<Conrad> goes over his notes again, one foot rested on the opposite knee as he scans the notebook. After a fairly successful interview, helped along by the mystical quality his voice had taken on since his embrace, he had landed a job as a foreign language instructor at the university. The normal instructor was on maternity leave, and so he would be taking over a French class mid

semester. As such, he had a bit of work to do this weekend to get a feeling for where in their studies the class was. Of greater interest to Conrad though, was the class roster itself. The job was, of course, at its most basic a source of income, but there was a lot of potential for other uses as well. The most likely was that he might be able to begin cultivating a herd. College students

were more likely to romanticize being fed from and to have fewer hang ups about the ecstasy that accompanies the Kiss. College was often a time of exploring alternative life styles and belief systems, which meant he might be so lucky as to find a research assistant, one more controllable than a Mage but not as prejudiced against the walking dead as many of the occult inclined Creole. Also,

because it was a night class, he had a higher probability of having students that were already trained in other fields, which would make them useful as contacts and potentially even Ghouls. His greatest hope was that one of the students would turn out to be a retired military or private security veteran, preferably one who had been forced into early retirement due to injury. In such a

case, the healing powers of the Blood would give him much leverage in convincing them to take on the role of Ghoul and bodyguard. There were few things a wounded warrior desired more than a return to form and he had the means to make that wish come true. Not only would that leverage make the deal more enticing for the potential, it also helped to clear up some of the ethical quandaries he

faced in regarding the acquisition of a retainer. He would much prefer that the candidate enter his service knowingly and willingly, so he had to be sure they would agree, otherwise he was at risk of breaching the masquerade. Excited about the prospects, Conrad opens his laptop and logs into the faculty page of the university website and begins studying the student roster for his class.

He jots down the names of a few students he thinks it would be worth his time to keep an eye on and then puts the laptop and notebook away in favor of a book on local legends he had purchased recently. With the revelation that these tales of a ghost ship were more than just mortal hysteria and had actual substance to them, Conrad felt it was probably wise to brush up on other local tales,

just in case they also held some kernel of truth. He glances around the Trill for a moment and then opens his book and begins to read.

<Conrad> packs up his things after a few hours and takes them out to his car. Though not terribly hungry, he could use some practice with the powers of mental domination, and so he finds a mortal in the parking lot and orders them to follow him. To his surprise, the order takes hold, and he leads them off into an alley to feed, and then commands them to forget. Again, somewhat to his

surprise, his order is successful. “Must be a weak willed thing.” He mutters, and then returns to his seat in the Trill. From the chair, he scans the auras of the other patrons, getting in some practice with his newest ability. It wouldn’t do him much good to be able to see auras if he couldn’t quickly figure out what they indicated.