Jacob wakes up as the night sets and wanders around the perimeter of the Chantry. He walks into the forest and looks around for anything suspicious and notes anything that he finds. After completing his survey he begins to walk around searching for herbs. He goes over to a nearby Willow tree and begins collecting the bark which makes the base for aspirin and was useful in potions in the past. He collects some white sage, lavender and allspice before

Once inside he begins to go over his notes again. Unfortunately, he has not met any interesting student, indeed he has no way of approaching most people as they are typically active during the day time. Perhaps, it is neccessary to use an intermediate…

If Jacob were to begin to network within the medical communities and the occult communities it could benefit him greatly and probably help him find the ideal ghoul who would be capable of performing tasks and assisting him and the Chantry. How does one gain influence with mortals without breaking the masquerade? Jacob writes down his thoughts into a notebook dedicated to the topic of ghouls and mortals.

After writing his thoughts on ghouls he moves on to the next topic, his Thaumaturgical research. His new ritual would be far more useful in pairs than alone, with the ability to quell the Beast from the Red Fear, would certainly be benefits with Lure of Flames. The next best task to study would be to be able to put out flames, when confronted with them. Even with the fear in check, the danger is still very real unless Jacob learns to extinguish fire

Jacob searches through the Tremeres tomes and searching for information on the ritual: Extinguish.