<Deveraux> casually strolls through the forest and unless he encounters someone or something to stop him will continue straight to the front door. He’ll pause a moment to make sure his suit is as impeccable as a gentlemans should be before knocking 3 times. He’ll then step back two small paces so as not to seem invasive when the door is opened.

<Zaluut> rises, as Kitt is off tending to things at the Communal. He walks to the door, his senses extending beyond it before it even opens. He takes in the visitor curiously for just a moment before speaking. “Good evening.”, he says calmly, covering his surprise that someone would show up out here.

<Deveraux> reaches up and removes his tophat before bowing, “Good evening to you, as well. I currently go by the name of Deveraux. Please accept my apology for arriving unannounced; I realize that this is bad form. If you are otherwise engaged this evening I can return another time, but I was hoping we could speak a bit and perhaps, if you play, challenge each other in a game of

chess while we do so?”

<Zaluut> steps aside and gestures for the visitor to enter. “That is quite alright. I was merely surprised as many do not find this place, whether by accident or otherwise. Please, do come in. I am Zaluut and this is my current residence away from home.”

<Deveraux> nods, “Thank you.” He steps past him into the house and waits to be directed further as is polite. “I have a knack, you might say, for getting into interesting places.” Once inside the house he also removes his glasses and carefully sets them inside his jacked pocket.

<Zaluut> walks toward a study on the first floor, candles lighting themselves in anticipation of his arrival. He gestures to a set of chairs just off from the fireplace and grabs a small table to set between them. “Please choose whichever seat you prefer.”, he says as he places down an old hand-carved chessboard.

<Deveraux> follows his host and smiles slightly as the candles ignite as they approach, “If you’ll allow me a bold question, which paths of mysticism do you practice?” He moves toward the chair that looks least used and will sit there. If they look equal he’ll sit in the one closest to the nearest exit. “Also, which language would be your preference to converse in? I am fluent

in a great many.”

<Zaluut> smiles as he takes the other seat and switches over to his own native Romanian. “I have picked up many languages over the years, but do not often get to use the language of home anymore. As for mysticism, I follow many old paths. The spirits of the land heed my command with but a thought. What about yourself?”

<Deveraux> “Please speak in your native tongue and if I know it I shall reply in kind. I, too, rarely get to use some of the languages I am familiar with as they are considered to be dead in this age. I am a practitioner of several of the various paths of Thaumaturgy. Unless I am mistaken based on your description I would believe you to be a Koldun. Am I correct?”

<Zaluut> studies him a bit more curiously as he sets up the board between them, continuing in Romanian. “You are correct. I studied the Koldunic paths before coming across the ocean, and picked up a bit of the more modern Thaumaturgy as well.”, as traditon, he sets up the board with the guest on the white side.

<Deveraux> replies in Romanian, “Thank you for the offer of white, but you may take the first move if you wish it. I am interested in the Koldunic ways. In all my travels I have yet to find anyone willing to converse about them in detail with me. Would I know of any other Kindred from your homeland that you know or have personally met?”

<Zaluut> shakes his head and relaxes in his seat as the fireplace comes to life, illuminating them and the board. “You move first, I insist. As for others in my homeland, my consanguineous remains there to care for things and I return from time to time. I teach a few young ones here the old ways in hope they will not become lost.”

<Deveraux> “As you wish.” He considers a moment before moving the King’s pawn up two squares, “Perhaps one day you’d be willing to teach me a little about those old ways? Most of the young ones I encounter in these nights are very much lost. It is most disappointing. I, too, seek to help them as I am able.”

<Zaluut> moves one of his pawns, watching Deveraux thoughtfully. “Perhaps. I will admit to finding you refreshingly intriguing. Where are you from?”

<Deveraux> “My homeland is in what is now known as part of Iraq. I am an Akkadian.”

<Deveraux> moves his King’s knight up to stand near the pawn.

<Zaluut> moves another pawn up on the other side, taking that in. “Interesting. Quite interesting. And what exactly brought you here?”

