<Sascha> texts back to Cassian that they will meet him in the parking garage of the new hospital.

■► Cassian ◄■ txts back that he will be there shortly and is bringing along 1 person.

■► Cassian ◄■ then drives out to the parking lot and parks mid-level and then would get out of the car. Conrad could have been driven up by Cassian if he wished or come on his own volition.

<Sascha> chuckles faintly and runs the back of her hand along talwar’s arm as she heads toward the car. “Awww, the Tremere is bringing a friend.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “How pleasant. I wonder which one.” He’d twirl a finger around a lock of her red hair and follow along with her.

<Conrad> gets out shortly after Cassian and straightens his clothes in a vain effort to calm his nerves. “Are you certain a neonate such as myself is sufficient backup Cassian?”

<Sascha> looks thoughtful. “Perhaps the woman I turned into is angry and wishes to confront me face to face? That would be a refreshing surprise.”, she says as she watches for Cassian’s car from her perch, getting out and heading toward the stairwell once she sees it.

■► Cassian ◄■ “You aren’t really back up. This is more so you become familiar with certain details and understand when I tell you something to do it without question. Tonight shall be intriguing.”

■► Cassian ◄■ seemed pretty calm for going to go meet killie sabbtoy sorts. He adjusted his skin soft gloves and then closed the door to the car, locking it so no little hoodlums could steal his shit while he was off talking to the killahs. He’d step away from the car and peer around, waiting for Conrad to get over there and also just waiting for his guest(s).

<Sascha> walks down to the floor below and steps out of the stairwell, letting talwar choose whether to be seen or not as she approached the pair slowly. “Ahhh! I see. Have you learned to tell the difference between predator and prey yet, Conrad?”, she asks with a hint of oddly friendly mischief in her voice. She then nods politely to Cassian. “Evening, Cassian.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° followed along after Sascha, though as she drew nearer, his pace slowed so that he stopped around 5 feet behind her and off to the side. It was clear he was there to make sure no outer interruptions were had while the meeting was taking place. His hands were in his pockets and it might be bad if he pulled them out to expose whatever weapons he had in

there. He’d give a polite incline of his head to Cassian as Sascha spoke to him and then he glanced at Conrad with cold eyes, curious or hungry, hard to tell the difference with these Sabbat.

<Conrad> smiles enthusiastically at Sascha and chuckles. “Reading auras is next on my to learn list. But I’ve had no accidents since. A lesson well learned.” He glances to Talwar and nervously tugs on his collar at the cold look he receives. “Good evening.” He does his best to seem calm and turns back to Sascha. “I have, however, improved in other ways. My time has not been spent idly.”

<Sascha> raises an eyebrow and listens to Conrad before returning her attention back to Cassian, expression slightly more serious. “I have been having visions ever since we left that place the Anarchs have holed up in. And they do not bode well.”

■► Cassian ◄■ returned the polite nod to Sascha and Talwar individually. He’d then draw most of his attention to her, as Talwar seemed to be here to guard things. The words that came from Sascha seemed to lend into a reason why Talwar might be so protective at this point. His eyes were serious though his lips gave way to a smirk and he nodded once again. “I

have learned some things and your words are important to me before I proceed with certain plans, which I’ll add that you helped instigate.. not that I mind terribly. Please do share and perhaps it will assist with what we need to do to clean up our regions anyway.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° ‘s gaze went to Conrad as he spoke. There were mostly expressionless, except for something wild within their gaze, but then he moved on to looking out about the area, as if Conrad were some passing fancy.

<Conrad> arches his eyebrow in surprise as Sascha speaks . He opens his mouth to respond, but closes it as soon as Cassian begins talking, knowing better than to interrupt an elder Kindred. Instead he watches Talwar curiously for a moment then returns his attention to Cassian and Sascha.

<Sascha> nods, and smiles just a bit as she folds her hands behind her. “I will not deny I might have nudged some trouble your way but, you should think as to why perhaps they were so quick to believe such ills? Perhaps there is some truth in the past you might look closer into amongst your own. Anyway… there is some form of demonic influence in their midst and this weapon they

speak of that will give them strength is it, its blood. I do not know if it has physical form or if it is merely possessing one of the humans they hold captive there.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “You speak of demonic blood, do you not? That is what I was possibly surmising by what I was told. As for the past Tremere, about half are newer than me now and only a few were here before, some older than others in this region. Those older than that are, I believe, dead, but I am still going over such things so if there is something on that

level, I am sure I will find it. It’s only a matter of time. Those with me currently are not in such things and take this demon threat quite seriously.” He shrugged indifferently after, or with some humor again. It was hard to tell. “I did not mind what you did and that they fell for it. I figured I would turn it into opportunity, because the anarch leader is getting too strong

willed in his dealings with anyone now and has been threatening extreme violence.”

