<Fiona[BlackBear]> trundles out of the woods surrounding the asylum, the one eyed black bear looking around.

<Cian> sits in one of the trees nearest the fence, reading the book Antol loaned him. He hasn’t practiced fighting with his claws and fangs yet tonight, being to enraptured by the text. To his surprise, a bear comes wandering out of the woods towards the Asylum. He stares at it for a moment in confusion, most animals avoided the place, their instincts driving them away from

the resident Cainites. He notices the missing eye, however, and realizes that it is likely Fiona. He hops off the branch and over the fence, landing softly and cocking his head at the bear as he places his thumb in the book to save his place. “i’m sure there is a joke here somewhere. But I’m above such unbearable humor.” He grins and makes sure to stay well out of her reach.

<Fiona> lets out a low grumbly sound that could be a snarl, glaring at Cian.

<Fiona> shifts back, continuing to glare at Cian and beginning to climb the tree he was in.

<Cian> follows Fiona up the tree. “But in all seriousness, what were you doing out there? Anything interesting? C’mon Fiona throw me a bone here. This book is interesting and all but I’ve only been allowed to leave this place once since I crawled out of that fucking grave.” He sighs and rolls his eyes. “I feel like I’ve been fucking grounded.”

<Fiona> grumbles at him, idly kicking out.

<Cian> lazily moves out of the way of the poorly aimed kick and finds a branch just out of Fiona’s kicking distance to sit in. “Antol has me reading about Cainite history and the Sabbat and whatnot. Interesting shit, but still, I’m getting some serious cabin fever. Hunting and fighting the Ghouls helps but…there’s gotta be something else I can do.”

<Fiona> “You want something to do? Stay out of the fucking forest.”

<Cian> frowns and looks off towards the forest. “That’s…more something to not do. But…why? What’s out there that is so bad?”

<Fiona> “The pack I belong to.”

<Cian> nods “Oh I see. That makes sense I guess.” He turns to her and frowns “Why don’t they stay in the Asylum with everyone else?”

<Fiona> “Because we don’t.”

<Cian> sighs. Getting information from Fiona was always like getting blood from a stone. “Well no shit. But it’s not like there isn’t room, and it seems like it would be safer from the sun inside, so why go through all the trouble?

<Fiona> “Because we like the woods.”

<Cian> raises an eyebrow in mild disbelief. “Uh huh. We’ll go with that. I’m sure it wasn’t because of the whole…you being you thing.”

<Fiona> eyeballs him.

<Cian> smirks “Yeah. Like that. Not off-putting whatsoever.” He laughs and tosses a small twig at her. “Lighten up Fiona. We may be dead but that’s no reason not to have a sense of humor.”

<Fiona> eyes him some more, moving out of the way. “What makes you think I don’t fucking have one?”

<Cian> laughs and gives her an incredulous look. “Because I have seen literally no evidence of one. You’re one of the most irritable people I’ve ever met. And I knew a fuckton of gangsters and druggies when I was alive.” He laughs again tosses another twig at her.

<Fiona> “You try being an Indian girl growing up in fucking 1980s Georgia and tell me if you wouldn’t be irritable/

<Fiona> “You try being an Indian girl growing up in fucking 1980s Georgia and tell me if you wouldn’t be irritable.”

<Cian> snorts and leans back against the tree. “Yeah that might be less than fun. So was being an orphan with a reputation for a foul mouth and foster families that met with unfortunate ‘accidents’ Spent more time on the streets than I did under a roof. Got beaten, starved, molested, used as a drug mule, you name it. But…” he grins, baring his fangs. “I always got the last

laugh. And I’m fuckin hilarious.”

<Fiona> “I bet you tell all the girls that.”

<Cian> hooks a leg around the branch above him and leans towards Fiona, upside down. “Oh no Fi, I only have eyes for you.” He makes a kissing noise at her then laughs.

<Fiona> grabs him by the collar, or tries to, anyway, scowling all the while.

<Cian> leans in a little farther to let Fiona get ahold of his collar. “Oh ho ho, can’t hold back your desire for all this sexiness anymore?”

<Fiona> glowers. “I can’t hold back my desire to punch you in the fucking face, shit for brains.”

<Cian> grins and sticks his overly long tongue out ar her. “Aww, so cute how you can’t express your affection in a normal way so you hide it with violence.” He laughs and twists around, letting loose of the branch and swinging down to one below and to the side of Fiona’s.

<Fiona> grabs the tongue. “Don’t make me fucking rip this out.”

<Cian> looks up at Fiona with as close to puppy dog eyes as his mangled visage can manage. “Can I hab dat bach pease?”

<Fiona> is unmoved. “No.”

<Cian> wiggles his tongue in her hand, covering it in as much slobber as he can manage. “How bow now?”

<Fiona> grimaces and jerks her hand away.

<Cian> licks his lips a few times and wiggles his tongue a bit. “Well, at least you didn’t rip it the fuck off. I was giving that about a fifty fifty chance.”

<Fiona> scowls. “Don’t tempt me, shit for brains.” She then shifts into that black bear from earlier and trundles off.

<Cian> laughs and sits on the branch to resume his studies.