<Deveraux> moves his king’s bishop to protect his pawn, “I go where I think interesting things are happening to observe them. I had a feeling about New Orleans and Baton Rouge (he says the names as though he were a French speaker) so I will give them each some time to see if there is truly anything worth observing to be seen. As to what brought me specifically to your door, I

noticed a barrier of some kind that seemed to form a perimeter and then sought the center.”

<Zaluut> smiles at that, nodding. “Magic from the old homeland, meant to keep mortals from just stumbling onto the place. Works on most that don’t have particularly strong wills.”

<Deveraux> nods, “Very wise. That is something I would like to employ around my haven should I choose one to remain in this area for a time.”

<Zaluut> “Well, many visitors are not so polite. In fact not to long ago i had a group of them try to steal from me while I was away. I was forced to make an example of them.”

<Deveraux> “I very likely would have done the same once I recovered my belongings. Were they from New Orleans or Baton Rouge?”

<Zaluut> “New Orleans. While they were merely seeking refuge i did not mind their presence, but they quickly wore out their welcome.”

<Deveraux> “I see. Did any of them survive to tell others what a poor decision they had made?”

<Zaluut> smirks and waves a hand slightly as he makes his next move. “Seems they had locked some poor Ravnos in a trunk, since he did no harm here I let him go. He made sure to relay the proper information.”

<Deveraux> nods and castles his king, “That sounds fair. Might you offer any suggestions for what awaits me when I visit New Orleans? Anyone you recommend I should pay special attention to for good or bad reasons?”

<Zaluut> thinks for a moment before responding. “There is a lot going on in that city. There are an inordinate amount of Tremere as of late. I hear the Mages there are an interesting lot and a wealth of information. There is a bar by the name of the Devil’s Trill, a Brujah named Zane runs it and offers it as a neutral meeting place to discuss ideas.”

<Deveraux> “I should like to meet this Brujah and see his establishment for myself. Lots of Tremere I find worrysome, but they are usually predictable to me. Is anything interesting in Baton Rouge?”

<Zaluut> thinks as he did before and then nods. “It has been the center of a few supernatural incidents as of late, though it seems to have calmed down for the moment. Kitt tells me that they found something unusual underneath the city, some sort of creature.”

<Deveraux> “A creature? That sounds like it could be interesting. Who is Kitt?”

<Zaluut> nods. “I admit to not having seen anything quite like she describes. Kitt is my student and progeny, she had a unique connection to the spirits of the land when i found her and that continues now. She has drawn upon a more modern element of Koldunic Sorcery, that of electricity.”

<Deveraux> “I most certainly wish to speak more on sorcery at a later date. I am quite certain I have acquired suitable knowledge to offer in trade from all my travels.”

<Zaluut> smiles and nods. “Well I find you good company, so you are welcome to come knocking at any time. I do note you play rather defensively as well, and that is different than i am used to. I would like to talk with you more later, certainly.”

<Deveraux> “Defensively seemed appropriate since I do not yet know my enemy as it were. Perhaps after studying your tactics my own will adjust suitably.” He pulls a pocket watch from his vest and pops it open a moment before tucking it back in a pocket. While it was exposed it looked very old, but very well cared for. “I don’t wish to consume all of your evening, especially since

I arrived unannounced. Is there a preferred means of communication to arrange my next visit to your home?”

<Zaluut> stands and bows briefly before getting something from one of the desks. “Kitt uses a phone, if you wish to call first.”, he says as he shows Deveraux out. “Aside from that, as I said, feel free to stop by again. If I am here I will answer.”

<Deveraux> follows Zaluut to the door, “What number may I reach Kitt at, please?” He takes his glasses out of his tophat and puts them back on his face as they walk.

<Zaluut> passes him a card as they reach the door. “It is here. Have a wonderful evening, Deveraux. It was nice meeting you.”

<Deveraux> exits the house and turns to bow again at him, “You as well, Zaluut. Likewise. I look forward to our next conversation.” He puts his hat back on and turns to take his leave heading away from the house.