<Kitt Bishop> has taken Cian with her into town to look for more evidence of the strange whatevers he saw in the storm drain. She sighs, but Athena wasn’t the kind of person you went with half-ass information to.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° happened to be in town, maybe grabbing a bite to eat in some alley.

<Sissy> was just helping put up from the last show of the evening, and keeping an eye out on things as the disappearences of people had continued unabated.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° heads back inside the place and over to Sissy after acquiring a beer. “How’s it going?”

<Cian> can barely contain his excitement about the ‘field trip’. He keeps himself concealed from mortal eyes with both Obfuscate and a long hooded coat as they drive. Still, he blabbers on to Kitt about all the things he’s been learning lately, especially his newfound talent as a medium.

<Sissy> looks to Dragos and briefly smiles. “Not bad, just working. How’re you?”, she does occasionally glance toward the bathroom when she sees people going in there, taking a mental note.

<Kitt Bishop> listens to him quietly as she pulls into the parking lot of the bar. “Hmmm, I know someone else with that ability too. I used to have it while i was alive, but I lost it when I became a vampire.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Doing alright. We’re going to get that Abequa and then you should come hang with us for some music and whatever.”

<Cian> cocks an eyebrow at Kitt, mildly confused. “That’s weird. I couldn’t do it before but I can now. Vampires are fucking strange man.” He gets out

Of the car and stretches, quickly looking around then ducking out of sight so he can be sure his presence remains hidden for now.

<Sissy> glances down but smiles again and nods. “Sure, that sounds good. You looking do do some local gigs or are you gonna travel a bit?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods to Cian and starts toward the bar. “It is a transformation. It effects us all in different ways.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “We’ll do some local stuff first and eventually go hit the road. Gotta get Abequa some stage time to get her used to it and also to get fans to know who she is.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “You have that job thugh if you want it.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° emerged from the shadows and started walking along behind Kitt and Cian, so calmly.

<Sissy> nods and relaxes just slightly, still counting people going in and comong out of the bathrooms. “Sure. Not boring and pays, what more could I ask for?”

<Cian> jumps slightly as Talwar emerges. “Dammit dude…” he chuckles and shakes his head, following along. Cian spends so much of his time at the compound hidden that he sometimes forgets others can do the same.

<Kitt Bishop> either doesn’t notice, or pretneds not to notice Talwar moving behind them silently. She pauses and looks down the alley on both sides of the bar carefully though before walking toward the front door.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° glances over at the people about and back to her, observing what she’s doing with some curiosity. “So.. are you keeping count for some reason?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° lofted a brow to Cian. The dark skinned man seemed slightly impressed perhaps that Cian had noticed him. That was good for prey to pay attention like that. Even predators ended up as prey sometimes.. truly. “Greetings.”

<Sissy> nods softly and lowers her voice. “Yeah. Some people have been disappearing. Something… melted them. They were taken through the sewer I think.”

<Kitt Bishop> glances back and smiles at Talwar, then nods to Cian. “Cian, this is Talwar, Talwar, Cian. Talwar is the one I spoke of that can see ghosts too.”, she glances back toward the door. “Cian is new, but Zaluut likes him.”

Abequa is obfuscated and creeping up the alleyway after finding a snack, pausing only to watch Talwar, Kitt, and Cian at the door for a moment.

<Cian> smiles “Yeah, likes me enough to try and feed me to his cthulu dog thing.” He laughs and shakes his head. “Good times. So you see ghosts to eh?” Cian glances around for a moment and pulls his jacket up over his monstrous body, knowing the conversation will have likely ruined his obfuscation. “Well at least you didn’t come out blue and fucked up looking too, points for you.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° inclines his head to Kitt and then to Cian. “If Zaluut likes him, I will like him for now then.” He’d look at Cian. “You are a medium?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° furrowed his brows. Melting people.. that was interesting but also not a good thing if no one even knew the cause as of yet. He’d speak softly back. “That’s kinda disconcerting. So no one knows how. No traces of like acid or anything?”

