::Maryska walks into the trill wearing her usual, her eyes looking about the room to see what’s happening, and if her favorite little asian is about.

::Maryska see’s that her favorite little Asian isn’t here so she steps back out.

<Conrad> enters the Trill still cloaked from his hunt. Though he had originally learned the Mask of Shadows in the hopes that it would help him survive the coming conflicts by giving him the advantage of surprise, it had turned out to be an invaluable tool for feeding. It was a satisfying feeling to see one’s efforts bear fruit, even moreso when said fruit was an unexpected side effect.

He glances around the bar, searching for any denizens of the night that he recognizes. “I really must have Isabo teach me to read auras, it would make this so much easier.” He walks into the bathroom and drops the cloaking effect in one of the stalls then reemerges and takes a seat, still keeping an eye out for familiar faces.

<CoraAnn> is sitting in Zane’s spot, her feet up on the table as she drinks a beer and plays with the label, slowly peeling it off in boredom or deep thought with herself.

<Conrad> spots Cora’s magenta bangs from across the Trill and meanders over pulling up a chair to sit at the table. “How fair’s your evening, ah…” He realizes that the two of them haven’t been properly introduced and chuckles awkwardly. “It seems in all the excitement the other night we never really got each other’s names. Professor Conrad Austenveidt.” He smiles and extends his hand

towards her.

<CoraAnn> chuckles. “Bless you.”, and shakes his hand with a grip that denotes strength more than her form would dictate. She keeps her combat boots on the table and rolls her shoulders under the leather jacket. “Cora.”

<Conrad> smirks and returns the shake. “Yes, it is a bit of a mouthful compared to most American names, though it pales in comparison to those commonly found in Spanish speaking countries.” He grins and leans back a bit in the chair. “I believe I have seen you around the Chantry a few times, yes?”

<CoraAnn> nods a little bit and floofs the bangs. “Yeah. I work with Cass a lot.” Her accent is hard to place, though certainly from up north rather than from around here.

::Maryska walks into the club looking around again, dressed as per normal, her thumbs hooked on her jean pockets, wearing a pair of julbo Mountaineering glasses, looking around to see whom was about.

<Conrad> nods thoughtfully. “I thought as much. Given that you do not live there, it seems safe to assume that you are not a member of our little ‘family’ then. Probably not one of Caine’s get at all I would assume.” He frowns and drums his fingers on the table. “One of the will-workers then?”

::Maryska moves over to the bar and gets herself a beer, while looking about she’d notice Cora and give her a polite slight wave to acknowledge her, seeing that Cora had company she resisted the urge to go over and force her way in, and instead waited.”

<CoraAnn> waves to Maryska and finally takes her feet off the table to give the other girl room. Then she looks over at Conrad and laughs. “Oh, a Mage, oh fuck no. I hardly know anthing about what they do. I am freidns with a couple of them… but I am Kindred.”

<Conrad> raises an eyebrow in surprise and curiosity. “Really? Interesting. I’m not accustomed to members of other clans working so closely, and amiably, with we Tremere. I am curious how such an arrangement came about.” Once again Conrad mentally chastises himself for not learning how to read auras yet, that was becoming more and more of a priority.

<CoraAnn> laughs again, shaking her head a bit and making her bangs wave back and forth. “Really? I mean i have seen some degrees of cloistering but never really had a problem. Actually both of us work for Lynn, though Cass is pretty cool anyway, and I’d be willing to help him out even if we didn’t have the same job.”

::Maryska moves over to the table with the two vampires, she knew one of them, not the other, they hadn’t shown themselves to be monstrous, a benefit, they looked like nice peopme so far. “Hey Cora…mind if I sit?” Without really waiting and already knowing she sat and looked at the new face. “Hey…I’m Maryska.”

<CoraAnn> slides one of her beers over to Maryska and nods. “Go for it.”

<Conrad> smiles at the newcomer and extends his hand. “Professor Conrad Austenveidt. A pleasure.” He turns his gaze back to Cora. “Perhaps my judgment of the situation is biased based on the experiences in my home city. The were a lot of emnity for us among the Kindred there, and many came to us only when in desparate need. Beyond that we were typically left to our own devices.” He

turns back to Maryska and smiles. “So how do you two know each other?”