<Conrad> frowns as the other two speak, becoming more and more concerned about this demonic threat. The Anarchs were bad enough as it was. Then Sascha had told him of the blood, which was a threat he’d never expected them capable of, but now, to have a demon amongst them? It seemed strange to say the least. “If I might?” He looks to Cassian and Sascha, not wishing to earn their ire with an unwante

d interruption.

■► Cassian ◄■ gestures to him. “Go ahead. I brought you along so you could do more than just look pretty.”

<Sascha> smirks and nods to Conrad, letting him go first.

<Conrad> gives Cassian a wry smile and nods. “It seems unlikely to me that the Anarchs came into contact with this demon under their own power. Though one may pop up from time to time, Anarch Thaumaturges are exceedingly rare and not well trained. Even contacting a demon takes a certain among of knowledge that is difficult to contain. Summoning one is an order of magnitude more difficult.” He clea

rs his threat and frowns “it seems likely to me that one of two scenarios has come to pass. Either the Anarchs have a powerful ally behind the scenes who did all the legwork of summoning the creature, or the demon has infiltrated them under the guise of being a powerful Kindred who shares his blood as a gift. Neither of which is a comforting thought. If the demon did infiltrate them, who let it lo

ose? If not, who is this mysterious ally who would risk giving the Anarchs such power?”

<Sascha> tilts her head as she listens, then shrugs lightly. “They seem to have stolen it from the Setites. Which leads me to believe it is a possessed mortal and therefore not as powerful as that which currently has cast its shadow across this city.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “What Sascha said. The Anarchs hate the Setites, as we all do. It’s the one enemy that aligns us all pretty much. What we’re dealing with is a situation we need to resolve here. The greater demon problems we have… those are anther issue and a half.”

<Sascha> nods in agreement with Cassian on that. “Yes. We may have a chance soon… or rather, the Mages may. I do believe the spiritual ship has made its annual return. Also, while either of us could have handled the Anarchs, we gave our word the humans would not be harmed and so to that effect, our hands were tied. But you have made no such promise. I only wished to warn you of

the threat you may face going in.”

<Conrad> seems partially relived at what he hears. “Strange that the Setites have not made a greater effort at a counterattack. Perhaps their recent defeats have turned their focus elsewhere, or this may be a larger scheme on their part.” A look of surprise crosses his face. “The ghost ship? I’d heard stories but thought it mortal hysteria.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “The Setites were just bombarded by a team up here so they are gone for the time being, licking their wounds. As I said, no one around here likes them so they’ve finally gotten hit enough to go off for the time being. Assuredly, they will be back, but by that time, the plan is that certain people won’t be back for them to go seek their missing

stuff from.” He’d turn to Sascha after addressing Conrad. “We are working out the details on the humans they have in the area and figuring out a way around them. We have someone on the inside soon.”

<Sascha> frowns slightly at that. “I hope they are very good. Samson is paranoid, especially of Tzimisce. When I first came here he made all new ‘recruits’ sleep in a plain room for a day. Which does make me surprised he was so quick to believe that little show… then again, perhaps in his need for violence he merely seeks an excuse to practice his wrath.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “It could be. He wished to use explosives to blow up the hospital where the spirits are, which didn’t make a couple Mages at least happy, let alone some of the spirits that reside there. That’s another mess though that needs fixed, thanks to David.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° twitches his hand slightly at the mention of David.

<Conrad> listens with obvious interest. He’d heard passing rumors of some of these events, but with how new to the city he was he had little reference by which to truly understand what was going on.

<Storyteller> At the mention of David, a cold breeze blows past Conrad and the scent of perfume fills the surrounding area. A familiar scent to him, that of whom he lost.

<Sascha> nods softly, gaze cast toward the old hospital just across the street. “He was an Infernalist… so there could be a connection.”

<Conrad> suddenly tightens his faces and spins his head around, scanning the surrounding area. His pupils dilate, ears twitch, and nostrils flare as he heightens his senses, straining to find the source of the scent. His arm visibly trembles with the strain from his clenched fist as he looks around.

■► Cassian ◄■ “He was playing both sides, so there’s nothing to say he wasn’t also playing with the Anarchs too.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° ‘s head slightly quirks to the side as he seems to be tuning into something, or trying to focus on something. He then glances over at Conrad and lofts a brow and then his features go back seemingly not so interested.

<Sascha> nods. “Perhaps your inside person will learn something of use.”, she looks thoughtful, and then steps forward toward Cassian and pulls something from her pocket, offering it to him. “Take this, it has been blessed. It would cause a violent reaction in one possessed, much like your wards I imagine.”

<Conrad> takes several seconds to realize he’s been addressed, and when he turns to face Sascha his eyes seem almost ablaze with mixed emotions. He blinks several times and shakes his head, as though coming out of a fugue. When he speaks there is a quiver in his voice. “Eh? Ah. Yes. Of course. You have my thanks Sascha. I fear we will need every advantage possible in the nights to come. Please if

there is anything I can do for you in return do not hesitate to ask.” He glances over his shoulder again and finally releases his clenched fist, suddenly looking as though he were exhausted.