Abequa appears coming up behind Talwar and then gets the door for the others. “Hello. Is everyone well?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods to Abequa and smiles. “Thanks, and yeah. Just checking out some stuff like the other night.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° turns to Abequa and nods. “I am. It is good to see you. How are you doing?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Cian and chuckles. “Well, the dog was his way of testing you. Be glad to passed instead of ending up kibble.”

<Cian> shrugs “Depends on the brand. Some shirts I’m a small.” He grins and cackles at his own stupid joke. “But yeah, I started sending ghosts and shit a week or two after I crawled out of the ground.” He blinks a few times as Abequa appears. “Fucking ninja convention tonight.” Shaking his head he turns back to Kitt. “More fun than any test I ever took in school.”

<Sissy> shakes her head a little. “No. Only one witness that I know of and they about lost their minds over it. Certainly not anything I have ever seen before. I thought I’d keep an eye out since some other… people… were taking a look into it i think.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° smirks. “Ninja convention. This is my childe, Abequa. Abequa, this is Cian, who tries to make funny jokes and can see spirits.”

Abequa nods to talwar. “I am well. Cian and I met before. He was assisting gathering information a couple of weeks ago. We found something… strange.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods affirmingly and looks around, maybe starting to take people’s numbers now into account as well. “I have never heard of such a thing before, so spontaneously like that.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “What did you find?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods in agreement. “We aren’t sure yet. That’s why we are here, to look for clues and confirmation maybe.”

<Cian> scoffs and mutters under his breath. “I don’t try to make funny jokes. I succeed at making hilarious ones.” He grins and pipes up after Kitt. “Whatever they were they looked almost as fucked up as I do.”

Abequa ducks into the bar now with the others and then waves as she sees Dragos inside, pausing to eye Sissy as she recalls her from the last time.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° raises his chin in a nod to Abequa. “Ah, there’s the songbird now.” He waved to her to come on over.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° had no comment to make to Cian’s success or failure at humor. “I see, I will help then if I can.”

<Sissy> looks over at Abequa and scoots a little closer to Dragos (as if that was any safer). “It would appear so. Anyway, there have been more disappearences but the police and stuff don’t have any clues. Doesn’t exactly seem up their alley anyway.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “No, it doesn’t but then again, I’m not sure what cops are good for really.” He smirked. He was such a rebel against authoritah.

Abequa glances back toward Talwar and the others before walking over toward Dragos. “Hello. What is going on?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Well, one is working on getting us to perform in some local venues in the city here, and getting a place for us to practice more so you can get known for being in the band.. and the other thing is keeping an eye out for some critter that is melting people apparently.” He’d say the last part softer.

<Kitt Bishop> nods to Talwar and then looks around the bar for a moment. “Thanks. Not sure what they were… want to be sure it isn’t Nossies or like rogue szlachta or something.”

<Cian> pulls the hooded jacket up further and fades back into obfuscation as they enter the bar. The jacket alone could only go so far in concealing his monstrousness, and it wouldn’t do to break the Silence of the Blood so early in the night.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Kitt and glanced about for anything that might catch his eye as different.

<Sissy> nods, then pauses as she recognizes Talwar as well. She mentions quietly to Dragos. “That one was at one of the attacks outside.”

<Storyteller> People seem to be extra careful about the buddy system, even in this run-down little bar. No one is going to the bathroom alone.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° said lowly to Kitt, “It appears the people know as well and are taking precautions of their own.”

<Cian> takes advantage of being unseen and meanders through the crowd, trying to pick up on any bits of conversation that could prove useful.

Abequa looks to Dragos curiously. “Well, we were asked to look into it by the scary woman with the shadows.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks over at Talwar and then to Kitt. “Ah, well they are probably here checking it out then.” He’d look over at Abequa. “Oh, I see.” Shadow woman was so darn bossy.

<Kitt Bishop> nods in agreement. “People might not understand they are being hunted but they still have some instincts. Safety in numbers is a standard defense.”