<CoraAnn> shrugs her shoulder a bit at that. “I can relate. The Tremere in Chicago were scary as balls. Well, one was kinda okay… the rest were scary as balls. Especially creepy little Nickolai.”

::Maryska shakes the mans hand and looks to Cora.:: “Her? Oh we met here, talked a couple of times, then helped her with some bad asses that needed a good old fashioned beat down.” She grinned. “What’s a Kin…oh right, that word for…you guys.” She smiled and nodded. “Sorry, got caught up in other stuff.”

<Conrad> shakes his head. “Quite alright Maryska. I cannot even rightly say I know what you are, so it would be rude of me to expect you to know our lexicon.” He turns to Cora and nods. “Yes that seems to be the common sentiment that most Kindred share. I consider myself quite luck that New Orleans has turned out to be an exception.”

<CoraAnn> chuckles. “Well, other Kindred don’t tend to scare me… except Tzimisce. Werewolves are another matter… or whatever the fuck that one guy was and Jonas… I didn’t think anything could get that big. I could have happily gone the rest of my life without knowing that there are were-bears.”

::Maryska nods.:: “nine and a half foot tall killing machines, the bears get really big, they’re not the ones you have to worry about though, it’s the coyote, they’re psychotic assholes.” she nods as she sips her beer, then looks at Conrad. “I’m a family member to the wolves, I don’t shift though so, don’t be scared.”

<CoraAnn> nods to Maryska. “And handy to have in a fight, for sure.”, she smiles and takes another drink of her beer.

<Conrad> nods his agreement to Cora. “Yes…that was a novel experience, and one I could have done without.” He shakes his head at the memory of the enormous bear then turns to Maryska. “Interesting, I didn’t know about such a phenomenon. So you are related to them but did not inherit the shifting? Fascinating.” He wanted to study her, but was smart enough to know better than to ask.

::Maryska nodded.:: “Yes, not all are born with it, sometimes there are, and sometimes there are not, my family line is simply unable to change, perhaps one day though.” she nods and looks at Cora, still talking with the accent from her Ukrainian family. “I’m so glad you have nice things to say about me.” she sort of nudges the girl with her shoulder and smiles, taking another sip.

<CoraAnn> smirks a little bit and nods. “Well, aside from also being a snazzy dresser. My experiences with werewolves has been… mixed. I am willing to live and let live though, seriously. And in the big picture, we fight the same battles… what good is a world that is lifeless and corrupted to me. My ass might still be here in a few hundred years to see it.”

::Maryska smiles and winks at Cora.:: “you’re a looker yourself, but some of my cousins believe that anything that is dead, needs to remain dead, me, I am lenient, I let personality speak, as long as there is no rampant death and destruction, I am happy.”

<Conrad> drums his fingers on the table. “Fascinating. It is sad that wolf-kind and Kindred so rarely get along. It would be interesting to learn more about them.” A dark look crosses his face. “Agreed, Cora. It is a shame that some of our kind do not share the same vision. You would think that with eternity laid out before us, we would be better at foresight.” He smiles at Maryska

“Thank you for giving some of us the benefit of the doubt”

::Maryska looks at Conrad with a nod.:: “we have our own rules, technically, I shouldn’t be speaking with you, I’m breaking a few rules as it is, however, I find it prudent to know who to talk with.” she looks between the two. “I will not however be able to provide you with too much insight into my people, we’ve just met, and there are some things that I simply cannot speak of.”

<CoraAnn> nods to Maryska. “Oh I am totally okay with that. There is a lot you wouldn’t understand or ever need to know about us either. But… you know a lot of us don’t ask to end up this way. And once it happens there is a survival instinct, ya know?”

<Conrad> nods sadly. “Indeed. I myself was brought into this existence under unfortunate circumstances, though not entirely against my will. Still…without the tragedy that led to my Embrace, it is not an existence I would have chosen.”

::Maryska nods to Cora.:: “did you wish to become what you are?” she asks inquisitively, then looks at Conrad with another interested look. “and, do you look to avenge that what’s happened? or have you already?”

