<Cecilia> “Not much, unless you count the same old visits to art galleries.”

<Conrad> smiles and bobs his head. “Ah yes, if only things were not so busy right now, I myself could use some cultural exposure. But I’ve quite a lot of research that needs to be done, and it’s on a bit of a deadline, so until that gets caught up I’m afraid I’ve very little free time to spare.” He gives Cecilia a curious look. “Do you by chance make any art of your own?”

<Cecilia> laughs a bit. “I’m afraid I don’t. My sincerest apologies.”

<Conrad> laughs and shakes his head. “Nothing to apologize for! I don’t have any talent for it either. I was simply curious. If not art, where do your talents lie?”

<Cecilia> “Acquisitions.”

<Conrad> gives her a sly grin. “By acquisitions I assume you mean those that leave both parties feeling satisfied, and not the kind where thoe one giving up the goods doesn’t know about the deal until after it’s been made?”

<Cecilia> chuckles, shaking her head. “Personal acquisitions, where one party’s left none the wiser.”

<Conrad> smiles. “Ah I see, well aren’t you full of surprises. I think perhaps you and I might be able to do business sometime, or at the very least we could trade favors.”

<Cecilia> arches a brow. “Maybe, but I generally avoid doing business for others. Too many undetermined variables.”

<Conrad> gestures his agreement with his hands. “A fair sentiment, perhaps at some point, if you’ll indulge me, we will have a few…test runs? Very simple, low risk transactions, to build each other’s trust?”

<Cecilia> finishes her glass of scotch, setting it down and watching Conrad intently. “Perhaps. I’ll have to see.”

<Conrad> studies her intently for a moment, noting the sparkles in her aura. “I suppose there is no harm telling you, as apparently our Chantry and yours gets along fairly well, the items I would most likely request would be nearly inconsequential. Personal effects such as a brush or money clip, anything that shares a sympathetic tie with the owner strong enough to use in rituals. It

would not be a commone request, I promise, and should you bring me such an item belonging to someone who has earned your ire, I can direct the ritual towards your enemy as a form of repayment. The choice is yours.” He smiles briefly before his face takes on a more serious expression. “There is another…more personal matter I would like to speak with you about as well, if you have the time

and patience.”

<Cecilia> “I’ll have to think on it for now, despite the offer being tempting. And what is this personal matter?”

<Conrad> licks his lips and opens his mouth to speak but hesitates for a moment. He looks around to make sure no one is listening and lowers his voice. “Ah…yes…well…it seems that a Wraith may have taken to following me. It hasn’t caused any problems but…I am interested to know its identity and motivations. Unfortunately, I haven’t the means to contact it, but I was informed that

Mages might have some knowledge in this area, and be more agreeable to make a deal with than most Kindred Necromancers. I was hoping that you would have a recommendation on who to seek out?”

<Cecilia> raises an eyebrow as she leans in to listen. “Perhaps you can talk to Ramirez.”

<Conrad> smiles enthusiastically and with relief. “Perhaps! If you would be so kind as to pass along my information?” He hands her a business card.

<Cecilia> takes the card, slipping it into her purse before rising and placing down 20 dollars. “I will, you have my word.” She then heads out.

<Conrad> nods and waits only a few minutes before heading back to the Chantry to continue his studies for the night. Though it wasn’t much, the little bit of insight Maryska had given him into the nature of the Lupines could potentially prove useful in researching the Wards that had been developed to keep them at bay. He felt a twinge of guilt at using the kind girl in such a manner,

but as it had not been his intent and merely a happy accident, the remorse quickly passed. He was certain that if he were to let slip any great Kindred secrets she would be obligated to inform her shifter relatives, so fair was fair.