with talwar. “Yeah… None of us can fit in that space… a gangrel with a tiny form or a tzimisce might but there might be other way to look.”, she thin carefully replaces the mirror.

<Cian> nods to Dragos. “I’ll see if I can find a light switch or some shit for those of us that can’t see in the dark.” He crouches and proceeds down the stairs as quietly as he can, looking around carefully for a light, or a monster, whichever pops up first.

Abequa looks to Cian and nods. “Sounds like a good plan. Don’t get eaten.”

~<AniMAL>* shakes her head “Not me.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Alright.” He pulls out a knife and casually stands there, going down a few of the steps to be mindful of where Cian is and if something else comes out to eat him.

<Fiona> continues walking down the stairs, activating Eyes of the Beast when she reaches the bottom.

<Storyteller> Cian sees as he is going down the steps with his gleam on, behind the steps watching him is one of those things he saw before. It ducks backward further under the steps and he loses sight of it.

~<AniMAL>* activates eyes of the beast as well, trying to follow cian’s progress.

Abequa waits at the top of the stairs, though she pulls out the pair of gurkhas she got from Talwar and watches carefully.

<Cian> taps Fiona on the shoulder to get her attention then points to the area under the stares. “One of them Pennywise fuckers is hiding under there,” he whispers, then proceeds further into the basement, keeping an eye on the stairs to see if he can spot the creature again. He makes sure to keep himself obfuscated, hoping the creatures can’t see through it.

<Fiona> looks around with her single red eye, scanning the area and keeping track of Cian.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° … lights a cigarette because eh, he couldn’t see shit down there.

<Kitt Bishop> moves to join the others in the storeroom, just staying at the doorway and being quiet as she assesses what is going on.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° heads out of the bathroom to the door where the others were, obfuscated. He’d draw a gurkha and wait, listening.

<Fiona> looks toward the stairs, clenching her fist as her eye focuses on the spot where he’d said the creature was hiding out.

<Storyteller> The space behind the stairs looks far too tight for anything to get back there unless it can turn into liquid… or mist perhaps.

<Fiona> eventually gets tired of waiting, and goes to flush the creature out of hiding.

~<AniMAL>* will follow cian as far as she can fit.

<Storyteller> Cian finds the source of the smell is coming from some snail-trail looking stuff, Animal too. It looks like dried slime.

~<AniMAL>* ….looks back at dragos and abequa like ewwwww then back down the steps to see where it’s going.

<Cian> curls his nose and snorts, irritated about what he’s going to do, but resolved to do it anyways. He kneels down and sniffs at the substance, trying to get a good feel for the scent and then begins attempting to follow the trail both by sight and smell, hoping it leads either to the one he saw, or perhaps their nest.

Abequa waits for them to find a light source, not able to see down there yet and she flips her knives around a little bit.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° walks down quietly to go stand silently by one of the walls down there, not in the direction Cian is going. He couldn’t see as well but he did have blind fighting and he’d rather not have to go too far to get to them if need be.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks around for something. “So how big is this thing?” He’d check out the kitchen for something to stick the animal thing in…like a big pale.


<Fiona> would look at Cian, not stopping in her efforts to flush the creature out. She’d make a lot of noise if necessary.

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Dragos. “When we first saw them, Cian described them as being the size of a small child. Say… three feet but hunched over.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Alright.” He looks for one of those heavy duty cooking pails or a casket or something around that way. If he couldn’t find anything like that, he’d go for something to stuff it in like a bag of some sort.

Abequa frowns and clicks the knives a little in anticipation.

<Storyteller> Cian, that smells like baking soda on a stripper pole. On the bright side, he does see a light switch now.

<Cian> sticks his tongue out and curls his lip at the smell. Hoping that it will flush the critter out, as well as help the others see, he flips the light switch, concentrating in the hope that he can maintain his stealth while doing so.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° remains where he was, not moving as he watches now and waits.

