::Maryska walks in looking around from behind dark mountaineering sunglasses with leather caps on the sides, her hair draped down long and framing her face, flowing down over her shoulders onto her leather jacket that hung on her, mostly covering the black t-shirt underneath that was tucked into the black denim jeans, her thumbs hooked into the pockets, and the cuffs of which were loosely encircling the biker boots that she

wore. Moving to a seat at an empty table, waving down a server and ordering herself a beer as she leaned back in the chair, taking one of her hands from her jeans and resting it on the table top.::

<Conrad> doesn’t quite burst in to the Trill, but definitely makes a bit of an entrance. His pace is faster than a walk really ought to be. He scans the bar quickly several times, then spots Maryska and briskly walks over. “Ah yes! Hi! Hello! You’re the wolf girl, yes? Not a shifter but related?” He smiles and sits down across from her. “How’s your night going so far? Mine has been

alright I suppose, got some research done. Finally figured out this aura sensing thing. Had a snack that seems to have, once again, been spiked. Really gotta be careful around 5th street. Lot of shady stuff going on around there.”

::Maryska looks at the man with a bit of a lofted brow and a bemused smile, her head tilts from one side to the next.:: “Maryska, call me Maryska.” she says is relatively slowly, even though the man was hopped up, she didn’t want to really set anything off by reacting too quickly. “You seem a little excitable, what was your snack? an eight ball?”

<Cecilia> comes inside, her hair done up into a ponytail. The Italian woman was wearing a relatively low-class blouse, for her anyway, jeans and heels, a purse in one hand.

<Conrad> laughs a little bit too loud and too long and shakes his head. “No…well yes…well I think my snack had just recently had one that is.” He shrugs and rubs his face, trying to calm himself a little. “Maryska, yes, I remember now.” His gaze settles on her for a moment and he seems incredibly focused. “You seem tense. A sort of, bubbling under the surface deep seated anger.” He

frowns and drums his fingers on the table. “Hmmm…I’m sorry, that was probably rude of me.”

<Cecilia> looks to the source of the loud laugh, quirking a brow at Conrad before continuing to the bar and ordering top shelf scotch.

::Maryska sighs shaking her head. “It’s part of who I am, I’m always angry, part of the family thing.” she receives her beer and pays for it from the server, giving a tip and then takes a sip. “I’m sure other people have probed a little deeper, I’ve taken a look at others, so I’m not offended.”

<Conrad> nods and smiles at her. “Glad to hear it,” he looks at her thoughtfully for a few moments before continuing, “So the rage that my kind typically attribute to the Lupines is actually an inherited trait, and not the result of bias due to the violence that tinges most of our interactions with them? Interesting…” He stares off across the bar and gives a small wave to Cecilia.

“Don’t worry, I know you can’t tell me much about your relatives, so if there’s some other topic you’d like to discuss we can move on to that.” He gives her as warm a smile as he can manage with all the cocaine swimming in his brain.

::Maryska smriks and rubs her chin a bit then takes another sip of her beer.:: No, you’re right, it’s inherited, although yes, they do tend to get angrier when dealing with, well, your family.” she sets her bottle down, then glances at Cecilia now that her attentions been drawn to the person, she speaks to Conrad as she continues to gaze at Cecilia. “If you know her, and if you think she’d join, invite her over, I don’t


<Conrad> laughs and thumps the table, though suprisingly not too loud. “Of course not! That’s your cousins!” He winks at Maryska and then motions to Cecilia to join them. “By the way, your accent, correct me if I am wrong, but it is Ukranian yes?”

<Cecilia> gets her glass and goes over to join them after a little while.

::Maryska nods to Conrad:: “Yes, my family is from the Ukraine, I was born in Texas though.” she takes another sip of her beer. “Although my family mostly spoke Ukrainian at home, so I still have the accent of my parents country.”

<Conrad> stands and smiles at Cecilia. “Cecilia, a pleasure to see you again. This is Maryska. Maryska, Cecilia.” He pulls out a chair for her and then takes his again. “I see. What brought your parents to this country?”

::Maryska looks up at Cecilia and nods to her, giving a momentary courtesy of a half stand and then sitting back down in her chair as the woman joins them. “Farm land, they are farmers and the economy was good here and less combat compared to what was going on at home at the time.”

<Conrad> frowns and cocks his head at Maryska curiously. “Less combat? A mortal affair or something else?”

<Cecilia> inclines her head in return, giving Maryska a smile as she sips from her glass.

::Maryska raises her beer and points to Conrad.:: “normal battles, and the corruption in the government also aided in severe political unrest and corruption, there were many things wrong, and farmers were finding it harder to do business, so my parents sold their farm equipment on an open market, bought the land in America, then got some new machines and started a new farm in Texas.” she grins and looks at Conrad then to

Cecilia. “Nice to meet you Cecilia, please, are you a friend of Conrads?”

<Cecilia> “We’ve had the pleasure of meeting once or twice.”

<Conrad> smiles at Cecilia. “The pleasure was all mine, assuredly.” He winks and turns back to Maryska. “An all too common tale in these times it would seem.” He quickly swivels back to face Cecilia again, and smiles. “How have your nights been since last we met?”

::Maryska looks between the two as they begin to converse, having another sip of her beer.::

<Cecilia> “I’ve been keeping relatively busy.”

::Maryska picks her phone out of her jacket pocket after it buzzes, she looks over a message, then turns off the screen and places the phone back into her pocket, then stands. “My apologies, I need to go, I have an urgent matter to attend to, I hope we can talk again soon.” she then makes her way for the door.

<Conrad> quirks an eyebrow. “Is that so? Anything of interest that you wouldn’t mind sharing? Conversation around the Chantry has been somewhat dull lately.” He smiles at Maryska and waves. “Until next time.”

<Cecilia> gives Maryska a polite farewell nod.