■► Cassian ◄■ holds out his hand to accept what it was Sascha was giving him. “Thank you. I appreciate your assistance with that part. It is something we could not do ourselves.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° now would speak to Conrad direct, as his eyes locked to Conrad’s. “The wraith.. you know of it?”

<Sascha> glances briefly toward Conrad and then back to Cassian as she hands him a simple hand-carved wooden crusifix. “In this we have a common enemy, and understanding of what must be done.”, she says with a nod to him.

■► Cassian ◄■ nods back in return, comprehending her words. He’d make sure the cross was wrapped up and then secure it in his inner coat pocket.

<Conrad> sighs at himself, realizing he’d misheard Sascha. Hopefully they would both forget the strange behavior. That hope seems dashed, however, as Talwar speaks. “Wraith? What Wraith?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “You seem distracted and I know why.” His voice was low and maybe kind of sympathetic.

<Conrad> looks at Talwar somewhat bewildered and lowers his voice. “Do…do you mean my Elena? She is here?” He seems on the verge of tears. “I haven’t the talents to see spirits but this is the second time I’ve thought I sensed her…”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I am not certain of the name of the wraith, just that I feel it is here. If it is this Elena, perhaps she would wish to speak to you? You may wish to seek out a medium to help you with this.”

<Sascha> steps back without turning her back on Cassian, bowing her head and then glancing to Talwar before starting to slowly make for the stairs. “May the Lord guide your path and I am sure ours will cross again. Be safe, and vigilant. We still have work to do.”

■► Cassian ◄■ “I have someone else to talk to as well over this stuff and I will see if I can get us anymore info. Be well, Sascha and Talwar. I am sure we will see each other again soon enough. Bid zaluut well too, if you do not mind.”

<Conrad> seems reluctant that they are leaving but bows his head to each of them. “Farewell, and thank you for the assistance”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° inclines his head politey to the two Tremere. He’d then mention to Conrad.. “If you truly cannot find another to assist you, should we meet again, I will aid you. Do not go to the Giovanni or you will probably lose the spirit. There are a couple Mages who can talk to spirits.”

<Sascha> keeps a straight face as she nods and then makes her way back up the steps toward their car. “I will. Goodnight.”

■► Cassian ◄■ then turns and heads back to the car and hops in, starting it, prepared to go home and rummage through more crap of the elders.

<Conrad> nods an enthusiastic thanks to Talwar “I will take your advice. Thank you.” He follows Cassian and gets in the car, staring absently out the window.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Conrad and then would turn and disappear, as though he was never there at all.

<Conrad> goes straight to his quarters upon returning to the Chantry and collapses into his chair. He picks up his photo of Elena off the desk and stares at it for several silent minutes. Sighing, he sets it back on the desk and adjusts it carefully. “I hope that you are at peace, my love.” He slams his fist on the arm of the chair and runs his hands through his hair. “Demons. Damned demons.” He s

ighs and shakes his head. “What have I gotten myself into? And what is this Wraith? If it is you, Elena, why have you waited until now? And if not, what could I possibly have to offer a different spirit?” Conrad stands suddenly and heads to the library. “You’re a scholar, Conrad, knowledge is your weapon and shield. That’s what you would tell me if you were here.” He finds every book on spirits an

d demons that he can and takes them back to his room. “Hopefully no one notices, if have a lot of awkward questions to answer, and even then they’d likely keep an eye on me for a while just for reading these.” He looks at the picture. “But I’d never deal with a demon, not even for your vengeance. Because doing so would bring your spirit more misery than vengeance would bring peace.” He smiles sadl

y. “Always so selfless, my darling.” He then turns to the books and begins reading, making sure to take breaks to also study a warding ritual. It would look suspicious if he suddenly stopped making progress.

<Conrad> tosses a book down onto his bed in frustration. From everything he’s read, dealing with Wraiths is the sole province of Mages and a few select Kindred clans. Though the Tremere have made a few advances in adapting Thaumaturgy to mimic Necromancy, the applications are limited and typically don’t directly deal with Wraiths. Though it was theoretically possible for him to learn

Necromancy himself, finding a tutor would be next to impossible. The Giovanni were notorious for being insular, and any knowledge that came from them would come at a heavy price. The other bloodlines rumored to posess such powers were rare and exotic, and Conrad doubted he’d be able to find any, much less convince them to trade away their secrets. As much as he felt uncertain about the

idea, it seemed his best course of action was to go to the Mages for help. It was fortunate that they seemed amiable with the Tremere in this city. Still, he knew little of mortal mages and their motives. If the Wraith was indeed Elena, he wanted to be sure that whoever he employed to contact her would not exploit that connection to their own ends. He sighs and centers himself in the room

and engages the meditations that Isabo had taught him to expand his awareness. Perhaps if he was lucky he would advance to the point of being able to sense Wraiths on his own. But it was a longs shot, and so before he settles into the practice he resolves to visit the Mages soon.