<Fiona> bangs the wall, checking after each thump of her fist if the creature had been spooked.

<Storyteller> The creature does not reappear, and now that there is light, the whole group can see about the basement. It is full of nooks and crannies and these weird slimy spots in some of the tighter places between objects.

<Fiona> looks at the others. “Time to start smashing? Or are we leaving?”

~<AniMAL>* looks at cian and shrugs, heads down towards the slimy spaces between objects.

<Cian> shrugs back and tries to find one of the spaces that is small enough for him to fit into.

Abequa, being small herself, moves down into the basement and looks at some of the spaces, tilting her head as she studies them.

<Storyteller> Those that got successes on their perception notice a few sets of eyes staring at them from a floor drain in the back of the room.

<Fiona> makes her way over to the drain, drawing her fist back to smash into it while murmuring. “There you fuckers are.”

Abequa watches Fiona and looks at the drain, then back to Fiona, debating the wisdom of attacking a piece of metal but… she steps back and waits.

<Cian> follows, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice, crouched with his claws at the ready and lips drawn back in a soundless snarl.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Ah finally some action is happening. Bout time.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° stands ever so quietly watching in his obfuscate.

<Fiona> smashes her fist into the floor drain with the force of a mack truck or something similar, shattering the metal and the concrete beneath with a single blow.

<Fiona> smashes her fist into the floor drain with the force of a mack truck or something similar, shattering the metal and the concrete beneath with a single blow. [repost for Echoes]

[Oh. Okay. >.<]

<Storyteller> The creatures scatter as Fiona wrecks the metal bars that they seem to have thought they were safe behind. The drain empties into a proper sewer system, with cramped but passable tunnels.

<Kitt Bishop> sighs and frowns. “Lovely…”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Oh…joy. So.. we going after them?”

~<AniMAL>* “Sewers. My favorite.”

Abequa, having grown up in caves, was certainly not afraid of being underground. She moves toward the hole and peers in.

<Cian> doesn’t bother to wait for a response, he simply stalks forward and drops quietly into the hole, trusting in his powers of stealth to keep him from being immediately swarmed. Besides, being the new, unproven Cainite in the ranks, they were probably going to make him go first anyways.

<Fiona> shakes her fist, dislodging any concrete that would’ve stuck, before moving after Cian and Abequa.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° stealthily hops down the hole and listens to which way the lil buggers went off to.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° watches the others go. “Aww, damn. Guess so.”

~<AniMAL>* looks at dragos. “You’re going too.”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles faintly, she was in agreement with Dragos but wasn’t about to be left behind… but thinking she pauses for a moment and stops where she for sure saw them and takes out a piece of string.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° goes upstairs and closes the basement door and brings along his pail or bag or whatever he found and will then go along. There was no reason to let the upstairs people know they had their place broken into in case they had to come back here and wait for any reason. “Fiiiine. Down the hole.”

Abequa disappears in the darkness again, obfuscating out of habit now, it becoming second nature to her. She also uses Quietus to prevent the splashing of her feet from being heard if needed.

<Fiona> looks around after dropping into the hole, spending some time growing claws.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° remains obfuscated and activates quietus, moving along to silently go hunt for the creepy things.

<Kitt Bishop> gets peoples’ attention as quietly as possible and starts to follow the footprints she can now see, focused on that and letting the others cover her as she moves along the trail she has exposed with her magic.

~<AniMAL>* is just following along after cian, who seems to have the better perception.

<Cian> nods to Kitt and follows her through the sewers, keeping an eye out for any hidey holes or water deep enough for the little bastards to hide in.

<Kitt Bishop> doesn’t say out loud her concern about the depth of the water disrupting her spell… for fear that the creatures might be smart enough to understand and use it.

<Fiona> begins to follow Kitt, looking around to see if she could spot any sewer gators or rodents.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° would keep off to the left of Kitt and off behind her a few feet to watch from behind them as well as to keep on with what was going on ahead.

