<Cian> double checks the doors again, ensuring that all the exits from this wing of the asylum have been locked. Satisfied, he goes back to the room where his victim lies sleeping. The room is completely dark, windowless and cold. He stares at the slumbering body for a long moment, marvelling at the ability to see in even perfect darkness. He could have simply gone down to storage

and drank from one of the Thaumaturgically preserved jars of blood to slake his thirst, but the Beast wanted to hunt. He had practiced some of his hunting skills on the various Ghouls and Revenants inhabiting the Asylum, but something was missing. It wasn’t until after the battle the night before that he realized what was missing: fear. The Ghouls were accustomed to being hunted, and they

knew that he wasn’t technically allowed to kill them. So while they might get startled, they weren’t truly afraid. Before he’d gone off to bed down for the day, he had found one of the more agreeable Ghouls and sent her on an errand, and now here he stood over the peaceful body of a dirtbag date rapist. Before the Orphans had found him, Cian had been tracking this asshole for almost a

week. One of his former foster sisters had found him at the Y and cried on his shoulder for over an hour after this piece of shit had roofied her. He had promised her that the guy would pay, and now, finally, he would. He leans down, so close to his ear that his tongue flicks across it as he spoke. “Wake up, Devin.” Devin shoots up, his head scanning back and forth in the pitch black.

“Who the fuck…what…where the fuck am I? My dad is a lawyer I will…” The rest of the sentence comes out as gurgle as Cian wraps his spindly fingers around his throat slams him back down onto the floor. “Shhh shh shh shhh…there’s no need for that.” Devin starts to struggle but freezes when Cian runs the back of a claw down his cheek. “We’re going to play a little game, you and I.

I’m going to open that door, and then you’re going to get a thirty second head start. Then you try to escape, and I kill you.” He loosens his grip on Devin’s throat just a bit. “Understand?” The mortal coughs and sputters a bit before replying. “If I escape you’ll let me live?” Cian laughs and reaches up to flick on the light, relishing the horror on Devin’s face as his mostrous form

comes into view. “Run.”

<Cian> laughs as Devin takes off sprinting, the sound echoing through the halls after him. He waits, counting down the seconds in his head. He can feel the Beast riling up inside of him, eager for the hunt, but he keeps it in check until all thirty seconds have passed. Then, with maniacal glee, he howls after Devin, slipping into the shadows as the echoes fade. He is easier to track

than Cian expected, having urinated himself as he fled from the monstrous Cainite. Cian had always had a particularly sensitive sense of smell, v=but not that he didn’t need to breathe it was even stronger. Before long he could hear Devin’s frantic footsteps, stopping only to bang on one of the locked doors. Cian catches up to him and slashes his claws across his face. “Too slow Devin!”

He laughs as Devin falls to the floor and scrambles down the hallway, clutching his bloody face. He waits for Devin to round the corner again, then fades back into the shadows and stalks after him again. Following the scent of blood, he finds Devin in a cell, holding his face and quietly crying and repeating “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” to himself. Cian pulls a vent off the wall and crawls

through the air duct as quietly as he can. Luckily, the sound of Devin’s sobs is enough to cover what noise he does make, and he manages to drop into the room unnoticed. Cian’s mouth splits into an emormous grin and a guttural noise like something an alligator might make rumbles out of his throat. Devin cries out in fear and backs against the wall. “Please no, please, please stop, why

are you doing this?” Cian lunges and digs his claws into Devin’s shoulder, piercing through and nailing him to the wall. “Because I promised Tia you would pay…and…” He leans his face up next to Devin’s ear, the guttural hiss still vibrating in his throat. “Because I’m fucking hungry.” Devin’s screams echo through the halls as Cian drains him, until he is to weak to do more than whimper

in the Cainites arms as the rest of his blood, tinged with the taste of fear, drowns the Beast in ecstasy.