<Sissy> listens and nods, but she shudders a little at the mention of shadows. She looks to Dragos and then Abequa before taking a seat there at the table.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Yes.” He agreed with her and would head to the bar to get some hand ornament drink JD and coke that he had no intention of drinking.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° would settle down at the table too. “So how have you been lately, Sissy?”

<Cian> eventually makes his way over by the bathrooms hiding out in the shadows near the door and listening in on any ambient conversations for a hint that their quarry might be active tonight.

<Sissy> shrugs slightly and orders herself a tequila sunrise.

<Sissy> “Not bad… a little bored to be honest.”

Abequa sits down as well with the other two. “Maybe you need something to practice to make the time go by.”

<Storyteller> There are some girls talking about their missing friend. One girl insists she was in the stall next to her and she just got dragged right down the toilet. No where else she could go.

<Kitt Bishop> watches Talwar for a few moments quietly, then looks around again. “I am not sure what it is… Athena blames the Tzimisce but I am not so sure.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods and whispers. “That is the easy thing to blame is to say we have another corrupt version somewhere. It would make sense there seems to be no trace of the victims, because it is breaking them down and taking everything.. but we need to find out for sure.”

<Cian> perks up and quickly memorizes the girls’ faces, even taking a moment to lean in close and get a whiff of their scent. He then worms his way through the crowd, glancing back at the girls occasionally to keep track of them, and stops at the table where the others are sitting. For a moment he stands behind the one called Sissy leaning his face down almost next to hers and taking a voyeuristic

pleasure in being an unseen observer. Finally though, he speaks up, his voice low and phlegmatic, like something out of a horror movie, a fitting match for his face. “Found a group of girls who had a friend go missing in the bathroom recently. Since the last time we went looking I think. Want me to…” he flicks out an overly long tongue. “Investigate?” His gaze is mostly focused on Kitt, but dri

fts between the others as he speaks.

<Sissy> seems to have some instinctual feeling, sensing when Cian gets close, even when she can’t see him and she becomes very edgy for a few moments, glancing around and sticking close to Dragos. She mutters in Romani as she looks around for the source of the feeling, “What the holy hell?”

<Kitt Bishop> smirks and chuckles. “You want an excuse to check out the women’s bathroom, be my guest.”

Abequa watches Sissy curiously, glancing about herself before looking toward Dragos. “I have been practicing. I think I am ready to try around more people.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° notes Sissy’s behavior and mumbling in Romani, and glances up as Cian speaks. He’d look over at Abequa and smirk. “Excellent. Then we’ll move onto the second stage with this and prepare for a bar performance to start with.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° looks then back to Cian. “You’re new.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° listened to Cian and then would set his drink on the table. He’d step back and move through others and then once he could be out of anyone’s sight, he’d transform into a woman. It was time to go check out the women’s bathroom. xD

<Sissy> is just gonna pretend that is something she sees everyday and downs her drink in response to whatever Cian is.

<Cian> grins mischievously at Kitt then takes a slow, quiet sniff of Sissy’s hair before turning to Dragos. “Very new.” His leathery blue skin draws back into a fang filled grin and his eyes flash a sickly green before he turns, slinking off towards the restroom again. He waits for a group to enter and follows on their heels so that opening the door himself won’t rouse suspicions. Inside he crouch

es down in an out of the way corner, watching and listening.

Abequa perks up a bit, both at Dragos’s statement and what looked like she might get a chance to kill something.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° watched Cian sniff at Sissy’s hair. Yeah, there was going to be a talkin’ later, or a paddlin’ or something. Romani took care of their own. He smiled though to Abequa as she perked up.

<Kitt Bishop> gets up and makes her way slowly toward the bathroom as well, just to have a look for herself… though she debates the wisdom of using her Auspex on the toilets. Some things she would rather not see.

<Sissy> orders another drink, watching the people go into the bathroom and shaking her head just a bit.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° checks out the bathroom area inside once ‘she’ can get in there to do so, and would make like she’s taking care of her makeup/brows. These things are important.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “This is kinda funny. Want to get back at that guy”, he’d whisper to Sissy.