~<AniMAL>* is fearless and just follows after cian

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° just walks along like he’s not in the sewers, trapsing through all this muck and water. These clothes were getting so incinerated later.

Abequa remains hidden and silent, but watches the others for cues and when she sees them starting to follow Kitt, who seems to be able to see something they can’t, she follows suit.

<Storyteller> The group starts to smell something foul, not the strange smell from before this is… like a literal sewer type smell. As they enter the appearent bathroom of the creatures, they see across the foul pond of it another tunnel and two sets of saucer-like eyes staring at them, unblinking.

~<AniMAL>* pops claws when she sees the eyes.

<Cian> stalks forward, hoping that the little thing cannot see him, and tries to get close enough to get a better look at it and, if he can, perhaps even pounce on the freak.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° just looks disgusted like.. this was nasty. Real nasty. He’d watch Cian continue onward but he gave pause. There were some stenches that just weren’t that alluring to wander into.

<Kitt Bishop> has come to a stop, that crap (literally) was deep enough to disrupt her spell and she wasn’t walking into that.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° stops and peers around the area looking for a means of getting across that wasn’t sludging through poo.

<Fiona> stops when she sees the eyes, moving forward with her claws ready.

<Cian> looks around and then shrugs and digs his claws into the wall, slowly creeping across it above the pond of crap. He wasn’t really worried about getting himself dirty, he was already horrifying to look at, smelling bad wouldn’t add that much to it, but the ripples from moving through the liquid, as well as the sloshing sound, could easily prove too much for him to keep concealed.

<Storyteller> The creatures make chittering noises to each other, which can be heard off further down the tunnel as well. They don’t even seem to have lips, leaving all their teeth exposed they clack a bit as they watch the approach of Cian and Fiona specifically.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Go get em, Animal.” * pushes her forward.

<Fiona> just keeps up her pace, snarling at the creatures and raising her claw to attack.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° How forward was all up to Animal and how much she was paying attention.

(ooc: claws*)

~<AniMAL>* was paying attention to Dragos and attacks fiercely whatever creature is nearest.

<Cian> can’t tell for sure how they creatures seem to know where he is, but something doesn’t quite seem right about the entire situation, and so he stays against the wall and continues making his way over slowly and carefully, trying to keep an eye on the creatures and Fiona. If she seems to get overwhelmed he hopes he can leap off the wall towards her and cover ground quickly that

way. Until then, he feels it best to stay above the water, and see how things play out for the moment.

<Storyteller> So Fiona and Animal wade through the hip-deep poop sludge, which slows them down quite a bit but they do make good progress toward the tunnel. Cian makes his way around, toward the opening. The pair of creatures chatter and click excitedly, and a response comes from much deeper down the tunnel.

<Kitt Bishop> frowns and listens, activating heightened hearing. Too dangerous to their own people for her to loose lightning bolts in here.

<Cian> mutters under his breath. “Yeah…of fucking course there is a big one.” His tone is one of resignation, yet his lips split into a wide, malicious grin. Despite himself, he is getting excited at the thought of a fight, the sadistic Beast inside him rousing from it’s slumber at the thought of bloodshed.

<Fiona> snarls even more and moves closer when she hears the response come from deeper in the tunnel, trying to move faster than she was and claw at the closer creature.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° kicked up Celerity but his attention went to the darkness about and it began to get even more dark in certain areas, shadows moving and growing. It was meant to help the vampires have some defense and not be so easily found, even as they were trying to move in on their prey.

<Storyteller> Cian can suddenly sense a bunch more of the creatures down the passage, it is as if he can feel them through the stone they are touching.

<Cian> looks at the wall. “What in the actual fuck is this fuckery?” He shakes his head and looks over towards the other vampires. “Don’t ask me how the hell I know this but there are a shit ton more of these bastards further down that tunnel.”

