<Cian> lurks through the halls of the Asylum, hidden from view as usual. Since learning how to remain obfuscated while moving, he has found himself to be more comfortable while obsucred than while visible. There is a cold comfort in the shadows, in knowing that most of the others around him have no idea he is there. He has started to learn which of the other Cainites can spot him and

avoids them when he can. He’s been doing his best to follow Antol’s advice and not acknowledge the various Wraiths he sees throughout the Asylem, but his curiosity about them is becoming harder and harder to deny. Still, it was a risk he wasn’t quite ready to take. First he needed to find this Atanya person and see what she could tell him about this new development. He’d overheard some

of the other Cainites saying that she was off somewhere for at least the night, so now he was doing his best to stay occupied without drawing any ghostly attention. He’s been growing restless the past few nights, anxious to get out into the night and exercise his abilities. Not to mention he was growing more and more hungry as nights passed. He hadn’t had a meal since he’d crawled out of

the ground. The memory of hot blood shooting down his throat made that strange sensation of another, primal presence inside of him rearing its head. It had started out faint and dull, but as the nights came and went it had grown stronger. The Orphans had called it the Beast, and explained that it was some sort of vampiric instinct, part of the Curse of Caine that they all shared. According

to Jimmy, their beasts were more animalistic and primal, something to do with their shared Gangrel blood. While every Cainite carried a beast, each experienced it slightly differently, though there were often similarities among the clans. Sara’s Beast was apparently prone to fits of madness, gibbering obscenities in her ear and driving her to great highs and lows of emotion. Eliza’s was

a bit more sophisticated than his own, prefering acts of elegant cruelty and reacting violently to insult. So far, his seemed most content when he was in the shadows, skulking around unseen. He could feel a drive to hunt, but also something else he hadn’t yet figured out. He snaps out of his reverie to find that he has wandered his way back to the Orphans’ communal room. He smiles at his

three packmates, already bedded down for the day. Though he hadn’t realized it, the call of dawn had been pulling at him for several minutes, drawing him back to the room. After quietly hissing at a Wraith that is bent over Sara, he curls up in one of the corners and closes his eyes and drifts into sleep.