<Conrad> wanders the streets, hidden from the view of the mortals around him. It was an interesting experience, to be so thoroughly hidden in plain sight. He had spent the last hour or so watching a kendo class, taking notes from a shadowed corner. He’d done some fencing in college, but that was decades ago and he hadn’t kept his skills sharp. With all the excitement that has

happened to this point, and all that was still to come, it seems to him to be a useful skill to brush up on. True, he’d mastered several rituals since arriving in New Orleans, but magic was not a substitute for personal skill, and so he had resolved to learn how to better defend himself, as well as better employ his other Disciplines. For the moment, though, he was content to simply

absorb the New Orleans nightlife. There were street performers dotted throughout the downtown district, and he found it fascinating to see what odd talents some people cultivated. For a solid two hours he let himself be swept away in the culture and energy of the night before bringing his attention back to the matters at hand. Most immediately, he needed to acquire some sort of

weapon. Something easily hidden, yet not something he would have to learn from scratch. He already owned a pistol, for which he had “acquired” a permit. He also had a hunting knife he’d inherited from his grandfather, but that lacked reach, and was also and an entirely different fighting style than he was accustomed to. He carried it partially for nostalgia and partially for any

emergency situations. No, what he needed was a sword, but as he couldn’t simply carry one on his hip, it would need to be easily concealable. So, though it did seem a tad cliche to his sensibilities, it was the simplest option. The main problem was finding one that was actually usable for fighting, and not made of lower quality metals meant purely for decoration. It wouldn’t do him

much good to carry a sword that couldn’t hold an edge, or snapped the first time it was subjected to vitae enhanced strength. So he wandered the streets from store to store, remaining hidden both for the voyeuristic pleasure of it and to avoid being hassled by store owners. It takes a few more hours, but he finally finds a shop that sells legitimate blades. After a quick look around,

he goes back outside and drops the effects of the ritual in an alleyway. He returns to the store and gives the woman behind the counter his best smile. “Hello there! I am surprised you are open for business this time of night!” She smiles back and laughs. “Best time for us to do business. Our customer base tends to be the same kind of people who are up all night. Not many nine to

fivers interested in having a genuine article melee weapon.” She looks Conrad up and down and cocks her head ever so slightly to the left. “You don’t seem like one of our regulars. What’s a guy like you want with one of our products?” Conrad chuckles and holds up his hand. “Oh no, not for me. For my nephew. You know how teenage boys are, if it maims, mauls, or murders it’s a must

have.” The two of them share a laugh and she proceeds to show him the wares. After a few minutes he picks out one of the sword-canes, thanks her, and pays. “Come back and see us when you need another present for your nephew!” She calls after him, to which he smiles and nods. That part of his business taken care of, Conrad decides to leave the issue of vetting a ghoul for another

night and heads back to the Chantry.