<CoraAnn> sighs a bit and looks thoughtful. “Well… I was in a nightclub and got shot… I didn’t know my relative was one of us and she cried over me and that blood was enough to wake me up. But I wandered for some time before finding out who exactly had done it and what i really was.”

::Maryska tilts her head a little.:: “she cried over you…she cried blood?” ::looking obviously perplexed by the idea, not really disgusted, she’d seen some pretty screwed up things from the Wyrm already, so crying blood was just one of those things.:: “she was actually related to you?”

<CoraAnn> nods a little bit. “Yeah, she was my Aunt… well like great-great-great Aunt… but she looked out for us, and we didn’t know what she was. And yeah… we cry blood, we sweat blood… it’s kinda gross.”

::Maryska looks at Cora with a sidelong expression and takes a sip of her beer.:: “drink more beer.” she gestures for Cora to take another sip. “lets stop talking about blood, it isn’t a topic I want to have when relaxing.”

<Conrad> nods his head at Maryska. “Yes, I suppose it wouldn’t be. Blood is the crux of our existence and we sometimes forget that it can disturb others.” He looks at Cora with sadness, but not pity. “An interesting tale. I have heard rumors of some of our kind watching over their mortal descendants, but never a first hand account. As for myself…” He stares at the wall for a moment

and sighs. “The desire to avenge my Elena is what gets me out of my bed most nights. It drives me. Too much, according to my Sire. I was transfered here so that I would take the time to study and learn without being distracted by my hunt to find the one who took her from me.”

::Maryska shakes her head.:: “Oh no, I’m alright with blood, I just came here to take a break from it.” ::She grinned slightly.:: “Elena, hm, interesting, do you know much about the one that did it?”

<CoraAnn> laughs lightly and nods in agreement. “Alright, can do.”, she takes another drink of her beer. “Watching over family is not uncommon for the Ventrue, or so I am told. And I have a brother… to be honest the Embrace was meant for him. He was the successful one, a lawyer… I was the rebel fuck-up. But he wouldn’t be cut out for this. He’s got a wife and a kid now even, he

deserves that. I was never gonna be have babies and settle down material.”

<Conrad> rubs his brow and sighs again. “Not much I’m afraid. What little I have gathered points me to one of three clans, but only because of rumors I have heard about their practices when it comes to the Embrace. That is the only solid thing that I know, is that this particular Kindred was targetting me as a potential childe, but my Sire beat them to it.” He looks Cora over and chuckles

slightly. “Indeed, you are not what one would first picture when thinking of Ventrue.”

::Maryska nods and then stops for a moment and looks at Conrad.:: “You said take…not kill…and now another clan…I almost hate to ask, but, you mean she is no longer of this world da?”

<Conrad> nods and smiles sadly. “I sometimes cannot bring myself to say killed in regards to my dear Elena. In truth I never found her body, only her car, filled with blood and her wedding ring left behind. It is possible that she was not killed right away, that perhaps…” He takes a moment to gather his composure. “Perhaps it held her hostage as part of its need to see what it would

take to break me before giving me the Embrace, but my Sire turned me shortly after, and I have no reason to believe that it did not kill her in its rage at the loss. All efforts to find her have been fruitless.”

::Maryska seems to think a little, sipping the last of her brew, once she realizes that the bottle is done, she looks at the time, seeing that it’s a little late she looks at the two.:: “My apologies, I need to go for a little bit, hopefully we can talk again soon, I’ve learned a few things, and I’m glad to have met you both and spoken more.” she grins and stands up from the table, looking at Conrad. “Next time, we will talk

less of loss, da?” she grins and pats the man on the shoulder. “maybe a hobby or something.” she looks to Cora and nods her head. “Good night.” she then walks out of the bar.

<CoraAnn> frowns as she listens to Conrad and puts her empty bottle down. “That’s fucked up.”, she waves to Maryska as she also gets up. “I gotta go too, man. But if you ever need a hand, I could poke around a bit.”

<Conrad> smiles at Maryska as she leaves and nods to her in agreement. Once she is gone he turns to Cora. “A kind soul, that one.” He nods again to Cora. “Yes, I would appreciate that greatly.”