<Kitt Bishop> hangs out near the doorway and just peers inside, also disuading others from entering when possible.

<Sissy> looks over at Dragos, making brief eye contact as she studies him, then nods a bit. “What do you have in mind?”, she whispers back.

Abequa seems to be listening to something, looking distant before getting up and nodding to the others. “As soon as you have a good place, i will go with you to sing. But now i need to go back. Have fun.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “A trick of sorts, unless of course someone’s going to be eaten. I suppose then it would be in poor taste.. though if the opportunity presented itself on just the one guy…” He whispered back and was thoughtful.. Oh..this could be delightful. “Maybe you could distract him since he so wanted to be sniffing your hair and stuff.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Have a good night, Abequa.” He smiled and waved.

<Sissy> frowns a bit and instinctively touches her hair. “Yeah. Just don’t let me get eaten.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Of course not. You are not going to be eaten on my watch, lil sister.”

<Storyteller> The bathroom empties of normal people and seems very quiet… smells like vomit.

<Cian> rises from the corner and quietly opens each of the stalls, listening intently.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° would get up and go over and motion to Sissy. “Go in and just kinda hold the door open for a moment. You’ll know when to close it.”

<Sissy> nods and hops up, finsihing off the second drink. “Alright. Here goes nothing then.”, she says and does as she is asked, holding the door and watching.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° stands up and heads over to get a new drink from the bar.

<Storyteller> As Cian is checking stalls, one of the toilet lids starts shaking and then pops up, and a flood of rats starts to pour out of it, spilling out onto the floor.

<Cian> stares at the flood of rats for a moment. “What in the actual fuck?” He was pretty accustomed to the creatures, having spent much of his life living in the streets or in slums, but it was a pretty rare sight to see this many, much less pouring out of a toilet. He backs up and then climbs up onto a sink, all too familiar with what it feels like to be bitten by the rodents. “Are you guys seei

ng this shit too?”

<Storyteller> As Talwar is looking in the mirror (which he casts no reflection in) he notices some odd scratches in the back of the glass.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° turns from the mirror and looks at Cian and then the floor and then back to the mirror to see what the scratches were. Were they there before?

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° was deciding what to do about rats.

<Storyteller> The scratches have to be from something inside the walls as it is the mirror backing that is damaged.

<Storyteller> The rats follow Cian like a piper, scrambling over each other to get at him.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° checks if the mirror can come off the wall or if it is really attached there.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° thumbs up to Sissy.

<Cian> kicks at the rats, trying to crush them. “Well this is goddamn motherfucking weird!” He growls and continues stomping.

<Sissy> backs off and makes her way back to her seat.

<Kitt Bishop> continues to make sure that normal people find the bathroom out of order.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° heads back to his seat then as well and sets down a drink for Sissy. “Good enough?”

<Storyteller> Once the door to the bathroom closes, the rats seem to dissolve into mist and then fade away entirely.

<Storyteller> The mirror is part of the wall, removing it will require a bit of force.

<Cian> looks around in confusion, kicking at the mist. “Right, disappearing toilet rats. Because shit wasn’t bat fuckingly weird enough as it was.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to himself and then turns and looks at Cian..and for the rats that seemed to have gone away. “Well, that was odd. Come, we can’t keep people out of the bathroom all night.” He’d head back out and over to the table to let Kitt stop having to tell people the bathroom is out of order.

<Sissy> chuckles faintly and nods, accepting the drink. “Yes, thanks.”

<Cian> shakes his head and fades from view once Talwar turns then follows him out of the bathroom.

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Talwar curiously. “Ideas?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° would go off and shadowy and then change back to himself, dropping obf other than on his weapons, as usual. “Yes.. there is a mirror with scratches on the back of it. Something did that through the wall.” He’d look over to see if there was anything on that side of the wall, like another room or something, or if it was just a thick wall on

the other side of the mirror. “I think that is something to check, which we may be able to do when the place closes.”