<Fiona> swipes at the closest freak and takes a decent chunk out of it.

<Storyteller> The other one takes off running as soon as the first is struck, making a high pitch sound that echoes all around the tunnels.

~<AniMAL>* “Fuck that is not good.” races after the one making the sound.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Yuck..”

<Cian> drops down from the wall and swipes at the creature but the splash as he lands obscures his vision enough that his blow goes wide and misses.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° moves with speed and throws the grenade down the hallway where it was reported by Cian that there were a lot more of these critters. Might as well start culling the herd.

~<AniMAL>* quietly “Shut. Up.”

<Storyteller> In a raise of the middle finger to the creatures attacking it, the horrid little thing grabs its nose and dives right into the poop pond, submerging itself in filth.

~<AniMAL>* growls

~<AniMAL>* dives after it

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “They are so deep in the hoopla about now. Good times. To bad I am not recording this.”

<Fiona> slashes at the creature at the mouth of the tunnel, ripping gashes into it and ending its’ pathetic existence.

<Storyteller> The creature dies and as Animal pulls it from the muck it starts to melt… like… it’s body becomes sticky like… silly putty. It is like a boneless sack of jelly in her hands that threats to drop back into the sludge and be lost.

<Cian> wades his way back to the tunnel the came from and climbs back out of the pond. He stands there for a moment, cracking his neck, before shaking himself like a dog, flinging rancid sewage and freak shit all over the clean members of the group. “Much better.” He cackles , howling laughter and quickly taking several big steps down the tunnel to avoid any kicks or slaps.

<Fiona> just scowls at Cian, getting out of the water and shaking her claws off.

<Kitt Bishop> glares at Cian and her skin crackles with electricity. “Seriously?”

<Cian> giggles. “What? I just wanted you all to share in the fun.”

<Fiona> “I will punch you in the face so hard you’ll be shitting teeth for a week.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods. “I’ll hold him still while you beat him.”

~<AniMAL>* surfaces “Ok that was just gross.”

<Cian> shrugs. “Beat me all you want, still completely worth it.”

<Fiona> “When we get back.”

<Fiona> “Not doing yourself any fucking favors, shit for brains.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° growls. His new jacket was ruined. That was 300 bucks. Ah well.

<Fiona> scowls and stalks off.

~<AniMAL>* “But the screeching stopped.”

<Storyteller> The rest of them seem uninclined to emerge after the grenade goes off in their tunnel, Cian can tell that they have scattered out of his range. He can sense just the people he can see for now.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° moved down the tunnel to go see what survived over there and poke any stragglers, and well, to get a picture of any that were twitching and not quite dissolved from the grenade.

<Storyteller> The group gathers up some samples and pictures of what they can to take back and analyze… and shower. And find out, if possible, what the heck those things are.

<Cian> scowls back at Fiona and walks over to the edge of the pool and helps Animal out. He looks down the tunnel that Talwar moved into. “They’ve all retreated.”

~<AniMAL>* will head back with the others when done.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Our work is as done here as it can be. We will need to figure out what these things are but at least we know they are killable.” With that, he’d pat Kitt on the shoulder and then head off with Abequa to do more training and stuff.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° will head on out of there and walk somewhere to go burn his clothes because no way he’s getting in his car like that. xD

<Kitt Bishop> heads out too, totally getting cleaned up before heading home or reporting anything.

<Cian> heads back up to the bar, shedding his clothes and tossing them in the trash. He seems distracted as he walks, mildly confused by the strange way he can suddenly sense where everyone is around him without seeing them. Still, that seems a problem for another night. He finds a place in the bar to rinse the worst of the grime off before hitching a ride back to the Asylum with

Kitt, sneaking into the backseat before she can leave him in revenge for getting her dirty.

<Kitt Bishop> totally break-checks him a couple times, just for good measure on the way back.

<Cian> giggles each time, even when he slams his face into the seat in front of him. “Still worth it.”