<Cian> grumbles “Also phantom toilet rats.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Yes, there were some rats.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods softly. “There might be a space between the walls then. That will be a tight fit though. You are right, we should try to check it out after they close.”

<Cian> glances around. “I can keep an eye on things here from the shadows while you guys take care of the shit my mug is just too sexy for.” He gives them a sly grin.

<Kitt Bishop> rolls her eyes at Cian. “Pffft. No way. You’re unproven, that means you get to go first.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “So Kitt has spoken.” He smirks ever so slightly.

<Cian> laughs and shrugs playfully at her. “Worth a shot. So what’s the plan then?”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Aren’t you a lucky one? So we hit this place later then after hours.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods in agreement with Dragos. “What he said. We come back after hours and do some snooping without any witnesses getting in the way and making things messy.”

<Cian> grins at Dragos and runs and taps his own temple with a clawed finger. “Oh I’m always lucky, can’t you see I’m Irish?” He grins, fangs displayed prominently then looks to Kitt. “Oh but I’m so looking forward to the messy part.”

<Sissy> listens as well as she can, looking over at Dragos. “You need me, or maybe I should stay out of this one?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° leans back in the corner and just kind of melds in the shadows.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Up to you. You might want to steer clear of this though if it’s too bad. Not sure what we are aiming to find.”

<Sissy> nods. “Understood. I will see about getting that venue for you. Good luck.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Thanks, Sissy.”

<Cian> scoffs “No better way to learn than blood, fear, and pain. Shoulda let her come. Can’t protect her forever.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks over at Cian like that was a bad idea, but doesn’t voice it. Instead she nods to Talwar and goes to move the car to a less noticable location.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° cants his head to the side, giving Cian a studying look that seemed to go through him. He smiles slightly, maybe mischeviously. “Don’t keep going down this path. It’s dangerous and filled with a lot of potholes.”

<Cian> laughs and shakes his head, his eyes seeming to flare a bit. “My my, your buttons are easy to push aren’t they?” He grins, leaning agains the wall. “They really ought to take me on field trips more often. Their friends are so delightful to play with. Just remember, you may cause potholes, but the last person who crossed me ended up being identified by his dental records. And that was befor

e I got all these fancy new toys.” He smiles wide, his face and voice seem oddly devoid of malice, indeed he appeared to be more amused than anything.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Yeah, we can threaten each other all night, but it doesn’t mean a thing. Just leave my people alone.”

<Cian> cocks an eyebrow, suddenly curious. “Which people are those exactly?” He seems a little deflated despite his curiosity, as though someone told him playtime was over.

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Family, simply put. You got anyone you actually care about in this world? You said you killed before you became like this.. but so did I. That doesn’t mean much unless you got no real reason for the killing at all.”

<Cian> seems to perk up again as he answers. “Oh they deserved it. They were a more human breed of monster. Well, except for my first meal. Dunno anything about him.” He shrugs. “As for those I care about, they’re all more dangerous than I am. Aside from them, all debts are paid.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° nods. “Well, that’s a good thing. Debts suck.”

<Cian> nods back. “Right. Eliza probably would have told me to say fuck it to anything I owed a mortal but…” he shrugs “guy had it coming anyways. And I was hungry. And bored.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Some mortals deserve it. I tend to target those when I’m most hungry. Might as well take someone awful out of the world if you have the chance, I figure. It’s also amusing to listen to them whine and whimper.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° “Like the ones that abuse and dominate others.. they are my favorites.”

<Cian> nods enthusiastically. “Yessss! I’m a bit young in the Blood to have had much to go by, but it seems to me that nothing puts a nice bite in the meal like fear.” He grins with a sadistic hunger. “And no one feels fear more strongly than those fuckbags that are used to dishing it out.”

°¥ Dragos Danislav ¥° grins. “Exactly. I love how they try to wriggle out of it. Great stuff.”

<Cian> grins back. “I think I’m starting to like you. Once I’m off house arrest we should go hunting sometime.”